Why This Japanese Town Eats BEARS

Abroad in Japan
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In Japan's northern region of Aomori, the locals regularly eat bear meat. But why's it popular and how does it taste? We travel across Aomori to try 5 dishes and uncover why it has the shortest life expectancy of any prefecture in Japan. (And no it's got nothing to do with the bears!)
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10 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 100
Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan Il y a 7 jours
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: On our 200km journey around Aomori we ate our way through five local dishes. WHICH ONE do you want to try the most? Also, don't miss Ryotaro's absurd rap. He truly outdid himself this time. Jokes aside, it's good to be back on the road together. I always enjoy these little excursions and I hope you guys enjoy coming along the ride! (ESPECIALLY now Abroad in Japan is in 4k). Right, I'm off for a liquor breakfast.
truth finder91
truth finder91 Il y a heure
Anyone seen the viral picture of "the big slut" burger? Is that a for real ad? Or someone make that up?
oocares Il y a 13 heures
Surprised Chris has never had venison in the UK. (Deer) Plenty of Gastro pubs serve it.
pierre853 Il y a jour
The Bear and the Curry.
Dwayne Il y a jour
I'd eat the bear. I love steaks so the bear seems like the best one for me.
Bernard Blancaflor
Bernard Blancaflor Il y a 2 jours
dude where can I download your sound effects? It's pretty awesome!
Jinhunter Slay
Jinhunter Slay Il y a 21 minute
However, I learned from Shokugeki no Soma and Binging with Babish’s red dead redemption video....that bear meat is just awful and a real hassle to handle and cook (the smell, bacteria, etc) I don’t think it’s worth the bother
Ink Mage
Ink Mage Il y a 37 minutes
KittieXaBlaze Il y a 2 heures
I want to see that short lived tour in Aomori.
stephanie kievaughan
stephanie kievaughan Il y a 2 heures
only 140 people attacked hells bells thats not much Let's Go out and have a Picnic
LadyDerpsALot -
LadyDerpsALot - Il y a 2 heures
That is the most perfect but most dry-looking apple pie I've ever seen in my life.
Holzwurm _HD
Holzwurm _HD Il y a 2 heures
We need the Ryotaro remix in your Soundboard!
Aaron Ferris
Aaron Ferris Il y a 3 heures
Y’all can eat me raw 🤣
johana1 Il y a 3 heures
Take a shot each time they say aomori
Owen McPro
Owen McPro Il y a 3 heures
i was watching the video and an ad came up surprising me and got rickrolled
Ras Fari
Ras Fari Il y a 4 heures
Living in Canada I’ve ate a lot of bear, deer, moose, etc... but bear usually just tastes like pork but sweeter and more fatty
Haze Il y a 5 heures
PETA's ideal version: "Why Bears eat this Japanese Town"
Leslie Garcia
Leslie Garcia Il y a 6 heures
First and foremost, I want to try all the coffees! (#coffeeadict) Out of curiosity, I would try the hunter's plate. Is the meat gamey though?
Yui Bustamante
Yui Bustamante Il y a 7 heures
Russian part of Japan
Timer im Grinder
Timer im Grinder Il y a 8 heures
i swear you look like the european kaji yuki or kaji yuki mixed with eren jäger
LimePotato Il y a 8 heures
Does Ryotoro just insert himself into everyones lives, how is he friends with everybody, impressive.
Mag nolia
Mag nolia Il y a 9 heures
Love your channel!!!
The Real Chris Broad
The Real Chris Broad Il y a 7 heures
Don’t listen to Him! It’s me!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Il y a 9 heures
If you kill Rissotoro in Aomori, wouldn't the life expectancy go up cause as we all know Rissotoro is 400+ years
zega zega
zega zega Il y a 11 heures
Loved the video! It had such a calm feeling to it
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Il y a 9 heures
I would like to try the deer sashimi the most ngl
Laura Errity
Laura Errity Il y a 11 heures
Hi Chris I hope you and everyone is well. Me and my partner enjoy watching your channel. I have all ways loved Japanese culture 😁. We would like to come over for our honeymoon and see friends in Japan hopefully when the covid situation gets better 😅. Our question is what food & drink can and can't you bring back from Japan to the UK??? Meny thanks stay safe 🙂. Laura E (York,UK)
Simi822 Il y a 12 heures
I member there was a old Japanese movie that I loved as a kid about a old bear was also called Matagi
Star Gazer
Star Gazer Il y a 12 heures
Kutchan-cho , Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, have you been here????? Our timeshare has 3 resorts where we can stay.
