Yaya Mayweather Calls Out Cardi B & Offset Over Birkin Bag! 👜

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#yayamayweather #birkin #cardib
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25 oct. 2020




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Commentaires 100
9MagTV Il y a mois
Joey Lodez
Joey Lodez Il y a 10 jours
Her daddy barressed of er
Tiara Riley
Tiara Riley Il y a 21 jour
Girl nobody is looking up to you
Vivianlike Smith
Vivianlike Smith Il y a mois
cindy cannon
cindy cannon Il y a mois
Rich people problems
Lawanna Thomas
Lawanna Thomas Il y a mois
People need to stop worrying about other people and what they buy and how they buy it and worry about them self and leave Carli B alone she not bother anyone
cinderellamoney Il y a heure
Im so tired of this CHILD!! .... say thanks Dad and bow ya head !! Weird A$$ lil girl
deonte dixon
deonte dixon Il y a 20 heures
Shanice Reeves
Shanice Reeves Il y a 23 heures
The problem is kids need to stay in they lane cause Idk about them but I fight kids too
IAM 1 Il y a jour
Something very demonic about this birkin bag
darrica janea
darrica janea Il y a jour
It’s kulture sayin her colors for me💜🥺
King 1985 legend
King 1985 legend Il y a 2 jours
Slow cardi and offset they so overrated
jane doe
jane doe Il y a 2 jours
I guess id have to have mad money to get it. 🤷🏾‍♀️ From the bag to the troll with a desperate need for validation and attention. When we was young we was trying to NOT be seen or heard. I dont get it. But im an "oldhead" But i felt that whatever he is to her. He need to act right. Or they should keep it in house.
Brooke Marie
Brooke Marie Il y a 2 jours
I wonder how many noodles ya ya can get for a birkin bag if she get locked up🤔
Brooke Marie
Brooke Marie Il y a 2 jours
I hear a lot of hating in the comments doesn't matter if her daddy rich an buy her sht most of y'all mad y'all daddy ain't buy y'all sht but anyway she need to take all her old birkn bags sell them an c how much valtrax she can get for them ctfu y'all gone c ya ya an yb on the next herpes commercial doing the remix
SmoochyDatRhino Il y a 2 jours
So why aren't you smarter😂😂😂grow up kid. You're going to be a mother not a baby mama.
I am Rashad Fox
I am Rashad Fox Il y a 3 jours
Her dad is one of the richest athletes in the world and you're worrying about another couple🤔 All of them are wealthy and successful so why do celebrities feel they still need drama in their lives? Ok I understand the drama that comes with the wealth but nowadays it seems like celebrities bring drama to themselves. She's a beautiful woman with so much pain inside her.
en cee
en cee Il y a 3 jours
Call me a broke hater but they look like granny's church bag, ugly
Kimberly King
Kimberly King Il y a 3 jours
She's young and spoiled and she definitely sounds like it.
Sarah Smiles
Sarah Smiles Il y a 4 jours
1st off she spending her daddys money....cardi made her own money! And why does she sound scared when she talks? She sound like she was shaking the entire time she was speaking lmfao lil scary ass
Pamala Washington
Pamala Washington Il y a 4 jours
I absolutely would not pay this kind of money for some purses! Some people may call me crazy, but with all the people out homeless and starving, I would buy a couple homes with that money! Now Im not saying they owe anyone anything, and I'm not at all envious of their money or material items. With big money also can come big problems! So they have every right to do with their money as they please! It just wouldn't be me and what I would do! The little girl sounds real materialistic and bigheaded! The higher you climb, the further you can fall, and she needs to hear that! She is use to having everything given to her! I've read where numerous people have said that if her daddy keeps spending the way he does, he will not be able to maintain that lifestyle long term, and she may end up having to sell some purses! I dont wish that on her, but a little humility goes a long way!
