Why The New Bronco Works And The New Blazer Doesn't

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Bronco hype is in full swing after Ford revealed the long-awaited sequel to the OG SUV back in July. But the Bronco isn't alone! Ford's longtime rival Chevrolet had their own SUV rehash in the Blazer over a year ago! But why didn't the Blazer create as big a splash? And why might that not matter? We're gonna find out.
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14 sept. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Marco Marabel
Marco Marabel Il y a 21 seconde
The blazer is for taking a trip to the park and going up the side walk and up the drive way... the bronco is to take to take a trip to the top of Boulders or up the side of a mountain. Im a chevy guy and only like the ford lightning and I like the broncos looks and idea.
Garrett Barbosa
Garrett Barbosa Il y a 50 minutes
There both casings the off road king ,Jeep!
E. Wall
E. Wall Il y a heure
The new Bowzers look pretty rad...
JOEY !!!!!
JOEY !!!!! Il y a 2 heures
WTF..... DODGE RAM CHARGER come on man!!!!;😂😂😎
Jeff Il y a 3 heures
link doesn't work BTW
Jason Majere
Jason Majere Il y a 8 heures
GM is to big business. They have long lost their soul. Ford is trying to balance soul and running a business. Dodge has to much soul and not enough business sense.
Zokusha Tech
Zokusha Tech Il y a 10 heures
I saw that “comaro”
Eric Uvalle
Eric Uvalle Il y a 14 heures
Still doesnt change the fact that the new blazer and trailblazer are selling like crazy validating the direction GM went which is the direction I personally don’t agree with.
Brad Dalling
Brad Dalling Il y a 14 heures
We Have a cj5 and it is so cool
Work Wise
Work Wise Il y a 20 heures
It's 2020 and horses still go places that Honda Accords can't, uhhh get a clue... LOL!
Stewie Stuart
Stewie Stuart Il y a 20 heures
All Ford did was Copy a Jeep Wrangler and Toyota FJ when making this new Bronco
Kyle Ewert
Kyle Ewert Il y a 21 heure
blazer looks like our 2012 koa sorento. chevy could have made something cool but didnt
Lincoln Thurber
Lincoln Thurber Il y a 22 heures
I think Toyota needs a new FJ. I think they might look at the new Broncos and look at Jeep Wrangler sales and think, "Meh, the BJ40, FJ40, FJ45 were a head of their time." And, yeah, for fun they should go back to the BJ branding.
DanTheBig Il y a 22 heures
Lmfao "be nice"
Lincoln Thurber
Lincoln Thurber Il y a 22 heures
While the Blazer was a mistake, it not as much of a mistake as the prototype Jeep Grand Wagoneer shown in August. The porotype Grand Wagoneer is a knife in the heart.
Chris S
Chris S Il y a 23 heures
Ford is aiming for the "Lifestyle vehicle" and overlanding crowd. Their target is Jeep and Toyota, not GM. The Wrangler, Grand Cherokee and 4-runner all sell well because of their off-roading prowess. But I understand where GM is coming from. For every 4-Runner Toyota sells, they sell 1 Highlander and 3 RAV-4's. So I can see the appeal to that strategy. But it really doesn't work. Chevy sells 2.5 Equinoxes to every Blazer, but GM is psychotic and sells 3 versions of the same vehicle, so they sell almost 4 small crossovers to every Blazer (If GM would cut the cord on GMC and Buick, they would have the second best selling SUV in America). Based on the numbers, the Blazer could sell as well if not better (All 3 SUV's above sell way better) if it were a true off-roader. The Bronco won't compete with Ford Crossovers for sales, the Blazer does.
The giant enemy Spider
Any one have airpodst
Viktor Rezov76
Viktor Rezov76 Il y a jour
easy cause the broncos actually a bronco while the new blazer is an equinox with a camaro front end
tire spinner
tire spinner Il y a jour
What about the ramcharger
BadReligion417 Il y a jour
I saw a new Blazer yesterday. Looks like every other SUV on the road. I actually thought it was a Highlander at first.
Jesse Flannery
Jesse Flannery Il y a jour
God damn FRvid ads are out of control these days.
sputnik Il y a jour
GM needs a man up front
Melissa Il y a jour
Why does this guy make me think of digital nex
Bob Cook
Bob Cook Il y a jour
jeep bronco blazer. the scout was first . give it up for IH.
