Wild 'N On Tour | DJ D-Wrek Wrecked in a Bet with Nick Cannon

Wild 'N Out
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DJ D-Wrek settles a wager for $1,000 with Nick Cannon when he shows video proof of his introduction, but things get heated when Nick and Rip Michaels can't help but keep digging at him.
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Nick Cannon and his Wild ‘N Out cast have wowed the television audience for over 10 years, and now they are headed out on the road to perform for the people live! The best of Wild 'N Out comics and improvisers load a tour bus and hit the road on a 12-city (US) tour as thousands of fans fill auditoriums and arenas to "wild out", enjoy hilarious stand-up comedy and play the games that make Wild ‘N Out famous. City to city, viewers will get a mix of stage performances and behind the scenes antics during the cast’s activities on and off the bus -- visiting landmarks, enjoying local city fare, and pranking each other all along the way.
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4 août 2016




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Commentaires 68
Trin Cat
Trin Cat Il y a 9 jours
Dj d-wrek "This is not about you fat boy" lol
Jonathan Gonzalez
Jonathan Gonzalez Il y a 5 mois
What’s up with d wrecks hickey lol
Adam Diaz
Adam Diaz Il y a 7 mois
DJ D Wreck bet his life savings
Bokang Mofihli
Bokang Mofihli Il y a 10 mois
DJ Derek hungry low key😂
Enzyl Il y a 11 mois
Get the cast from Don’t Hate The Playaz (uk wild n out) to go against the cast from this Wild N Out. Please.
Jane Low
Jane Low Il y a 11 mois
Damn he was so serious I cant 😂😂😂😂 *THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU FATBOY*
Tiesha Dickson
Tiesha Dickson Il y a an
Pay him his money
BadAttitude_ EnZed
Give the man his k haha
Zahir Sookoor
Zahir Sookoor Il y a an
He needs to pay that DJ more for acting like a bitch over $200
DashLitGS Il y a an
LMAO u know D Wrek wasnt playing no games over a rack tho 😂😂😂
Queenvintim Il y a an
Did u see D.C. fly face
BamBam 73
BamBam 73 Il y a an
He prolly paid Drek More in that bet then he does a show
Stay Entertained
nick aint have a G so he tried to give the run around 😂😂😂
Leila Il y a 2 ans
Y do I feel bad for Nick tho lol
Jay Kubz
Jay Kubz Il y a 2 ans
Give me my mofo money
musa dabo
musa dabo Il y a 2 ans
This is not about u fat boyy
Cee Dee
Cee Dee Il y a 2 ans
itszaaaamzeh Il y a 2 ans
Nizzy.Hussle Il y a 6 mois
Holy shit he did
Hao Quach
Hao Quach Il y a an
Mike Raymond
Mike Raymond Il y a 2 ans
no way
aznpanda510x Il y a 3 ans
DC looking like he came up with a evil plan to bet every time nick in the mood.
Kennedy N Jackson
Kennedy N Jackson Il y a 3 ans
run me my money
WOllie Leggett
WOllie Leggett Il y a 3 ans
Black people don't joke about their money
Cesar Martinez
Cesar Martinez Il y a 3 ans
And I challenge DJ d-wreak
Cesar Martinez
Cesar Martinez Il y a 3 ans
My is DJ envy
Sickle the kid
Sickle the kid Il y a 3 ans
nick need that 1000 dollars to pay his rent since he cant depend on mariah any more
BadAttitude_ EnZed
Arella Collymore
At least be factual with your roasts. Nick is balling.
Mystiko Il y a 2 ans
Nick rich af g
Shelovesnick Il y a 2 ans
Nick got money bro
Simply Stunning
Simply Stunning Il y a 2 ans
but he dont need to
Akram Eisa
Akram Eisa Il y a 3 ans
dc face
Keith Bell
Keith Bell Il y a 3 ans
Nick don't sleep it shows I love his grind
Ken Reed
Ken Reed Il y a 2 ans
lil keithbell yeah stupid bags under his eyes
Cortezslt Il y a 3 ans
invite Eminem PLEASE
Mario Stans
Mario Stans Il y a 2 ans
Mate that can't ever happen. What em did to mariah was vicious and Nick knows he would get rinsed on national tv and I don't blame him. Massive em fan but why would I have him on my show to come and verbally bully me into submission and lose the only fans I got? That ain't be scared either, just being business smart
Aalexx Escobar
Aalexx Escobar Il y a 2 ans
Stephen Cortez haha your funny
SnaggyZinc Il y a 3 ans
dc in the back like
Braden Parrish
Braden Parrish Il y a an
itz creature Bruh wut
Yarelballs Il y a 3 ans
Invite ricegum
M M Il y a an
Well they did now
Khalid W
Khalid W Il y a 3 ans
SeeOhEn 98
SeeOhEn 98 Il y a 3 ans
who the fuck is ricegum? edit: aint nobody wanna see some lil gaming asian mo fucka on the show, gtfoh
leyla hussein
leyla hussein Il y a 3 ans
lol hell no if he was on there he would bring his phone up on the stage (that's not called freestyle) don't give me wrong I love ricegum but fuck no😂
Barbielicious Il y a 3 ans
look at my baby dcyoungfly 😍😍😘
MROJAS Il y a 3 ans
DJ d-wrek cut the beat
May Flower
May Flower Il y a 3 ans
Nick don't pay because he ain't got Mimi's money no more 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜#WildNOut
BadAttitude_ EnZed
Weak asf
weed -mine
weed -mine Il y a 3 ans
rum the money
Kingofteens Il y a 3 ans
1:15 dc young fly that look tho
Andre Stävhammar
Andre Stävhammar Il y a 3 ans
Was just about to comment that😂
yhas dj
yhas dj Il y a 3 ans
Kendra Eze
Kendra Eze Il y a 3 ans
Mad funny tho
Angeline Petway
Angeline Petway Il y a 3 ans
yo, he wasn't playing any games.
May Flower
May Flower Il y a 3 ans
Hell no he wasn't playing he wants his money now
Lavar Cole
Lavar Cole Il y a 3 ans
lol he wasn't tho
VDimer Il y a 3 ans
This man still calls Thousands "gs"
Z7 Il y a 3 ans
usually when you arent 14 like you you dont learn new kid slang you stay with your habits
flamboyantamo Il y a 3 ans
Sergio Il y a 3 ans
Um ok? And?
jd the mvp
jd the mvp Il y a 3 ans
Lavar Cole
Lavar Cole Il y a 3 ans
F4STK1D Il y a 3 ans
He said this is not about you fat boy
Romeo pierre
Romeo pierre Il y a 3 ans
Paula Thompson
Paula Thompson Il y a 3 ans
Harry Garcia
Harry Garcia Il y a 3 ans