The Messy Youtuber
The Messy Youtuber Il y a 5 jours
Its the paying for more in taxes for a bag than Trump paid in years for me
Shajea Har
Shajea Har Il y a 5 jours
Someone like yaya has no skills or talent... your dad is rich dassit lol
Lena Luther
Lena Luther Il y a 6 jours
🙄annoying first off at least she’s MARRIED and not bouta got to jail for choppin up sumbody bm. 2 she has her own money as well as he. And wat do U do again?? She is a household name I’m pretty sure she can make a call and get any bag she wants without her daddy 🤣🤣🤣
claribel garcia
claribel garcia Il y a 6 jours
I don’t think those bags are all that amh
penny dreadful
penny dreadful Il y a 6 jours
Who TF cares about the receipt? That's just dumb no one cares about what you spend that's so stupid
Tasha Bird
Tasha Bird Il y a 6 jours
A child...sounding like a child 💯💯💯🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ We ALL know that her daddy hooks her up...wonder what she would get on her own!? 🤔🤔🤔 Oh well...she's a child, let's move on...Lol
Yes black specimen give more money to white companies please do
thee queen
thee queen Il y a 7 jours
the girl cant speak right chile-
Nina Nya
Nina Nya Il y a 7 jours
I like yaya
lildexjrwatkins1922 Il y a 7 jours
This girl is slow. THE. END.
Shanequa Burnett
Shanequa Burnett Il y a 9 jours
Sheray Mcarthur
Sheray Mcarthur Il y a 9 jours
Ms. Banks
Ms. Banks Il y a 9 jours
Lol the difference is they worked for their money and she is a spoiled brat who is about the get locked up for some no good trash.
Delight Savino
Delight Savino Il y a 9 jours
I can by myself a Birkin! But I am not a Trendy lady. I perfer the route of setting trends! Respect true Artisan work. Custom, made for me and only me!! You can’t buy that. New money 💴- Where did you get the Mrs. S!! Me - I got from my imagination 💭 and had it made. Learn your fabrics. Learn your skins! Oh ye little girls. Basic is what I call you. You don’t see me unless you need to. And Ms. Little Mayweather that’s Daddy’s money you flexing with. I won’t hate on my that. Daddy’s little princess! Not many ladies at my round table.
Keyarrow Moore
Keyarrow Moore Il y a 10 jours
Well if he cut her off she can sell a Birken for her and the baby to eat 🤷🏽‍♀️😒
lakeesha watkins
lakeesha watkins Il y a 10 jours
Poor kid ahe sounds slow her dads money has paid for everything. She really should not brag and why debate with adults. That baby will make things real for her though. What ever happened to the girl she stabbed and lost her child? Did her daddy money get her out of that? Kids need to grow up.
The Swink Agency
The Swink Agency Il y a 10 jours
This is embarrasing fr
Raheem Smith
Raheem Smith Il y a 10 jours
The difference is.. you haven't bought anything.. so thank your dad.. and stop being grown
B Nicole
B Nicole Il y a 11 jours
Cardi and offset could’ve bought me a whole house. Hey cousins!
Jamaicanslowsounds Il y a 11 jours
Dawggg I’m dead her daddy bought all that shiii 😭😭 you is too young to be fighting wit some adults that actually make they money you just trying to get yo self in trouble just do you how hard is that🤌🏾😑😭
Stacy lanes
Stacy lanes Il y a 11 jours
What in the fuck is this lil child talking about?? An why? What the fuck is really going on..
Mz. Kandi
Mz. Kandi Il y a 11 jours
Oh I thought somebody that's spent daddy's money but got cut off because of a baby out of wedlock said something. She's pathetic, those birkins didn't give her a better baby shower or baby father but do go off. Daddy's money YaYa 🤣🤣
Sadé Peace
Sadé Peace Il y a 12 jours
YaYa had 16 Birkin’s in the video!
