What's shaking in South Florida? It wasn't an earthquake.

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Residents in Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties felt a rumbling Friday afternoon, but geophysicists confirmed that it was not an earthquake.



15 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 100
Tony Smith
Tony Smith Il y a 4 jours
They are happening all over the world look into it I happen to know what’s causing them but people won’t listen and face the fact that a battle between good and evil is being waged under our feet
æ Il y a 9 jours
This comment section is insane
Qin Shi
Qin Shi Il y a 10 jours
It was the ghosts looking for bad guy’s
Øbi Il y a 14 jours
We have that rumble in Quebec too
Sunnygirl911 Miranda911
Sunnygirl911 Miranda911 Il y a 14 jours
Another sinkhole coming?
Missy Celeste
Missy Celeste Il y a 15 jours
If an earthquake happened in florida we would die :)
Tycoon Titian01
Tycoon Titian01 Il y a 19 jours
Ah yes all the Florida christians
Dingle Barry
Dingle Barry Il y a 21 jour
That’s NOT what sonic booms sound like.
danakiro Il y a 24 jours
I felt the shaking and a rare gust of wind and I live in Kendall but around 30 minutes before it happens dogs and cats in my neighborhood and others around the lake start barking and meowing different and loud at the same time.
Your Loyal Follower
Your Loyal Follower Il y a 25 jours
Just because some man on the TV told you it wasn’t an earthquake doesn’t mean it isn’t an earthquake
robert4you Il y a 26 jours
Here is my prediction: 2021 will be more crazy than 2020... in almost all areas.
Dalila Tijerina
Dalila Tijerina Il y a 28 jours
Heaven’s Armies! God is moving in this nation for He has good plans for us and brining justice. Do you not know Florida, you have a powerful woman of God, who sends the heavenly host to war against evil in the spirit realm? Praise the Almighty God!
Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea Il y a 29 jours
Oooh Is that Jesus?? Jesus loves you he died for you. He wakes you up every morning. If you don't repent and find God you will go to hell and burn and you can never leave. I'm telling you the truth I don't want you in hell
Sharon Bice
Sharon Bice Il y a 29 jours
Wow not only is this happening, but our military is being placed all over the U.S., a distribution center is shipping off millions of Cadaba bags to every state. There are loud ultrasonic noises happening in a lot of places,and no one knows what's causing it, there are space ships showing up all over the world, volcanos that have been quit are now acting up. Geez.....WTH is going on? This is getting me scared now. You can find all of this on FRvid.
Sharon Bice
Sharon Bice Il y a 29 jours
Because Florida is not located near any tectonic plate boundaries, earthquakes are very rare, but not totally unknown. In January, 1879, a shock occurred near St. Augustine. There were reports of heavy shaking that knocked plaster off the walls.
Sonic booms dont last 15 seconds!
ZOSO 1971
ZOSO 1971 Il y a mois
blowing up the DUMBS. deep underground military bunker.
Riko Alamalz
Riko Alamalz Il y a mois
Jesus is coming folks.
Olga Nelson
Olga Nelson Il y a mois
A sonic boom doesn't last 15 seconds. They occur suddenly and for a split second. I lived near Macdill Air Force Base in Tampa Florida and would hear sonic booms time to time with the jets flying over.
nataly Silva
nataly Silva Il y a mois
Jesus is coming back! ✝ Get your house in order! Anyone who calls in the name of the Lord will be saved! 💒✝⛪ Jesus loves you! 💒✝💝💕💞
æ Il y a 9 jours
People have been saying that for centuries now. When’s it happening?
Justin Beaver
Justin Beaver Il y a mois
Katt Kerr prophesied this only days before it happened. The explanation is a spiritual one.
Dana Hilp
Dana Hilp Il y a mois
It was trump with one of his massive dumps.
So Fly
So Fly Il y a mois
Getting ready for the Brady Buccaneers
Tyler Erb
Tyler Erb Il y a mois
Be realistic people, it’s obviously Casper the friendly ghost
G VAN Il y a mois
Billions of Angels put their feet down .....
Frank Arias
Frank Arias Il y a mois
Frank Arias
Frank Arias Il y a mois
I farted
Katherine Braxton
Katherine Braxton Il y a mois
That's Jesus knocking on y'all door. Fear not is mentioned 365 times in the Bible. God has our backs. Restore your faith in HIM.
New Age Rise
New Age Rise Il y a mois
HAARP most likely the masses are stupid according to its inventor.
Maria Rivera
Maria Rivera Il y a mois
🤔 it an earthquake I think not ?This could be an spiritual warfare happening...too me it sounds like something wants to get in the house?..what do all say it is?...
Apex King206
Apex King206 Il y a mois
Probably people runnin round on flaka
MANUELA Gomes Il y a mois
Maybe underground tunnels been blown up !!!!
