What If the Large Hadron Collider Made a Black Hole?

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Making a black hole in a particle accelerator sounds… a bit dangerous, to say the least, but scientists think that it could be possible! Here's why it probably wouldn't be dangerous -- and might even teach us something.
Hosted by: Hank Green
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23 avril 2020




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Commentaires 100
Bluerosefire Il y a 23 heures
Great commentary!👍 I thank you for the update😎! Question: Why do Cerns want to create a blackhole, what will they do with the blackhole after they create it?
Kai Raaxh
Kai Raaxh Il y a jour
*rintarou okabe doesn’t like this”
Mikey Il y a jour
Large Hardon Collider
imortality Il y a jour
Don't worry guys it's just some fat Japanese guy hacking into the LHC to compress memory data into 36 bytes
Steve Goodwin
Steve Goodwin Il y a jour
Absolutely Fascinating!!!
jollie Sibayan
jollie Sibayan Il y a 2 jours
Ancient pips wanted to get to heaven by building ancient babylon the God messed their languages so modern people are now driving a hole to reach hell. So...🤔 Let's wait and see how this is going to end. It could be messy.
Taylor M
Taylor M Il y a 2 jours
Huh, Mayushii's watch has stopped...
Kayla Hernandez
Kayla Hernandez Il y a 2 jours
but guys, what about RHIC ? Its lower energy but still super cool
͔ Il y a 3 jours
Ah, so that's what happened to the Dwemer.
JOHN M.V Il y a 3 jours
For Particle Black hole .... IJSR vol.7, issue 3 Pages 273 - 275
Tyler S
Tyler S Il y a 4 jours
Would you be interested in appearing on the Koncrete Podcast? We would like to introduce our audience to your FRvid channel. Here is a link to some of our past episodes #Science
judgegixxer Il y a 5 jours
I think that every Black hole in the universe has a super massive Large Hadron Collider inside.
Chris Il y a 5 jours
So the mini black hole would rip the pen out your hand before dissolving?
Nick j
Nick j Il y a 6 jours
How can you see these atoms
reem madani
reem madani Il y a 7 jours
That could be how life on earth will end .. bye bye homo sapiens .. they killed themselves accidentally by creating a micro black whole that aggressively ate them all 🤔 and if Hawking's radiation is right itty-bitty particles of us will be emitted to another uninhabitable planet and then working to improve that for another SOMEbillion years later, itty-bitty emitted us will be back as whole forgetting our science and mistakes just to repeat it all over again. INFINITY
James Wilson
James Wilson Il y a 8 jours
You need lots of mater to make a black hole. Not going to happen in the LHC.
JOHN M.V Il y a 3 jours
2 black holes ... IJSR vol.7, issue 3 Pages 273-275 Particle
Please never make a blackhole
Chwie Il y a 9 jours
ok, what if hawking raidiation is wrong and we all get sucked into a black hole
MERCURIUS Il y a 9 jours
Anyone watched "Stein Gate" yet?
Ben Il y a 9 jours
I remember being 11 and genuinely being terrified of this thing killing us all.
fangokiller69 gaming
fangokiller69 gaming Il y a 10 jours
Ricky S.
Ricky S. Il y a 13 jours
Lol i have 1 eye, i cant even see 3D or judge any distance
Jari Il y a 13 jours
So have they taken time extra time dimensions in their calculations ? Maybe the hawkin radiotion happens -> before the event or after the event or somewhere else thus needing a big 5 th diemsions- just speculation but anyway.
Mainstream Il y a 14 jours
Imagine I had the best day in 2021, and then a news pops up that humanity is going extinct because the LHC created a black hole unexpectedly big and it's growing that ruined my day forever.
Blake T
Blake T Il y a 15 jours
this is what happens when particless coliiiiiiiddde!
JOHN M.V Il y a 3 jours
Rebecca Aldrich
Rebecca Aldrich Il y a 15 jours
All the resources spent to smash atoms together. That's a terrible waste when our planet and our people are dying.