Onyinye Obkia
Onyinye Obkia Il y a 12 jours
I'm not understanding what the problem is 🤷🏾‍♀️... If cardi B purchased one birkin bag no birkin bag 150 birkin bags it doesn't really matter that's her prerogative that's her business that's her money it shouldn't matter people are always so pressed about another person's life like come on get over it 🙄find something else to nag about complain about like seriously 🤨
Dark & Lovely
Dark & Lovely Il y a 12 jours
With your Fathers money...Girl bye💯
Msjamila2000 Il y a 12 jours
People about to be evicted out of they’re homes. Help them. If you soooo blessed pass some of that on! 🙄
Msjamila2000 Il y a 12 jours
And the purpose of this is? I’ll wait😐😶
Teisha Dortch
Teisha Dortch Il y a 13 jours
This is so very petty and immature of people to think that if you have a certain type of name brand you arrive and that’s the furthest from the truth! People miserable with all the money houses and cars! Things don’t make you happy and bring peace choices does
Caiden cortez
Caiden cortez Il y a 13 jours
I just can't with this little girl she had all the opportunity in the 🌍 to be better
White Tail
White Tail Il y a 13 jours
Who cares Yaya clout chasing no one cares PERIOD SHE JUST MAD HER DAD not making her center of attention 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯NBA boy don’t want her 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Protector of Peace
Protector of Peace Il y a 13 jours
All that and she’s still not happy with herself. Smh 😓
Ruth B. Brown
Ruth B. Brown Il y a 13 jours
Rich folks problems...I can't relate
FaceMaskNatural Il y a 13 jours
First her daddy been doing it longer no one cares what a trait fund baby has not accomplished on her dads dime bye yaya you’re a kid and pregnant 🙄
Erica Wade
Erica Wade Il y a 13 jours
Cardi can buy what she want she work for her money honey Yo daddy but yo shit sit yo dumb ass down
Jay Suttle
Jay Suttle Il y a 14 jours
BUT WHERE ARE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS ?? I am a die hard Mayweather Fan but truth be told boo boo Daddy money getting low . Why do you think he is fighting again ? IRS DON'T PLAY 😩😩
Bella Gold
Bella Gold Il y a 14 jours
Number of items is 4 not 1 daddy girl, this is why your ass is in jail 🤬🤬
Quintina Blades Walker Mayes
Lil girl your money was given to u 😡😡 she made her money!! Thats whats wring with the kids thus generation thet dont know the difference....your dads money is yourd cause u were born to it. She made hers so respectfully yes u might have more.....know the difference tbough...😳😳😡😡
Nicole Harris
Nicole Harris Il y a 15 jours
It’s a shame money can buy all the materialistic things of this world ... but can’t but common sense !.... smh
Paula Il y a 15 jours
Im broke ass hell, BUT my MOTHER enriched me with common sense and self respect for myself. SMH
Shawn B
Shawn B Il y a 15 jours
She's a slow learner. Definitely special ed classes.
BombbBesttestt 23
BombbBesttestt 23 Il y a 15 jours
That’s all money may weathers shitt hahhaa lil girl flexing with her dads shitt I’m weak asf AND THAT IS NOT FUKKING FINE LET YUHR DAD FLEX HIS OWN SHIT BABY GIRL !
Renee Turner
Renee Turner Il y a 15 jours
Little girl you didn't do anything, your daddy did! You got, because of his work.
Andrea Chapman
Andrea Chapman Il y a 16 jours
I agree totally with what 2PrettyMrsKitty said!!! Also,this was such a dumba** video to watch or for her to record!!
Brenda Green
Brenda Green Il y a 16 jours
Who cares😂
PANCHITO y CHUY Il y a 16 jours
She’s a kid making a terrible mistake 🤦‍♂️
daishneek721 Il y a 16 jours
Girl thats her mama and daddy shxt
Rhyan Stricklen
Rhyan Stricklen Il y a 16 jours
But why does it matter tho they all getting birkins
em'savage tv
em'savage tv Il y a 16 jours
Lil girl ain't ever bought shit yo daddy money supports you n her way of thinking is shallow asf .u stepping to grown folk playing grown but if cardinal treat u grown u calling for back up uugh annoying voice ass
Sheriff alley
Sheriff alley Il y a 16 jours
She cheating on the Hustle!
Alesha James Thomas
Alesha James Thomas Il y a 16 jours
She's just like her Daddy smh lol
Trevor Siobhan- Caldwell
Trevor Siobhan- Caldwell Il y a 16 jours
She’s a weirdo and a hater . Idk which is worse. Never look down on someone who ACTUALLY WORK FOR THEIR BAG🤦🏾‍♀️
T O Il y a 17 jours
You mean your father has been doing this lordt have mercy!!
Ping Pittman
Ping Pittman Il y a 17 jours
Doing WHAT! Sounds like she on coke
Coco Jacksin
Coco Jacksin Il y a 17 jours
This little girl needs some attention. She messy asf, she acts like a 12 yr old. I see why young boy plays tf outta her. Go to jail already. Your dad need to get you some psyc meds baby.