Pam Whittemore
Pam Whittemore Il y a mois
A sonic boom would be heard and could be powerful enough to knock you out of bed or off your feet. I, as a teenager, experienced several of them in the 60s when they were testing different planes over Detroit, Michigan. One boom, the strongest, was at 4 am in the morning and knocked me out of bed. I fell out of bed, inbetween the twin beds in my room and they closed up over me, leaving me to have to crawl out from under the one I had been sleeping in, because it was on the outside of the room. I was terrified we had been nuked and it was the end of us! I was 16 years old! No explaination from anyone at that time of what had happened.
Tino Pacino
Tino Pacino Il y a mois
Florida Going to turn Into one Big sink Hole
T.J. Sortino
T.J. Sortino Il y a mois
Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. Revelation 3:20
Crow Manson
Crow Manson Il y a mois
Florida man eats his weight in beans and cornbread and farts soo loud he creates a sonic boom felt by thousands.
Crow Manson
Crow Manson Il y a mois
Do you think Florida man trusted that fart?
christine wilde
christine wilde Il y a mois
A sonic boom is instant, it doesn't last for 15 seconds. Who the hell is saying that? Are they stupid?
Carson Harold
Carson Harold Il y a mois
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Jeff Petersen
Jeff Petersen Il y a mois
Big ufo showed up
Mariaemily Persia
Mariaemily Persia Il y a mois
The prophecy is true that God is going to render His judgment to the wicked.
Aj Curran
Aj Curran Il y a mois
It’s Jesus he’s coming 🙌
Walter Kovacks
Walter Kovacks Il y a mois
You know that’s a sin right ??
MaxDeusPhallus Il y a mois
Club K container trojan cruise missile fired to threaten Trump. Gultainer manages port Canaveral and port Wilmington Delaware. Conspiracy theory? Google it yourself, especially Jafar of Gulftainer, inc. and Rostech.
aznviet93 Il y a mois
I actually felt that rumble/a huge thug as well 😱
Bloom whereyouareplanted
God's shaking the foundations, prepare your hearts and make sure to repent of your sins daily brothers and sisters! Judgment is coming be ready much love
gene sutton
gene sutton Il y a mois
Detonation of DUMBS!
User Unknown
User Unknown Il y a mois
Joan Williams
Joan Williams Il y a mois
If you watched these FRvid videos they said you might hear or sound like earthquakes but the military is going underground to deal with evil underground. We have tunnels everywhere. This is where they are doing their evil. This is cleaning the swamp all over. These FRvid really helped me to see what is going on, so please don't panic when it gets worse. Please remember trump has our back. Things will get better. Trump loves America and us. Please remember this and pray for our military and America. God bless you
Kicking Against The Pricks
Might want to check your door, sounds loose. 🤓
Esteban We don’t need no stinking badges
Rosie O’Donnell doing aerobics?
pepper and purrbox
pepper and purrbox Il y a mois
Lmao! "Earth shakes due to man made construction" Christians: It's the end of the World!
MaxDeusPhallus Il y a mois
See my post...cause is much more concerning. Club K trojan cruise missile system...Gulftainer runs port Canaveral Fl and port Wilmington in Delaware, do the Google searches yourself. Jafar...chickens coming home to roost.
Tuyen Pham
Tuyen Pham Il y a mois
It was devil's dancing steps. He rejoiced over the sins of the world.
-- Il y a mois
Hank Kunneman knows what it was. Ask him.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Il y a mois
Jim James
Jim James Il y a mois
D Trump rolled off a fat blond and fell onto the cat house 3rd story floor, shaking the room, the building, and all of south Florida. Expect numerous repeats of this in the future.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Il y a mois
everywhere. This is where they are doing their evil. This is cleaning the swamp all over. These FRvid really helped me to see what is going on, so please don't panic when
Fine pieces
Fine pieces Il y a mois
Public : Godzilla emerges from sea State news: it’s military aircraft
sharon goober
sharon goober Il y a mois
three years ago we heard very strange sound coming from the sky, there were no clouds, it was clear and it was summer yet we saw what looked like lightening then we heard a very creepy sound, it sounded like growling or machines grinding very loud, then we heard booms and more machine grinding sound....As a Christ follower I believe that those were mighty angels fighting the evil demons who reside between heaven and earth, it is called the second heaven per scripture. I live in the Pacific North West.
Wayne Mullins
Wayne Mullins Il y a mois
So many people have moved to Florida they have sucked billions and billions of gallons of water from the aquifer it's going to be the largest sinkhole you've ever seen in your life the Southern half of Florida from Kissimmee all the way to the south east coast of Florida
MARC ALCOBER Il y a mois
Patriot trucker Warrior Ke'Koa
Well I suppose,if they belive the media ,they will belive its a sonic boom!!! NOT !!!!!
