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6 févr. 2021




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Commentaires 100
M.Y. Life
M.Y. Life Il y a heure
I literally looked up from browsing Zillow to watch this, and yes .....I’m 31 years old 🤣
maddie s
maddie s Il y a heure
1:14 I can’t stop laughing 😆
BlueKewne Il y a 15 heures
1:33 1 bedroom 5 bathroom What the hell is it, a waterpark?
KristenP Il y a 17 heures
The 'must have pool' part really made me feel exposed.
King Schulz
King Schulz Il y a 19 heures
"I'd never live in North Carolina". Yeah pretty much no one wants to live in a huge state that ranges from beautiful mountains to beaches, with the 3rd largest tech corridor in the United States and 9 prestigious universities from academics AND sports.
Noor Al-Shaer
Noor Al-Shaer Il y a 16 heures
LMAO born and raised in NC and also felt personally offended by that 😭
Omar Lopez
Omar Lopez Il y a 21 heure
So I guess real estate agents will become extinct after all due to online home shopping. Sorry realtors 🤷
Child of Persia
Child of Persia Il y a jour
I feel personally attacked
lpycb42 Il y a jour
This is every 30+. I can do this for hours and I’m not even ashamed.
Nick Giampaolo
Nick Giampaolo Il y a jour
An updated colonial with mature landscaping....HAHA!
Emily Knight
Emily Knight Il y a jour
Gfy Zillow. Love , all realtors.
Rhiannon Jennifer
Rhiannon Jennifer Il y a jour
when you do this is your wind down routine every night and you're 23
Neshe - Nichol
Neshe - Nichol Il y a 2 jours
Zillow is small fry compared to those International home and Carribean living shows. Watching ppl travel around the world to buy the most beautiful and luxurious homes in exotic places is literally ... the new porn.
Marisa Moeller
Marisa Moeller Il y a 2 jours
pumukliboti Il y a 2 jours
This. Is. Actually. Funny.
denny3161 Il y a 3 jours
On... So you did joke steal
jigmond Il y a 4 jours
It's so true! Knowing you will never be able to afford a house now because they cost like a million dollars near metropolitan areas, Zillow is the closest we will ever get to being able to see inside beautiful houses. The best part is being able to see inside luxury apartments near you that you know you will never actually live in. Just imagining being able to afford furniture and have guests come over is the true fantasy. But it also does give the benefit of knowing what lower priced apartments you may be able to afford are like.
Cardell Joseph
Cardell Joseph Il y a 4 jours
Looks like SNL has been stalking me. Zillow and Wayfair are soooo spicy mmmm...
Brushstroke Il y a 4 jours
Hi from NC. Thanks for the shout out. Looks like Charlotte, a.k.a. Shart.
Jordan C
Jordan C Il y a 4 jours
I laughed out loud through most of this sketch -- soooo accurate! (And I loved at the beginning when they first say "Zillow" because the audience, bit by bit, starts laughing really hard because they know where this is going! lol) Excellent!
Gabrielle Samuels
Gabrielle Samuels Il y a 6 jours
My friends told me I had to get off Zillow, Estately, Hotpads, etc. because I was spending time looking for my next house rather than earn money for this one. They called it my "real estate porn."
Kenny Blanks
Kenny Blanks Il y a 6 jours
This crosses the line. SNL needs to stay out of my effin head lol
mangarda Il y a 6 jours
This is so rude
Clöe Rockham
Clöe Rockham Il y a 7 jours
@lilsimsie 😂
Tiana Bolden
Tiana Bolden Il y a 7 jours
When he rose the price limit 🤣🤣🤣
Zane Schlegel
Zane Schlegel Il y a 7 jours
Stolen jokes typical snl
Yusuf Robertson
Yusuf Robertson Il y a 7 jours
CJ in PA
CJ in PA Il y a 7 jours
Brilliant!! 🤣😂😆📖👀😀
Edward Shore
Edward Shore Il y a 7 jours
Zillow responsibly, everyone.
CrazyWedz Il y a 7 jours
This is so me. I live in underwhelming Bakersfield California and I've got Zillow's New Canaan Connecticut listings on my browser favorites. Because you never know when the lottery is going to work out for me. = }
Jax Il y a 8 jours
This is so fu@king accurate! Except Redfin is way better.
Ashleigh Holmes
Ashleigh Holmes Il y a 8 jours
The only funny sketch in a While.
