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Not much has changed in the muffin world, so it’s time we make some updates! Today we ask the age-old question… Will It Muffin? GMM #1525
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15 avril 2019




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Commentaires 5 540
Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning Il y a 6 jours
Want to know how Josh prepared these muffin monstrosities? We’ve got a Behind the Mythicality for “Will It Muffin?” coming out on Wednesday, so sign up for the Mythical Society and watch how Josh cranked out these muffins!
Jordan Cox
Jordan Cox Il y a 11 heures
Ornessar Hithfaeron It’s English muffin not British muffin, there is a difference between England and Britain. And we do actually call them English muffins, but not as often as Americans do.
Miiloo Sinyeayro
Miiloo Sinyeayro Il y a jour
No I w a s the first to reply
followsthenight Il y a jour
Here's a question: Will it sugar? We have cinnamon sugar, but what about cumin sugar or turmeric sugar? We need the question answered... will it sugar???
TheLord hokage13
TheLord hokage13 Il y a 3 jours
No offence ur podcast is boring and not funny u need to take notes from the misfits podcast they have the best podcast hands down anyone missing out(notwatchingthem or havent heard of them,). I feel bad for
NERD WeaV Il y a 3 jours
The real question is will a ice cream cupcake
1me and 4you
1me and 4you Il y a 33 minutes
do a will it egg
Lynxitid Il y a heure
Can we just appreciate the name for the mother muffin? Absolutely great.
xXC.T.BXx Il y a heure
6:58 A quantum leap is not a real thing. You may be referring to atomic electron transitioning, or quantum pathing; however.
Jamesbondie Il y a heure
they should invite derpy, she would love to eat these muffins
Axolotl God
Axolotl God Il y a heure
8:09 looks like something soma would make all the weebs would know what im talking about
Zekira Francis
Zekira Francis Il y a 2 heures
So glad he used glacier freeze. It really is the best Gatorade.
Katie Biedron
Katie Biedron Il y a 2 heures
Josh should open up a mythical bakery with all of the approved creations.
David Dotson
David Dotson Il y a 2 heures
In soviet russia muffin eat you
Chuck Shafer
Chuck Shafer Il y a 3 heures
Corrupt Delta
Corrupt Delta Il y a 4 heures
At least were like Canada and spell paycheque correctly
Scrawny Alien
Scrawny Alien Il y a 5 heures
It's 1:25 in the morning im hungry and I know that I can't have a Gatorade muffin ☹️
ambersquirrel25 Il y a 6 heures
If they opened a restaurant that has weird food I would totally eat there
Alaina Trost
Alaina Trost Il y a 7 heures
His name is Dr. Sam Beckett from quantum leap I’ve watched every single episode #NoHate
Ayato Il y a 7 heures
elongated *blackberry
Pat Il y a 8 heures
You posted this video on my best friends birthday😂
Angelina Carpintero
Angelina Carpintero Il y a 8 heures
Good mythical morning should collab with vat19
poppy purnell
poppy purnell Il y a 8 heures
No hate but the new intro is rubbish
Tyler M
Tyler M Il y a 9 heures
Muffins are lir
Ava Hollensead
Ava Hollensead Il y a 9 heures
I wish the intro song was available as a ringtone on the iTunes Store 🤞🏽fingers crossed that this gets seen and considered 😊
Twizted Il y a 10 heures
England invented muffins. You yanks call all biscuits “cookies” when a cookie is a specific type of biscuit. You over simplify your language because of your incompetent inability to understand simple words like pavement, you have to call it sidewalk so you know where and exactly what to do on said sidewalk to avoid confusion because your dumbass brains have 0 common sense. America has no culture. You came from us. Now... that being said, i freaking love both of you and your show :)
ginoxio2004 Il y a 11 heures
You could've eaten the mcmuffin sideways instead of having to unhinge your jaw like an anaconda to get every layer.
Official JohnWick
Official JohnWick Il y a 12 heures
😂😂😂😂I’m crying after they threw up
SCP 1678
SCP 1678 Il y a 13 heures
4:15 This should be in The McDonalds Menu 😋
LGSP SgPE Il y a 14 heures
In England we call *English* muffins crumpets
Dhani Boii
Dhani Boii Il y a 14 heures
Milfin...i see what u did there
Ali Fareed M.C.
