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Who truly knows me better? Bryce or Nessa?
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20 nov. 2020




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Commentaires 100
Clarisse Fernandez
Clarisse Fernandez Il y a 6 heures
I just fucking hate how this guys treat Nessa.
briarfr Il y a jour
I'm happy him and nessa re togheter
Zainab Siddiqui
Zainab Siddiqui Il y a jour
5:56 um ok that question was kind of disrespectful like y...just y....
Hanin Chaouachi
Hanin Chaouachi Il y a jour
This is really disgusting especially Bryce I never hated him before but he's really mean to her in general girls don't this type of guys
Paula Plays Roblox
Paula Plays Roblox Il y a jour
i feel so bad for Nessa they treat her really badly
Emily Qualls
Emily Qualls Il y a 2 jours
when bryce went in for that “kiss” tho
Kaelyn B
Kaelyn B Il y a 2 jours
Peep the Jayden music! 😍
Gloria Shekinah
Gloria Shekinah Il y a 2 jours
Jake Dubiel
Jake Dubiel Il y a 2 jours
I now like Josh
SoulStarGaming Leah
SoulStarGaming Leah Il y a 2 jours
Why are they so f*cking rude to Nessa she is always so damn nice to you guys !!
Tanya Patel
Tanya Patel Il y a 3 jours
Please nessa is fine this is literally how they joke- y’all know nothing about them and it shows leave THEM ALONE
Alek _xoxo.23
Alek _xoxo.23 Il y a 3 jours
Is his body count seriously 18 🤣
Olivia Gatrell
Olivia Gatrell Il y a 3 jours
i frickin love nessa so much like she’s so chill all the time and she just takes the L from all the boys fr PRAISE
Ana Barbosa
Ana Barbosa Il y a 3 jours
Theodora Englezos
Theodora Englezos Il y a 3 jours
why the fuck is bryce and josh speaking to her like that i feel si bad if that we me i would get uo and leave u can see that she is hurt by it
Theodora Englezos
Theodora Englezos Il y a 3 jours
since when were they dating
Destiny H-s
Destiny H-s Il y a 3 jours
Nessa looks sad in this but like her voice is so cute
Khloe Hargrave
Khloe Hargrave Il y a 4 jours
Gabriela Pereira Goes
Gabriela Pereira Goes Il y a 4 jours
hi you must be josh serto.entao because you don't take care of your life instead of talking badly about people .ja that you want a fight there will be a fight with us like a girl with this white tank top i've never seen him so gay chase has a slender leg but at least he has smoothness is not the same as you who wear women's clothes so take care of your life and say the same to your little friend brice idiot
Natty H
Natty H Il y a 4 jours
Their not dating
Efi Engel
Efi Engel Il y a 5 jours
The title: Bestfriend VS girlfriend. WAIT wait wait GIRLFRIEND did we miss an episode
Tamar Tsenteradze
Tamar Tsenteradze Il y a 5 jours
if my boyfriend let his friend talk to me like that , he would be my ex boyfriend after that minute.
wadha almarar
wadha almarar Il y a 5 jours
a girl friend or ex
Natalia Skotnicka
Natalia Skotnicka Il y a 6 jours
Girl leave already
Catalina Leggett
Catalina Leggett Il y a 6 jours
for example go to 4:52
Catalina Leggett
Catalina Leggett Il y a 6 jours
i can list so many times they treat her like shit just in this video
Jax Spaeth
Jax Spaeth Il y a 6 jours
Y’all know that josh & Bryce are just messing with her right they are joking don’t take it too serious
Erin Mccormick
Erin Mccormick Il y a 7 jours
Honestly I dont know why everyone is getting so pressed him saying F you to Nessa it’s just banter they probably say to each other all the time there just being best friends
Дина и Сильва
Она такая сидит😥. Не при делах 🤣
Raelyn Davis
Raelyn Davis Il y a 7 jours
Wait gf??
Catalina Leggett
Catalina Leggett Il y a 8 jours
can we just acknowledge how mean they are to nessa
Tata 84
Tata 84 Il y a 8 jours
Nessa deserves better idk what happened in this video but Josh always so much care about Nessa or maybe we should say Josh care about her in the past....
