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I can finally show you all what I’ve been waiting for over a year for. MONSTERMAX IS REAL. I explain where the truck was and show the beginning stages of it’s life as a monster truck. Also we’re building a 1400hp Dentside ford 😂 #MONSTERMAX



11 janv. 2020




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Commentaires 60
Joe Mangan
Joe Mangan Il y a 6 mois
Next video, "driving the monstermax over every truck I own."
Johnnyboii 224
Johnnyboii 224 Il y a 6 mois
Agreed would be a great vid
RJ Il y a 6 mois
oh shit its gonna happen, he pinned it
Ryan Potwin
Ryan Potwin Il y a 6 mois
don't provoke him or hewill
Bullock Il y a 6 mois
He liked he is doin it
Tobe Zehringer
Tobe Zehringer Il y a 6 mois
that sounds safe. Keep up the great work
Koba Forever
Koba Forever Il y a 5 mois
man's a genius. destroys old stock trucks... builds/buy super trucks with profits.
Jeremy Lakenes
Jeremy Lakenes Il y a 5 mois
Stock...1200 horse...
Tony Davis
Tony Davis Il y a 5 mois
Monster Max is gonna be bad ass
Rodney Wallace
Rodney Wallace Il y a 5 mois
Sick videos bro
Angel Ochoa
Angel Ochoa Il y a 5 mois
Bay a Humbee
Zach Sanchez
Zach Sanchez Il y a 5 mois
Same thing happened to me except I never got my truck back sad part is last time I saw the truck I was still in the army in 2015
Jeff White
Jeff White Il y a 5 mois
One of your best videos.
Shane Hinojosa
Shane Hinojosa Il y a 5 mois
i know where that shop is at i lived close to that shop old carlton michigan my son lived there till he moved to flat rock
Mason Rupp
Mason Rupp Il y a 5 mois
U shoud use the old body of the blue truck and put it on to Charls frame
Nick Lenius
Nick Lenius Il y a 5 mois
If Monstermax doesn't have an AOOOOGA horn, I'll be dissapointed.
Michael Mayo
Michael Mayo Il y a 5 mois
They probably spent all day long smoking crack in the cab of your truck.
Michael Mayo
Michael Mayo Il y a 5 mois
Maybe they used the truck to rob banks in Mexico.
Michael Mayo
Michael Mayo Il y a 5 mois
Don't be a a real welder...which a weld ,a good one shouldn't need any grinding.
Brian Stevens
Brian Stevens Il y a 5 mois
Update ??????????????? ???????????????????
Zidan Alexander Lanza
Zidan Alexander Lanza Il y a 5 mois
You should buy a 6x6
Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson Il y a 5 mois
Nice trucks
Heisenbergdl Il y a 5 mois
That sucks, i really want to get involved in youtube, i have the skill and could have made 1 call and done it.
Heisenbergdl Il y a 5 mois
So ur gonna put a drag engine in a stock frame? Its more likely the frame will twist a bit.
Michael Marhefka
Michael Marhefka Il y a 5 mois
17:30. It will be done tomorrow cause they work really fast here 😅
mickey ensley
mickey ensley Il y a 5 mois
Does whistlin have two hickeys on his neck? XD
Logan Knott
Logan Knott Il y a 5 mois
Looking at his neck hard
Glenn & Carolinda Powell
Now u talking. .. big tires the right way
randy donley
randy donley Il y a 5 mois
Now , that's an bad ass truck.