Ali Fareed M.C. Il y a 15 heures
Mattias Bergström
Mattias Bergström Il y a 19 heures
Scott bakula is also in NCIS NOLA Plus he was in Star Trek enterprise as well
lil potato
lil potato Il y a 20 heures
Have you had your muffin buttered? Would you like me to butter your muffin for you?
Owen Preece
Owen Preece Il y a 20 heures
Nex t one will it Easter egg
Eugene Korshunov
Eugene Korshunov Il y a 20 heures
Hey guys! Love your videos! You’re the best! BUT I’m Russian and I love borscht as well as caviar and I gotta tell you if I had a try of that Muffin I think I would be Pukin all over the place
Breanna Warren
Breanna Warren Il y a 21 heure
😂😂😂 6:21- 6:33 😂😂😂
CaptainReno17 Il y a 22 heures
that should be real
Pamela Dean-Dunlap
Pamela Dean-Dunlap Il y a 22 heures
My husband just called the fish one a "cthulhu muffin"
Bethany Arneson
Bethany Arneson Il y a 22 heures
Really glad they clarified the difference between a muffin & a cupcake!
nay Il y a jour
899 morons things down this episode? Who the heck doesnt like Rhett and link and the show? They're the coolest guys ever and are pure entertainment. 899 people with very dull, boring lives. Very sad.
nay Il y a jour
You guys should make a recipe book!
Neo-Nip38 Il y a jour
can we get a will it bread bowl man? that'd be great owo
Shannon Lezama
Shannon Lezama Il y a jour
Quantum leap
Creme TM
Creme TM Il y a jour
If link can’t eat it, its REALLY bad
Josh S
Josh S Il y a jour
Loving these comments about me😬😏
Logan Rindfleisch
Logan Rindfleisch Il y a jour
13:00 to 13:05= that's what she said
Rex Wadsworth
Rex Wadsworth Il y a jour
8:11 it's the Muffin of Mordor
Rex Wadsworth
Rex Wadsworth Il y a jour
5:31 "ooh an elongated blueberry" - welp. that just ruined my day.
Brian Patterson
Brian Patterson Il y a jour
Dude should be a chef
DeathDaWolfboy Il y a jour
U guys are over there eating breast milk and uterus and I'm over here sipping my tea
DeathDaWolfboy Il y a jour
Is there a will it doughnut
Alex is a Catch NOT
You had the opportunity to call it a ‘Russian muffin’
R. Allen Maxwell
R. Allen Maxwell Il y a jour
I love Quantum Leap!
Morgan Elzey
Morgan Elzey Il y a jour
Have they done a will it juice?
Caroline Allen
Caroline Allen Il y a jour
i like a sticky muffin lol
Mason Cooley
Mason Cooley Il y a jour
Doughnuts are good too
rararabia19 Il y a jour
That mother muffin....WHAT THE FFFFFFFFFFF NOOOOOOOOOOO 😱🥵😵🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
mike buchanan
mike buchanan Il y a jour
I remember watching you guys when I was 5
Y.Z. sheikh
Y.Z. sheikh Il y a jour
Love will its
dabeast 45
dabeast 45 Il y a jour
Quantum leap is awesome!!!!!!
Sofia Reyes`
Sofia Reyes` Il y a jour
I want a Gatorade muffin and a McMuffin Muffin! :D
Sirlie08 Il y a jour
Thomas Clifford
Thomas Clifford Il y a jour
Josh's talent may be wasted on this show...and I love this show.
Hollie Savage
Hollie Savage Il y a jour
We call muffins like you are trying here muffins, and the egg mc muffin from McDonald’s a muffin. Like you say dessert, we say pudding
DCM BEATS Il y a jour
Lol, Rhett's face when Link says " The muffin diver"
Chloe Graham
Chloe Graham Il y a jour
Rhetts face when examining the Uterus 😂 "where does the baby go?"
