• Bilobata
Placenta bilobata
Il y a 4 ans
Hoya bilobata
Il y a 5 ans
DonathsCryptoGarden Nr. 1) Hoya spec  aff  bilobata, Porzellanblumen, Wachsblumen in Kultur
Il y a 2 ans
Bei DonathsCryptoGarden findest du regelmäßig Beiträge über exotische Pflanzen, die im Verborgenen, also zu Hause, ...
My 6 Month Old Hoya is Already Blooming
Il y a 7 mois
Hoya Belobata DS70. Usually they say that Hoyas (wax-plant) bloom about in 4 years, but mine started blooming in 6 month.
ウミショウブハゼ(Pleurosicya bilobata)
Il y a 9 ans
セブの海に生息するウミショウブハゼです。 小さくて半透明なので見えにくいですが、近付いてじっくり観察すると結構楽しいです。
A Visit with Hoya sp  DS-70
Il y a 4 ans
A short visit with one of the easiest to grow, best performing Hoyas - H. sp. DS-70.
[Wikipedia] Micrapate bilobata
Il y a 8 mois
Micrapate bilobata is a species of horned powder-post beetle in the family Bostrichidae. It is found in North America.
All About Hoya Wax Plants
Il y a 2 ans
Lets talk all about hoya AKA wax plant. Google pictures of the amazing flowers here: ...
Hoya Care & Propagation - Ep 112
Il y a 2 mois
This has been a highly requested video because I think hoyas-otherwise know as wax flowers or wax plants-have become a ...
How to Care for Hoyas - Paradise Distributors
Il y a 7 ans
Paradise Disrributors briefly describes how to care for your hoyas in this brief video.
4 Ways To Propagate A Hoya / Joy Us Garden
Il y a 2 ans
I love Hoyas & know this for sure: if I have 1 of them, then I want more. Maybe you have 1 that you love and want to share it with a ...
How To Care For A Hoya (Wax Plant)  Houseplant
Il y a 7 mois
How To Care For A Hoya (aka Wax Plant) Houseplant. Hoyas are stunning & easy care houseplants that you can find in a variety ...
Circumvallate Placenta
Il y a an
We got some interesting news at one of our appointments. In this video I talk about Cirucmvallate Placenta. A rare placental ...
Baratas exóticas (Parahormetica bilobata e Pycnoscelus surinamensis)
Il y a 3 jours
As baratas serão destruídas no caso de uma guerra nuclear. * Barata Cascuda - Parahormetica bilobata * Barata do Suriname ...
Hoya Plant Haul | Hoya Obsession
Il y a 6 mois
Hi plant friends and welcome to my hoya obsession. Hoyas are like Pokemon to me, I gotta collect them all. I want them all.
Ginkgo Bilobata (Musik Siegfried Zabransky).MOD
Il y a 7 ans
Ginkgo Bilobata Text von J.W.von Goethe (1815), Musik Siegfried Zabransky (2012) Dieses Baumes Blatt, der von Osten Meinem ...