When Mean Girls Become Murderers

Kendall Rae
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8 févr. 2021




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Commentaires 100
Kendall Rae
Kendall Rae Il y a 16 jours
Happy Birthday Skylar 💜🙏🏼🥺
rosikun Il y a 5 heures
@嫣 11111qlp
Abrielle Saavedra
Abrielle Saavedra Il y a 6 heures
Happy late birthday skylar 🥺💜
Starry Eyes
Starry Eyes Il y a 12 heures
Happy birthday Skylar
• Yełłø Animatës •
Happy birthday Skylar ❤️ hope you know you’re loved
Luke hardwood
Luke hardwood Il y a 15 heures
Happy birthday skylar ❤️❤️❤️
Peach9977 Il y a 38 minutes
You know, a simple “We dont wanna be friends anymore” would of sufficed,,,
Em Yeu
Em Yeu Il y a heure
I’m surprised both parents knowing that there were rumours that their children were being implicated...knife missing in their house.... 😐
BasicB Il y a 2 heures
They really were the next level BACKSTABBERS, weren't they?
Cheska Il y a 3 heures
I cant believe there are people who keep on supporting Sheila on twitter. There are even fanpages of her on twitter like the fuck. And Rachel, honey, even if you apologize a hundred times, they will never forgive you for what you did. I hate when murderers say they are sorry. You cant take her life back. What's done is done. May Skylar Rest In Peace and Belated Happy Birthday 🥺♥️
Shane Ticknor
Shane Ticknor Il y a 3 heures
Finally Thank you
Fatima Il y a 3 heures
Rachel is not a victim she had so much opportunities to stop Sheila but she didn’t she just sat back and watched skylar slowly die of blood loss mind you she also stabbed her
Amanda Escue
Amanda Escue Il y a 4 heures
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sreekutty sree
sreekutty sree Il y a 5 heures
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C Eh
C Eh Il y a 5 heures
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Penelope k
Penelope k Il y a 6 heures
The cat in the background so cute hello kitty🐱🥰😍
Delila Mctague
Delila Mctague Il y a 6 heures
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melinda montana
melinda montana Il y a 7 heures
I'm a little confused. You once did a story about the 4 year boy that was killed and molested by a 13 year old boy and you thought he deserved to get out and live his life. You said everyone has done something they regret in their past. But yet here, you think these two teens should never get out. ???
SaltyMia Il y a 7 heures
Imagine deciding to murder someone instead of just saying "Oh we don't really wanna be friends with you anymore" Like yeah that would've hurt, but not as much as getting STABBED would.
Maddy Harrah
Maddy Harrah Il y a 8 heures
👁👄👁 me being from WV and not knowing about this story. I was so shook when I heard you say “West Virginia”.
Ky Wright
Ky Wright Il y a 8 heures
this story is truly sad. but what freaks me out is the fact that my name is skylur (spelled with a u) i have a friend named rachel (we aren’t super close) and i work at wendy’s....and i live in PA
amelia ruocco
amelia ruocco Il y a 8 heures
the people on tumblr who speak like rachel and sheila were victims. it’s disgusting
C N Il y a 8 heures
I remember this very sad story these girls are serious crazy narcissist... they planned everything they committed...and were looking everyone in the face lying. And killed her out of jealousy and envy. She deserves better justice
Beth Hicks
Beth Hicks Il y a 8 heures
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Merrian Webster
Merrian Webster Il y a 9 heures
Honestly saying you don’t understand the gravity of murder isn’t a good answer.
Merrian Webster
Merrian Webster Il y a 9 heures
Honestly a 15-16 year old who a promiscuous and a drug user is kinda concerning. Some people just become drug addicts and some are a lot worse
Chloe Proxee
Chloe Proxee Il y a 10 heures
Friend groups of three never work 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
El huevo Marron
El huevo Marron Il y a 8 heures
PINKLADY PRIME Il y a 10 heures
Idk why i kept coming back to this video.
tammy n.
tammy n. Il y a 10 heures
i wonder if the psych ward that rachel was admitted to was able to release anything that rachel might have said during her 5 day stay? not entirely sure about the whole confidentiality thing and if that would still apply in a criminal case or if they needed rachel’s permission to release any info about her psych evaluation but i am curious if she displayed any paranoid behavior that might’ve given even more clues
Kayla Cornell
Kayla Cornell Il y a 10 heures
Been to the same prison. They are talked about a lot.
