Why Does Conversation Seem to Flow Better When You are Drinking?

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Real fam, do you agree?




12 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 275
Niqquey Il y a 8 jours
Love the jacket jeannie
Veronica Ivanova
Veronica Ivanova Il y a 8 jours
Tamera is so cute! She really can't dance though 😂
Michelle Odo
Michelle Odo Il y a 16 jours
4:18 whyy did Tam Tam switch up like that tho??😂😂😂
Kimberly Brabson
Kimberly Brabson Il y a mois
Jeezy dancing with Jeannie?? WOW!!!!!!!!😍😍😍
Jazzlyn Kingston
Jazzlyn Kingston Il y a mois
I love me some Loni Adrienne and Tamera.
Ms. Colley 619
Ms. Colley 619 Il y a mois
I like Tisha Campbell on the show
Imelda W.M
Imelda W.M Il y a mois
Addreine was about to talk about her knowing someone yet she said it's her, am sure the stories Adriene is always talking about herself then she says it's her friend..
Karla galan
Karla galan Il y a mois
When they’re talking about something... can they please show more clips for us to understand better ? Like this one of gamers dancing 😆🙌🏼
Clarissa Explains It All
lmfao Jeannie coming at my insecurities with that. I'm very reserved and have a bit of social anxiety, and whenever i drink, it tears down that wall i put up around myself and i'm more open with people. I don't know how to get to that place sober lol
Layal Ali
Layal Ali Il y a mois
Ladies of the real looookin smexy 🔥I see yall👀👅
Yeah Buddy
Yeah Buddy Il y a mois
A drunken mouth reveals what the heart conceals
Kam Il y a mois
I’m kinda over loni
Amira Ai.
Amira Ai. Il y a mois
Tameras top and cornrows = 😍😍
Mia Mighty
Mia Mighty Il y a mois
Tam looks sooo sexyyyy
Ana Pimentel
Ana Pimentel Il y a mois
I dont like that table.
Jewlzie Alyna
Jewlzie Alyna Il y a mois
you all look amazing!!!
miss Addis
miss Addis Il y a mois
I started crying or sleeping
Quick-Sword Ilena
Quick-Sword Ilena Il y a mois
Why is adrienne being so nitpicky on costumes dam no youre not gonna understand ALL costumes. But at least these arent the usual cat and wonder woman costumes every thot wears ! just be happy ppl dressing up !
KiwiRosa Il y a mois
the white in Tamera came out when she was dancing, no doubt
Kenny Rodgers
Kenny Rodgers Il y a mois
A hole lot of lying
Meilì Barbie
Meilì Barbie Il y a mois
Adrienne looks goood😍
Valerie Il y a mois
Here you go 🙄 Glorifying alcohol AGAIN!!
unknown unknown
unknown unknown Il y a mois
Why is Jeannie using Jeezy as her story line? Stop it. You are so thirsty. Stop putting Jeezy on a pedestal...he is not everything and has a dirty past. 5 examples
unknown unknown
unknown unknown Il y a mois
Sometimes I wish Jeannie would listen more and speak less.....A LOT LESS.
VocalTranceTV Il y a mois
Don't agree with this. And if they watch that Oprah series where that doctor says "drunk speaks sober" is a myth. You actually just become slower and stupider in your thoughts.
Alexis Bentley
Alexis Bentley Il y a mois
im so happy for jeannie : )
X10 MUSYC Il y a mois
Il9ve tisha on this show
Tlade o
Tlade o Il y a mois
Tamera is so cute 😭❤️
Agnes Agada
Agnes Agada Il y a mois
Let’s be careful not to enable a free environment with Alcohol people*
R MzRaiders Martinez
That video of Loni's where she got Jeannie and Jezzy dancing 😊👍 so great Jeannie is living her best life. ❤ you go girl, you deserve all the joy and happiness
karell t
karell t Il y a mois
I drink cause i hate my it as well...
Oniellia Il y a mois
I think Loni meant to say a drunk mans words are a sober mans thoughts that what I heard .
Shasha Vengesayi
Shasha Vengesayi Il y a mois
A conversation is an exchange, not just a sober person or another drunk person finding out dirt and secrets about a drunk person.
Lisa Goodson
Lisa Goodson Il y a mois
A drunken man tells no tales.
Tammy Ruggles
Tammy Ruggles Il y a mois
Being a former social worker turned writer, I've worked with many populations consuming alcohol, and alcohol lowers inhibitions, so people say and do things they may ordinarily hold back.
myhextixmind Il y a mois
“Drunk man tells no tales.”
Adetunde Babs’s
Adetunde Babs’s Il y a mois
Tam Tam was having her life in that video😄😂😂😂😂😂😂good for her.
SoniB Xo
SoniB Xo Il y a mois
Jeannie that was such a wise and profound thing to say!!! Jeannie Mai just ended alcoholism!
Gurneet Dhoat
Gurneet Dhoat Il y a mois
Tamera looks amazing here!!! 90’s/ early 2000’s vibes
Tiff Dawn
Tiff Dawn Il y a mois
Shout out to the makeup artists and stylists this season 👌🏽
Sabrina Francis
Sabrina Francis Il y a mois
I love this show so much, but note to the producers the topics have become repetitive 😖😫. We’ve had this exact conversation so many times before....😒
I would love if Tisha would be a permanent host on The Real. I’ve always been a fan of her’s.
Dess D
Dess D Il y a mois
Sugared& Spiced
Sugared& Spiced Il y a mois
Stop glorifying Alcohol!
'Ammarah May
'Ammarah May Il y a mois
If you need alcohol to be conversationalist you need help. Be confident without the liquor
Sweet Key
Sweet Key Il y a mois
Idk why but if I drink a lot I start whispering lol Idk what that's about😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
lilian makori
lilian makori Il y a mois
In vino veritas.
KayBee 211
KayBee 211 Il y a mois
Tam dancing lol
Lisa DeVito
Lisa DeVito Il y a mois
Vocally Gifted
Vocally Gifted Il y a mois
I don’t drink much but I’d drink Jose Cuervo Tequila Silver....Seems to me more sexual. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Sajdah Sabree
Sajdah Sabree Il y a mois
It is not flowing better, you are just drunk and you think its flowing better, its called being an ALCOHOLIC!
SDSen Il y a mois
Down a bottle of gin for lunch and another bottle in the evening and carry on your day blissfully
Devinn Edwards
Devinn Edwards Il y a mois
By 3 he was crying and singing the Beatles 😂😂😂😂
Hadi Yazid
Hadi Yazid Il y a mois
Loni and her sturdy girl on alcohol story
Sylvia Favor
Sylvia Favor Il y a mois
Lol I don’t drink, I can’t relate to any of this. I love y’all though so I’ll watch anyways 😂❤️
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 Il y a mois
Loni is just starting to be overly annoying
Elimu Il y a mois
Kam Il y a mois
Jackie Mizrahi
Jackie Mizrahi Il y a mois
can they also have weeks with just the 4 of them?? im missing that............
Damien Garbutt
Damien Garbutt Il y a mois
I've had a white wine spritzer or Cosmo on a first date. But when I'm out with friends on girls night... then that's a different story.
Jada Tommy
Jada Tommy Il y a mois
Loni taking about James! > ❤️
Simona Ivancic
Simona Ivancic Il y a mois
no its sad if alcohol can pull out the better version of people
liz quin
liz quin Il y a mois
Lmao he was singing yesterday and crying 😂😂💀
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