Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?

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AMD is undisputed among budget builders, but what is it that makes them such a great value? Time to find out!
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13 mars 2019




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Commentaires 9 900
Zapablast05 Il y a 2 heures
Lol AMD for poor people? What a blindsided dolt. I'll take AMD and put the money savings towards a more exciting hobby, like track days.
Carys Kelly
Carys Kelly Il y a 2 heures
Can you help me build my own pc, please. I don't think you have ever done one with an older girl gamer. I am 11 almost 12, and I want to get into the world of pc gaming!
Victor Ov
Victor Ov Il y a 3 heures
Would be good to see some productivity and stream benchmarks not just "gaming"/
Victor Ov
Victor Ov Il y a 3 heures
Loool AMD is for poor people.
Alparslan Kopuz
Alparslan Kopuz Il y a 3 heures
İ like the see more of this
plonk420 Il y a 7 heures
one thing as a grown up, i don't skimp on PSU like i did as a "kid," not even for budget builds... at the VERY least a Seasonic Bronze
Hoàng Nam Nguyễn
Hoàng Nam Nguyễn Il y a 12 heures
Question: Why Intel CPU and B360 only support Ram 2666, but you can put 3000???
The Legacy
The Legacy Il y a 12 heures
Could you do an update on this video which includes productivity numbers? Considering amd's proficiency with the number of course, it would be very interesting to see.
Shorne Pubique
Shorne Pubique Il y a 13 heures
they should make Anthony the Oracle. "we need to visit the oracle." then they tap the mirrort and Anthony appears and he says "thisss bettter be goooood" like the wizard of oz. and then they're like blah blah blah can you help us... and then he speaks in riddle and they have to decipher what he's saying and then before he fades away he does the tap head meme and leaves.
Tony Torres
Tony Torres Il y a 13 heures
i dont see the appeal in budget "pc" gaming if you aren't aiming for at least 144fps/144hz just stick to console low budget computer hurt my eyes
Russell Winters
Russell Winters Il y a 14 heures
Remember Athlon XP Barton cores? Pepperidge farm remembers.
1 WithTheDark
1 WithTheDark Il y a 14 heures
What about a mid ranged 1200-1500 dollar pc builds between intel and amd? wonder if it would stay around the same or will one come out on top?
Dirk Snyder
Dirk Snyder Il y a 15 heures
I would have liked to see how those systems differed in productivity workloads. I supect the AMD system would have blown the Intel system away in applications like video editing, simply because of the higher thread count.
SORAW441 Il y a 16 heures
Nah, not really. Using Ryzen 2600X and a 1080Ti Mini no problem with a Gigabyte b450i, SP 512GB SsD, 16gigs of 3200 c14 DDR4 and Windows 10 LTSC 1809. I hate elitists who constantly act like having the absolute best is the only thing or GTFO. It’s not 1999 anymore. I agree AMD GPUs are buggy but I’m not complaining about FPS or latency on my CPU. Mistrust over buggy releases is hard to wipe off but I’m pretty sure AMD rocks now.
David Wesson
David Wesson Il y a 16 heures
I really enjoyed this video! I would love to see another future video with an even lower budget, say $500, that may or may not be overclockable / for premium gaming purposes.
Jokery Il y a 16 heures
only reason intel better performs because focused on single core performance which most games use but when multicore AI in games will be a thing will be mind blowing and intel will die
john paul de paz
john paul de paz Il y a 17 heures
i know linus is a very reliable..
john paul de paz
john paul de paz Il y a 17 heures
what about the power consumption in idle mode or vice on its very peak demand
IQ DESTRUCTOR Il y a 17 heures
IM UPSET - miles teller, probably
EliteMetrics Playz
EliteMetrics Playz Il y a 17 heures
Can you do rtx vs gtx
Israel Lewis
Israel Lewis Il y a 17 heures
Nice to see Linus using an HP Envy ;)
Matt D.
Matt D. Il y a 19 heures
I'm about to build a rig with a $2000 budget, so it would great to see how Linus and Anthony would do it. I'm new to PC building and driving myself crazy trying to figure out value vs performance....
Arkhein Il y a 19 heures
You forgot to mention upgrading. You can keep your b AMD mobo up to 2020 (if I'm not mistaken) and use their entire mainstream CPU lineup. Intel on the other hand makes you switch your mobo for the high end ones to be able to enjoy more performance from an OCed CPU.