· Phantom _ Lorikeet ·
· Phantom _ Lorikeet · Il y a 11 heures
I have no clue on how I got here but holy crap did I leave crying
The Asthetic Squad
The Asthetic Squad Il y a 11 heures
I love your cat and your dog!
Kyla Gray
Kyla Gray Il y a 11 heures
This happened not far from my home. I have visited her memorial site. Very sad.
kenzie adams
kenzie adams Il y a 11 heures
"Being mentally ill is not an excuse to act like a jackass" - Pete Davidson. I immediately thought of this when Skylar's mom was being more lenient because she knew they were mentally ill
mackenzie conroy
mackenzie conroy Il y a 12 heures
Ppl scare me
Mariana A
Mariana A Il y a 12 heures
Jesus is coming soon! Please be prepared and turn away from sin!! 🙏🏼💕
The only izuku Midoriya ÙnÚ
I will now kick one of ma friends out of my 3 person friend group-
MomsAgainstJuuls Il y a 13 heures
the movie death clique is based on this
Kaitlyn Cameron
Kaitlyn Cameron Il y a 13 heures
I know them! I live about 1 hour away from Morgantown WV! And i was in Laken Correctional Center with them! What they did was unforgivable, but Racheal really is a sweet girl and she bakes amazing birthday cakes for the girls birthdays in the prison.. it’s Sheila who is evil! When I was in Laken nobody barely even talked to Sheila, and she was in a protective custody pod.. They don’t even let Rachel and Sheila around each other at Laken, they are in separate pods and the guards have orders not to even let them go down the halls at the same time.. or at least that’s how it was when I was there, and I left in 2017.. Sheila was the mastermind behind the whole thing! you can see the evil in her eyes, and that’s coming from someone who has seen her eyes personally.
Lucía Martín
Lucía Martín Il y a 13 heures
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Courtney Gahan
Courtney Gahan Il y a 14 heures
Okay the dad is actually breaking my heart. You can tell his daughter was his whole world. The rest of this is very upsetting, but hearing him talk, and just the pain behind his voice his making me cry real tears.
The Wilson family
The Wilson family Il y a 14 heures
I just can’t believe this actually happened RIP Schuyler we will never forget you
Denise Ross
Denise Ross Il y a 14 heures
good thing i was not on the jury. what mercy did they show her?
Denise Ross
Denise Ross Il y a 14 heures
i heard on this video that skylar said if i get angry enough i will tell everything i know. that would be that the other two girls were intimate and the school would find out. that's why she was killed.
itsbean1week !
itsbean1week ! Il y a 14 heures
49:45 did that lady just eat a hair?!?!?!
She Ny.
She Ny. Il y a 14 heures
My name is Sheila too.
meriam cobain
meriam cobain Il y a 14 heures
in moments like these im so thankful for not having any friends
Denise Ross
Denise Ross Il y a 15 heures
are you from florida or virginia?your grammar is awful : "her and sheila". no no no doesn't it even sound wrong to you?
Olivia X
Olivia X Il y a 10 heures
Wow you’re one to talk... Did your teacher never teach you about proper capitalization and spacing? 😂
Denise Ross
Denise Ross Il y a 15 heures
For the future. she sneaked out not she snucked out. of course, now she can do neither.
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline Il y a 15 heures
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Momma Juice Podcast
Momma Juice Podcast Il y a 15 heures
I hemorrhaged after giving birth to my twins. I needed a blood transfusion because I almost bled out. Bleeding to death would be incredibly painful and scary. It also would have been brutal to watch! Her body would have been convulsing.
Kerri McLane
Kerri McLane Il y a 15 heures
This is completely off subject, but look like Jennifer Aniston? Seriously...
Leticia’sWayOfLife Il y a 16 heures
How horrible and disgusting do you have to be to do this. Just because you didn’t like a girl you basically grew up with. The only reason Rachel feel sorry is because she got caught. I hope they both get what they deserve
lil Janely
lil Janely Il y a 16 heures
This case was so strange to listen to considering name is Skylar and my grandmother is named Shelia! Anyway may justice prevail.
