Why Lonzo Ball's NEW Shot CHANGES The Pelicans In The NBA (Ft. Zion, Old Lakers, & Ugly Shots)

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Lonzo Ball has changed his shot and now Lonzo’s new shot changes how Zion Williamson and the Pelicans can play in the NBA. #NBA #Lonzo
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Here we are again, another year, another tweaked shot for Lonzo. Last year, there was a slight change except this year, Lonzo’s shot look more normal. It’s definitely better than this. So I wanted to breakdown what this new shot adds to his game and how it helps the Pelicans.
Lonzo Ball has been...bad to say the least. He’s shot 31.5% from 3. There are stretches where Lonzo has actually been a good shooter. Without LeBron, Lonzo shot 37% from 3. When Lonzo plays 30-39 minutes in a game which has been over 20 games, he’s shot 42.9% from 3. All this is great, but the overall story of Lonzo is that he’s a bad shooter. Lonzo is more than just a bad shooter, he’s one of the best defenders in the league, he has extraordinary passing vision, but there has always been a focus on his weird shooting. Lonzo’s shot is one of the most recognizable parts of him and for good reason. Lonzo is left eye dominant which means he likes to aim with his left eye and so he lines up the ball on the left side of his head with his left eye. Most times, right handed shooters are right eye dominant and left handed shooters are left eye dominant. Now the best example of cross dominance like Lonzo is Kevin Durant. He brings the ball slightly to the left of his body to align with his left. Lonzo’s extreme case brought a lot of concerns on whether he could shoot over NBA defenses and he could. But there were obvious limitations. Lonzo almost never shot while going to his right, especially because hiss upper body movement to the left countered his lower body movement to the right. Lonzo also is terrible from the corners, he shot 19% from the left corner. That can also be explained by trying to line up his shot, but not getting enough sideways motion with him arm to keep it from going left. Lonzo’s shot was just inconsistent.
So now that we understand Lonzo’s old shot, let’s look at Lonzo’s quote unquote new shot. And without even slowing down his shot, it’s clear that there visible change. The main difference is that Lonzo’s shot is to the right of his head, sort of. Well, for the first time, Lonzo is bringing the ball on the right side of his body while going up and not his left. This fundamentally changes what Lonzo can do on the court offensively. I’m sure that Lonzo is still left eye dominant, but shooting from his right side means that he can get his shot off quicker. There’s less overall motion in the jumpshot which means less complications. This also means that Lonzo can actually shoot while going to his right. This means it doesn’t limit Lonzo’s off dribble capabilities. He doesn’t have to just go left to shoot anymore. This should also help him from those corner spots that he has trouble with. LaVar said Lonzo didn’t need to change his shot, but (Lavar is Crazy clip)
With Zion Williamson on the court with Lonzo, there will be plenty of opportunities for Lonzo to be a floor spacer, but more importantly, as a ball handler in the pick and roll. Zion will draw attention to himself as the roller meaning Lonzo should get comfortable in shooting off the dribble going both directions. Zion likes to roll and go left so he can finish with his left which means Lonzo would need to be able to shoot going right or at least threaten that. Lonzo’s passing can take over if any of the defenses step up on him. Lonzo also will be playing a bit of off-ball with Jrue Holiday also sharing the ball handling responsibilities. With players like Zion and Derrick Favors, there are already players that can’t shoot from the perimeter so it’s even more important for the Pelicans to have more players that can shoot.
Zion is also a pretty good ball handler for the pick and roll. I’ve also mentioned this in my Lonzo Zion pairing video. Lonzo could be a good screen setter at his size and fade to the 3 point line. If the defense collapses in Zion who attacks the basket, he has an easy kick out to Lonzo. With better catch and shoot mechanics and a faster release, he’ll become more effective making this a different look for the defense to handle.
But what do you think? Will Lonzo take the next step? Will he shoot better next season?




2 oct. 2019




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MJ2KALLDAY Il y a 9 mois
So how will Lonzo do next season with a new shot? The OUTRO song is OUT!: The Second Channel:
The gamer mj Hernandez
ItZmEJOEyyy ReptoStarBomb
One Sentence: He tried to be Stephen Curry and MADE every shot.
