Which Performance Badges Are a Scam?

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BMW has M. Nissan has Nismo. Ford has ST. If you see one of these badges, you know the car is serious...Or is it? Maybe some of these badges are...lying? Join Nolan as he explores the history of all of you favorite badges: BMW M, Nissan Nismo, Ford ST, Mercedes-Benz, AMG, Audi S, Hyundai N, Acura and HondaType R- and whether or not they mean anything anymore. This is a spicy one!
WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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13 janv. 2020




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Commentaires 60
RELAXcowboy Il y a 2 jours
Ford doesn't sell the focus and Fiesta st anymore in their home country so... Its just a glorified "sport" badge now. He'll, even in the end the Fiesta had the "ST Line" that was just a fluff badge.
Trond Il y a 3 jours
Hmm. But they are not called the same...are they? And noone think that a S-Line is a RS. The point is that it boost the sale becouse they look better .. Think off it like Win on sunday sale on monday, without racing at all
AndreAllDay Il y a 4 jours
Toyota literally could have resold 97 bodystyle supras with parts updated, kept the 2jz and they would have killed the market, Instead its an overrated, overpriced, rebadged BMW roadster... They definitely did not have car guys in mind.. its appalling..
Tri Wolf
Tri Wolf Il y a 6 jours
Nolan brother, Pretty fast, not quick ;) 9:00
clint h
clint h Il y a 7 jours
Missed the Alfa clover badge
exactinmidget92 Il y a 10 jours
I notice that everyone is going with a "line" series. I think ST-line is just ST looks on a base car.
Tsolmon Erdenejav
Tsolmon Erdenejav Il y a 11 jours
"Hayandai" 😏😆
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia Il y a 11 jours
What about Cadillac "V" series cars?
Arjun Shinoj
Arjun Shinoj Il y a 12 jours
What about GT
Filippo Orlando
Filippo Orlando Il y a 13 jours
You forgot the fiat abarth
Muhammad Ali Raza
Muhammad Ali Raza Il y a 15 jours
You guys missed the worst one, Lexus for their F and F sport
Evan Asche
Evan Asche Il y a 15 jours
Idk I've seen an m240i and a regular 240i go at it and that m240i put a pretty good beating on it. I get it though; I'm a big BMW fan and I don't fully get the "half M" thing going on. (Also the X3 M40i does a 13.8 standing quarter mile and the regular x3 doesnt even come close to that. X3 M40i is no joke)
That dude
That dude Il y a 15 jours
At least VW do add power when you get an gti or r
Nathan Hudson
Nathan Hudson Il y a 16 jours
no VW love :'(
Kriste Isopahkala
Kriste Isopahkala Il y a 16 jours
M performance and S-line. Eewww. I blame they people who buy, not the people who sell, though.
Kriste Isopahkala
Kriste Isopahkala Il y a 16 jours
Oh yeah, can't forget the amg-line.
Bayu Astha
Bayu Astha Il y a 16 jours
Toyota in Indonesia has been the biggest scammer in this term. They butchered the TRD badges by putting it on city cars that doesn't even relate to any motorsport-related activities and worst part is that they only put bumpers and put TRD stickers then charge a lot more. Even the global model such as Yaris got this treatment, TRD Yaris is just normal Yaris with better looking bumpers and no engine tuning at all. It's disgusting and you're right, the TRD badge is meaningless for me now. I dread the time when they start butchering the GR badge here. I know it's coming.
south florida 2 step
south florida 2 step Il y a 17 jours
Did your voice change?
ohav noy
ohav noy Il y a 17 jours
i love and everything but what with alfa romeo ?!?!?!
OspreyBravo18 Il y a 18 jours
This video was actually very disappointing... I have come to expect better from Donut but you guys cut corners on this one which makes me wonder what other video's did you take the easy road on? You completely missed TRD, Lexus F badge, etc.
OspreyBravo18 Il y a 18 jours
Lexus better be one of the worst offenders...
Harry Grunge
Harry Grunge Il y a 18 jours
When I saw an M5 Badge on a 5 series Sedan, I just laughed
Ryan Taranto
Ryan Taranto Il y a 18 jours
Subaru sti
Idraic Il y a 20 jours
I think you should have at least mentioned Subaru Sti and Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio which is a glorious badge, also Audi Quattro stands for 4wd in facts "quattro" is italian for 4. By the way nice video!
Zachary Ferneding
Zachary Ferneding Il y a 20 jours
What about Chevy’s SS badge or Cadillac -V ?
frenchstick245 Il y a 20 jours
Man I was waiting for u guys to talk $hit about Acura’s current type S badges.
frenchstick245 Il y a 14 jours
Not Type S! A Spec I mean
Nade Shift
Nade Shift Il y a 21 jour
Type R’s are definitely really good race cars. They feel like it, they run like it, maybe not in a straight but definitely in the turns.