Maggie Bowers
Maggie Bowers Il y a 8 jours
Nessa deserves wayyyyy better ur soooo disrespectful I don’t really think she likes u ur just rude
Maggie Bowers
Maggie Bowers Il y a 8 jours
I really lost respect for what he said about Chase that’s soooo fu*ked up I Stan Nessa she really is kind
Mili Tichauer
Mili Tichauer Il y a 9 jours
If you really wanna call nessa your "girlfriend" treat her like one, and don't let anyone treat her like anything less than what she is
Marina Riddle
Marina Riddle Il y a 9 jours
Nessa doesn’t seem like she likes Josh
Giselle Chavarria
Giselle Chavarria Il y a 9 jours
When josh and nessa were together bryce he would respect needs now like he's rude to her
maria Il y a 9 jours
when bryce said to nessa: fuck you, only I was like ... how nervous about her, she got such a look, i was so nervous for her . I like bryce , but why he always says to nessa like not good things i guess its not ok, i like them both , but its im sorry
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Il y a 10 jours
I think she is happy but think what you want to think
Carmela Compoli
Carmela Compoli Il y a 10 jours
im not his girlfriend- LOOK AT THE EFFING TITLE
Joslynne Looez caruso
Joslynne Looez caruso Il y a 11 jours
Guys chill Bryce and nessa think of each other as brother and sister. ( also this is exactly how me and my brothers joke around 😂 )
maya watfa
maya watfa Il y a 11 jours
18!? Dndbfjfn
Elise Il y a 11 jours
Bryce and Josh are so mean to Nessa...
Payton Stangl
Payton Stangl Il y a 11 jours
Nessa’s soo great and I have great respect for them because of all the Bahamas shit
Mapple V.
Mapple V. Il y a 11 jours
3:41 ew did bryce the punk just said shitty ass girlfriend? Ew Nessa deserve better friends
Kenzie Solis
Kenzie Solis Il y a 12 jours
I play lacrosse too but I just don’t like how girls lacrosse is a non contact sport
Mili Tichauer
Mili Tichauer Il y a 12 jours
I'm literally unfollowing Bryce everywhere omfg he's so rude wtf
Shira Schwarz
Shira Schwarz Il y a 12 jours
Maya Luker
Maya Luker Il y a 12 jours
Can you guys stop cusing a lot
Earth Zues
Earth Zues Il y a 12 jours
You have to eat to get big lol
caitlyn vivian
caitlyn vivian Il y a 12 jours
girlfriend ???
Maryjane The Baddest
Maryjane The Baddest Il y a 12 jours
He's such a douch to his GF... (Josh) Talking about body counts, what type of porn he watches and what type of girl he would try to talk to? Like WTF?
obey che1f Keef
obey che1f Keef Il y a 13 jours
Bruh y’all are so mean to nessa
alii_ marr
alii_ marr Il y a 13 jours
Why would Nessa let Bryce talk to her like that he would of been in the emergency room🙄✋🏼 i though I had respect for Bryce but I’m back on square one
Erin Ward
Erin Ward Il y a 13 jours
why are people so mean to nessa she always looks so sad and bryce was being such a dick as usual
HoneyAngel Playz
HoneyAngel Playz Il y a 13 jours
wtf, nessa has found herself as a person and I use to think y'all would be so cute but now, she deserves better josh. Honestly to think that she loves you when you talk to her like that? Please josh your wayyy too lucky to have someone like her.
Riya Shankaran
Riya Shankaran Il y a 14 jours
Omg i hate nessa so much because i heard some rumurs but since i didn't hear her side of tje story i feel so bad because she looks like shes so in love josh and hes disresepting her and she thinks thats ok, like i feel so bad now, i jope shes happy soon, everyones saying that hes disrespecting her si now im gonna watch
directioner tings
directioner tings Il y a 14 jours
i feel so bad for nessa, i mean bryce and josh are like disrespecting her sm!!
