When You THINK You Are 'FAST' And This 'HAPPENS'

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When you think that youre fast but this happens! Fast driving. Street race.
Cars in video: Miata, mx5, nissan gtr, bike, cbr, yamaha, kawasaki, nissan 350z, 370z, mercedes c63 amg, bmw.

اتومبیل ها و وسایل نقلیه



29 janv. 2019





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StaticJET Il y a 5 mois
Não Sei
Não Sei Il y a 6 jours
@Darryl Smith can't touch this nananana
StaticJET Il y a 7 jours
Darryl Smith Glad youre in a good positive vibe today! lol😂 All love my man! 🙏🏻
Darryl Smith
Darryl Smith Il y a 7 jours
@StaticJET Not today I'm not, because I haven't had to listen to "Can't touch this" again lol
StaticJET Il y a 7 jours
Darryl Smith Damn Darryl, you seem really angry...
Darryl Smith
Darryl Smith Il y a 8 jours
@StaticJET You ruined some great clips there with WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY tooo mucchhh uuuusssseeeee ooofff tthhheeeee sssaaammmmmeee ttthhhhiiinnnnggggg over and over aaaaaaggggggggaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFS 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Regg Brown
Regg Brown Il y a 12 heures
First couple of times, I was thinking "they are not gonna play MC Hammer through the entire video,' then it got annoying, then I read someone's comment that hated it even more, then I started LMAO! And I'm okay with it now. Awesome video!!!
It's Private
It's Private Il y a jour
8:47 AMERICA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
xKobie Il y a jour
Nigga damn caint touch this
Olaf Zindel
Olaf Zindel Il y a jour
3.47 Brabus G Klasse ????
The first one. Omg they just destroyed whoever that was
JuiceBox_Koolaid Il y a 2 jours
Of course there's a supra in the thumbnail. And also: CaN't TouCh ThIS
SkiLL _YT Il y a 2 jours
I like how the bike was catching up the gtr but he cut the video just so gtr fans dont gef dissapointed
HOCKEY_SNIPERZ Il y a 2 jours
Can’t touch this
Brian manning
Brian manning Il y a 2 jours
I would go to the auto bon for this video
Brian manning
Brian manning Il y a 2 jours
You are an idiot
lisa Il y a 3 jours
Toyota4runner TrdPro16
Toyota4runner TrdPro16 Il y a 3 jours
If you don’t like MC Hammer then hit mute before you play this 🤦🏻‍♂️
DoMnO DaGaMeR Il y a 3 jours
6:45 bad parenting to the max.
Yago Garcia
Yago Garcia Il y a 3 jours
1:45 WTF Why there was a F1 in the street!?
Dark and Light Films
Dark and Light Films Il y a 2 jours
I think its a track that is also a actual highway/road, maybe Nurburgring(hyphen?) in Germany. :)
Hielke Grijpstra
Hielke Grijpstra Il y a 3 jours
When you are fast but somebody is a little faster and you still both appreciate each others builds.
Liviu Burlea
Liviu Burlea Il y a 3 jours
Most of them are just idiots
Patrick Skrundz
Patrick Skrundz Il y a 4 jours
FreezeDerp Il y a 4 jours
3:22 why are they lagging
Vali T
Vali T Il y a 4 jours
Video should be named "When You THINK You Can Touch This".
Sawood Ahmad
Sawood Ahmad Il y a 3 jours
Nicholas Negron
Nicholas Negron Il y a 5 jours
Nobody: Kid at 7:06
Sharanu.V. Kalagi
Sharanu.V. Kalagi Il y a 5 jours
9.33sec drifting is altimate
Spooky Car Boi
Spooky Car Boi Il y a 5 jours
stealing content from a thieve, nice
Ahmed Abdullah
Ahmed Abdullah Il y a 6 jours
This Guy ruined the cant touch this videos
Diamond Deuce
Diamond Deuce Il y a 6 jours
The Land Rover at 3:50 🤣
Nathan Brosh
Nathan Brosh Il y a 6 jours
We get it we can’t touch this
Pc Principal
Pc Principal Il y a 6 jours
Can’t touch this on every clip ? 👎🏾
Eddie Gaming
Eddie Gaming Il y a 7 jours
thug life 4:01
aashish mittal
aashish mittal Il y a 7 jours
logan bigsbee
logan bigsbee Il y a 7 jours
i liked wothin 5 seconds of clicking on the video xD
Orangeblasterlb Il y a 7 jours
4:00 is forza already on VR?
death 2473
death 2473 Il y a 7 jours
When you film with a potato 5:01
Młody Young
Młody Young Il y a 7 jours
Siema pomoże ktoś wbić 1000 subskrypcji? Dzięki jeśli pomożesz
Ronny FilCo
Ronny FilCo Il y a 7 jours
I can't believe I'm still seeing those yugos...they were so cheap I coulda bought one as a
Teddellet Il y a 7 jours
What is about that 'can‘t Touch this' ??
Zrinko Dragić
Zrinko Dragić Il y a 7 jours
Mrš u pičku materinu i ti i Can't Touch This!!!
zielonis Il y a 8 jours
5.38, if you land in the water you dont take damage.
PhiLodox40 Il y a 8 jours
Let's see if you can touch this like button
Touya Kazuki
Touya Kazuki Il y a 8 jours
Why is there an F1 racer in a road is that normal?
saucedoboss Il y a 8 jours
The opening vid is my favorite of all time 😂😂
Leigh Johnson
Leigh Johnson Il y a 8 jours
Love the clips but fuk the music off repeat repeat repeat. 👎🏻
aleXatoreks Il y a 8 jours
I disliked cuz it was only *cant touch this* and that was really annoying
Alexandru Vedinas
Alexandru Vedinas Il y a 8 jours
Sorry, couldn't watch it till the end, due to tooooooo much and tooo early "can't touch this"!!!!!!!
Brodie Dollar
Brodie Dollar Il y a 9 jours
Nicky Critic
Nicky Critic Il y a 9 jours
Wow! Could have done without the painfully unfunny British commentary.
Deyan Ivanov
Deyan Ivanov Il y a 9 jours
ya really cant tatch dis
Peter Leo vanua
Peter Leo vanua Il y a 10 jours
Can't touch me u better hide.. hahaha
Stephen Paxman
Stephen Paxman Il y a 10 jours
Trent Hitchcock
Trent Hitchcock Il y a 10 jours
The farm truck is so not a sleeper lol whenever I see an old American vehicle with a lopey idle I dont expect it to be slow or fast I just pray and wait lmao, could either be slow or fast asf (welkom to the world of hot roding lol)
Lim Chinseng
Lim Chinseng Il y a 10 jours
I love supra