Why Shaun of the Dead is a Perfect Zombie Movie

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We look into the psyche of Shaun and how him, and basically all of us, are the real zombies, fighting against the zombie world, as we analyze and cherish the 2004 film, Shaun of the Dead.
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13 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 80
Wow Such Gaming
Wow Such Gaming Il y a 8 mois
HAPPY 15TH ANNIVERSARY SHAUN! Just a forewarning I dealt with some copyright stuff leading up to uploading this video, so you may or may not see it reuploaded if it happens again! Keep that in mind and enjoy this video! It is probably the most fun I've ever had making a video in a long time. So have fun with a nice cold pint and wait for all this to blow over!
Slave2PaperWithInkOn Il y a 21 jour
A word game to pass the monotony ? Agree among your friends/family that you all are gonna try [just for that day] to slip in a reference/word or line of dialogue from 'Shaun' into your conversation/situations. Eg. If someone hands you something, your reply would be..? 1 point if you spot it. [also, a red marker pen might come in handy] Yes, I know I sound a 'bit' sad, but - I don't get out much !!
Solid Fisher
Solid Fisher Il y a mois
She didn't dies actually. She survived by munching on the severed limb and hid in a tree for a day
Sweet Science!
Sweet Science! Il y a mois
Have to say the ‘borderline homosexuality’ interaction between Shawn and Ed is everyday humour in the UK. Just so you know.
Link Il y a 2 mois
I know I'm late but Diane did survive going out into the hoard if you have the DVD then go into the special features there's an option called missing bites I believe where it shows how Shaun escaped from the hoard, Ed didn't didn't get found by the military, and how Diane survived
Just a Moose
Just a Moose Il y a 2 mois
Me in 2020: 16th anniversary here we come
abe55 norway
abe55 norway Il y a 2 jours
28 days later is better
Isaac Reser
Isaac Reser Il y a 3 jours
even though it was censored it still got restricted.
Chipper Leon and the Prince of Sciatica
Diane does NOT die she hides in a tree FACT FACT FACT
Deathpony9000 Il y a 6 jours
I'm a massive zombie fan and subber and liked the vid, but didn't like the movie - well to clarify, I only liked half of the movie. The first half where it was an actual comedy and social commentary. I thought that part was fantastic and very funny and wished it had continued along this vibe for the whole film. Getting the 'living zombie' references was impossible to miss, seriously, and it was on point. Then halfway thru it just does a 180 and turns into the typical B movie zombie apocalypse let's have gore everywhere shtick oh and how do we end this oh i know deus ex machina. At that point, it just went into the toilet. Sorry.
RUSHER NERD Il y a 9 jours
oscar wild said "its the rarest thing for people to live most people just exist"
RUSHER NERD Il y a 9 jours
when i seen this i was like YES I AGREE
bicthboi Il y a 9 jours
phone bad
Tys Il y a 9 jours
shaun of the dead is a perfect example of what would happen during a zombie apocalypse
Andrew Mauk
Andrew Mauk Il y a 11 jours
I love your voice
gbird Il y a 11 jours
Well the message makes me depressed so thats fun
Tim Priceless
Tim Priceless Il y a 14 jours
youve got red on you
MASLIN BRUNER Il y a 14 jours
I think we can all agree that Louis' clothing from L4D was heavily inspired by Shaun's clothing. I mean, both are Zombie genres, after all..
Donuts Il y a 14 jours
A great film
Rohan Kishibe and 『Heaven's Door』
Shaun of the Dead is like my favorite zombie movie ever so I'm probably biased, but I also agree wholeheartedly.
jaguar warrior
jaguar warrior Il y a 18 jours
This is definitely more true for some countries than others. But pretty good
Johnny Byrd II
Johnny Byrd II Il y a 20 jours
Are we not gonna even talk about the meta friendship of Shaun and his ex and how in the show Spaced they were flatmates and Nick Frost/Simon Pegg were friends in that show too?
Yuba Sheehan
Yuba Sheehan Il y a 20 jours
Hate zombies movies love this movies but I'm the guy who will only Reed wd comics and not wach the show
Dian didn’t die, watch the special features
Bethany Rose
Bethany Rose Il y a 23 jours
I still can't believe it's 15! No matter how many times I watch it, I still find things I've missed.