Patricia Eroz
Patricia Eroz Il y a 8 jours
That MANSION In North Carolina That DAN LEVY Talked About Would Cost From 4 To 9 MILLION DOLLARS In Los Angeles, So, Maybe Consider Living In A Nice Community In A MANSION For A BARGAIN DEAL ON A MANSION When U Get Ur NESAR L_A_W MONEY ❗️ CHA-CHING 💰💰 💰💰💰 💃🏽🕺😲
Alicia D
Alicia D Il y a 8 jours
I know that Ted Alejandro originally came up with the idea for the skit but does anyone know who from SNL wrote this? Or are they not releasing the name/names because of the plagiarism claims? Whoever wrote it clearly knows what it's like to be in your late-30's. I live in Cali but after looking at Zillow, am I considering moving to the middle of nowhere in ME/PA/NY/etc? Absolutely.
kaduzy Il y a 8 jours
For me it's travel websites.
Maddie Sanabria
Maddie Sanabria Il y a 8 jours
I feel personally attacked
dancepiglover Il y a 8 jours
I had no idea other people did this for fun, too.
Linny Crocus
Linny Crocus Il y a 8 jours
Can this sketch please stop reminding me that I'm in my 30s I feel really offended thanks.
H G Il y a 9 jours
I totally relate... 😂
ALi Sevgi
ALi Sevgi Il y a 9 jours
Marjorie Cohn
Marjorie Cohn Il y a 9 jours
I cracked when I saw this. I usually spend a couple hours a day on Redfin.
Marjorie Cohn
Marjorie Cohn Il y a 9 jours
What's the anonymous group called. ZA?
Lakeside Gators
Lakeside Gators Il y a 9 jours
This skit was stolen from comedian Ted Alexandro. Just search: Ted Alexandro Zillow.
Sidney Boo
Sidney Boo Il y a 9 jours
Oh my god. We are totally that couple that looks at houses all the time for no reason recently lol.
Ellen Il y a 9 jours
Honestly me as an asexual 😅😂 this is what gets me goin hahahaha
Change G
Change G Il y a 10 jours
This skit was stolen from comedian Ted Alexandro. Just search: Ted Alexandro Zillow.
Jennifer T
Jennifer T Il y a 10 jours
Millennials and all the generations after them are so screwed they don't screw. Feel lucky to be a Gen Xer when sex was really sex. After us, the deluge!
J Lateef
J Lateef Il y a 10 jours
This is what I do when I can’t get back to sleep. 😂
Reed D
Reed D Il y a 10 jours
nice job stealing jokes
Cas Ual
Cas Ual Il y a 10 jours
I would so date the Asian guy :3
RaymondHng Il y a 4 jours
Bowan Yang
Christopher Noia
Christopher Noia Il y a 10 jours
They stole this from the comedian Ted alexandro. Shame
desertrose88 Il y a 10 jours
Well, I feel personally attacked...
Arrows Minnesota
Arrows Minnesota Il y a 11 jours
Sabrina Richter
Sabrina Richter Il y a 11 jours
how did they know
adamjb15 Il y a 11 jours
Antonio Esfandiari guest appearance. Nice.
RaymondHng Il y a 4 jours
Who? Where in the sketch?
Candi Ecton
Candi Ecton Il y a 11 jours
It's so sad how much this was made for me!
TheBigGaytheist Il y a 11 jours
Mikey Day lookin like a little snack sitting there on that couch with his shirt unbuttoned. Yummy!
RaymondHng Il y a 4 jours
"I wanna ffffffffff..."
Mindy Brockus
Mindy Brockus Il y a 11 jours
🤣 I love this
Rebecca Baker
Rebecca Baker Il y a 11 jours
I feel so so seen by this video. When they flashed the “must have pool” I scoured my apartment for secret cameras 🎥
Lou-Ann Daprato
Lou-Ann Daprato Il y a 12 jours
Kenny from Philly
Kenny from Philly Il y a 12 jours
Is David Levy on the cast of SNL now?
Bolt CRNA Il y a 12 jours
Taisora Il y a 12 jours
My addiction got so bad I actually bought a house
Mike Stander
Mike Stander Il y a 12 jours
Entire premise of this skit was STOLEN from comedian Ted Alexandro. Pay him, SNL!
john gillespie
john gillespie Il y a 12 jours
Hi I Mike Lindell at my zillow. lol
Hope Skies
Hope Skies Il y a 13 jours
I hate how accurate this is!!!
Robert Hutchings
Robert Hutchings Il y a 13 jours
Whoever wrote this Skit deserves a promotion. Hilarious!