OTFXDEVIN goes crazy
OTFXDEVIN goes crazy Il y a 9 mois
New ball
Croke835 Il y a 9 mois
Jordan Previlon
Jordan Previlon Il y a 9 mois
New ball
Toxic Gamer
Toxic Gamer Il y a mois
You guys think if the trade didnt happen his jumpshot still bad?
Christopher.W Il y a mois
kd is also left eye dominant right hand dominant and right foot dominant i am that cobination aswell its the rarest among the 8 possible domination paterns between eye hand and foot.the shot looked funny but that is how i shoot aswell confuses everybody as a havent met many people with that combination but bringing the ball down the middle is the best option as the sharp focus of the ball does give better aim but fucks up the wrist if done badly when i just didnt want to close my left eye all the time when shooting cuz the opposition could read me easy MJ was also left eye dominant so was shaq
Benjamin Medina
Benjamin Medina Il y a 2 mois
new ball
Nsi Mba
Nsi Mba Il y a 3 mois
The porcentige of lonzo ball from the corner was terrible
Chris Vertical
Chris Vertical Il y a 3 mois
New ball
XxProEditingMagexX Il y a 3 mois
Lonzo has missed 12k shots.. But he’s redeemed himself
GG Phanthom
GG Phanthom Il y a 3 mois
Im left eye dominant
angelo carandang
angelo carandang Il y a 3 mois
SUPA_ERICK10hj _ YT Il y a 4 mois
New ball
Ryder Cooper
Ryder Cooper Il y a 4 mois
To many you can’t count that much
GoatDog Il y a 4 mois
New Ball
Kozy Il y a 4 mois
New Ball
Maddix99 Il y a 4 mois
Old ball
Nathan Hoy
Nathan Hoy Il y a 4 mois
New ball
fluffy NTC
fluffy NTC Il y a 4 mois
Is it just me lonzo looks like a caveman in the thumbnail
Donte Vlogs
Donte Vlogs Il y a 4 mois
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Roee Melul
Roee Melul Il y a 4 mois
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Pendantmink 4715
Pendantmink 4715 Il y a 4 mois
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Gabriel Claassen
Gabriel Claassen Il y a 4 mois
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3limz Il y a 5 mois
All my - ballen like curry your dance needs a mc flury
Outdoors Guy
Outdoors Guy Il y a 5 mois
Every one calls me Offbrand Lonzo b/c my form is like his but at least I can make more
trey Il y a 5 mois
New ball
Ada Alaybeyoglu
Ada Alaybeyoglu Il y a 5 mois
Still trash
King FordFilms
King FordFilms Il y a 5 mois
itsChipzz Il y a 5 mois
The destroyer
The destroyer Il y a 6 mois
New ball
Cheater Tsar
Cheater Tsar Il y a 6 mois
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Big Daddy
Big Daddy Il y a 6 mois
Frad Kinf
Frad Kinf Il y a 6 mois
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Alan Hammon
Alan Hammon Il y a 6 mois
if he could turn into someone like kd id be surprised is this why he went off one game this season
RoyalDefault YT
RoyalDefault YT Il y a 6 mois
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elle6861 elle6861
elle6861 elle6861 Il y a 6 mois
1 like = 1 made shot for lonzo
Hasib YouTube
Hasib YouTube Il y a 6 mois
I wanna see how u shoot the ball U sound like a coach that never messes
Crypticc Survv
Crypticc Survv Il y a 6 mois
Fresh Playlists 911
Fresh Playlists 911 Il y a 6 mois
I honestly couldnt tell if the clips were 2k or real
HeyStopIt Ethan
HeyStopIt Ethan Il y a 6 mois
This commentary is killing me
Su Tart Official
Su Tart Official Il y a 6 mois
New ball
Oki Mitchell
Oki Mitchell Il y a 6 mois
Who's watching this after lonzo just hit 27.
