Why I Don't Like Reading

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does this make me dumb :(

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29 mars 2020




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Commentaires 80
Archie Nicholas
Archie Nicholas Il y a 8 heures
Reading sucks butt hole
Meadow Settembrino
Meadow Settembrino Il y a 8 heures
i love reading especially the serries by the authers the erins like survivors and warrior cats
backedpuma king_of_fire
backedpuma king_of_fire Il y a 8 heures
I've been reading 300-page books in one day since 2nd grade I'm not trying to brag I just feel like I have to.
Wattler Meowzers
Wattler Meowzers Il y a 8 heures
Geronimo Stilton!!! Those were my favourite novels I still own the first kingdom of fantasy with scribble hopper!!
Tomminator Il y a 8 heures
I started the Warriors book series some like a year ago. In like 6 months i read like 60 or 70 books of it (It has a main series line of like 35 or something and alot of side stories) And now i have nothing to read
Angela Drost
Angela Drost Il y a 9 heures
Read where the red fern grows cry
Talha Tariq
Talha Tariq Il y a 9 heures
this is pretty hilarious XD stared at the book, instead of reading
CrimeRBLX Il y a 9 heures
“Also, SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE! There, i did my part. Not that everyone will read this but still” yay i found the text in the longest paragraph part
haista hitto
haista hitto Il y a 9 heures
I'm now realizing how great finnish schools are damn
Luc Bastien
Luc Bastien Il y a 9 heures
I think the reason kids don't like reading is because schools give you question packets bigger than the actual book
Joshua Playz
Joshua Playz Il y a 11 heures
Who else started reading at 1:05 lol
Talon Playz
Talon Playz Il y a 11 heures
I agree with most of this... BUT ANIMAL FARM IS A REALLY GOOD BOOK.
Pavle Ivanović
Pavle Ivanović Il y a 11 heures
*A W O M A N*
TPL Il y a 11 heures
1:13 SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE! (Above her head)
abra Il y a 11 heures
uhhh... why was jaiden talking about furries lol
Carmen Pas
Carmen Pas Il y a 11 heures
Your right school should die
Tamar Weiss
Tamar Weiss Il y a 13 heures
You detailed exactly why I LOATHED literature classes - I don't mind the stories (as long as they are not TOO boring), but being forced to analyze EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN DETAIL is annoying. And detailing it all into a test paper is a chore DX.
White 101
White 101 Il y a 14 heures
She showed the book of warrior cats
{Píňķ Đîâmøńđ}
{Píňķ Đîâmøńđ} Il y a 14 heures
{I feel like making you Read makes you hate it}
Rachel Studios
Rachel Studios Il y a 14 heures
Wait wait wait a damn second Is that... A WARRIORS BOOK IN THE INTO??? *happy waca fan noises*
flaming dragon
flaming dragon Il y a 15 heures
1:08 uhh did anyone else read the whole thing.. cuz i did
T- Pose
T- Pose Il y a 15 heures
I agree I really hate books I always get away by lying I act like I’m reading
T- Pose
T- Pose Il y a 15 heures
And I don’t mind if you do read books it’s completely fine
T- Pose
T- Pose Il y a 15 heures
It’s very of rare to see me actually read
Isay Marte
Isay Marte Il y a 16 heures
This is literally my brother. I find it funny😅
Milka Nedelkovska
Milka Nedelkovska Il y a 16 heures
I hate to read books too I do the same thing to the book I will take to read the hole book and then when I have to read it for school and I say to my mom and dad that I forgot everything in the book
Ri Yun
Ri Yun Il y a 17 heures
Thats me
Antonio Emanuele Addis-Pilo
6:50 That is exactly what I did...
TitanicTNT Il y a 18 heures
Jaiden: Books. I don't like books. They're boring, causing of paper cuts, a school thing, and they are everywhere.