Sarah Liljestrand
Sarah Liljestrand Il y a 12 heures
I lost it at the meat rap
Steve Mann
Steve Mann Il y a 13 heures
An average life expectancy of 82 is still better what is in the UK which I think is about 75 😬
cjd29 Il y a 13 heures
Hey now. Nagano has lots of great sake (originator of no. 7 yeast!) and apples now, so that's definitely not a factor 😉
David Daris
David Daris Il y a 14 heures
We love your videos and how you get out and and see Japan while providing an awesome dialogue. We're getting ready to move to the UK and are trying to find the same sort of channel related to living in the United Kingdom. All we found are people sitting in their living rooms and droning on in front of the camera for a half an hour which is frustrating. Can you recommend anyone that does videos like yours about living abroad in the UK? Thanks.
Jean Pierre Polnareff
Jean Pierre Polnareff Il y a 14 heures
eating deer is pretty common in germany too
Jean Pierre Polnareff
Jean Pierre Polnareff Il y a 14 heures
is taking the apples illegal
Andie Il y a 14 heures
The curry!
UglyBoy Donk
UglyBoy Donk Il y a 14 heures
Dear Bear Boar sounds like the perfect meal
Martin Dye
Martin Dye Il y a 14 heures
What's the milkshakes you're drinking at the end?
WätSup B8tçh
WätSup B8tçh Il y a 15 heures
🦌, 🐻, 🐗....Yetchaaa!
bonehead Il y a 15 heures
for some reason ryotaro reminds me of ryuku from deathnote...
A Il y a 16 heures
This is literally the real "Black Bear Diner", I guess. Aomori is a hidden gem. There are museums (Towada Museum and Aomori Museum - That's where artist Yoshitomo Nara is from), Osamu Dazai Museum if you like Japanese literature, Shuji Terayama Museum if you are into Japanese avant-garde poetry. If you wanna talk to your dead Grandpa, you can go visit Osorezan to see a Shaman. Ultra crystal clear Towada Lake is also a great spot to visit. Needless to say, seafood there is AMAZING. BTW, Aomori isn't the only place you can get bear meat. It's called Gibier in French (local "wild game meat"), and you can still find some exotic food throughout the country. It's not that popular, but if you find one, you should definitely try dear, bear, boar, etc.
Bok Woon Chua
Bok Woon Chua Il y a 17 heures
I would like to try the deer sashimi the most ngl
D G Il y a 17 heures
When the moon hits your eye like a big apple pie, thats Aomori
Soumya's Kitchen
Soumya's Kitchen Il y a 17 heures
Delicious food my new Friend 👍🔔
Drives & Details
Drives & Details Il y a 19 heures
Where I come from, they call all that uncooked food “bait”! 😂😂😂
Chris88 Il y a 19 heures
great video, next time I visit Japan I will visit amori! other question, do japnese people like to go to restaurant to eat european food like italian, german, english or french food?
Cavi587 Il y a 20 heures
Matagi, another thing that Golden Kamuy taught me. Most anime series are not true to the real world, but Golden Kamuy is really well researched and you can learn a lot of cool stuff about Hokkaido Ainu and hunting etc. Anyways, sreat video, as always. I'd like to try some of that meat one day, just to be able to say I did :D
Rising Oblivion
Rising Oblivion Il y a 22 heures
This is one of the best videos iv seen from the channel. Love this type of content !!!
Ed B.
Ed B. Il y a 22 heures
do a video on the ryukuan culture/languages
that one commenting gatorade
Was it unBEARable?
Just Anubis
Just Anubis Il y a 23 heures
Eating Bambi Raw...lmao
sami walters
sami walters Il y a jour
i want to tried bear curry because of lovely complex and this video
jerky scientist
jerky scientist Il y a jour
if only the bear as cute as nagaserete island kuma kuma
Chip Ge
Chip Ge Il y a jour
2Mil lets go! Congrats!
YAG SIPCC Il y a jour
"People might find it uncomfortable" Me: Has a cold room in a workshop full of deer.
YAG SIPCC Il y a jour
OMG I think id love it there ha lots of meats from different animals, count me in XD
Carlos López Jiménez
I love the music selection
Mastjh 21
Mastjh 21 Il y a jour
Russia will remember this
Buttershooter Il y a jour
They should have chicken and broccoli instead
Oliver Il y a jour
is it possible for you to do your podcast on your own or without pete? I like hearing your perspective on japan, not a random guy that never appears on the channel and is frankly annoying.
vae Il y a jour
do you guys think natsuki cuts chris's hair? i like to imagine he does. actually, i would love to see a video of exactly that.
Matthew Hahn
Matthew Hahn Il y a jour
Nice room
Matthew Hahn
Matthew Hahn Il y a jour
Nice bridge
Matthew Hahn
Matthew Hahn Il y a jour
Don’t forget about your vaccines is coming soon
Mysticfox2010 Il y a jour
Liquor? I barely know her.
Yura Chan
Yura Chan Il y a jour
It reminds me to Shokugeki no soma,love aomori and bear 🐻 meat.
Timoté Noé
Timoté Noé Il y a jour
Grats on 2Mil, may the sarcasm also be with you this year.
