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6 oct. 2019




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SamGame Dev
SamGame Dev Il y a 10 jours
There's nothing wrong reusing assets or using asset from store, as a solo developer i can't make 3d models i have background and experience with programming, it is really sad players criticize asset flip games only because they are using asset from stores, without knowing how much work it takes to make a game
The Narrow Brush
The Narrow Brush Il y a 4 mois
What about donationware?
Tanya The Loli
Tanya The Loli Il y a 4 mois
So all in all greed makes shit games
Joz Il y a 8 mois
The whole market of virtual trading cards and half-assed cheap flipped games to generate them is one of the most bizarre byproducts of capitalism in our time. Like some sort of really stupid bitcoin
darktennisball Il y a 8 mois
It’s like when they go to italy in aquaman, and they just borrowed the set from mama Mia 2
Freak Zilla
Freak Zilla Il y a 8 mois
The only time I get pissed about "Asset Flips" is when they turn my beloved game that wasn't an MMO into an MMO. Sequel is what the fans asked for and they give us MMO? As if I want to interact with other humans in my fantasy world.
CasualSpooner Il y a 9 mois
well....obviously its ok for a company to reuse their own assets. That really isn't an "asset flip" that's just using the things they created. A company using assets someone ELSE created....that is an asset flip.
God Bless Texas Epting
I’m cool with an asset flip under one condition, that developers will use some of the extra time and money they saved on making the gameplay and story better. They are saving a lot of money and time on using old assets, so use that in making an even more amazing game.
BJ Vynz
BJ Vynz Il y a 9 mois
Your FO76 explanation completely ignores the fact that people are fucking DONE with Bethesda's garbage engine. It is NOT just about re-using assets. Bethesda's engine is garbage. It's broken and poorly optimized. For Bethesda to keep band-aiding their outdated engine with little graphic updates every generation is unacceptable. They need to move on. What FO76 showed was that despite recreating an entire part of their renderer (lighting) the game still looks identical to its predecessor in that aspect and in other ways even WORSE (texture quality). No matter what they do, their games look outdated since their release date. So yeah, Bethesda needs to stop using their outdated engine, and all the assets that were designed specifically to work with it (and look ugly as fuck. FFS Bethesda games have the ugliest humans in AAA gaming).
BJ Vynz
BJ Vynz Il y a 9 mois
Plenty of sequels are exempt from such bitching. If it's only been a couple years since the predecessor then only a dumbass would start from scratch. It's the same story, characters, etc, it's just continued. You only have to start over when it's been like 5 years since the previous game. Some of the best sequels were a huge leap over their predecessors thanks to asset-flips letting the devs focus on the design and not worry as much about making more assets. Like Doom2. A few new monsters, new gun, new levels. Good to go.
migero Il y a 9 mois
well with fallout 76 they promised all new features and "16 times the detail" but that was a lie it was same assets
migero Il y a 9 mois
noone told that lie about vegas
Staple_Boi Il y a 9 mois
Oh wow I thought this was a cleanpricegaming video jeez who makes your titles and thumbnails now?🤣🤣😅
Mike Nerone
Mike Nerone Il y a 9 mois
As usual, blaming what you see as the community's toxicity and stupidity and siding with the publishers, and as usual, wrong again. The reason people forgave New Vegas was that it had original content. It provided *something* new to justify its existence. The community doesn't demand that *everything* be new, just that a new product provide *some* new pillar, and New Vegas's was the storyline, and that's ok. Fallout 76 is different: No new assets, no significant story (c'mon, there weren't even NPCs to make a story around). The new pillar was *supposed* to be the multiplayer. That's a great one, and the community would have embraced it, and in fact, was primed to right up until actually seeing it via the beta tests. In the end, the multiplayer pillar failed completely because the engine was designed as a single-player engine, and totally sucked for multiplayer. THAT'S why the community was *rightly* up in arms about the engine. You've completely missed the point in a pattern I've started to notice more lately. I watch this channel for the humor, but the publisher bias and blatantly faulty analysis are increasingly alarming. Now I remember why I usually skip these feature pieces.
Ra Senché
Ra Senché Il y a 9 mois
Uhm.. what makes assetflips in F76 bad compared to F:NV? How about they added already existing assets to the in-game store rather then just adding it to the game. So instead of just paying for the assets 2's (old game +new game) they made it so you had to buy them 3 times with the MTX store being the 3rd and having high as fuck prices for just the individual items.
Harp2033 Il y a 9 mois
Tbf i never heard people complain and i have noticed reused assets, but reused assets don't define the game. However it might be symptoms of a bad game.