Antoinette T
Antoinette T Il y a 17 heures
I remember this. So sad. Her friends litterly stabbed her in the back
Cloudy Kid
Cloudy Kid Il y a 17 heures
It makes me sick that they killed her because “they didn’t like her” that is honestly so wrong... she never deserved to die
peyton rein
peyton rein Il y a 18 heures
I feel like Rachel is "semi maybe less" guilty than Shelia, but also VERY guilty. they both had time to blackout, yet didn't. they're psychos but at least Rachel said sorry.
Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack Il y a 18 heures
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Moxi_na *
Moxi_na * Il y a 19 heures
“In Morgantown West Virginia” IM FROM THERE HOLY-
Kimberly Perez
Kimberly Perez Il y a 19 heures
Comment for the algorithm
Vasthi93 Sunaert
Vasthi93 Sunaert Il y a 19 heures
I watched you on Facebook and then it hit me she must have a FRvid channel too. This story really baffled me 😱. I was and still am shook! The way they acted like they were trying to help the search when they killed het so brutally is something I can’t comprehend! To ask comfort from the mother of the child you killed in such a way is just diabolicle to me. And they ended in the same prison! Like what! Mindblown and not in a good way!
Victoria Moli
Victoria Moli Il y a 19 heures
one of my favorite things is telling children who can't speak yet or my pets to say hi lol
Michelle Abad
Michelle Abad Il y a 20 heures
It's a good thing guilt started to eat away at rachel cause the detectives in charge didn't have a damn clue. How could they not have thought something was clearly wrong with their story when surveillance video showed them actually picking her up at the time they claimed to have dropped her off??!!!
InkyVoid Il y a 20 heures
New cameras yet the video grainy 🙂
Inyourlap Il y a 21 heure
Why stop talking to your friends when you can simply stab them and let them die in the dirt? These girls logic is scary. Feelings at this age can be passionate and intense but this is awful because it was premeditated and the murderers treated this as if it wasn’t important. Clueless yet manipulative.
Adelynn Zane
Adelynn Zane Il y a 21 heure
My opinion; Rachel was dragged into it by Shiela
Anna Wentz
Anna Wentz Il y a 21 heure
When this case was happening I was in my first year of middle school in Pennsylvania. The teachers used it as a lecture against bullying and how girls in particular are really catty toward eachother. I remember looking at my friends and being kind of offended that we (young girls) were being compared to literal psychopaths.
Maria Gendusa
Maria Gendusa Il y a 21 heure
I appreciate your honesty and curse words, like fuck these girls.
Angie Lee
Angie Lee Il y a 21 heure
These aren't even friends they are borderline murders
Megan Kennedy
Megan Kennedy Il y a 21 heure
imagine being killed at the smoke spot id be pissed af
Higg 420
Higg 420 Il y a 21 heure
You'd be dead af
lidia pena valladares
lidia pena valladares Il y a 22 heures
She knew something and it was something big
lifewithkenzie Il y a 22 heures
What disgusting kids.... Seriously. My heart goes out to Skylars Family
Atticus Kirkpatrick
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Katirvana Il y a jour
the cat just licking himself behind Kendall’s back is just making me laugh rn.
peachyevren Il y a jour
Only 20 years???
x0x ʍɨռ x0x
x0x ʍɨռ x0x Il y a jour
peachyevren Il y a jour
Polygraph tests are so inaccurate.
yuri ramirez
yuri ramirez Il y a jour
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lawnmower Il y a jour
idk how this stuff works in america, but i ran away from home once and brought my phone. my phone was turned off but the police said they can still track people with their phones off, it seems to me like the police in this case werent trying :|
eolchsfilms Il y a jour
okay lesson learned; avoid three member friend groups at ALL costs.
Trish Thomas-Mink
Trish Thomas-Mink Il y a jour
Three people is a weird dynamic with roommates and friends because of exactly what Kendall is talking about.
Elena Perez
Elena Perez Il y a jour
Skylar deserved so much better.. rip
mili V
mili V Il y a jour
They will never be let out on parole. There is no way.
Wendi Pasa
Wendi Pasa Il y a jour
Skylar the Angels were holding you u were not alone ! Skylar you ate an angel baby girl .. The girls should Never get out of jail . you did a really good expose on this case .. May the Lord comfort the neeses
Lilia Violet
Lilia Violet Il y a jour
Every single time I hear anything about this, I think of my own kids. How you can raise your babies with so much love, and good parenting.. but the outside world can still take them. 🥺 My heart breaks for her parents, and for all of the life Skylar didnt get to live. I have absolutely no sympathy for those girls. May they rot for what they did.