Saricon Il y a 20 heures
As cool as the other stuff u uploaded recently is, i am always so interested in these kind of videos, cause they actually help me deciding what to buy and probide information i can really use instead of just entertainment.
mohamed tawfik
mohamed tawfik Il y a 21 heure
here is the better 750$ deal
Spfere Il y a 21 heure
Yes please, more of this, it is actually very useful for more than the rich kids that got daddys wallet to play around with.
Pixel SkuII
Pixel SkuII Il y a 21 heure
Yeah but I have AirPods so
Random PC Test
Random PC Test Il y a 21 heure
i5 7500, 16gb ddr4, 1060 6gb best cheap pc lol i5 and mobo for like 200 usd in a bundle NEW
mike szwagierczak
mike szwagierczak Il y a 22 heures
try and do a budget gaming build for 500$ canadian. looking into doing a budget build myself but dont know what to do
Viktor Kenesei
Viktor Kenesei Il y a 22 heures
And what is the vulnerability of the intel?
marceelino Il y a 23 heures
what was the OC?
John Locke
John Locke Il y a 23 heures
How is that guy so fucking fat AND ugly
Tobias Carlsson
Tobias Carlsson Il y a 23 heures
I'm rich, with AMD I'm even richer.
ReloadFast Il y a 23 heures
oh yes, bring them on!. It would also be interested to see a build guide that´s not from scratch, what parts would you change them. What parts would you carry over and what would you change, even if it's still relevant technology.
Swapnil Sinha
Swapnil Sinha Il y a jour
A 300$ build would be great..
Tim Owen
Tim Owen Il y a jour
"I probably should have gone for dual channel" Oh Linus, Linus, Linus.
Austin Swails
Austin Swails Il y a jour
hello i came here looking for the "Is AMD For Poor People?" video, can't seem to find it.
ImaITman Il y a jour
Please do more of these at different price points. This was a GREAT video
TheWhataman00 Il y a jour
And THIS IS WHY we watch LTT.
mattig89ch Il y a jour
I would be interested in seeing more price point comparisons, or different video card manufacturers.
Xan the Dragon
Xan the Dragon Il y a jour
Man he went with an i3 lol
Aaron Slippery
Aaron Slippery Il y a jour
petition to add Linus to list of approved list of tech youtubers ayy m88 evga intel nvidia m89 lol
ACE Il y a jour
so Intel is to AMD as Walmart is to Target?
Fichte NullDrei
Fichte NullDrei Il y a jour
How did u not tested how much power they used?
The Curious Noob
The Curious Noob Il y a jour
Linus sounds so calm in this video.
Samo Gledam
Samo Gledam Il y a jour
Shawn Martel
Shawn Martel Il y a jour
As much as they both seem to be great options for different reasons. I can't get down with any company making people pay a premium on brand name alone.
vitthal chepte
vitthal chepte Il y a jour
Watch 3$ watch from amazon unboxing
Fred T. McCoy Jr.
Fred T. McCoy Jr. Il y a jour
what if you did a new build versus a top of the line build from last year/generation? like new stuff versus best stuff from 2 years ago?
Tim Ronchi
Tim Ronchi Il y a jour
Do the same thing at $1200
maevian Il y a jour
Intel prices are pretty reasonable in the US, The difference in price between intel and AMD is way bigger in europe
Henrik Il y a 2 heures
Indeed. For 700 usd, the price of the full AMD build, you know what i got here in Norway? Ryzen 2600, Motherboard and RAM.. Which would be fine i guess if i made as much as the average Norwegian
akaGiant Il y a jour
I feel attacked
duddits 5k
duddits 5k Il y a jour
power consumption?!!?
Marc Gaits
Marc Gaits Il y a jour
I have been using Intel for many years, but after numerous reviews and reports. I will never go back to Intel. AMD all the way, thank you Linus.
Daniel Bondas
Daniel Bondas Il y a jour
I was looking a lot for a computer setup for working that it's around $2600 that works well as a Hackintosh but i didn't found a good one, can you guys make one?
NightMare Dark Angel
I see the title was changed 🤔
foreign's gaming tech
Remember when CPUs were as boring as GPUs right now, before Ryzen came out? Yeah, me too. Ryzen is great and I would have done the builds differently, but this video concept is really cool.
EweToobUsername Il y a jour
Moral of the story - if you don't really give a damn about overclocking, get an Intel non-K chip and a B series board.