ColossusTV Il y a 15 jours
Why does the LHC have “KEK” written on it 0:11
Asher Pfanku
Asher Pfanku Il y a 15 jours
awwwww, I thought all this time we were regularly making tiny black holes
Gregory Jones
Gregory Jones Il y a 16 jours
The fact that the more we attempt to understand about natural phenomena in our universe the less we actually understand.
Laserguard _303
Laserguard _303 Il y a 16 jours
this guy is saying that a piece of paper’s edge is an entire new dimension
Tylermcnally87 Il y a 16 jours
It seems the universe is full of a lot of negative feedback loops to prevent runaway blackholes and energy levels.
Oxy Il y a 16 jours
Gribbo9999 Il y a 17 jours
If a micro black hole was spinning very fast would an orbiting particle come back round before it went into the orbit?
Skin Is delicious
Skin Is delicious Il y a 17 jours
KEK 😂😂
PokerFaceProductions Il y a 18 jours
"In short answer you'd die"
David Meyer
David Meyer Il y a 18 jours
This theoretical 4th dimension could explain dark matter. What if dark matter is a completely normal particle with the right properties to exist in this extra dimension therefore not interacting with normal matter physically but gravitationally? Dark matter has a gravitational influence on the universe but has no physical interactions. It is invisible to all forms of light and it doesn't "push" normal matter if it "touches".
MERK Il y a 19 jours
I believe CERN is using flawed logic and reasoning regarding their safety arguments for the LHC. Please address my counter arguments about CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. 1. Cosmic rays - The 1st safety argument is that nature has already generated on Earth as many collisions as about a million LHC experiments and the planet still exists but that has nothing to do with the risks associated when quark explosions convert matter into a strangelet because cosmic rays are not quarks, they are an entirely different substance. 99% are gamma rays and protons while the remaining 1% are atomic nuclei. Cosmic rays come from distant stars and arrive and collide with planetary bodies in solitary, harmless units, they are not masses of heavy gold and lead atoms with hundreds of quarks packed in tight bundles and cracked in precise collisions that liberate a critical mass of millions of strange quarks that are theoretically capable of starting an Ice-9 reaction. The fact is that we have never found a single deconfined quark in a century of cosmic ray analysis. The first safety argument is therefore a blatant lie that breaks two fundamental scientific proofs of truth; experimental evidence and the known cause principle. The primary reason physicists are doing those experiments in particle accelerators is precisely because nature does not do them on planet Earth otherwise we would just keep building cosmic ray detectors like the one CERN has in its museum which reveals precisely how unimpressive the force of a solitary cosmic ray actually is. 2. Evaporating black holes - The 2nd safety argument is that even if black holes are created, they will evaporate. (It is important to note that the creation of black holes at CERN is considered probable at new energy regimes by both promoters and opponents of these colliders). Many black holes could be created by smashing protons into anti-protons with enough energy, if one were created near a large concentration of mass and if it started absorbing that mass before exploding, the black hole could reach a relatively stable half-life and thus continue to grow. In Einstein’s theory, black holes are frozen stars that are likely composed of the heaviest top quarks which will be mass produced as the primary decay particles of the Higgs Boson. Modern string theory also predicts that black holes will be created at new energy regimes but according to relativity theory, once formed, these black holes will swallow the Earth. Since the industry of accelerators knows it cannot deny the possibility of creating black holes it has chosen to simply rebuke those risks of extinction by invoking a false safety assurance about the nature of black holes. Their claim is that these black holes will simply evaporate which is based on an unproven hypothesis that contradicts both Einstein’s black hole theory and the fundamental laws of thermodynamics. He coined the word Entropy to mean the amount of thermal energy not available to do work. Based on the everyday observation that warm objects such as a cup of coffee always spontaneously become colder, Clausius stated the 2nd law of thermodynamics; that the ability of energy to do work is always decreasing. In other words, the universe tends towards maximum entropy. According to Einstein’s equations, a black hole is born as a mass vortex that