A Van Called Rupert
Mate you get convertible range rovers and they are everywhere. The freelander had a removable roof. Vitara etc etc
Sean Sapp
Sean Sapp Il y a jour
The 90s Blazers already made the transition into the family SUV segment of the market. The 2018 rendition is a continuation of that. The overall growth of compact/mid-sized SUV sales is proof Chevy wants a larger piece of that cake. Two separately geared products sold to two separate market segments.
samuel lopes
samuel lopes Il y a jour
The new Blazer is pretty much a renamed Traverse.
GearHz Il y a jour
blazer SIKE its an equinox.
D. L. GENTSCH Il y a jour
What about the GMC Jimmy?
Dan Ramatan
Dan Ramatan Il y a jour
Now we have to wait for tayota to bring back the fj cruiser
MegaMma4life Il y a jour
The blazer wasn't brought back to.compet3 with bronco the new hummer is so dont do.dumb comparisons
Gopherchucks Games
Gopherchucks Games Il y a jour
Well, I live in the Tampa area and I have never seen a convertible Morono.
Patrick Lawrence
Patrick Lawrence Il y a jour
I guess he is only talking about USA suvs...Toyota and Land Rover we’re making suvs that we’re crossing the globe during the 50s-90s that were far better than what ford or Chevy could make
Patrick Lawrence
Patrick Lawrence Il y a jour
It’s tha Blazer commercials that make me mad. Wow, your car is so capable it can drive on perfectly flat dirt can a 1988 ford escort. CONGRADULATIONS I saw a blazer in person yesterday. It’s shameful to use that nameplate for an econobox crossover
SSJ Hank
SSJ Hank Il y a jour
Jeep Cherokee XJ was also part of the dope SUV movement. Now its trash.
Martin Wrene
Martin Wrene Il y a jour
The Mazda.... oh sorry i mean the citroen... no the mitzu.. trailblazer looks like every other car does today
Adam C
Adam C Il y a jour
Imma be honest. Raycon ear buds are trash and you all need to stop claiming they are sick. They are absolute garbage hands down
Anthony De Carlo
Anthony De Carlo Il y a jour
The Bronco is a real off roader, the Blazer is a lifted minivan with 4WD, minus the sliding doors. My wife's Lexus RX350 is more capable.
LuiBC Il y a 2 jours
Im still gonna watch the video but I can boil it down very simply. The Bronco looks like a Bronco while the Blazer looks like a Camaro fucked a Traverse/Equinox.
Rich V
Rich V Il y a 2 jours
2019 Blazer AWD owner... It had everything that I wanted and met all my needs for comfort, accessibility and usability. I have no off road needs, but it'll be great in the snow when the NY winter hits. It's definitely not the vehicle that the K5 Blazer was, but it's not supposed to be. The Bronco is a great car and will probably do very well in its segment. If they didn't have competing historical vehicle names they wouldn't even be compared to each other.
skizzik121 Il y a 18 heures
That's the issue, they should have called it anything else. Save the Blazer name for something more inline with the name. Blazer is a great vehicle for its intended use, just should have been called Equinox XL or something
Turboed Dude
Turboed Dude Il y a 2 jours
Can you even compare the two?
mk4vws Il y a 2 jours
New blazer needs a v8 option.
Lokeni Siuta
Lokeni Siuta Il y a 2 jours
The new blazer is a joke
Jason Stuck
Jason Stuck Il y a 2 jours
Awesome video, only thing that was wrong was that Ford did not design or build the Bronco that raced Baja last year. That was designed and built by the Geiser brothers out of Phoenix.
Bryan Il y a 2 jours
Dear Chevy, please let me remake the k5 blazer....... I'll do it for free as long as I get the first one, and what I say goes
Mohammad Amin
Mohammad Amin Il y a 2 jours
3:35, that’s a million, not 100,000
Sam Miller
Sam Miller Il y a 2 jours
Blazer ss just putting it out there
Brian Raymer
Brian Raymer Il y a 2 jours
China will soon own Chevrolet... Corporate greed at it's finest!
Isaiah Kathman
Isaiah Kathman Il y a 2 jours
I kinda dislike that everyone forgets that GM is making an electric hummer
Peter Monsen
Peter Monsen Il y a 2 jours
SmileyJJM don’t kick it until you try it! Electric and hybrids are the future, especially with mpg regulations being pushed. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my F250 with the 7.5l v8 that I drove in high school. It was loud and mean and emptied my wallet every time I filled up haha. But new production of v8s are going to be a thing of the past in 10 years.
