Why Planes Don't Fly Over Antarctica

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Have you ever wondered if there are things an airplane simply can’t or won’t do? It turns out that airplanes have strict rules regarding their pathways in the sky - for safety reasons, and for the sake of staying friendly with continental neighbors. Some of the places they’re not allowed to fly over might surprise you!
For example, planes won’t fly directly over the Earth’s poles and over the Pacific Ocean. You can't see planes over Tibet and over the City of Mecca. The airspace over Walt Disney World and Disneyland is also a no-fly zone. The same applies to Area 51 but we don't know why.
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Antarctica 0:50
The Earth’s Poles 1:20
the Pacific Ocean 2:43
Tibet 3:19
The City of Mecca 4:09
When It’s Too Hot 4:35
George Washington’s House 5:23
Disney World and Disneyland 5:56
Pantex Nuclear Facility 6:43
Camp David 7:08
Kennedy Space Center 7:56
Area 51 8:30
Buckingham Palace 9:11
The Taj Mahal 9:46
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- Due to the windy and snowy conditions of the Antarctic mountains, this area is more prone to white-outs; the pilot wouldn’t be able to see at all!
- The Earth’s north pole has super strong magnetic fields that are constantly changing - their reach and direction can change by miles a year!
- Planes won’t fly over Tibet. This is largely due to the Himalayan Mountains. First of all, if a plane has to land in an emergency situation, mountains aren’t exactly the ideal impromptu runway.
- There’s a strong magnetic field in Makkah. As mentioned earlier, a magnetic field can cause navigational problems for pilots.
- George Washington’s House is considered a National Historic Landmark, so to prevent further damage to the historic home, even from air vibrations in the sky, the airspace above George and Martha’s house was declared a no-fly zone.
- In 2003, the Disney Corporation put “temporary” no-fly zones over both their parks, but somehow, they just stuck.
- Due to the many presidents and world-wide VIPs that visit Camp David, the airspace above the whole compound is a no-fly zone for safety reasons.
- Kennedy Space Center in Florida is a no-fly zone. There’s a lot of NASA and U.S. Airforce activity that goes on here - pretty important work. So safety for all parties is the top priority.
- Buckingham Palace is meant to protect the Queen and the royal family, so of course a no-fly zone was established above it.
- The Indian government place a no-fly zone above the area of the Taj Mahal in 2006 to safeguard this important historical building and the many tourists who come to witness its majesty.
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Commentaires 2 993
BRIGHT SIDE Il y a 7 jours
Hey there, Brightsiders! Which of these places would youlove to visit?
Fatima Sajjad0213
Fatima Sajjad0213 Il y a 14 heures
@JC Humen Thank you so much for telling. Its a great and informative page
JC Humen
JC Humen Il y a 22 heures
@Hiam Koujan Don't thank the channel. They produced a video with misleading facts. In fact, little to none of what you heard in the video is true at all. Sure they put effort into it, but it was effort made to mislead people and get a bunch of shameless clicks.
JC Humen
JC Humen Il y a 22 heures
@MrShakhu1 It's not entirely that he doesn't like the type of content, it's the fact that he was misled. The video title and tone implies that everything you hear is 100% true, but most of the facts in this video are false.
JC Humen
JC Humen Il y a 22 heures
@Fatima Sajjad0213 Lemmino is a youtube channel that has a great video on the Bermuda Triangle I think you'd like.
ronald dump
ronald dump Il y a jour
Hey folks, this is the guy who in one of his vids claims 50% of 1/2 is 1. Beware.
Private X
Private X Il y a 7 heures
Why you always say "land"? Not "crash"?
Sylvia Black
Sylvia Black Il y a 9 heures
It's not BuckingHAM palace. It's a silent H. Also she not just the queen of England She's the Queen of the Commonwealth and United Kingdom Fed up with yanks saying Queen of England. Get your facts right will you.
Mutasim Akther
Mutasim Akther Il y a 9 heures
you should have said about messis house
Alex Tech
Alex Tech Il y a 10 heures
Hollow Earth is the reason
Patric J
Patric J Il y a 10 heures
As a "normal" non-pilot or non-professor-level person I can't comment about the most of these things. But George Washington's house: air vibrations from a plane several kilometers above would be harmful for the house? Just give me a brake... If that is a no fly zone that is simply not the reason!
Steve X
Steve X Il y a 10 heures
Watch video to get answer to title question, cutesy dad humor causes my suicide, die never knowing answer
Ron Valiant
Ron Valiant Il y a 11 heures
This video is totally wrong!
Azra Bahadur
Azra Bahadur Il y a 12 heures
"YOU’RE NOT IN HAWAII!" - Rockhopper Penguin 2019
Hugh Matsubara
Hugh Matsubara Il y a 12 heures
Did he just say where area 51 is isn't known??? Did an alien write this episode? Over half of the facts here are things anyone with common sense should know are incorrect.
T.R. Oller
T.R. Oller Il y a 12 heures
B.s. bought by government? Unsubscribed.
Arpad Vadasz
Arpad Vadasz Il y a 13 heures
John O
John O Il y a 13 heures
Area 51 is on Google maps, I'd say that makes its location well known. How does this channel get so many facts wrong in so many videos!?
John O
John O Il y a 13 heures
QANTAS flys sightseeing flights over Antarctica every summer, as well as the US Airforce does resupply drops all the time. And I've been flying across the Pacific Ocean since the 70's from Sydney to LA often with stops in New Zealand and Hawaii.