Rhainne Tizon
Rhainne Tizon Il y a 17 heures
hip uh
Tim Clark
Tim Clark Il y a jour
I'm disabled and bought my i7-3770S for around $80 used for the first PC I ever built and it's still going strong, 1 month away from 3 years later. Of course I upgraded the GPU I started off with from a GTX 760 SC 2 GB VRAM to a GTX SSC(Super Super Clocked?) 970 4 GB VRAM but again, I bought the GPUs used. You can save a pretty penny going used and there is little to no difference
Ford Entertainment Group FEG
Linus...a 8400 is not more powerful than a 8350k in gaming.
Junker Zn
Junker Zn Il y a jour
Me either. Those numbers came out a lot closer to each other than I thought they would at the start. I suspect, though, that Intel really pulls in its margins at the higher-end where they can ignore power consumption and they have an absolute performance advantage by leaning on superior clockability. So we have the 9900K @ $530 against the 2700X @ $290, which is a whopping $240 difference sans cooler. If we just assume that we'll buy an AIO for both, the difference is the same. The Intel chip has a significant performance advantage, but you wind up paying through the nose for the extra cpu cycles. The question is... is that extra performance worth it? I would argue for most people the answer is no. For ultra-high-end gamers, sure. But for the other 99% of computer buyers (even the other 95% of gamers)... no. Not worth it. On the Intel side the costs keep piling up in order to squeeze out the last bit of performance from that CPU, whereas on the AMD side you can just stick with the stock cooler and the somewhat lower performance, but widen the price difference by another $40 (at least, keeping the AIO for the Intel), for a difference of $280 in total. That $280 buys a lot of quality-of-life for someone on a budget. absolute performance isn't everything. I think the fact that ram and SSD prices have fallen is putting a larger bulls-eye on Intel's pricing. It doesn't seem to phase Intel, but I'll bet the Zen 2 stuff coming out later this year will. Particularly now with ram prices having halved vs last year, and SSD prices also having dropped significantly, what can $280 buy? $100 - An extra 16GB of ram (on top of what you already have) $85 - A 2TB Crucial SSD (SATA) (which is $135, but also subtract $50 for the 1TB HDD being removed) $95 - With $95 remaining... that is definitely enough to also upgrade the GPU in the system, or perhaps a better monitor. Same calculation... incremental price difference by buying a better component. Now, the AMD system on air will be, what, around 20% slower than the Intel system on an AIO? Even so, these are still two high-end systems. A 2700X is no slouch, and the QOL improvements buys a lot of smiles. A better GPU will close the gap. More ram... if you have a use for it, will improve quality of life (else spend the money on something else). Having a SSD instead of a HDD will *definitely* improve quality of life. A person on an unlimited budget won't care. Most people don't have infinite amounts of cash to drop on their rigs, though. -Matt
Zachary Schumann
Zachary Schumann Il y a jour
I'm rocking a Ryzen 3 2200g and 1050ti. Totally fine.
Vipor26 Il y a jour
I really really like Anthony. He and Linus have good on screen dynamics.
Ethan Martin
Ethan Martin Il y a jour
Corsair vs. EVGA power supplies next haha.
PjStarTV Il y a jour
If you're going with a non-overclock chip, the i5-9400F is $15 cheaper than the i5-8400. It's only $15 but there's really no reason to NOT go with the 9400F if you're going to use a dedicated GPU.
Anowara Begum
Anowara Begum Il y a jour
What a set!
sergio scanzani
sergio scanzani Il y a jour
i would like AMD PURE vs INTEL PURE... (include GPU AMD )
bubbyj Il y a jour
Real budget build would have been an RX590 and save 150 on the AMD build. Benchmarks are not a great way to measure real world performance. For 1080p gaming, use the 590 and you could have a case and nice mouse or keyboard for the same price you guys worked with.
Zsavage1 Il y a jour
LMAO the RX580 or 590 will kick the shit out of the 1060... hahah and it's CHEAPER!! only around 200.00 for the RX580 and it's 8gb ... both you guys suck and budget built..
Wheel Trouble
Wheel Trouble Il y a jour
Something AMD people have known for years. Gaming benchmarks will always favor intel, as game devs focus on troubleshooting for those systems. AMD is bang for buck.
Happy Potato
Happy Potato Il y a jour
"Who could dislike the video?" 1.6k people... so far....
daniel najera
daniel najera Il y a jour
Could u guys do a 3d rendering test rig
imfastasfrickboi Il y a jour
here before they changed the title to why is amd the budget option and when it was is amd for poor people
Istarion Il y a jour
>Gigabyte b450 >good vrm oh dear...
Honk von Brämstedt
I'd like to see the most affordable non-blocking three screen office computer, ideally fanless 😎
cpear760 Il y a jour
In a video about budget gaming, sitting in office chairs that easily cost over $400.