Chris Moore
Chris Moore Il y a jour
You guys should do will it strudel
Joshua Ayranic
Joshua Ayranic Il y a jour
Will it custard
crazy dank guy
crazy dank guy Il y a jour
"It's muffin time"
April Mendenhall
April Mendenhall Il y a jour
“I like a sticky muffin” - Link Neal, 2019 Well then
MrDanielMS20 Il y a jour
I was slightly infuriated by Link saying Quantum Leap was the only thing Scott Bakula has done.
Navin Couch
Navin Couch Il y a jour
will it mozzarella stick
Lara Aguayo
Lara Aguayo Il y a jour
Like so they a video on WILL IT BAGEL!!!!!!!
Spencer Campbell
Spencer Campbell Il y a jour
Youresoloud needs to do an episode where its just Rhett talking about how small his mouth is
Undead_ Army
Undead_ Army Il y a jour
yungtoaster strudel
*russia disliked this*
Monk Abrahms
Monk Abrahms Il y a jour
Muffin diver?
Bela Rupanagudi
Bela Rupanagudi Il y a jour
The strongest stomach belongs to Josh
followsthenight Il y a jour
Here's a question: Will it sugar? We have cinnamon sugar, but what about cumin sugar or turmeric sugar? We need the question answered... will it sugar???
Stephsaguudefan Il y a jour
Them's some gross muffins. Must be from that damn Cunningham Muffins place....
MinimiMax Il y a jour
Honestly that first one just looked moldy.
wadeZ Il y a jour
OMG! What about will it french fry!!???
Rosemberg Berciano
Rosemberg Berciano Il y a jour
Y’all ever watch it high lmao
Arianna Rose
Arianna Rose Il y a jour
I remember when my dad would watch quantum leap it was actually a pretty interesting show.
Helena Keeler
Helena Keeler Il y a jour
The only thing I can think of is how much it looks like the unmuffin from that episode of the Electric Company on PBS Kids
Forever Tech
Forever Tech Il y a jour
Actually link words do have meanings the meanings we (the British) made up when we discovered you 😂 Love you guys keep doing what your doing ❤️❤️
lsa7ada123 Il y a jour
I used to watch quantum leap
Jody Longwell
Jody Longwell Il y a jour
I'm surprised that Rhett didn't say elongated blueberry was his nick name in high school 😃
Crusty Il y a jour
Chef Ramsay who ?
Kevin Fager
Kevin Fager Il y a jour
Basically went on a bender this week and my moment of clarity was realizing I hadn’t watched a single GMM all week. Never again.
*I like a sticky muffin* *I'm muffin' it* *MUFFIN DIVER ARE YOU SERIOUS* *MILFIN DAMN IT WTF* It just keeps getting worse 😂
Mary Woolley
Mary Woolley Il y a jour
I want to see a series of josh making wild things like these for Gordon Ramsey
Fred Mcgowen
Fred Mcgowen Il y a 2 jours
"the milfin"-pornhub 😂😂😂 I'm sorry I have a dirty mind
Optic Hazard69
Optic Hazard69 Il y a 2 jours
You guys should do a Will It Slim Jim
Remzi Suleyman
Remzi Suleyman Il y a 2 jours
Butter Fish
Butter Fish Il y a 2 jours
Will it poptart? I may never know... Unless (hint, hint)
ZuElVenado Il y a 2 jours
what better way to watch this than eating 2 muffins, one of cheese and the other of ronpope (im mexican so idk if u call it that way)
David Wallace
David Wallace Il y a 2 jours
He's a top. Lol
harper pierce
harper pierce Il y a 2 jours
*i LiKe a StiCKy mUfFiN*
Brigitte Bakonyi
Brigitte Bakonyi Il y a 2 jours
Stop eating those caviar's you know what the eggs are from those estate and creatures we're almost like dinosaurs you should see the creature for yourself they've been here for like a thousands of years
Sinister024 TiTan Tentacion
I thought of Vodka when Rhett said muffin LOL
Lillian Beck
Lillian Beck Il y a 2 jours
So..when will there be a mythical cookbook???🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️😀😀
ThatGuyNeko Il y a 2 jours
Milfin... Dear god.....
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