MarB Il y a 17 jours
Is this for real? I would not pay that much for a fuckin bag 🤣 I can think of so many more important and useful things to do with that kind of money!!!!!
Sent From Heaven
Sent From Heaven Il y a 17 jours
Don’t tear each other down, don’t, relax!!! Be grateful.
Khali DaRealist
Khali DaRealist Il y a 17 jours
Why she talm bout “Whatever he is to her” she should be asking herself that. Running around chasing yb, looking dumb.
T Y Il y a 14 jours
Yolanda George
Yolanda George Il y a 17 jours
You should have invested in that terrible baby shower.
Honey Ambitious
Honey Ambitious Il y a 17 jours
Do she go to school?...
Manuel Esquivel
Manuel Esquivel Il y a 17 jours
Talk about levels to this shit LMAO
Mayweather's daughter character is as FLAWED as her dad..... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree
mike james
mike james Il y a 18 jours
So who care get yo own money n stop livin off to dad 😂😂than u can talk
Phillip Lawson
Phillip Lawson Il y a 18 jours
She need to worry about beating the assault charge and being the 8th baby mother to NBA Young boy, lmao!!!!
Jesus vazquez
Jesus vazquez Il y a 18 jours
And Yaya sit ur dumb ass down when u worked for it thennnnnnnn
Jesus vazquez
Jesus vazquez Il y a 18 jours
Why cardibface look like she got a face lift
Shunda Thomas
Shunda Thomas Il y a 18 jours
She is sad and the bags looks like a old lady church bag . If i had the money i wouldn't waist my time . This young lady needs a reality check .
Nyoka Harper
Nyoka Harper Il y a 18 jours
Wow it's crazy how her daddy's hands makes her head big... Hun stop worrying about adult purchases whether it's dumb or not jus pay attention to your 17 kids and counting baby daddy...smh
yves Jean-Baptiste
yves Jean-Baptiste Il y a 19 jours
Her voice sounds like her fathers in a way
Jaime mayback
Jaime mayback Il y a 19 jours
I rather have treasures in heaven than on earth.... You think you have it all but you are so so far off I pray that you do find jesus and let that devil go.
Tara Walton
Tara Walton Il y a 20 jours
Who cares? All them overpriced ass bags look the same 🤦🏾‍♀️ give me a good leather Bag and keep it moving
Sherry Graves
Sherry Graves Il y a 20 jours
This world is sad when a kid get in grown folks business,she should be somewhere with her head in a book and learn what real value is,so sadddddd etc.etc.etc.material things is all that is on a child's mind
HAVE FAITH ALWAYS Il y a 20 jours
It’s their money They can spend it on whatever they want Stop worrying about how they spend their money
Stacey Johnson
Stacey Johnson Il y a 20 jours
Lil herpes chill you need to talk about having safe sex than a Hermès bag
AMUNETS BOUTIQUE Il y a 20 jours
But Cardi can buy her own birkin. Shorty needed her daddy bread to get it. Y'all are not the same n I'm mad at the brain cells I lost tryna decipher what her slow ass was saying ugh
Luis Money
Luis Money Il y a 20 jours
Oh no I believe you plus you come from a good family with money 💰the difference between you and her you got a good family with money she got a strip pole baby girl don't even do it to her she got like four or five broken bags and she thinks she's saying something
George Tate
George Tate Il y a 20 jours
YONCE 8701
YONCE 8701 Il y a 21 jour
Kids in grown folks business. Lil girl focus on your case and becoming umpteenth baby mama.... Can't even form a sentence.
Danielle Jefferson
Danielle Jefferson Il y a 21 jour
Spoiled !!!she super spoiled.lmao.
martins keshia
martins keshia Il y a 21 jour
James Il y a 21 jour
Yaya Mayweather is one of the most inspiring women in the world today, keep grinding and one day you’ll be as successful as Yaya.
Travis Walker
Travis Walker Il y a 21 jour
The fact kulture had a burkin bag too per
Buom tut
Buom tut Il y a 21 jour
She was dumb af for stabbing somebody and let nba youngboy diss her dad
Deondra Williams
Deondra Williams Il y a 21 jour
Child that laugh at the end..😅😅😅😅
Ty E
Ty E Il y a 22 jours
The damn taxes 😒
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