Leonard Dar
Leonard Dar Il y a 14 heures
But can you fly near it
Leonard Dar
Leonard Dar Il y a 14 heures
I have so manny coments
Leonard Dar
Leonard Dar Il y a 14 heures
Really i dint notice that you can not go to pacific ocean
Leonard Dar
Leonard Dar Il y a 14 heures
Of course you cant go to antartica a blizzard could be on antartics
Movimiento de F.E.
Movimiento de F.E. Il y a 15 heures
False information. Airplanes can’t fly in Antartida because there is an accord between many nations that control that region. The other reason is that the Earth is not a globe and all governments want to hide that information to keep controlling humanity.
arinjewel Il y a 15 heures
Messi house
Ahmad Salman
Ahmad Salman Il y a 16 heures
4:26 this is because of ALLAH but there is an aiport in Saudi Arabia
Top Laner
Top Laner Il y a 16 heures
so planes dont fly over north america?
Preciosa Valencia
Preciosa Valencia Il y a 16 heures
Most of the items in this list are in America so this should be named “Why planes don’t fly over America?”
Jacob Moses
Jacob Moses Il y a 17 heures
Try flying to Australia or New Zealand without going over the Pacific Ocean? Good luck with that. What about LA to Singapore? The same
Mohd Fadhli Mohd Yusof
Mohd Fadhli Mohd Yusof Il y a 17 heures
Plane cant fly over messi house
Neha Singh
Neha Singh Il y a 17 heures
10:13 it was Red Fort in New Delhi not Taj Mahal of Agra
Veeskits Il y a 18 heures
Vozdovacki Gamer
Vozdovacki Gamer Il y a 18 heures
Vozdovacki Gamer
Vozdovacki Gamer Il y a 18 heures
Well after this video i get that channel is US optimised, not international at all
Brent Boswell
Brent Boswell Il y a 19 heures
Another permanent piece of closed airspace in the US: White Sands Missile Range (restricted airspace zone R-5107)
Brent Boswell
Brent Boswell Il y a 19 heures
The main reason planes get grounded in hot weather in Phoenix: US airlines don't pay aircraft manufacturers for the performance data in hot weather. Ask Emirates how many times hot weather shuts down their operations in Dubai!
Thomas Soya Hui
Thomas Soya Hui Il y a 20 heures
Runways are named according to their true north heading in steed of "how far off true" (variation) they are
Ajaya Sahoo
Ajaya Sahoo Il y a 21 heure
Airplane can't fly over puri Jagannath temple can you give some time and research it
many places in North America was consider as non fly zone so how can a plane fly over N America
wake up
wake up Il y a 21 heure
Hello bright side, I think your channel is becoming less bright.. Because a lot of the facts are wrong🤔
WWTormentor Il y a 21 heure
Actually you can’t fly over any building that houses a countries leader. Which brings me my next question. Why was Buckingham palace and camp David included and not the White House? As for Disneyland and dinseyworld, it’s small air planes that can’t fly over it not commercial planes. This is also the case with most large amusement parks. And finally, this video was incorrectly named and only pointed a handful of places you can’t fly over. Poorly done
DragonOfTheSkies Il y a 23 heures
Airplanes can’t withstand the impact of a skyscraper. ...too soon?
E3ECO Il y a jour
It's a bit scary that 16k people upvoted this when it's so inaccurate. I hope they do a little research on their own.
Fortboys Il y a jour
# 3. Is a lie
JOEY BENRA Il y a jour
Nathan Pinno
Nathan Pinno Il y a jour
Of course, planes fly over Antartica! The South Pole base is supplied via airplanes that fly in! Talk about being wrong!!
What is the temperature in Antarctica?
The question is why airplanes can’t fly over the Bermuda Triangle?
Kathy volpe-schaffer
Very interesting! Thanks
mjgarrett9885ify Il y a jour
The real reason is the earth isn't a globe .
Dale Martin
Dale Martin Il y a jour
Groom Lake Interstellar Astroport.
David Morgan
David Morgan Il y a jour
Wrong! Runways are named according to how close they are aligned to magnetic North, not true North. Also, magnetic North is not located at the North pole, which invalidates the answer why they won't fly over the North pole. Commercial airliners are not 100% dependent on an accurate magnetic compass. Their primary compass is gyroscopic. The magnetic compass only serves as a backup. They use chart software to determine what their course over ground needs to be. Whoever provided this information is very wrong.
E3ECO Il y a jour
I thought they primarily used GPS these days.
Robbie mp
Robbie mp Il y a jour
The earth is flat, and it would ruin the lie.
MrAflac9916 Il y a jour
This is so awfully inaccurate and terrible. Geez, bright side.
nitin jha
nitin jha Il y a jour
The Bermuda Triangle
queen of hygiene
queen of hygiene Il y a jour
Where is your home town, when did you make your first video and how many videos do you make a week I?
lucky saikumar
lucky saikumar Il y a jour
My home is a no fly zone. bcos simply, Its MY HOME!
el gar
el gar Il y a jour
Worst info ever...the narrative pushing continues ad nauseum: heliocentricity, spherical earth, etc. etc.
Flantony Raze
Flantony Raze Il y a jour
Need more about planes ✈️
Dan Middleton
Dan Middleton Il y a jour
This is laden with inaccurate information! I flew over the north pole last week.. this must have been an expensive mistake!
Afx kk
Afx kk Il y a jour
Why would they
Kevin besa
Kevin besa Il y a jour
Planes do go over the pacific ocean. I've ridden in planes going to the Philippines a lot. I've never gone east first.
neongt gt
neongt gt Il y a jour
In Russia Antarctica flies on you
Concept IOS
Concept IOS Il y a jour
Taj Mahal? I’m a Muslim
LE Official
LE Official Il y a jour
There is a route from New York ( John F. Kenedy ) to Singapore ( Changi ), fly through north Pole.
Hello :)
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