Aaron Maberry
Aaron Maberry Il y a 9 mois
I never knew people were mad about assets like this..... There are some gamers that really need to quit being so pretentious and just judge the shit on their merits.
Trash Panda
Trash Panda Il y a 9 mois
Thank you Lawrence! I love this hard core nerd shit. I learned some shit too.
swaerd Il y a 9 mois
One of the other problems with AAA asset flipping is when they do it with assets that are too old. FO76 wasn't just a bad game, it looked way too old as well since it was reusing assets from a game taht was already probably reusing a lot of assets from an older game on an engine that really needed an update by now. 76 just wound up looking bad on top of being bad.
Cosmicnaut Il y a 9 mois
Thank u lawerence. Some of my favorite alltime games have some really amatuer lookin graphics or orginally have some unity store graphics as a temporary thing while they ironed out the game concept, and then the graphical finishing touches was added much later on. The latter is... normal. Or at least it used to be. I feel like with all the constant jacking off to GAMER FUEL HNNG NEXT GEN GRAPHICS ULTRA REALISTIC 8K HD GODRAYS HYPER REALISM, the biggest gaming studios have almost entirely shrugged off focusing on the core gameplay mechanics and prioritize the eyecandy instead. That's why, personally speaking, am more interested in a game if it's been worked on a long time by an indie dev and they haven't seem terribly concerned by how it looks visually. Being focused on the gameplay is what I value from a dev team.
tekoa Il y a 9 mois
i thought i was watching insidegaming. turns out it was actually a gun show.
Nick Reynolds
Nick Reynolds Il y a 9 mois
I really enjoy Lawrence's talks and explanations on gaming stuff! He's well spoken and his points and topics are well researched and thought out! More please???
Crispman 777
Crispman 777 Il y a 9 mois
Wait. Money can buy THE Quintessential Gamer??? How much?!?!
Nathan Holt
Nathan Holt Il y a 9 mois
At the start of the video. Don’t think any one really cares that there using store bought assets more particularly are the asset flips that don’t do things like decide to put this asset here or there but instead its a pack that they just compiled and sold.
André Luiz Souza Andrade
You are smart. Best reference ever
Jehm Titan
Jehm Titan Il y a 9 mois
so the point of this video is that good games are good and bad games are bad... uhm okay. Is it just me or has there been a noticable drop in quality after Bruce left IG?
Samuel Burriss
Samuel Burriss Il y a 9 mois
This Josh guy deserves a TED Talk
Yes Man
Yes Man Il y a 9 mois
The engine is the worst part of FONV.
Crazeddingo Il y a 9 mois
Wow! 3d studio max tea pot. Very Smart!
Brandon N
Brandon N Il y a 9 mois
I wish more games would asset flip. Imagine all the cool shit that could be made if game developers reused old assets while adding new ones. You could keep building upon a larger and larger world from game to game. Someone makes a zombie game out of the GTA map. They add more interiors to the buildings but use existing map layouts. Then someone else comes along and uses the zombie game buildings in their assassin game. They just add furnishings to liven it up. Lots of ability to make larger and larger games being wasted.
buddy guy
buddy guy Il y a 9 mois
fallout 4 should have just done that with Vegas
Brook vi Britannia
Brook vi Britannia Il y a 9 mois
1:36 what game is that?
MarioMadness Il y a 9 mois
98% of Ubisoft games are Reused assets..... its really only once a generation they update them
MarioMadness Il y a 9 mois
pretty much all the assassin creed games,etc were done this way
Arlisshsr Il y a 9 mois
Not one of yall is going to say anything about the clickbait thumbnail? okay cool.
Ramzi Doughan
Ramzi Doughan Il y a 9 mois
Can I get more Lawrence critiquing gaming? This should be a standalone channel. Excellent work! I got the teapot reference lol it was clever
Scott Dean
Scott Dean Il y a 9 mois
Man this Lawrence guy is pretty smart he says many intelligent things.
VC King
VC King Il y a 9 mois
That teapot reference made me really happy
thesavepointdotnet Il y a 9 mois
Yesterday's teapot is today's T-Pose, Lawrence.
Bjorg. Il y a 9 mois
I bought that same doom shirt from eb games a few years ago.
Matthew Cox
Matthew Cox Il y a 9 mois
Lawrence you're smart... And that intro gave me butterflies
JTKuhne Il y a 9 mois
I liked this. Well written. Good jorb Josh.
GoldenCartGamer Il y a 9 mois
Stop being sjw, your going to lose your core audience.