Buddy Il y a jour
That apple curry looks so good
闘将ダイモス Il y a jour
Where is Natsuki gone?
Disig Il y a jour
If I ever moved to Japan I would have to live here, hands down. Apples are my favorite.
Kayson Smith
Kayson Smith Il y a jour
This channel has fake views
Chase Erb
Chase Erb Il y a jour
Dear Chris, I am traveling to japan in hopes of meeting you, and living. You have inspired me to travel, and until a few dats ago, i was afraid to fly to japan. but now i am leaving to japan in july. thank you for being such a good person and inspiring me to travel the world !
Richard Herkert
Richard Herkert Il y a jour
Eating bambi raw, together with Pumba stew and a side of Baloo.
joseph albright
joseph albright Il y a jour
Hey fat boy, You need to shave that drawn on looking facial hair. (I hope you know I'm joking. Have a great day)
nene Il y a jour
“i’m gonna say this is some sort of local beef” “uhm local bear” “local... WHAT?”
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Il y a jour
Next in the journey series - 'Journey across Aomori: The hunt for all the apple pies'
M Il y a 11 heures
Gotta eat 'em all!
axperience Il y a jour
Ah, Aomori. Japan's Rubacava.
Fuji_lew Il y a jour
I mean... we eat alot of deer here in Scotland, pretty normal...ish.. especially at Xmas time.
Jas Isak
Jas Isak Il y a jour
Ryotaro - the album.
Renat Rookie
Renat Rookie Il y a jour
Your videos just make my day you’re so funny 😂 🤣
Carmen Il y a jour
I don't get male humour. Is it really funny to just continually be depricating towards each other? Can't you just be nice?
Rafi Muhammad
Rafi Muhammad Il y a jour
How's the life expectancy of Ryotaro now?
DOLAN DUK Il y a jour
Aomori? Isn't that the Kingdom of nyangostar?
GLobDeli Il y a jour
Rahul Moghe
Rahul Moghe Il y a jour
i just had these apples yesterday, the seller told me that they were grapes & he offered me 1 to eat, it was sweet but it had small seeds in it and grapes don’t have seeds in em but m not an expert lol. So yeah tried it for the first time in my life and m glad i did.
snorkosaurus Il y a jour
TakoyaKyono Il y a jour
Oh *deer* me. I can't *bear* to watch Chris eat such a *boar* ing meal.
Anaas jo
Anaas jo Il y a jour
An apple pie tour of aomori would be so fun with a friend!
Anto Il y a jour
This guy is like the bottom gear of japanese food.
Tamara Levi
Tamara Levi Il y a jour
I would like to try the pie . I love how the Japanese focus on the apple in the pie with minimal crust . I wish the western world would adopt such habits we might live to 82 !
Grimslade Leviathan
Eating the bears before they eat us. Smart.
Hannibal Lecter
Hannibal Lecter Il y a jour
That apple pie tho....
YellowHornetJP Il y a jour
Oh... maybe too late to tell you this, Chris, but, pay attention if you get a fever and muscle aches from one month after you ate that bear meat. I say that because in case that bear had trichinosis and you guys didn’t cook it properly, you guys might have it.
Michael Gronemeyer
Michael Gronemeyer Il y a jour
have you ever been examined for polyps? you sound so nasal. No offense!
Pop Gas
Pop Gas Il y a jour
I wanted to try everything there. Again Ryotaro is a blast to be with Chris, lol.
God Il y a jour
He's eati g bear at the start of the year... Can't wait to start another pandemic
Fruity Salade
Fruity Salade Il y a jour
Heard the word 'bear' too many times and now it sounds like you guys are saying beh, beeeh, like sheep.
F. Alfredo Cabral
F. Alfredo Cabral Il y a jour
We ate deer here in Texas.
F. Alfredo Cabral
F. Alfredo Cabral Il y a jour
Happy New Year!
Veronica Il y a jour
Please get your liver and heart checked, I'm seeing tell-tale marks of oncoming disease creep into your face, body, and complexion. I'm not trying to be rude by any means, I'm actually concerned about you. Been there, done that. It couldn't hurt...
boomcakes Il y a jour
I'd love to try the deer sashimi!
J Gallardo
J Gallardo Il y a jour
the more you hate, the more you luv. >UwU
Red Hawk
Red Hawk Il y a 2 jours
Whats the difference between fat & chubby ohh i know its you chris
Jon Il y a 2 jours
no wonder they hunt bears, Loco bears sounds like they are a bit crazy and unpredictable...
Jeremiah Akpabio
Jeremiah Akpabio Il y a 2 jours
2 million subscribers 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
Andrew Roque
Andrew Roque Il y a 2 jours
Definitely the curry 🤤
Eli Cash
Eli Cash Il y a 2 jours
The boar hotpot looked tasty.