M J Il y a 4 jours
It was written by Ted Alexandro , then SNL stole the premise and added to it. Sad to say
No drama llama
No drama llama Il y a 13 jours
Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins Il y a 13 jours
Nice stolen joke!!
Jarrett Williams
Jarrett Williams Il y a 13 jours
I buy real estate in hopes of getting sex later. Im going backwards 😓
Hang Nguyen
Hang Nguyen Il y a 13 jours
Damn so true 😂😂😂 am sad tho
Wall St Wooks
Wall St Wooks Il y a 13 jours
Funniest part about this sketch is that IT WAS LITERALLY DIRECTLY RIPPED OFF FROM THE COMEDIAN: Ted Alexandro’s STANDUP. snl is really embarrassing nowadays, I miss the andy samberg era, RIP
Jarrett Williams
Jarrett Williams Il y a 13 jours
You're allowed to take inspiration from other people
Ben Santori
Ben Santori Il y a 13 jours
They stole this bit from Ted alexandro.. they also stole a bit from cumtown the week before. RIP SNL :/:/:/. Fucking wack
Ax S
Ax S Il y a 13 jours
This the funniest shit I seen in my life
Gladiator Spear
Gladiator Spear Il y a 13 jours
Those aren’t California prices. 😭😭😭😭
Joanne Ivins
Joanne Ivins Il y a 13 jours
I was laughing so hard when this was on tv, as I am addicted to zillow !
kshihano Il y a 13 jours
While I cannot confirm but it may be like that for some people on Zillow at times. I mean, some of those houses are so nice.
Lance Goodthrust
Lance Goodthrust Il y a 13 jours
SNL stole this bit from comedian Ted Alexandro's special from 2019!
Bakslash Automotive Streetwear
Hopefully they apologize
Lashele Carter
Lashele Carter Il y a 13 jours
E C Il y a 14 jours
oh my god my husband and I actually do this! Hahaha
Nyasha Duri
Nyasha Duri Il y a 14 jours
The best part is Bowen and Dan hands down
Brent Ulstad
Brent Ulstad Il y a 14 jours
Ted Alexandro
Fat Luna
Fat Luna Il y a 14 jours
It's more than porn: My boyfriend and I were looking at Zillow separately and ended up showing each other the same house. We bought it. We are now married. Thanks Zillow.
W C Il y a 13 jours
Haha, nice try, Zillow real estate agent.
Miss. Danni Tiger
Miss. Danni Tiger Il y a 14 jours
1:00 1:39
Lillian Jacobs
Lillian Jacobs Il y a 14 jours
Get. out. of. my. minnnndddd!!!!!
Gaby D
Gaby D Il y a 14 jours
I’m in my late 20s...and this hit very close to home 🤣
PBR Steve
PBR Steve Il y a 14 jours
Steal jokes much? Geez, that was as blatant as Mencia.
E Johnson
E Johnson Il y a 14 jours
Why do they know my life 🤦🏽‍♀️ I only just started this habit 😂
nood le
nood le Il y a 14 jours
Stolen from Ted Alexandro...shame on SNL.
Jeremy Conley
Jeremy Conley Il y a 14 jours
I liked this better when it was a Ted Alexandro joke
Kevin O'Reilly
Kevin O'Reilly Il y a 14 jours
McKinnons the only talent on SNL. The whole show is for people who only understand referencial humor or social commentary. In other words people laugh not because its funny, but because they understand something and they want to convey that by laughing. Its sad.
Sam Woods
Sam Woods Il y a 14 jours
Do they still run these late night hotline commercials? hahahaha Damn I'm old
moreofawave Il y a 14 jours
I thought I was the only one...tee hee
Unlocking Fortitude
Unlocking Fortitude Il y a 14 jours
I am a HUGE Dan Levy fan. All of the skits were fantastic. This Zillow skit was on point and hysterical! Loved the seductive sliding of prices on the phone.
Apollo Creed
Apollo Creed Il y a 14 jours
ladyburgs Il y a 14 jours
Their voices 😳😳
Darryl Page
Darryl Page Il y a 14 jours
This was THE HIGHLIGHT of that week's episode which was pretty mediocre. I was about to drift off to sleep from boredom when this skit came on. It literally woke me up and cracked me up!
OwnYourPowerTV Il y a 14 jours
This was brilliant. I am in tears lmao 😂😂😂
Rosa Il y a 14 jours
Yup Millenial porn.
Castle11 Il y a 15 jours
Matt Wojnarowicz
Matt Wojnarowicz Il y a 15 jours
Awesome. Dan Levy is so funny. If you want to buy a home in NYC get in touch! You too Dan!
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