Imagniac Il y a 9 mois
God i love these videos with Lawrence giving a great analysis on whats going on within the gaming industry in a BHS sense. *ahem* I mean Josh. This new guy is great, more of him in this format please.
Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor Il y a 9 mois
I first saw the TEAPOTS model in Serious Sam - that game had a secret Pyramid full of rendering lights and models to show it's engine off.
Richard Moreno
Richard Moreno Il y a 9 mois
Acid trip?
Soullesspancake Il y a 9 mois
Remnant: from the ashes uses assets from Darksiders 3. Spider (ps4) uses assets from Sunset overdrive. Sekiro uses assets from dark souls 3.
FloppyFish007 Il y a 9 mois
fsdfsdfsdf33dsf Il y a 9 mois
I dont agree with Lawrence here, it's not just the intent that makes gamers rage over "asset flips". The thing to bear in mind is that reusing old assets saves time and/or money. If you're an indie dev this makes sense, but if you're a big buddget studio like bethesda, the money and time you're saving by reusing assets should be improving the game in other ways. In Fallout76's case, this didn't happen. Fallout: New Vegas was buggy as crap too, but that had an incredible story and rich characters, and improved on FO3 in many ways such as adding new RPG mechanics, so despite its issues, it made up for it. (This of course is ignoring the ridiculous time contraints Bethesda put on them to make the game. In FO76's case, they were developing it too so no such constraints should exist) FO76 has done none of these things, it's stripped away content in previous games (e.g. removing NPCs) as a 'design choice' and just added multiplayer. You can use 'asset flip' as an insult when the game with flipped assets brings nothing new to the table, it doesn't mean that people are contradicting themselves when they shit on F076 for being a sucky asset flip and praise New Vegas for being a good game.
DangerMouSe Il y a 9 mois
Next upload can Josh wheel in on a gentleman's 1880's penny-farthing bicycle w/ coat tails flapping behind to help sell the character? 🎩⛲🌂🏰 I think he'd look quite dashing!
Slacker Ja-hat
Slacker Ja-hat Il y a 9 mois
I got the tea pot Lawrence don’t worry
Cory R
Cory R Il y a 9 mois
lol i notice alot of sound effects get used in multiple games
anegwa Il y a 9 mois
I thought Lawrence would have brought up the asset flips where people steal stuff from Nintendo or Bethesda and put them in their shitty games
Nick Orlove
Nick Orlove Il y a 9 mois
I love lawrence. Hes a true treasure of a human.
Ray Hemminger
Ray Hemminger Il y a 9 mois
The connotation of the term "Asset Flip" is used way differently than I was perceiving it. I'm not saying it's wrong, just not in the same way I was thinking. I always attribute it to a developer that buys prebuilt assets and uses them with little to no modification. Calling something an asset flip when it's something that was already build by the company that's using it seems different to me. They built it, so if it looks good and fits what they're doing, why not reuse it? There are tons of games that iterate on the one that came before and people love them. I myself, having just played through Zelda: Breath of the Wild, hope that the upcoming sequel has a lot of the same things because I love how that game looks and feels. Maybe a few more traditional dungeon crawls rather than shines, but I digress. I don't have any problem with a company reusing the assets they own as long as what they create is enjoyable. What I do take offense to is when other outside development groups gain use of licensed assets and don't really do anything to improve upon what's already there.
hatchling001 Il y a 9 mois
I will never care about asset reuses as long as the game has a decent set up or story, good gameplay mechanics and actually plays well performance wise. Developers can use whatever what want as long as the game is crafted to express their ideas and share an interesting experience with the world, not just gimmicky, poorly executed and rushed into the universe for the sake of snatching some money.
CynicalSwede Il y a 9 mois
Very interesting and thought-provoking video. I haven't looked at things like Fallout New Vegas like that before! Well done, Lawrence & IG Team
suburbanflower Il y a 9 mois
Fallout 76 was frustrating because the company had re-used assets before and made a great game, and for some reason this was not the case with 76. It's not that people are angry about the asset flip itself.
LordMatt48 Il y a 9 mois
"People decided Fallout 76 was a cash grab before it even came out." No, people were very excited, then it turned out it was a cash grab via microtransactions. The asset flipping aspect is just the final nail in a series of shitty, badly made nails in some cheap ass coffin.
snipertyler918 Il y a 9 mois
I love Funhaus and Inside Gaming but I can't figure out the hate on Fallout 76?!?! I've been a fan of the series since Fallout 2, I'm a big RPG/JRPG fan as well as just open world exploration like Red Dead, GTA, Witcher etc.. etc.. I've been playing 76 since the stress test and YES by all means it has had some rough spots and some bumps along the way. But in general I continuously keep finding myself going back to it. Last game I've spent this much time in was probably BOTW or Dark Souls.. I have well over 500 hours in 76 and still continue to go back and sincerely enjoy it every single time I log in... Plus nothing can be as bad as Anthem...