turns at light speed. This means that in terms of temperature, it is extremely hot. The black hole then begins to grow its mass exponentially as it lowers its temperature, transferring its extreme heat to the star or planet and devouring it in a dual big bang (big crunch). According to the laws of thermodynamics, heat always moves from the hot source, in this case the black hole to the cold environment it evaporates which would be the Earth. Yet to eliminate the risks posed by black holes, the safety report denies both the laws of thermodynamics and standard black hole theory, choosing instead to believe in Steven Hawkings never proven hypothesis that black holes break all the laws of thermodynamics and evaporate. Steven Hawkings evaporating black holes break most of the known laws of science which according to the scientific principle of correspondence is a proof of falsity. Evaporating black holes have also been disproven experimentally after 30 years of unsuccessful searches for them in the cosmos which is another basic proof of falsity. Once you break the fundamental laws of science all kinds of magical possibilities present themselves. Hawking for example advertises his imaginary black holes in conferences around the world as a potential source of perpetual energy, the most common hoax of 19th century science before the laws of Entropy made them impossible, a fact that Mr Hawking seems to have forgotten. 3. Strange Quark Liquid - The 3rd safety argument claims that strange quark liquid will not be produced on planet Earth because it is in fact a hot gas, not a liquid. Theory suggests that heavy ion collisions are not a good place to produce strangelets but scientists working at Brookhavens RHIC (Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider) have already admitted to producing strange quark liquid. This fact alone disproves by sheer experimental evidence the 3rd safety assurance. While new scientific papers appear constantly on the physics of the strange liquid being produced in those accelerators, the world is assured that such a feat is impossible. Similarly, CERN installed the CASTOR detector (a Calorimeter) that will search for different types of strangelets with a stated 70% chance of finding them. Yet officially there is no danger because there will not be absolute proof of an Ice-9 reaction as long as the Earth continues to exist. Despite these dangers, a second process of liquid formation; the creation of stable dual strange quark atoms called Dibaryons has begun in both the colliders at Brookhaven and CERN. The creation of a strangelet mass large enough to start an Ice-9 reaction is consequently almost certain. Invisible dual strange atoms, more stable than our matter and so heavy, that when created, immediately fall towards the centre of the Earth cutting through the light magma. They could be sitting there right now, growing in numbers until they reach the super critical mass needed to freeze the planet. Only then will we have the absolute proof that the Earth no longer exists. As CERN has explained, we know of no absolute barrier through the rapid growth of a dangerous strangelet. In a catastrophic chain reaction, the weight of a killer strangelet would pull it down, eventually the strangelet would sit at the centre of the Earth eating other nuclei, attracting the Earth’s mass gravitationally, it would eat our planet from the inside out, converting the Earth into one giant strangelet. Since we cannot observe the centre of the Earth, there will never be an absolute proof of this slow leak of strange atoms. 4. Quark Matter - The 4th safety argument states that at present, despite vigorous searches, there is no evidence whatsoever for stable strange matter anywhere in the Universe but when the safety report was signed there was no absolute proof of the existence and nature of the very same strange quark matter it’s accelerators are producing right now. This lie is falsified by the industries own experiments and by all the pervading presence of quark matter in the Universe. There is now a general agreement among astrophysicists for example that the core of pulsars is made of quark matter which is responsible for the explosion of stars called supernovas but because quark matter does not interact with light, we cannot see the stars core.
Gacha Skit
Gacha Skit Il y a 19 jours
This is season 1 flash
Misha Purser
Misha Purser Il y a 19 jours
I had too much fun watching this XD I love science
MisfitDink Il y a 19 jours
Call me miles morales cause I'm stopping that bih 👁️
1stGuyGamez _
1stGuyGamez _ Il y a 19 jours
Hank has returned!! insert meme ‘return of the king’
Fernando Fierro
Fernando Fierro Il y a 20 jours
We already have a black hole.. it's name is Trump.. LoL...