Toby the killer
Toby the killer Il y a 23 jours
Well Fuck a doodledoo
Verethill18 Il y a 23 jours
Easy. It's not
dawbInc Il y a 26 jours
I don't even know how many times I've watched this movie... love it!
Frina Sinn
Frina Sinn Il y a 27 jours
Did anyone else read it in his voice as well?
Nicholas Montgomery
Nicholas Montgomery Il y a 27 jours
Jeremy Ceballos
Jeremy Ceballos Il y a 29 jours
lowkey just thought it was just a normal day in the uk
J. Ortiz
J. Ortiz Il y a 29 jours
WOW, this is impressive. Quite an in depth analysis of this movie, which basically holds a mirror up to society's face. BEAUTIFUL!
David Anderson
David Anderson Il y a 29 jours
I love this movie.. Edgar Wright is a great director, whose movies don’t make money but then you watch them and you are excited
Louis B.
Louis B. Il y a mois
I seriously love and miss Simon Pegg. I wish he were in more movies delivering comedy to the masses.
Louis B.
Louis B. Il y a mois
I got to see Shauns iconic red shirt and tie in the Seattle EMP museum. That place is unbelievably cool actually.
AveTarnkappe Il y a mois
That's not a pinball machine... It's a fruit machine (gambling machine)
Bush Beatin Beaver
Bush Beatin Beaver Il y a mois
19:50 It's not pinball, Its a "bandit" or "fruit machine".
Chloe Diewold-Brenner
Quick add: Diane actually didnt die when she ran into the board after David's death. On the DVDs special features you see a little narrative where they explain how she fought through the heard and hid in a tree for like 2 days eating his severed leg before it was safe, and she still visits Shaun n Liz after the outbreak 😂
altohippiegabber Il y a mois
One Cut Of The Dead is an even more perfect zombie comedy movie
TwistyMcFisty Il y a mois
As a FRvidr and not a celebrity, your opinions are just as valid as ours. So than they are more valid than a celebrities.
Coastal Animist
Coastal Animist Il y a mois
I've never paid this much attention to the details of the film, but your look at it has added a new dimension to my next viewing of it. Thanks.
Ksay1122 Il y a mois
It’s called a bromance dumbass
dynomar Il y a mois
There's a significant whine in the audio if you listen closely. It's only when you're talking. Otherwise I love the video. More people need to talk about this movie.
Paul Phoenix
Paul Phoenix Il y a mois
ROTLD is king.
Marek'L Whip
Marek'L Whip Il y a mois
i fucking loved this movie. so glad so many others enjoyed this.
Majima Goro
Majima Goro Il y a mois
Zombieland is so lame
Fonny Bass
Fonny Bass Il y a mois
nice vid bud
Nick Holcomb
Nick Holcomb Il y a mois
one of my favorites
Graham Mitchell
Graham Mitchell Il y a mois
Minor correction - cultural info. Fruit Machine (or Fruity or maybe even 'One Armed Bandit' - from when they used to have a lever to spin the wheels) not Pinball machine, very unusual to find pinball in UK pubs. Gread Video!
Francis Balfour
Francis Balfour Il y a mois
One of my favs too, and is definatly king of horror comedy
Antonio Aguera
Antonio Aguera Il y a mois
very subtle how you blended that shot of the zombie horde with the comments section, lol.
Hanson Irving
Hanson Irving Il y a mois
Dood do dido do *maon*
Tomas Esparza
Tomas Esparza Il y a mois
@ 17:50 tripped me out! Happy 420
Project Burn
Project Burn Il y a mois
What's up w the skip at 9:20 ? Great bloody video essay otherwise about one of the greatest bloody movies ever. Ty
Tony Barker
Tony Barker Il y a mois
you put this heap of crap over 27 days as a perfect zombie movie...... i cant fucking stand simon pegg and his destruction of the star trek franchise should be his legacy
frank gunner
frank gunner Il y a mois
British humour 👍
Frazix Il y a mois
Im watching Shaun of the dead AGAIN is literally My favorite film. WAtched it like a mil times haha
Tamothra Il y a mois
Just wanna say, that isn't pinball, it's a gambling machine. Sorry I was the one to correct your "Cambridge" pronunciation too.