Mentor Timothy
Mentor Timothy Il y a mois
Well, that was useless information; still no investigative reporting from lame stream media these days.
Phoenix Storm Jr.
Phoenix Storm Jr. Il y a mois
Phoenix Storm Jr.
Phoenix Storm Jr. Il y a mois
Thank you Hank Kunneman!!!
Phillip filkins
Phillip filkins Il y a mois
It was a top secret ram jet engine being tested
Barbara Kasem
Barbara Kasem Il y a mois
Elon Musk Starship!!
Canadian Pitbulls
Canadian Pitbulls Il y a mois
It’s the government using your tax dollars to build these politicians personal underground bunkers & city’s.
Rosma Sab
Rosma Sab Il y a mois
Don't be so innocent! The military is cleaning the tunnels, formally used by the Democrats & deep state/cult for their horrendous crimes against humanity.
Linda Breaux
Linda Breaux Il y a mois
It’s God that’s shaking everything !!!!
Just a guy
Just a guy Il y a mois
Sonic boom? Really? That's laughable.
Ronald Crisler
Ronald Crisler Il y a mois
Mia Meow
Mia Meow Il y a mois
Doubt they will keep us posted. Think it's HAARP
Monica Simmons
Monica Simmons Il y a mois
It was the Most High...People the Holy Ghost is letting y'all know to get yourself together.. Are maybe it was that Doom that those fool's is trying to break...
Trinity Espejo
Trinity Espejo Il y a mois
Demons manifesting
Christopher Green
Christopher Green Il y a mois
Any fracking going on in South Florida??
Krikett Il y a mois
Birth pains! Jesus!
Tara Bland
Tara Bland Il y a mois
The military playing?
Lori Valentine
Lori Valentine Il y a mois
rap sheet
rap sheet Il y a mois
👽 u know how much they like water and snow and crops
jazzdad24 Il y a mois
When ever the government tells you its Not something!!! You can pretty much Bet, It Is!!!👍😉
Orbital Potato
Orbital Potato Il y a mois
It was a sonic boom. The Shockwave can shake things
Bebe Flor Generoso
Bebe Flor Generoso Il y a mois
Mr. TM
Mr. TM Il y a mois
Sonic boom goes: Boom Earthquakes shake. As forcast on Dutchsinse by the Baconmaster.
Mr. TM
Mr. TM Il y a mois
Per: Guatemala's magnitude 6.1 depth 57km 10:10am. The seismic energy released was equivalent to 2.9 Hiroshima bombs.
Seek Truth it's the way
No sonic boom, the shaking and rattling was a unknown cliche in the Matrix
lilasianboy 48
lilasianboy 48 Il y a mois
Timthetataman was on a run false alarm
Jenny Kemp
Jenny Kemp Il y a mois
The DUMBS (deep underground military bases) being dismantled under the ground... trafficked children being saved...
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Il y a mois
It felt like an earthquake, but trust the media “it wasn’t “ what garbage have you become local news , pissing on my leg and telling me it’s raining
Koro Moro
Koro Moro Il y a mois
Literally not possible to have an earth quake in Florida. Earth quakes happen when two or more tectonic plates hit each other, and Florida is just on one massive tectonic plate. They really should have explained that here to be fair.
Aviation '94
Aviation '94 Il y a mois
The beginning of a horror movie.
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis Il y a mois
tRUMP is building a BUNKER lol for he needs a place to live permanently 😷😁😂🤣
Control Man
Control Man Il y a mois
Easy, Trump cam home !
Kat scarantini
Kat scarantini Il y a mois
Sonic booms do not last that long
Angela Benoit
Angela Benoit Il y a mois
Tunnels are being destroyed as we speak. They've been destroying them for months now
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Il y a mois
It felt like an earthquake, but trust the media “it wasn’t “ what garbage have you become local news , pissing on my leg and telling me it’s raining
PA Il y a mois
Sink holes.... run..
Dean Jones
Dean Jones Il y a mois
The Gates Of Hell is Opening
P. Richards
P. Richards Il y a mois
Too much twerking in South Florida
Jason Strong
Jason Strong Il y a mois
Probably Satan making his way out!
Chylaux Il y a mois
Oh no O_O
Fishing Fisherman
Fishing Fisherman Il y a mois
It's all going to solidify and fall into an OCEAN.
Neat Stuff
Neat Stuff Il y a mois
Trump Of God.
Neat Stuff
Neat Stuff Il y a mois
Those are sonic booms far away
Jeffrey Babino
Jeffrey Babino Il y a mois
Jesus is lord he is coming to come again
Jeffrey Babino
Jeffrey Babino Il y a mois
Yes God is going to shake the earth
Jeffrey Babino
Jeffrey Babino Il y a mois
What the heck is going on