Why are people so mad at Game of Thrones?

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The final season of Game of Thrones, and especially the last 3 episodes, have divided and angered many fans of the show. But why? Well, there are a number of reasons for this, so let’s break down the biggest and most recent problem first - Daenerys.
In last night’s episode, Daenerys and Drogon rain fire down upon King’s Landing, killing thousands of innocents. This is all after Cersei’s armies have surrendered. Now the show’s writers justify this by claiming it’s the Mad King storyline coming full circle with his daughter. And, if the show had more episodes and time to develop this extreme choice, it could have made more sense. But we’re only given 6 episodes this season, as opposed to the usual 10, and the decision to make Daenerys the “Mad Queen” seems rushed and hasty.
Throughout the seasons, we’ve seen Daenerys promise she’s nothing like her father, as she’s freed slaves and ruled mostly benevolently. So last night’s episode largely felt like a betrayal to both fans and her very character. An entire city going up in flames makes for a great visual, sure, but narratively it’s questionable. Now it appears Daenerys is the show’s “Big Bad,” and not Cersei.
And that’s another big problem - Cersei and her fate. Fans were out for blood and wanted a gruesome end for the cold-hearted tyrant. But instead of getting a knife in the heart (like many predicted), she fell victim to rubble. Now one could argue that Daenerys ultimately killed Cersei...but her end still seems somewhat anticlimactic. And that doesn't even begin to address Jaime's problem.
Jaime's redemption arc - where'd it go?! The Lannister most changed from a character standpoint after years of questioning his actions and his loyalty to his lover went back to his old ways all too quickly. In the previous episode, after leaving Brienne, fans had hoped he was on his way to King's Landing just to finish Cersei off himself. But this latest episode proved - NOPE! - he just wanted one last cuddle with his sister-lover. Hm.
In conclusion, we only have 1 episode left, and frankly I’m excited to see where this all goes.