Connor Wilson
Connor Wilson Il y a 14 jours
they weren't even mean to her lmao
Emmi Lovelace
Emmi Lovelace Il y a 15 jours
why are you so mean to nessa
ASMR cristina cutiepei
ASMR cristina cutiepei Il y a 15 jours
blinkk678 Il y a 16 jours
Nessa deserves better than these two
Hailey Rodriguez
Hailey Rodriguez Il y a 16 jours
Boyfriend Vs bestriend i always knew guys were secretly gay they rather their guy friend over a nice girl
Bana Kanash
Bana Kanash Il y a 17 jours
Josh you so strong
Chloe.Louise08 Il y a 17 jours
Joshs middle name is my grandfathers first name
Alexandria Callahan
Alexandria Callahan Il y a 18 jours
Omg he's so rude to nessa she deserves better:(
Maria Ibarra
Maria Ibarra Il y a 18 jours
You listening to 69😛
Aaliyah Watson
Aaliyah Watson Il y a 19 jours
wtf is this shit, they are so mean to nessa. I rly don't understand their relationship with her but no one should ever be distracted like that. Nessa is a fucking star
Arianna Schmid
Arianna Schmid Il y a 19 jours
Belle Mtz
Belle Mtz Il y a 20 jours
Is Nessa and josh dating again What? And the title girlfriend
KOMAL DEFELICE Il y a 21 jour
Why the heck is Bryce saying f you to Nessa? She didn’t do anything
Ohoud Mohamed-E-A--Al-Ajmi
Palm Pk
Palm Pk Il y a 23 jours
She deserves better...😢
ziva1590 ziva1590
ziva1590 ziva1590 Il y a 25 jours
NormalPerson123 Life
NormalPerson123 Life Il y a 25 jours
DISRESPECTFUL, Nessa deserves better
Denisse Murillo
Denisse Murillo Il y a 25 jours
this video is absolutely disgusting normalize porn? what the heck. These boys are so immature, irresponsible and disrespectful
Scott and Suzy Hall
Scott and Suzy Hall Il y a 27 jours
My last name is hall
Reiah Rapez
Reiah Rapez Il y a 28 jours
when bryce said “fuck you” to ness josh should’ve said “don’t say that to her” but tbh she deserves better
Max Ring
Max Ring Il y a 28 jours
bro josh and bryce are kidding and nessa knows it calm down
Amanda Sapra
Amanda Sapra Il y a 29 jours
Ok Nessa derseveres so much better then these two childly and disrespectful boys,
Danica Best
Danica Best Il y a 29 jours
There dating?!
farting shirmp
farting shirmp Il y a mois
The fact that Josh literally called out chase for not treating chatli right when this is how he treats nessa doesn't sit right with me.
Sharon Heckman
Sharon Heckman Il y a mois
omg bryce so rude he reminds me of a bully ... hes an ass honestly and so sorry for nessa the way this animals treat her
twentyseven Il y a mois better girl
Symxbat Il y a mois
Why Bryce so rudely?He wouldn't have acted like this if it wasn't for Nessa but Addison😑Not hated❌I love Addison,but Bryce its not normal!Poor Nessa
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown Il y a mois
Hi It’s Maddie
Hi It’s Maddie Il y a mois
Wtf- is this the way they where talking about her is just disgusting
Addison Rae
Addison Rae Il y a mois
you deserve better Nessa 🙁
Delaney's world
Delaney's world Il y a mois
How would yall know anything you only see whats in the vids 🤚
emma hilleary
emma hilleary Il y a mois
josh and bryce: WHAAAAT OOOHGG🔥💥 nessa:🙂
Amina Ajeti
Amina Ajeti Il y a mois
They are soo meann to her like wooww
Zahra N
Zahra N Il y a mois
Wait so are they back together
Kendal Johnson
Kendal Johnson Il y a mois
I can’t even believe Josh let his friend put the middle finger in her face
Addyson Barnett
Addyson Barnett Il y a mois
Thank you for the warning!!
Elaine Hines
Elaine Hines Il y a mois
Who stills remember still softish and Josh my friend has a crush on you watch out I literally love some of ur vids but I was like u like Josh omgggggggg he's so not anyone's type except message Tessa pessa
Keira Ngo
Keira Ngo Il y a mois
why am I just seeing how how disrespectful they are to her. Poor ness
addylin Il y a mois
Isn't her middle name jaida
Celia Diefendorf
Celia Diefendorf Il y a mois
This is disgusting! Nessa deserves so much better than Josh. And Bryce is an ass
Joey Villarinte
Joey Villarinte Il y a mois
Girlfriend? Not ex girlfriend, weird
kyle hewitt
kyle hewitt Il y a mois
Nessa always be stoned
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