M. O.
M. O. Il y a 9 mois
Shadow of Mordor used Assassin’s Creed 2 assets
Zech Of The West
Zech Of The West Il y a 9 mois
Nothing wrong with reusing Assets though, there's only so many ways to make a building unique.
Kevin Mitchell
Kevin Mitchell Il y a 9 mois
I’ve invested hundreds in assets for game dev I’ve only gotten none major design items. Building design is a key element I want control and uniqueness in. A bush or rock or tree to a certain extent I could care less to make outside of efficiency of said asset
Samuel Il y a 9 mois
It’s not at all the asset flip mainly with 76, the engine was not made in a way that’s usable with online playability. The team was small and new similar to the portal team of valve. Fallouts creation engine specifically fallout 4’s engine was made for a single player game for maps made at a certain size. The engine was not changed and tweaked enough causing a near unplayable state at launch. Not to mention subjective faults of design effort. Fallout 76 actually has a vast amount of new assets added to the game the cry of flipping them was made by those unaware of this simply look at the surface as a way to complain though complaints by them is absolutely valid there claims just weren’t correct.
Jamdi Il y a 9 mois
dude u are awesome ,always making interesting things to hear
Vin Weasel
Vin Weasel Il y a 9 mois
This video seems a little disingenuous. People didn't hate Fallout 76 because it was an asset flip, as far as I heard, but because it was a glitchy, buggy mess with micro-transactions and nothing to do in the game due to being a pseudo MMO.
Imperial Guard
Imperial Guard Il y a 9 mois
Hitman 2 anyone?
OhReally? Il y a 9 mois
Why does Lawrence whiteknight when there is nothing to whiteknight
ChaosPrototypeIX Il y a 9 mois
Its simple, if they use asset flips and put 0 work in any other aspect of the game then it is a shitty garbage asset flip, but if they actually put work in other aspects of the game like gameplay and story then asset flip is just a way to stretch the budget and that is fine.
RainWizard483 Il y a 9 mois
Give all your love to New Vegas for how interesting and complex the story can be, but I still feel like its potential was hampered by the engine it was made on. Also, I feel like the video is stretching the definition of asset flips because nobody would call Getting Over It an asset flip despite it's game being made entirely of assets made by someone else.
Daniel Christensen
Daniel Christensen Il y a 9 mois
The teapot is only in 3DsMax! :p Blender have the monkey model and Cinema 4D doesn't even have a standard test model...
Nick McDowall
Nick McDowall Il y a 9 mois
I'm an animator, I get the teapot reference! You are smart Lawrence! Haha
Cameron Padron
Cameron Padron Il y a 9 mois
So just don't buy the games... Who cares if people are making money off the cards... Go make your own game and do the same thing. People always gotta bitch about something.
Michael Gomez
Michael Gomez Il y a 9 mois
Is that josh brolin
Niark Ozzy
Niark Ozzy Il y a 9 mois
Wow, first time ever I don't have to slow down the video to understand , thanks to Josh !
Dizzywol Il y a 9 mois
wow lawrence, teapots. you're so smart (i love you).
Eriko. Oy
Eriko. Oy Il y a 9 mois
Reusing assets if you made them yourself: Sure fine, but don't use all of them. New game, at least 60% new assets. Reusing assets if you didn't make them yourself: You gotta do something about them. Treat them as a template.
Josh Washington
Josh Washington Il y a 9 mois
You're welcome everyone for the video. Kappa
Moses T.
Moses T. Il y a 9 mois
*Jim Sterling would like to know your location*
Jenna Brazeal
Jenna Brazeal Il y a 9 mois
Loved the teapot reference as someone who has uses Maya before!
Jakob Holgersson
Jakob Holgersson Il y a 9 mois
It's infuriating when I show off screenshots or gameplay videos from my game and people start bitching just because it was made using Unity. And then you ask why, and they call my game an asset flip. Even though the only things taken from the asset store are an explosion particle and an erosion tool to sculpt terrain.
88Mulls88 Il y a 9 mois
haha asset flips and you don't show yearly sports games that forgot to up the year in the arenas
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