13 mai 2019

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Blue Gamer
Blue Gamer Il y a 3 jours
jack love game trones jack is gaye
Rose_gacha TV
Rose_gacha TV Il y a 9 jours
Captions give up at 0:31
Olivia Carrasco
Olivia Carrasco Il y a 10 jours
This is what I’ll see when I descend into Hell.
Twat T
Twat T Il y a 11 jours
Hey, have you seen endgame yet?
King Poptarts
King Poptarts Il y a 15 jours
I thought this video was about game of thrones
Willow Reid
Willow Reid Il y a 18 jours
What’s endgame
Willow Reid
Willow Reid Il y a 18 jours
I didn’t watch it
Willow Reid
Willow Reid Il y a 18 jours
Just kidding
Adam A
Adam A Il y a 27 jours
We did it boys
Daniel White
Daniel White Il y a 27 jours
We won, guys and gals. We won
Gotenks Il y a 27 jours
What the fuck did I just watch
Daniel White
Daniel White Il y a 27 jours
Something that is inevitable
Sonic THD
Sonic THD Il y a 28 jours
*We won*
3DaiYo4Kai56 Il y a 28 jours
We are all waiting for your “you’re welcome Marvel! Oh yeah & congrats.” Video upload. Like it better be up this week. Btw tbh
ajameslual21 Il y a 28 jours
We now at number 1!!!!
sarah Il y a 29 jours
we did it reddit
Double A Animations
Double A Animations Il y a 29 jours
I am here because Avatar is defeated and Endgame is the new NUMBER 1 TOP GROSSING MOVIE
ricky roach
ricky roach Il y a 29 jours
We did it!!!
pobby Il y a 29 jours
Eyyyy we did it
Bokto Il y a mois
Only a million dollars away, everyone!
The Guardian of the Spoons
Disliked, too many jacksfilms
1h3C0d3 Il y a mois
*this video is sponsored by Disney*
Big Man
Big Man Il y a mois
Uhh breaking bad is better.
Silvija Basic
Silvija Basic Il y a mois
I think I won't be able to sleep ever again
obey link
obey link Il y a mois
Trey Karz
Trey Karz Il y a mois
Jack I’m sorry, I never saw Endgame
cardemom wolf
cardemom wolf Il y a mois
*H E Y D I D Y A S E E E N D G A M E Y E T*
ruberto Il y a mois
im ngl it would be funny if Jack just interrupted the video and started talking about endgame
Master NER D
Master NER D Il y a mois
This video cracks me up every time.
Ewan Arends
Ewan Arends Il y a mois
I'm sorry but you shouldve used mr worldwide on the background instead of this is the moment
SoulHuN7eR Il y a mois
its funny how you can see the sweat coming with each jack. xD
Jaxla12x6 Il y a mois
LOL OwO Raaaarws This took on a twistbI never expected
PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff
The thumbnail😂😂😂😂😂😂
oh hell yea
oh hell yea Il y a mois
Ruby MacP
Ruby MacP Il y a mois
UnicornLoco Il y a mois
U watch endgame yet
GrilledCheese Il y a mois
I’m so confused, and it makes me feel uncomfortable
Mr Duck
Mr Duck Il y a mois
Yeah i’ve never seen game of thrones too.
brown llamä
brown llamä Il y a mois
meme machine
meme machine Il y a mois
Haven't watched the endgame yet
Koerth Ragsdale
Koerth Ragsdale Il y a mois
I love the one John who said nothing but just danced the whole time😂😂
Creepypasta & Squirrels
No. I haven't seen Endgame yet. I will eventually.
Elo Newton
Elo Newton Il y a mois
This video gave me anxiety lmao
Itz Bella Wolfiie2009
Itz Bella Wolfiie2009 Il y a 2 mois
Nice reason
Murdoch Quintland Rochefeller
*Hey you see Endgame yet?*
what? Il y a 2 mois
abbe rodriguez
abbe rodriguez Il y a 2 mois
Should've been called endgame shitpost
The Animated Sandwich
The Animated Sandwich Il y a 2 mois
That Captain America shirt... *I have that Captain America shirt*
Noah Albrecht
Noah Albrecht Il y a 2 mois
You should have worn an avatar shirt
Robert Il y a 2 mois
Jaksfilms is now blocked. Thats 28 seconds of my life wasted. Asshole!
Bastel Tanayao
Bastel Tanayao Il y a 2 mois
You should've read the description
CaramelTV Il y a 2 mois
0:35 what was the song in the background?
Shannyn Il y a 2 mois
Sorry to say something completely unrelated and really annoying but what the fuck is the song that starts playing as multiple Jacks start crowding the screen? It sounds kinda familiar to me for some reason lol.
MintSodaOWO Il y a 2 mois
Agustín Risatti
Agustín Risatti Il y a 2 mois
So I have to watch Game of Thrones: Endgame?
Agustín Risatti
Agustín Risatti Il y a 2 mois
I think he might want me to watch Endgame.
Dimentive Il y a 2 mois
Katie Jevons
Katie Jevons Il y a 2 mois
this is literally exactly what my school cafeteria sounds like
Spidey Viewer
Spidey Viewer Il y a 2 mois
Less than 60 mill away, people. #WatchEndgame #BeatAvatar
Wert Gamer
Wert Gamer Il y a 2 mois
If you're wondering... The music is Like the Ceiling Cant Hold us instrumental
Max Does Stuff
Max Does Stuff Il y a 2 mois
really dude?
Sally Yuh
Sally Yuh Il y a 2 mois
54markl Il y a 2 mois
I have zero plans to see Endgame. This was stupid.
Dapold Il y a 2 mois
54markl watch Endgame
54markl Il y a 2 mois
VITO CORLEONE (angrily): It was Barnum and Bailey all along!
theresey g.
theresey g. Il y a 2 mois
ew what's on my screen
Gurkirat Singh
Gurkirat Singh Il y a 2 mois
WTF happened? The only good thing was that beat playing in BG and Thanos dancing.
dead Walker
dead Walker Il y a 2 mois
Ultra Il y a 2 mois
@dead Walker watch it anyways
dead Walker
dead Walker Il y a 2 mois
I can't 😔
Dapold Il y a 2 mois
dead Walker watch endgame
ColorlessAngelz Il y a 2 mois
The 3 actual reasons Game of Thrones is getting hate: 1. Hella nerds saying the writing is bad (as if they could write something better) just because of minor, generally unnoticed, plot holes. 2. People being unable to accept unhappy endings 3. The bandwagon. It's cool to hate on game of thrones now lol
IloveU3000 Il y a 2 mois
Jacob Pearson
Jacob Pearson Il y a 2 mois
Furqan Ghouri
Furqan Ghouri Il y a 2 mois
No I have not
Sterling Demons
Sterling Demons Il y a 2 mois
Why are people so mad at The Game of Thrones, you ask? Because it Nerdy, Dungeons and Dragons Horseshit content. Hahahaha😂😂😂😜
C. wan
C. wan Il y a 2 mois
I just got bamboozled.
TheOrangeCreeper Il y a 2 mois
Because when Game of Thrones fans saw the ending, they went to HBO and said HB-NO
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez Il y a 2 mois
I do love me a good shitpost
GodZ 7
GodZ 7 Il y a 2 mois
I like the part where he said "hey have seen endgame?"
maja lola
maja lola Il y a 2 mois
Tbh, Endgame kinda sucked. I'm not saying Avatar is 'better' or anything, I'm just saying idk why people get so hype over it. Edit: This isn't made to disrespect/contradict anyone's opinion, or to offend them in any way. I was merely stating my (non biased) opinion.
Dapold Il y a 2 mois
maja lola watch endgame
Vale Dee
Vale Dee Il y a 2 mois
This is the most beautiful video ive seen in my entire life
THE FBI Il y a 2 mois
We can’t stop him
sabrina brown
sabrina brown Il y a 2 mois
Because they feel like a bus should of hit her already and flatten her out like a cartoon character!!! She is so clever, 🤢, 🤢, hoot, hoot, moo, moo, maybe soon! soon!!! While she is quietly supporting Mr Get Down or Get Up or Get Back or fall down or whatever??? Dude. Vanilla Ice has more SWAG than THIS GUY! Really!!??? What is up with the old Twitter account, no Twitter for me???
jordnajelA ozaR
jordnajelA ozaR Il y a 2 mois
love the song
Squidboi Il y a 2 mois
Hey if you want a real explanation see the description!
Arnica Moana
Arnica Moana Il y a 2 mois
rushed, yes, but not unexpected. she’s kinda been saying she’d do this kinda crazy shit for a while and now everybody that has told her no is either dead or couldnt convince her
LALO Il y a 2 mois
Jack you are losing it
Orange Gremlin
Orange Gremlin Il y a 2 mois
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