Taluvian Il y a jour
I feel not using dual channel hurt intel build a bit.
St8kout Il y a jour
Let me say up front this is not about fat-shaming, but seriously, Anthony, buddy, you really need to take action with your weight before it's too late. When you're young you think you're invincible, going to live forever. But the reality is you are heading for some major health issues in the coming years. We really don't want to see a Linus Tech Tip episode where Linus shows how to build an emergency defibrillator from a computer power supply, in memorial to the passing of his friend that he might have saved if he had one.
gary maya
gary maya Il y a jour
so if you spend those $40 bucks on shipping, the intel machine is faster, because it's there the next day???
Ray Majka
Ray Majka Il y a jour
You're right; that's absolutely correct.
Kenneth Hicks
Kenneth Hicks Il y a jour
Good real world stuff. Son;t forget about time...numbers change.
Maddy Carbuncle
Maddy Carbuncle Il y a jour
Content suggestion - performance scaling/throttling of GPUs from low/mid to high-end CPUs. I was shocked by how important this is when researching a low-end build and finding out a GTX 1030 was the most that would be used by my otherwise old machine. (You sort-of covered this in $69 gaming rig, but also expand this to an actual range of CPUs from low-mid to high, versus a small number of GPU targets such as 1050ti, 2060, 2080 - at what CPU level does each card actually show a benefit?)
Maddy Carbuncle
Maddy Carbuncle Il y a jour
I have to say. Your content rocks but I have to agree with others about the graphs not making sense. In the Intel vs AMD graphs e.x. my attention was focused on the blue vs yellow bars, but they were only about the minimum percentile, whereas contrast SHOULD have been used to highlight the difference between AMD and Intel instead. I'm not being sarcastic- serious suggestion- maybe there is a visualisation course on Skillshare or something that can help. The intent is great, the data collection is great, but the visual presentation of graphs is where it falls down. Love your work. Hopefully this is a helpful suggestion.
John McCrery
John McCrery Il y a jour
i understand your what your doing but while you were picking your parts you went with stock air coolers and not liquid cooled so your test might be off
Masta6801 Il y a jour
Wait for Ryzen 3000 Intel we be in a rough spot. If it true 16 core 32 threads for round $550 on 7nm. Intel is struggling with 10nm. If that was an Intel CPU you can bet it would be over 1k.
Stefan50326 Il y a jour
That was fun. Do it again
Mercurio Il y a jour
You Could have Gone with a Vega 56 in the AMD build and just stomped Intel.
Mercurio Il y a jour
big nerd vs skinny nerd.
Akalion Il y a jour
Why would you do a build without taxes? Like everyone's gonna pay the taxes so what's the point.
None of your business
Different tax rates in the states I guess. Dunno how it's in Canada though.
PureNupe1 Il y a jour
I'd much rather see this type of content done for productivity/ creative software such as Adobe photoshop , lightroom, Autodesk, solidworks, or proE...what system build provides fastest rendering and responsiveness
DeathsHands Il y a jour
Definitely more videos like this at different price points. intel will probably lose at lower price points but it would be cool to see the differences.
Psyborg Il y a jour
I believe the perspective on 0:34 to 0:40 is a bit stretched. Poor Anthony...
Riptide the dragoon
Is it true that 4 ghz for amd is different than 4 ghz from Intel.
Riptide the dragoon
I dont think so, but ive heard the rumor.
Boo Hoo
Boo Hoo Il y a jour
5:28 - Did I just here... "zee" series board? C'mon Linus, you're Canadian. Say a "zed" series board... :P
Bladewing Il y a 2 jours
Linus could have used his remaining budget to slot in a basic boot+a game or two SSD to get a competitive edge. Then the systems would have had their own ups and downs in different areas of performance. Also, hold up, the PCPartPicker builds used the stock coolers but you used AIO's to cool during testing? Or was that just stock footage at 6:33?
Francois Weber
Francois Weber Il y a 2 jours
All that it means is ... well whenZen 2 comes along its kinda game over intel. For a while at least.
Rohan Jha
Rohan Jha Il y a 2 jours
Excellent analysis! Definitely would love to see more of such comparisons! What's the difference like in the higher tiers?
Renis Il y a 2 jours
Intel costs alot more in my country
Atharva Muley
Atharva Muley Il y a 2 jours
GaminGRedbladE Il y a 2 jours
AMD is like a rebel
We got 10 GIGABIT Internet!!
Can I FIX this $10,000 CPU??
The Microsoft Monopoly
Chad gets a smartphone?!?!
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