SaleLime Com
SaleLime Com Il y a 21 jour
2008 was the last normal year .
Oliver Heaviside
Oliver Heaviside Il y a 21 jour
this is why there is no intelligent life.. when they try and figure out particle physics they just delete their civilization... musk was too late
GreySlasher63 Il y a 21 jour
*Particles smash together and makes black hole that falls towards the center of earth and starts to grow* Scientists: “Fascinating.”
Bug Stomper
Bug Stomper Il y a 22 jours
@ 4:49 Angels is just a 'typo' for those who can travel the angles that we can't.
Tama Matu
Tama Matu Il y a 22 jours
Me watching this pretending to understand everything in it to impress girl next to me.
Randy Jones
Randy Jones Il y a 23 jours
Do humans just want to destroy themselves?
Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox Il y a 24 jours
Dinosaurs will return basically
Raz G
Raz G Il y a 24 jours
Here's a cool theory about black holes. And i gotta say it's quite interesting when i thought of it. So we know black holes are strong enough to "pull" light, right? Well wouldn't the gravity of the black hole be able to theoretically speed up particles beyond light speed? Gravity isn't speed but in a way it's how fast an object is being pulled or falls into it depending on how much mass it has. Im sure there's probably an answer to my little theory though, maybe because there could be a flaw in that theory.
Raz G
Raz G Il y a 21 jour
@Think Like a Physicist It's a really weird like, thought I had because something about it just gave me like an answer to it. But it's like this: light that's travelling toward a black hole can't escape it. if that's possible we can assume theoretical particles that are faster than light speed and if are possible to be pulled by a black hole, if that happens and it does pull the particles then black holes can pull faster than the speed of light = to making other particles be sped up by the black hole... It's just a sort of vision thought i hhad with it. This is how i can explain it 100%
Think Like a Physicist
Think Like a Physicist Il y a 21 jour
Hi! Actually, any gravitational field will affect the path of light traveling through it, not just the gravitational field from a black hole. In principle, you could measure the deflection of light caused by the gravitational field of the Earth, for example. It's just that the effect is very small, so you need extremely precise instruments to measure it. I didn't quite catch why you thought black holes might speed up particles beyond light speed. If you want to explain further, perhaps I can answer your question.
Marcus Webb
Marcus Webb Il y a 24 jours
*lets get orthogonal*
Robert Ray
Robert Ray Il y a 24 jours
Had to pause at 0:11 because theres a giant pipe with 'KEK' written on it 😵😹
Joel Estadella
Joel Estadella Il y a 25 jours
Ahhhh My HEAD!
Tim Xu
Tim Xu Il y a 26 jours
I don’t know if anyone sees this but here’s a theory about the existence of additional dimensions: If travelling matter warps space time, then it follows that matter travelling in a straight line is not really travelling in a straight line at all, relative to the space and time that it’s travelling through. If a particle is travelling along the x axis, when you look from the perspective of the y axis, the particle isn’t really travelling in that one axis.
cindy tran
cindy tran Il y a 26 jours
Jehovah Il y a 26 jours
The universe would be better off.
Zabe Mears
Zabe Mears Il y a 26 jours
What pulled them apart
Soup Il y a 27 jours
Honestly I'm not that worried about the LHC, because if it does destroy the world should update, and I'll know to head somewhere else
king james488
king james488 Il y a 27 jours
thought they already made micro black holes at the LHC?
LeftOnSeen Il y a 28 jours
Dark Matter will release into the universe and allow me to become the fastest man alive.