SmileyJJM Il y a 2 jours
As a Die hard Chevy and Jeep owner, that is a spit to the face. We just want V8’s, the market is there. Aim to please the V8 community. If we are the last generation to own them before electric, go out with a bang. Will never own an electric ever in my life and I will die at 19 years old to say that.
BeGone Thot
BeGone Thot Il y a 2 jours
Chevrolet haven't made a bad looking car with the blazer. It's a nice car, the styling is great, I can appreciate the design that went into it. But they've taken it the same way as the Range Rover, and the people who are hyped about the 2020 Bronco don't want a Range Rover, they want a utilitarian offroader. Chevy built the Blazer for a different market, whereas Ford already has the other nameplates to take up space in that market, like the Ford Kuga.
bill williams
bill williams Il y a 2 jours
i LOVE my 1969 international scout
r1dge5000 Il y a 2 jours
Does the Bronco have factory center and rear diff locks? At least as options? If it doesn't it's just another overhyped soft-roader... Can't pretend to be an off-roader/ 4WD without a locking center diff
Vinny Fiorella
Vinny Fiorella Il y a 2 jours
What about the RamCharger
DovahBudgie100 Il y a 2 jours
Yet again no mention of the Dodge Ramcharger. I’m still waiting
skizzik121 Il y a 18 heures
I love my 3 Ramchargers.
Doc8Ball's GearHead Gaming
lol the front of the blazer looks more like a camaro then a blazer. That was mistake 1. At least the Bronco still resembles a Bronco.
Tbytc Il y a 2 jours
@3:35 when they wrote 1000,000
buckaroobonsi555 Il y a 2 jours
You left the Toyota 4Runner out of this. I owned a 1986 Toyota 4Runner and it crushed the competition!
RevivalMusic Il y a 2 jours
Screw all this, International Scout is the true way to go!
ElderlyRabbit61 Il y a 2 jours
Anyone else see that Nolan said they built over a 100k but it shows a mill at 3:34
Classified! Il y a 2 jours
kraig hancock
kraig hancock Il y a 2 jours
but the GMC Jimmy.... I guess I'm the only one who loves them.
Randall Lawkin
Randall Lawkin Il y a 2 jours
Built over 1000,000?😂🤔
PainAndMurphy Il y a 2 jours
*CHEESES CRUST* WHAT the FRUNK is that *generic looking* SUV over there??!!? Thx the Lord for the new Bronco 🛐
80s gamr
80s gamr Il y a 2 jours
My wife has been chomping at the bit for years for this new Bronco. She basically said the only way she would NOT be getting one is if it looked like an OJ Bronco, lol. This does not disappoint.. and it's been pre-ordered.
Hasan Foyejul
Hasan Foyejul Il y a 2 jours
ধন্যবাদ... thanks
The Busterdog
The Busterdog Il y a 2 jours
Easy, the Bronco looks like a retro SUV and it appears to be something you could conceivably take out and use. ( But of course that's crap). The Blazer looks like a soccer-mom crossover vehicle that would get stuck in 1 inch of snow.
Tyler Del Rio
Tyler Del Rio Il y a 2 jours
I would argue that the Tahoe is still the Chevy off-road vehicle. It originally would have “competed” with the past truck platform Explorer. Since Explorer was moved to a crossover platform, it makes sense that Ford would need to bring back the Bronco. Chevy has a foothold in the SUV market, so introducing new Crossovers to a segment they are doing well in makes sense. Ford was missing a “smaller” 4x4, so they are using the bronco and the multiple bodies to fill that gap. The expedition is still on a truck platform, and that is on par with the Suburban as far as size.
Winking Walrus
Winking Walrus Il y a 2 jours
99% of the new SUVs have been invaded by the karens and turned into minivans I've been pointing this out for years but nobody listened to me. It's called a Sport Utility vehicle, the new Sport Utility vehicles are no longer Sport Utility Vehicles. The other day my dad pulled his GMC Acadia off the road for a second and he bottomed out in a shallow ditch. It's why I'm gonna stick to Old K5 blazers and pickup trucks. Also "comero"
Kay Oz
Kay Oz Il y a 3 jours
Unsub, Blazer rox!
