Will Smith And Martin Lawrence Put Their Friendship To The Test | Do You Even Know Me? | UNILAD

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How well do Will Smith and Martin Lawrence know each other? We put that to the test by giving them a quiz on each other's lives.
Bad Boys For Life is in cinemas January 17th! #BadBoysForLife
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12 janv. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Amber M.
Amber M. Il y a 3 jours
I know this about to funny asab
Sunshine 608
Sunshine 608 Il y a 8 jours
Who’s here in 2021
Saf K
Saf K Il y a 8 jours
Martin Lawrence got fat
From the mind of Bri
From the mind of Bri Il y a 10 jours
Unmatched Chemistry 💯💜
Abdiya Shaffi
Abdiya Shaffi Il y a 12 jours
What a crazy combination
Mamadou Sow
Mamadou Sow Il y a 16 jours
Will smith sounded like the narrator from Jane the virgin when he started speaking Spanish 😭
Black EconomicSystem
Black EconomicSystem Il y a 18 jours
Real friends dont know a damn thing about one another but known one another for a damn long time! lmao
Calisha Ragbir
Calisha Ragbir Il y a 19 jours
ynazzra Il y a 21 jour
Imagine Will Smith STILL making me crack up at this big age
Mrs Cro T Chety
Mrs Cro T Chety Il y a 23 jours
Hilarious!!! 🤣🤣🤣
zoe thats it
zoe thats it Il y a 27 jours
A beautiful day to be a German
Gosiame Olyn
Gosiame Olyn Il y a 27 jours
It's incredible that they kept this relationship of theirs and never tried to ruin it by these questions they were asking... Teaches you that "keeping it that way" can sometimes literally make your career
gemma morgen
gemma morgen Il y a 27 jours
Khadijah Doumbia
Khadijah Doumbia Il y a mois
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Marty Marty baby
KUMZLE DE LAW Il y a mois
How they did not know each other? Sad.
Watchtower7 Il y a mois
Will, you so fake dude.
mexicanraincoat Il y a mois
why he sound lyk a Spanish narrator
Tyler Butler
Tyler Butler Il y a mois
Helen Stewart
Helen Stewart Il y a mois
I LOVE these two.
Julia Acheampong
Julia Acheampong Il y a mois
Knew Will will say in a manger😂
I'm A Bad Mama Jama
I love seeing Martin laugh!!! He be rollin!!!!
Jolanda Duran
Jolanda Duran Il y a mois
Red Tip Tattoos
Red Tip Tattoos Il y a mois
There was no Rap when Will was a kid, he is like 80.
kristina k
kristina k Il y a mois
I’m laughing so hard they are the best!!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
bree smith
bree smith Il y a mois
my birthday is April 15 lmaooooo
Bon Nguyen
Bon Nguyen Il y a mois
The fancy language cytologically box because viscose postprandially head before a versed step-sister. cheerful, scandalous baker
Denni Stenko
Denni Stenko Il y a mois
Als ob Martin lawrenc in Deutschland geboren wurde 🤯
Benjamin Harris
Benjamin Harris Il y a mois
These fuckers laugh the same
Lil Lawrence
Lil Lawrence Il y a 2 mois
Semanur Arslan
Semanur Arslan Il y a 2 mois
Im still shocked that Martin was born in Germany hahaha
Edward Niculae
Edward Niculae Il y a 2 mois
I didn't even know will's birthday is same as mine
Lina Gärtner
Lina Gärtner Il y a 2 mois
I love them both💕💕💕
ali hassan
ali hassan Il y a 3 mois
I love how all of this is funny and there are no forced laughs
Jenniffer Norori
Jenniffer Norori Il y a 3 mois
Amya Jan
Amya Jan Il y a 3 mois
We have the same birthday April 16th
Elvis Guevara
Elvis Guevara Il y a 3 mois
Vincent Chege Mulandi
Vincent Chege Mulandi Il y a 4 mois
Will Smith's laughter
Miguel Montemayor
Miguel Montemayor Il y a 4 mois
will smith doesnt have to cuzz in his songs to sell records.