ToXiiC_ShoTzs Il y a 5 mois
How much would all that cost having a big truck like that for that year model like the shocks and the leaf strings and are you planning on driving through a lake
Mike Aziz
Mike Aziz Il y a 5 mois
Next video. Jumping monster max over $102,000 semi f250
Crystal Ellis
Crystal Ellis Il y a 5 mois
Whistlin fixing em up damn somebody trash talk him quick so he will do some damage this is not natural
IG: Chances_lost
IG: Chances_lost Il y a 5 mois
I know this is stupid but you ever gonna host a mudding event? Wanna see your trucks in person im buying a a 2011 duramax
C Kush
C Kush Il y a 5 mois
In my opinion this guy of the most rarest human beings on the planet.....he's never going to get old because he doesn't have a care in the world, and he thrives and gets $$$ paid$$ off of the hate!!! And regardless of what anyone says.....he going to keep destroying his trucks for all the truck enthusiasts!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Devin Tolliver
Devin Tolliver Il y a 6 mois
I live in Carleton mi! I'm a big fan would love to meet you
Goodstuff Betterstuff
Goodstuff Betterstuff Il y a 6 mois
Send me some LB7 parts. I miss boosted launches. Keep up the good times.
randee reynolds
randee reynolds Il y a 6 mois
that is some nice junk
Ray Charles
Ray Charles Il y a 6 mois
"If ya need any money let me know, I'll go get the credit card from ma daddy."
X Mo
X Mo Il y a 6 mois
In the car hobby world.. that's called car-jail when your project gets stuck at some shop for months or years. I'm glad you got it out and moved foward.
X Mo
X Mo Il y a 6 mois
Reverse evolved. It healed itself. Like Christine
Iv nitrous vI
Iv nitrous vI Il y a 6 mois
Monstermax is a beast
Micheal Cox
Micheal Cox Il y a 6 mois
After all youve put them 2 thro they have earned there keep especially monster max he takes the abuse but still rolling
Brayden Mann
Brayden Mann Il y a 6 mois
You said sell the truck
isaiah mountford
isaiah mountford Il y a 6 mois
Good stuff as always
Taylor Bridger
Taylor Bridger Il y a 6 mois
There needs to be a Carl take 2!!! Haha
Brian O
Brian O Il y a 6 mois
Your growing on me, I didnt like you at all at first honestly haha but this video is genuine.
꧁ĐŔĀĢØŃ_ĞĄMÎŃĞ꧂ [simple sandbox 2]
removed front bumper
Shawn Lack
Shawn Lack Il y a 6 mois
These trucks are fucking lit, can’t wait to meet you and the trucks.
Jeff Love
Jeff Love Il y a 6 mois
You live in Michigan. . Im from bay city mi . Love your videos. Great content always. There always will be haters.
Buck Il y a 6 mois
camera guy always breathes like an english bulldog
Ben Macaskill
Ben Macaskill Il y a 6 mois
Where waiting for the monster max man when is that gunna be done to test against the new f350 ??? Monster truck bumper truck time
Carl Stevens
Carl Stevens Il y a 6 mois
You must have loads of cash . Them trucks ain't cheap.
But Plugger
But Plugger Il y a 6 mois
Would have been sweet if monstermax rolled off the lift when he started it
samuel mcnabb
samuel mcnabb Il y a 6 mois
Want happened. To carl
Carrie Kayser
Carrie Kayser Il y a 6 mois
Pote biger wels
Adam Fears
Adam Fears Il y a 6 mois
Only use 5 star shops with plenty of positive reviews BEFORE you agree to have ANY work done
David Boone jr
David Boone jr Il y a 6 mois
it’s nice as hell
fishingtoothe_maxx Il y a 6 mois
Maybe a coyote?!
Jo /
Jo / Il y a 6 mois
Wow this monstermax setup will be sick 💪
David Schafer
David Schafer Il y a 6 mois
All those dudes working on it. Well they know.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Il y a 6 mois
So obviously gonna be a huge big block gas in the Ford.......?
Arkansas Mud Kings
Arkansas Mud Kings Il y a 6 mois
It seems so weird seeing the trucks actually in one piece. And the new f350? Like... who is this new whistlin diesel?
Baylen Meyer
Baylen Meyer Il y a 6 mois
Man I miss Carl that truck seemed like it was hella fun! #carltheoggocart
Best Damn Shingler
Best Damn Shingler Il y a 6 mois
What year is the ford? 77?
Chase the Trent
Chase the Trent Il y a 6 mois
Are you going to torture the trucks again
David Johnson
David Johnson Il y a 6 mois
What engine does the ford have?