Stuff Fan
Stuff Fan Il y a 21 jour
On the topic of scams - Honey, free savings, sounds like a scam to me (May not be)
why r u reading this
why r u reading this Il y a 21 jour
Honda has mugen
Jabari Gillett
Jabari Gillett Il y a 23 jours
@10:01 All i see is a honda and 2 BMWs
Jabari Gillett
Jabari Gillett Il y a 23 jours
@10:01 All i see is a honda and 2 BMWs
Michael Lenoch
Michael Lenoch Il y a 23 jours
9:51 "2009" really?
Sam Watson
Sam Watson Il y a 23 jours
In Europe Ford actually have an STline, similar to the AMG line (all trim, no go) not sure it was mentioned 😊
Bentley Mobius
Bentley Mobius Il y a 24 jours
WHAT of cosworth, TRD, Aberth and Braubas
Emoti723 ME
Emoti723 ME Il y a 26 jours
Subaru STi?
Jere Williams
Jere Williams Il y a 27 jours
Jere Williams
Jere Williams Il y a 27 jours
Hyundai, like Sunday
David Mansfield
David Mansfield Il y a 27 jours
You gave Toyota a pass.Their TRD line has been a joke. Just some suspension and visual tweeks is all they have ever been
Chris Ahn
Chris Ahn Il y a 27 jours
BMW pretty much destroyed the image of ///M by plastering it on tons of NON M cars.
orrinsjuice Il y a 27 jours
Skip to 1:30 to see the content of the video. You’re welcome
Moe Lester
Moe Lester Il y a 29 jours
Forgot chevy
Barebare kun
Barebare kun Il y a 29 jours
Subaru STI always get the shaft nobody talked about them.
Michael 187
Michael 187 Il y a 29 jours
Where's the GTI?
Photo Hope
Photo Hope Il y a mois
You convinced me to subscribe. I ride a F1 to go work and to buy my beers . because i can.
heavychevy383 Il y a mois
short answer... any performance badge on an a Big Stupid Ugly SUV or CrossOver is an ABOMINATION!!! ...ALL SUV'S & CROSSOVERS should be destroyed, stripped, & melted down & use the recycled materials to build proper sports cars! ...ok, come on, i cant be the only one sick & tired of soccer moms tryin to run me over because theyre playin with/talkin on their dang phones while drivin their big stupid ugly abominations, or backing into ur Parked car in a parking lot because they cant drive their big a** ABOMINATIONS!
Jake Toth
Jake Toth Il y a mois
A performance badge that really lives up to its name is STi,
Qais Al Bulushi
Qais Al Bulushi Il y a mois
Unfortunately VW is guilty too with R line 😠
DEEGE GAMING Il y a mois
RR Black Badge
Khoa Phan
Khoa Phan Il y a mois
I disagree with the M-performance cars. There isn’t that big of a difference in horsepower but 0-60 is vastly improved, at least in recent models.
David Callow
David Callow Il y a mois
Why is the S-line on this list? Its not ripping you off at all, its literally a trim level and everyone knows that. They even tell you its just a trim
PCarba Il y a mois
Well,the N line went very well,not so normal cars,and you can do seriously upgrades
dekipedija Il y a mois
you forgot quadrifoglio, and you shouldn't have! Hands down, the best badge in the industry
Arthur Rolet
Arthur Rolet Il y a mois
Toyota also won the Dakar and now sell the toyota Hilux with a 6 cylinder
Pieter-Jan Van Aeken
Honestly, not the video I was expecting. Ain't nobody confusing an A6 S-line for an RS6. Yes, it's marketed a little fuzzy but every car enthousiast knows the different subtleties like the 63s before AMG or the absence of 40i behind M2. Imo, if anything is diluting the performance badges, it's the SUV's that get the genuine AMG, M and RS badges. They reduce the genuine performance badge to a horsepower indicator, instead of the driver engagement they used to represent.
Torsten lim
Torsten lim Il y a mois
here in my area, people who drove honda left the red honda logos which specifically are supposed to be for type r's on their little hatchbacks and sedans just to make it look 'nicer'
Sakuya Kurobane
Sakuya Kurobane Il y a mois
Performance badges I know BMW M Chevrolet ZL1 Dodge SRT Ford ST/RS Mercedes AMG Porsche RS Nissan Nismo Honda Type R Audi Quattro
Kevin Perera
Kevin Perera Il y a 21 jour
For Audi it’s RS. Quattro only means that it’s a 4wheel drive
Gray Filtered
Gray Filtered Il y a mois
Honestly all of these are our faults , people were putting cheap ‘amg’ and ‘m’ badges on their cars along side with a lot of stupid cosmetics inside and out and these companies noticed , so they turned into money and suckers buy them , actually I believe a lot of ‘ car guys’ are into them , they love the badging , the bling , the extra pieces of plastic , and they pride with ‘ extra 20hp bro , thats M powa for you bruh’
t4tris Il y a mois
Ah yes, my favorite Korean auto maker "Hayiandai".
A W Il y a mois
Just Car Things
Just Car Things Il y a mois
What about Volkswagens R line
Dun Il y a mois
How did the Polo GTi and all those R line bullshit from VW escape this list.
Hugo Il y a mois
The new GR Yaris looks like it's going to be a really great Hot Hatch. I'm less confident about what could be a GR Yaris Cross so I hope they won't do that (even if this small SUV looks good)