Wendi Pasa
Wendi Pasa Il y a jour
You did really thorough
Wendi Pasa
Wendi Pasa Il y a jour
This is his so very wrong and sad
Wendi Pasa
Wendi Pasa Il y a jour
Poor Skylab how terrible wow !!!
Liam Caswell
Liam Caswell Il y a jour
My first video of yours that i've watched, really enjoyed it. You got a sub from me. Soo horrific the mentality of people is beyond me.
Shan Rodgers
Shan Rodgers Il y a jour
I think that Shiela's mom, Tara, knew what the girls had done. Even Mary said that she didn't trust her.
My Brain
My Brain Il y a jour
Rest in peace Skylar, I'm so sorry for the parents. It's really painful losing someone very important to you, I have felt that before. Shelia is insane, how could you ever do that to the person you've grown so close to? You could have just said, "I don't wanna be friends with you anymore." Like why kill her? I'm sure Skylar asked herself many, MANY TIMES why they killed her. Their response is just beyond devastating. Rachel could've stopped Shelia, but she didn't. Rachel isn't a victim, she is part of the crime. She deserves more time in jail.
Ivette Moreno
Ivette Moreno Il y a jour
Oh this is the girl(Sheila) who’s related to Alexis eddy. I remember her talking about her in an episode of are you the one. Rip Alexis and Skylar
Dr Gonzo
Dr Gonzo Il y a jour
Rachel was suffering from her actions of murdering someone in cold fucking blood? Boo fucking hoo you little murderer.
Angela Poveromo
Angela Poveromo Il y a jour
Omg 😲this is disgusting!!! I actually don't know what or how to respond to this heinous crime! This is just SAD 😥 I definitely feel that the girl should stay in prison forever! If it was a man even a woman 18 or older who committed PREMEDITATED MURDER.... they would get life or at least 50 + years... RIP SKYLAR 🙏
Sammi Rose
Sammi Rose Il y a jour
most of the time, people who commit murders are OVERLY helpful to make it seem like they didn't do it
A&R Il y a jour
That is so sick why would they kill her just because they didn’t like her that’s so messed up and the fact that Shiela just kept stabbing her and then cried in Skylar’s room with Skylar’s mom also that she grew up with her is even more messed up.
Anabelle Standen
Anabelle Standen Il y a jour
Her dog said “I can be the new cat”
People think I’m tommyinnit
I’m kind of scared to go to high school because I feel like I be murder
Ashley Miconi
Ashley Miconi Il y a jour
You look just like Paris Jackson 🥰
JusticeTheDoggo Il y a jour
I would probably give my kidney to my best friend if he ever needs it to survive . The fact that he is more brother than my real brother . We do fight a lot and show sometimes we hate each other but still :/
Psychology is so interesting. I think hysteria really makes you do some bat-shit things. The murder was outrageous and I’m not sure why they would do that but I do understand the clinging to the case. I can relate to Rachel much more and I think the apology is absolutely heartfelt. Rachel’s actions are not to be justified, such things are so extremely cruel and no one should be defending the actions. My point is, people handle stress in different ways and adolescence can really fuck you up; teens need to have someone/where to rely on so their emotions don’t dictate their actions. RIP Skylar, you deserved so much better and I hope that you are well in rest
ClumsyCartoonist Il y a jour
As a redhead I don't claim Rachel
Natalie Giles
Natalie Giles Il y a jour
I know this isn't the main point but that is some white privilege, letting the girls live at home and be homeschooled. Brown kids would be locked up right away 😭
Rain Alvarez
Rain Alvarez Il y a jour
my senior year of high school a girl was shot and killed by her brother (both students)
Halima Fadel
Halima Fadel Il y a jour
Trust your gut.
moonsmiley7 Il y a jour
I remember sharing a missing poster for Skylar on Facebook when she was missing. And I never knew what happened to her until it popped up in my memories a couple of months ago. So I googled her name to see if she was ever found and I found out about this story. So sad
yes Il y a jour
this was all of Rachel's fault if she didn't come along and ruin the friendship between Shelia and Skylar this would've never happened. im not defending shelia either, she was too fucking blind and didn't see Rachel was ruining everything. rest in peace Skylar
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