Noni 2004
Noni 2004 Il y a 18 heures
My therapist showed me a illustrated ledger of a indigenous person who went to one of those boarding schools
The silent gamer
The silent gamer Il y a 20 heures
Read The Series of Unfortunate Events Jk don’t if you don’t wanna
AC L Il y a 21 heure
Read The divergent series, or the hunger games
Patricia Esquivel
Patricia Esquivel Il y a 22 heures
Inlike animal crossing pocket camp and i LIKE quarantine
Annie Z
Annie Z Il y a 22 heures
Jaiden: And being able to read books that had more than 10 words on the page was impressive for a six year old. Me: What about being able to read Harry Potter at age 5?
Justin Bennar Marquez
Justin Bennar Marquez Il y a 23 heures
I actually like geronimo stilton
Sour_ Cream
Sour_ Cream Il y a 23 heures
I HATE READING but only if it’s comics I destress by coloring ooooohhh~ -_- Not to be rude sorry if this sounded rude I love all your videos and you all should read it’s good for you
Alexa Mehan
Alexa Mehan Il y a 23 heures
hm I smell warrior cats
Zoella Queen
Zoella Queen Il y a jour
I like reading (cOugH) *fanfiction*
salma khettat
salma khettat Il y a jour
who agrees
salma khettat
salma khettat Il y a jour
same I HATE READING CHAPTER BOOKS I LIKE READING comic or graphic novels.
Ameli Verloop
Ameli Verloop Il y a jour
Miles M
Miles M Il y a jour
What you’re supposed to do: destroy all the books in town
Torrential 75
Torrential 75 Il y a jour
Read the asterix books, they are pretty fun (Graphic Novels)
Sheikah Master Zero
Houston Lomax
Houston Lomax Il y a jour
Nobody: Not a single soul: Jaiden: “Asparagus!”
Ozzy Mitchell
Ozzy Mitchell Il y a jour
To answer your question Jaiden No, it doesn't make you look dumb.
Magpoc, Jasmine
Magpoc, Jasmine Il y a jour
What are you doing jaiden?
Fedrix18 Il y a jour
I mean, i read Animal Farm for fun and it was cool... until I realised that there are communist symbolisms all over the place.
blast x
blast x Il y a jour
Melanie Cuellar
Melanie Cuellar Il y a jour
Me- i like reading.... My brother- n e r d.
Cri Lune
Cri Lune Il y a jour
Juliet = Lesbian *YOU ARE A GENIUS*
Cri Lune
Cri Lune Il y a jour
Graphic novels. Graphic novels are a great alternative to regular reading. There aren’t as many words and you have plenty of pictures to go along and it can be just as “intelligent” as regular reading. Often the art style is what brings it all together. I can recommend a few like “the sand warrior” and “zita the space girl” (both of which are in series of their own.) There are also stand alone graphic novels with very wholesome characters, cute art, and a plot that isn’t intense. Manga is also an alternative but you won’t find many with “slice of life” or “simple” plots. But yes, there are great alternatives.
Cri Lune
Cri Lune Il y a jour
OK SO SPEAKING OF READING PTSD My friend straight up got “reading ptsd” from reading “the empress.” Like he’ll occasionally not be able to sleep at night because that book fricked him up so badly. He has flashbacks. *LITERAL FLASHBACKS* to stuff that happened in that book. And the final book is coming out soon and literally everyone is trying to get his mind off of that. We’re not gonna allow him to read it. It isn’t going to have a happy ending. Well not completely. You can tell. I just- His wife made a twitter post about it I think. (I don’t follow her or anything. She might’ve made an account just for that honestly.) I JUST CANT BELIEVE HOW SEVERELY THAT BOOK TRAUMATIZED HIM. And I feel AWFUL cus I’m the one who got him into the series. Then I’ll get texts from his other friends saying “he isn’t sleeping. He’s thinking about the boom again.” Like, dead serious, he’ll cry about it. OH MY GOD. THIS IS LITERAL READING PTSD. *SWEET JESUS* yeah no but PSA, if you’re mentally ill at all and/or get attached to fictional characters easily....just stop at the end of The Diabolical. Don’t read the sequel. It will destroy you.