MrBlondeHeart Il y a 3 jours
Chevy needs to take a ZR2 Colorado, hack the frame and roof. Bam! you got a trail blazer
Reality Check
Reality Check Il y a 3 jours
Now if theyd just stop giving money to dems and blm....
Kari Smith
Kari Smith Il y a 3 jours
I have a cj5 and i hunt deer at my ranch and deer leese
Shyguy_tyler Il y a 3 jours
Way to kill the fun of the car industry soccer moms
adeeb's playing and gaming channel
Bronco vs land Rover defender
Nick Fernandez
Nick Fernandez Il y a 3 jours
Wow you butchered Waluigi's name 😞 play Mario much?
Thomas Dorsett
Thomas Dorsett Il y a 3 jours
3:34 1000,000?
LouieMaker Il y a 3 jours
Jonathan Soto
Jonathan Soto Il y a 3 jours
Looks like a COMERO🤣😂
Twowheeledaviation Il y a 3 jours
What the discontinued the TBSS I was sick. Im keeping mines forever
Stormy Draws
Stormy Draws Il y a 3 jours
I hate working on the new Blazer. It’s like they just rebranded an Equinox in my opinion
Il y a 3 jours
The Bronco was killed by two things: 1. They started making 2WD versions!! 2. OJ
Dentside_Joe Il y a 3 jours
Is it just me, or has Chevy styling gotten totally anonymous?
Omar Khamis
Omar Khamis Il y a 3 jours
Brian Il y a 3 jours
The Blazer and Trailblazer are now cars. Sad 😢
BlackEquinox Il y a 3 jours
The new "Bronco" is a Jeep. End of Story. No V8 and half the size of an actual full size Bronco. It's a Jeep people.
GbbJunkie Il y a jour
Annnnnd its better looking by about 100,000,000,000% 🤷🏻‍♂️
RD Il y a 2 jours
The 80-90's Bronco became too big now it's just right. Ford made the First jeep in the 40's now they just make the better Jeep.
titochuz Il y a 3 jours
The TrailBlazer is produced for other markets using the Isuzu MU-X as platform, as the Colorado sold outside of the US is based on the Isuzu D-Max.
Kyakukid The Villain
Kyakukid The Villain Il y a 3 jours
Chevy took the Honda route when it comes to the Blazer. The Blazer is more of a fuel efficient crossover route made for family travel and comfort like the Honda Pilot. Unfortunately, this is not what Chevy SUV enthusiasts wanted for the Blazer. Ford will capitalize on this to make a fun throwback SUV.
Terry Hollis
Terry Hollis Il y a 3 jours
Saw the blazer, laughed, then got sad, Then got mad. How dare Chevy put a blazer badge on a soccer mom suv! Just sad. 👎🏽
Antonio Lopez
Antonio Lopez Il y a 3 jours
3:17 my dad said he had one and loved it he when to the Army and came back my gradpa sold it.
Vince Bermudez
Vince Bermudez Il y a 3 jours
To each his own, that bronco just doesn't do it for me.
James Ward
James Ward Il y a 3 jours
What about the land rover series?
eysu Il y a 3 jours
The Chevy Trailblazer is still alive and selling here in Asia. or at least the nameplate is...
Javier Marin
Javier Marin Il y a 3 jours
😂🤣👍👍👍 I love this show . Keep going guys.
Solomon Black
Solomon Black Il y a 4 jours
O.G , O.J, i see where you were going with that
Frank Van Den Dool
Frank Van Den Dool Il y a 4 jours
You should rename this vid to: The history of Blazers and Bronco's. Btw, the blazer works for what it was intended to do. It's NOT an offroader (like most modern suv's for some reason).
galihxtreme Il y a 4 jours
I think Ford revealed Bronco like now or never after seeing your video regarding Suzuki Jimny, and realize North American has a hunger of classic rebooted SUVs they couldn't get
Dark Boi
Dark Boi Il y a 4 jours
My neighbor owns a yellow new bronco sport
funkyzero Il y a 4 jours
so I can go out and buy a mint, OG Bronco, showroom condition, for 1/4 the price. Hmmm.... decisions...
The MenDoeZas
The MenDoeZas Il y a 4 jours
And then Toyota comes out with a new fj XD
Tanks ChopShop
Tanks ChopShop Il y a 4 jours
we didint need a video on this. we know the new blazer sucks