Crazy Lu Lu bear
Crazy Lu Lu bear Il y a 6 mois
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Nathan Madden
Nathan Madden Il y a 6 mois
new ball
Vozart Il y a 6 mois
It's not that his shot is bad, he is a really good shooter! It's just that your accuracy and chance of making a shot drops especially when a 6+ foot player is throwing his hands in your face which makes it harder to see the hoop. I am not saying I'm right and your wrong but it's just that your shot *will* be affected if someone is guarding you...
yung bratz
yung bratz Il y a 6 mois
but hes a below average shooter even when hes open? (or was in the past seasons) also you're talking about lonzo as if he isn't like 6'7
Sparky Pluggs
Sparky Pluggs Il y a 6 mois
Update... It's not working
Sparky Pluggs
Sparky Pluggs Il y a 6 mois
@Day Ko he found something?
Day Ko
Day Ko Il y a 6 mois
.....I don't know....
Pink Alien
Pink Alien Il y a 6 mois
He's a bust. Always has been, always will be. He came into the league on the back of his dad's hype. Never been able to live up to it.
Paul Le Fevre
Paul Le Fevre Il y a 7 mois
It doesn't change shit unfortunately. He might shoot a slightly better % but he's still just an adequate player at best.
z plays
z plays Il y a 7 mois
New ball
Thomas Underwood
Thomas Underwood Il y a 7 mois
The ugliest jumper I've ever seen it looks smooth now
xd Peej
xd Peej Il y a 8 mois
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Cian_ Carr
Cian_ Carr Il y a 8 mois
New ball
Malcolm Rivera
Malcolm Rivera Il y a 8 mois
I'm A Die Hard Heat Fan And It Would Be Nice If You Do A Video On Tyler Herro
Zeke Bullington
Zeke Bullington Il y a 9 mois
New ball
Norindplays Roblox
Norindplays Roblox Il y a 9 mois
No subscribe no
Andrew Barnes
Andrew Barnes Il y a 9 mois
I’m a Lonzo fan reason I called him a bust was cuz of his shot
Michael Glenn Anthony Torrefranca
Can someone please, tell me. whats the sound in this clip. 2:22
Jp and the games
Jp and the games Il y a 9 mois
new ball
Carter Butsinger
Carter Butsinger Il y a 9 mois
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Jamail Trahan Jr
Jamail Trahan Jr Il y a 9 mois
Tj Meyer
Tj Meyer Il y a 9 mois
New ball ho
Andrej Lorenci
Andrej Lorenci Il y a 9 mois
Too many cooks... he changes his shot each half a year.
camara c
camara c Il y a 9 mois
Nikolai Centeno
Nikolai Centeno Il y a 9 mois
LeBron's shooting form slightly changed over time
ForceZ Il y a 9 mois
New ball
Elisha Manu
Elisha Manu Il y a 9 mois
New ball
Catsu Surname u
Catsu Surname u Il y a 9 mois
It could also be that he has been holding back about his shooting
Temple Marcee
Temple Marcee Il y a 9 mois
New ball
dcopeland 71
dcopeland 71 Il y a 9 mois
New ball
MisterBinx Il y a 9 mois
It finally is better. The reason he'll make more of his shots is shooting straight. He's not doing that weird fling from the left side of his face.
Exotic Waters
Exotic Waters Il y a 9 mois
Your a trash youtuber like fuck me your a wanna be not gonna be anything special
Jerome Requioma
Jerome Requioma Il y a 9 mois
Jr Beina
Jr Beina Il y a 9 mois
Lonzo looked funny as hell in HS
One Deep Savage
One Deep Savage Il y a 9 mois
That shits still looks like he releases it on the way down
Skillzzz Il y a 9 mois
New ball 💫
Yvans Francois
Yvans Francois Il y a 9 mois
new ball
Prophet Il y a 9 mois
I'm new
Prophet Il y a 9 mois
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clxpz Il y a 9 mois
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Gooney Loc
Gooney Loc Il y a 9 mois
Jy Il y a 9 mois
This guy desperate for subscribe and like lol
Blaziken Il y a 9 mois
New Ball
Aden Jones
Aden Jones Il y a 9 mois
Bro troydan will be so happy.