Endless Triplc
Endless Triplc Il y a jour
i read animal farm for school to lol
Greg S
Greg S Il y a jour
3 Words: I HATE READING! (Except for Alan Gratz books IDK why 😐) My parents force me to read, and when I'm forced to do something I just grow to hate it.
Kylie Grace
Kylie Grace Il y a jour
in conclusion: Juliet is a lesbian
Leo Crowe
Leo Crowe Il y a jour
Those animals are Stalins minions!
Gokusão gamer
Gokusão gamer Il y a jour
Yo know people from Portugal watch your videos
Helen Nordling
Helen Nordling Il y a jour
Abodi10a Z
Abodi10a Z Il y a jour
We’re aris birthday
Henry Yin
Henry Yin Il y a jour
If you have reading, but you will if there’s pictures, read comic books. 😎
Koshō Il y a jour
WAIT.. what about that one book about the eagle children and scientists ;w;
Artem Zolotarev
Artem Zolotarev Il y a jour
There was this one book I really liked, that I read in the 4th grade and forgot about, but when the teacher in 6th grade made me read it, it just got boring to me, even though I read it in my free time a year later.
Sraboni Chowdhury
Sraboni Chowdhury Il y a jour
So true. I hate reading too
Kumala Nana
Kumala Nana Il y a jour
I like books
Rami Mroueh
Rami Mroueh Il y a jour
The globgogabgalab is triggered
Lilian Flower
Lilian Flower Il y a jour
Your a wonderful and lovable insipering loaf of bread💝
Miranda Kay
Miranda Kay Il y a jour
1:53 frick animal farm was a morbid a*s book.
A MU Il y a jour
im in high school and I have to read animal farm(in French cause im French) AND ITS A SUPER BOOOK EVEN IF ITS THIS WEIRD DINOSAURE SLUGG THAT GIVE IT TO YOU
A MU Il y a jour
i forgot to say that your video are awesome
Ima_British _Ostrich
i can't do things when forced, for example, sleep, eat, read, all that
3toldsloff Il y a jour
this wants to make me read a book again
LIM WEI YI Student
LIM WEI YI Student Il y a jour
it does not make u dumb im just like u I used to like reading Geronimo Stilton books too coz I like the pictures of the mouse especially how Benjamin calls his uncle, uncle G
Olivia Ryan
Olivia Ryan Il y a jour
Wheres all my fellow potterheads out there!?!?!
Last of the Time Lords
I prefer percy jackson tbh sorry
Wiggo Jarnbro
Wiggo Jarnbro Il y a jour
Books is my nightmare we needed to read five books with 156 pappers in 2 weeks
The legend of Ritchel
This whole video is relatable
Jacob Bitsoie
Jacob Bitsoie Il y a jour
Hahahahah she doesn’t like reading but she has to read her script
Bennybecool Il y a jour
I read dystopia a lot so i get more stressed with reading👌
TheRank22 Il y a jour
he loves
TheRank22 Il y a jour
TheOddOne`s Out's girlfriend
core trigger
core trigger Il y a jour
nothing is better then bundling up and playing your gameboy colour a book works to i guess
Sharmin nahar
Sharmin nahar Il y a jour
I kanda like reading 😑
Raul Ruiz de Velasco
Raul Ruiz de Velasco Il y a 2 jours
I used to hate reading for the exact same reasons you stated. Picked it up again a few years back and fell back in love with it. Getting completely lost in a story is really cool. It’s amazing how much words can accomplish. You can paint an entire universe, express so many emotions with them. I’ve always found it really fascinating how you can get lost in a story for hours and then realize it is all contained in this rectangular object that is small enough to fit inside your hand.
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