Albertus Kelvin Putra
Albertus Kelvin Putra Il y a 4 mois
And here i thought in Bad Boys Will playing Will and Martin playing Martin. Turns out only Will Smith playing Will Smith. Martin Lawrence is a shy calm dude.
עבד אלטיף זידאן
i watched this for the first time in will's bday😂(today).
Charlie Asling
Charlie Asling Il y a 5 mois
Happy bday will
The Duder
The Duder Il y a 5 mois
Who else is heading to listen to that song right after this?
Official Ladii
Official Ladii Il y a 5 mois
That soul laugh from Martin I love their brotherhood....
Benjamin Vučaj
Benjamin Vučaj Il y a 5 mois
You can see they are very close and good friends, practically brothers ❤️
Jay Hall
Jay Hall Il y a 5 mois
Hilarious !😂 I love there friends ship, and both brothas as entertainers.. good stuff
Gianna Vante
Gianna Vante Il y a 5 mois
Will has that rich people laugh🤣💯
Macarena Rocio Borgna
Macarena Rocio Borgna Il y a 6 mois
durrrrante las vacaciones de Navidad
Stephanie Bracey
Stephanie Bracey Il y a 6 mois
Ashley Morales
Ashley Morales Il y a 6 mois
Fun fact: unless you have a German parent, you cannot actually claim German citizenship even if you were born in the country
Prodigy Qb
Prodigy Qb Il y a 7 mois
Fuck they look so old
Thabang Il y a 7 mois
1:48 what's the name of the song?
Thabang Il y a 7 mois
The message by Melle Mel
Thabang Il y a 7 mois
I got it guys... That's true Hip Hop
Kai YT
Kai YT Il y a 7 mois
Danielle Williams
Danielle Williams Il y a 7 mois
I'm watching bad boys 2 rn
Miranda Moore
Miranda Moore Il y a 7 mois
The best acting colabo ever.
October boy
October boy Il y a 7 mois
Martin - What is Martin's full name? Will - Martin "Ezekiel" Lawrence 😂😂😂 I was crying laughing when he said that, I love these guys yo.
Armand Azhari
Armand Azhari Il y a 7 mois
What does martin’s instagram bio say hell i dont know lol
Armand Azhari
Armand Azhari Il y a 7 mois
Did not expect will to speak spanish lol
The Last Word
The Last Word Il y a 7 mois
Hey people, tell the question with some father about the birth of their child, it will be fun, they love an each ever, whatever they don't know some stuff about the other.
zayvs Il y a 7 mois
so sad to think that Will Smith is happy at those times and later in the future this funny guy will be sad and devastated
Reatile Mohoanyane
Reatile Mohoanyane Il y a 7 mois
Yal. I know they now old but I want them to team up with Kevin and Rock
Ethan Mills
Ethan Mills Il y a 7 mois
I love will's belly laugh
Alonso Meza
Alonso Meza Il y a 7 mois
skezzz Il y a 7 mois
guys sing with me : bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when we come for you
SPARTAN 3D Il y a 7 mois
if there were preachers at my church i would go to church a lot more
Aeden Vivejd
Aeden Vivejd Il y a 7 mois
This is will smith before he lost his will
Nicka Conner
Nicka Conner Il y a 7 mois
Nicka Conner
Nicka Conner Il y a 7 mois
Milagros Granados
Milagros Granados Il y a 8 mois
It’s crazy to see Martin like this I’m so use to him being hyper but I guess that’s just for acting. I guess the real him is shy and humble. I love it. I love Will he’s so goofy I would love a friend like Will. I thought these guys would be best friends considering they made a bunch of movies together. I’m sad that there not BFF’s.