Ryan Vang
Ryan Vang Il y a mois
Ed's plan Bloody Mary, bite at Kings head, couple at princess, Winchester, bang. That was something I never caught, despite how much I watched the movie many times. Lol.
papa trenten
papa trenten Il y a mois
does no one else remember when ed said the n word when they rescue liz 😂😂
Daniel Elekes
Daniel Elekes Il y a mois
Yeah the part after Barbara's death is definetely stressful. To put it lightly, I'm not very keen on the whole gore thing, so even though I could handle most other scenes due to the film's tone and lot of it being done for comedy, but seeing a guy getting ripped apart wasn't a very great experience, and just thinking about it makes ME feel like I'm about to vomit.
Ryan Duggins
Ryan Duggins Il y a mois
My dad showed me this as kid and I’m gonna show it to my kids
Bilbo Il y a mois
so celebrities opinions are more valid than normal peoples.. ok
egg man
egg man Il y a mois
The smiths just flip on for a sec and I recognize
Buddy Il y a mois
Are you an English teacher?
Jamedawg00 Il y a mois
Awesome video man! i love this movie and the fun facts you tossed in here that i just found out made me love it more than i thought possible! great content man!!
stephen hall
stephen hall Il y a mois
It's not hip hop it's electro... Prick!
amy walsh
amy walsh Il y a mois
This is frankly the best resource for a level film students who have to study shaun of the dead with ties to capitalism and alienation
Specialist Lee
Specialist Lee Il y a mois
It was alright
ScotInTheDot Il y a mois
Indeed, I agree... Shawn Of The Dead is THE best comedy about zombies there is. But the best zombie horror movie that's funny has to be Dead Snow.
EllDudeRocks Il y a mois
19:53 . We don’t play pinball at pubs in England, he’s having a go on the fruity 😂
This reminds me of a Japanese zombie movie called I Am A Hero. The protagonist is a manga artist and he gets reprimanded a lot by editors and his girlfriend for being too “normal.” During the rest of the movie and the outbreak, he slowly realizes what it truly means to be a “hero.”
Yuck Fu
Yuck Fu Il y a mois
It's a good zombie comedy., but by no means perfect. ROTLD was better.
Eidolus Gad
Eidolus Gad Il y a mois
My Bluray collection only has my absolute favourite movies. Shaun of the Dead has a place in my collection.
Kieran Nicholls
Kieran Nicholls Il y a mois
For me one of the best things about this film will always be that the news anchor who said "they can only be killed by removing head or destroying the Brain" was an actual news anchor at the time! Getting Jeremy Thomson from Sky News to do this was genius! He's been in a few films and he even says: "For my grandkids, actually, it’s much cooler to be in Shaun Of The Dead or a Bourne movie than it is to read the news."
Battle Expert
Battle Expert Il y a mois
This movie is so well done because there just normal people at the end of the day
hakeem pickering
hakeem pickering Il y a mois
Brave Abandon
Brave Abandon Il y a mois
It's really great but it's not perfect. The movie lost its focus as a comedy it built itself as when shaun was forced to shoot his own mum as she was turning. That was the biggest genre slip ive ever seen. It completely killed the fun with that tragedy.
Lido Beach Towers Management
i wish they would make a sequel
Ronnie McColl
Ronnie McColl Il y a mois
Most overrated piece of shit of all time.
silverspike1 Il y a mois
Aww bless. Like we
Steeellleeeyyy Il y a mois
T. Riz
T. Riz Il y a mois
British people will see a man being eaten alive on the streets and be like “Odd bloke, that one.”
Forestxavier20 Il y a 11 jours
gbird Jokes on you, I don’t use guns
gbird Il y a 11 jours
Forestxavier20 zombie bites your arm, making you drop your gun “i have my second amendment”
Forestxavier20 Il y a 20 jours
Us Americans would be yelling about how these zombies are taking away all the jobs, which is the truest form of satire, proving debt is so bad that you can't even escape it in death.
craig hones
craig hones Il y a mois
I love Shaun of the dead I watched it when I was little and also I’m English
Maggot Giver
Maggot Giver Il y a mois
Well done sir, amazing vid
WormholeJim Il y a mois
Never heard: But they are ALL got red on them, Ed!
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