Moriah Seiders
Moriah Seiders Il y a 8 mois
What song did Will rap?
vdgggame Il y a 8 mois
Lol i never heard will laugh like that.. I think he stole it from a white dude wtf
Vanessa Harkless
Vanessa Harkless Il y a 8 mois
You sbud know you BFF s all bday dumb Will. #Sweepsteaks# @ Kevin Heart Family..ushud know
ALFA GENERAL007 Il y a 8 mois
Uncle Phil = Will right now
Taylor McGregor
Taylor McGregor Il y a 8 mois
I love it ♥️!!!
Mystal Il y a 8 mois
bahaha at the end when Will says “Action, *ooo* ” it always makes me laugh 😂
AllThingsJesus Il y a 8 mois
I feel sorry for the both of them. All they do is brain wash the masses with satanic agendas. They have sold their souls for fame and fortune......but if the repent, and call on Jesus for mercy, He will still forgive them.
The Life of Lee Sin
The Life of Lee Sin Il y a 8 mois
they remind me of rhett and link
Joseph Hanna
Joseph Hanna Il y a 8 mois
When Will said, “Oh HELL NO!” it was so funny
Sinnette Pape
Sinnette Pape Il y a 8 mois
You rock, Will Smith!!!!!! 🤟😁
Nyy 2K
Nyy 2K Il y a 8 mois
It’s will smith fa me 😂😂
The unusual _halima
The unusual _halima Il y a 8 mois
Martin: I was raised in DC but where was I born Will: In the manger😂😂😂
The unusual _halima
The unusual _halima Il y a 8 mois
@Parlo 😀🤣🤣
Parlo Il y a 8 mois
Manger close to Germany 😂😂😂
Jorge G Medina
Jorge G Medina Il y a 8 mois
Lolol Will's Spanish is spot on fluent ! Lol need help with that over exaggerated Rrrrrr😂
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith Il y a 8 mois
Mat Iou
Mat Iou Il y a 8 mois
imagine : the will and martin talk show
D Kay
D Kay Il y a 8 mois
Martin lowkey look like ludacris
Shamar-kay Fable
Shamar-kay Fable Il y a 8 mois
I laughed right throughout the whole video🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Fabiola Oliveira
Fabiola Oliveira Il y a 8 mois
Coloque legenda em português!! Por favor!
sisi Il y a 8 mois
Wait wtf, Will and I have bday at the same day?!
SimplyStimulating Il y a 8 mois
Will smith sounded like a whole commercial bruh
Samantha Dalke
Samantha Dalke Il y a 8 mois
God is obsessed with whoever's reading this
Wilson Saintil
Wilson Saintil Il y a 8 mois
Wow, Will Smith never looked up Martin Lawrence on Wikipedia.
Jomanro Il y a 9 mois
I'm going to listen to classic rap more. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five really helped paved the way for hip hop culture.
J-Dude Lockey
J-Dude Lockey Il y a 9 mois
They no nothing about each other😴
GREEN STRIPES Il y a 9 mois
Now I know Will Smith doesn’t make his own jokes
Nasty Paz
Nasty Paz Il y a 9 mois
Students in the future: How did the Corona virus start spreading? Teacher: 6:20
Rere Wilkerson
Rere Wilkerson Il y a 9 mois
😭 I’m use to seeing Martin energetic from when he was on television but he’s so chill in this video 💀 this is the most I’ve seen will so energetic
Haunting US
Haunting US Il y a 9 mois
martin Lawrence gained a lot of weight
Latricia Mallory
Latricia Mallory Il y a 9 mois
Why do i feel so old omg 😅
Elvis Van
Elvis Van Il y a 9 mois
_🌌1AM May 6 2020~_
azclown317 Il y a 9 mois
Kinda disappointed Will Smith didn't answer West Philadelphia to the born and raised question
Delia Brown
Delia Brown Il y a 9 mois
Martin worked at Sears with salt and pepper as well as kid and play
If Apple Made a Restaurant
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