Blake Lonsdale-Cook
Blake Lonsdale-Cook Il y a 28 jours
Energy and space are not related to each other directly. Energy based black holes are called Kugelblitz', and they require a LOT of energy in a really short period of TIMEspace. Black holes are based on mass, and require a LOT of mass in a really small amount of SPACEtime. Yes, mass and energy are equivalent. Yes, space and time are equivelant. No, you can't make a Kugelblitz by pumping a ton of energy into a small space, if the time period is too long. No, you can't make a black hole by having a lot of mass exist at the same time, if they're spread across too large a space. Lots of mass in small spaces make black holes. Lots of energy in short time periods make Kugelblitz'. General relativity basically says space and time are the same thing. Quantum mechanics basically says that they aren't. This is why we need a Grand Unified Theory. To solve the problem of why these two extremely successful theories disagree with one another.
Jigs Il y a 25 jours
no one asked
Blake Lonsdale-Cook
Blake Lonsdale-Cook Il y a 28 jours
6:10 Your statement about gravity being weak is actually a misinterpretation. It isn't gravity that's weak, its the 'fabric' of spacetime that's INCREDIBLY strong. Inducing a detectable curvature in the fabric of spacetime requires a LOT of massenergy. Spacetime is so inflexible that if the fabric of spacetime was made of Kevlar, then Kevlar would have the rigidity of a gas.
Richard Pasque
Richard Pasque Il y a 28 jours
Wow, so you’re fat shaming our dimensions? I thought sci-show was better than this
CSquared Films
CSquared Films Il y a 29 jours
0:11 kek
MaverickMIG21MF Il y a 29 jours
Soooooo just in case hawking radiation is not actually a thing... what happens next?
Vee Il y a 29 jours
imagine a room, now imagine this room has enough space to store 5 boxes, then imagine adding a 6th box, there BLACK HOLE
Nick Vince
Nick Vince Il y a 29 jours
You need like a micro Adam space exploration vid somewhere. One where the vid supplies the weed itself.
Nick Vince
Nick Vince Il y a 29 jours
More I hear about this it's feels like... Space water and it's weird!
Nick Vince
Nick Vince Il y a 29 jours
Just a big ol fire ball just sitting there as our real world magic is just... Crazy..
medexamtoolsdotcom Il y a 29 jours
I know how to make a black hole. You see, what you have to do is just gather all the AOL CDs ever made in a single pile.
MIDBC1 Il y a mois
Two problems......if the particle is heavy then it won't be possible to accelerate it fast enough and a micro black hole would require faster than light particle speeds......also it would be more like trying to create a vacuum within a vacuum something more similar to a cavitation bubble in zero atmosphere which is ahhh pretty much impossible
Adroid Advice
Adroid Advice Il y a mois
The LHC are just cavemen bashing rocks together but in modern times
Jesse Rothhammer
Jesse Rothhammer Il y a mois
Randall Kelley
Randall Kelley Il y a mois
I swear youz guys give me a head ache. I feel so unsmart me wifie has to give me a spankin’.
Just some Forest Ranger with Internet Access
According to TBBT character Sheldon Cooper it takes 500 million dollars to make a micro black hole.
John Champagne
John Champagne Il y a mois
"It would fizzle out instantly." Like all the other mini-black holes we've created and observed? Funny how there's such a cavalier statement made w/out the caveat "if our theories are correct". I wonder if some gamma ray bursts show imploding planets, swallowed by machines 1,000,000 times more powerful than what we have (or 10,000 times more powerful, and our calculations are off). How to fix civilization:
Scott Williams
Scott Williams Il y a mois
**Walks away in a direction you can neither see nor comprehend**
Britton Beggs
Britton Beggs Il y a mois
Physicists: We've decided that black holes should be forming in our atmosphere Everyone: YOU WHAT!!! But they aren't Oh good So we're trying to make our own YOU WHAT!!!
Dretch Il y a mois
The problem is that we are biased because of our persepective. Instead of the extra dimensions being smaller, they actually exist as the boundary of our planet and space. Where the force of gravity weakens around our planet is where there is the dimensional shift occurs. Isn't this obvious? Our euclidean bias makes us perceive the earth as a ball we can hold in our hand but this is not an accurate comparison. The ball in our hand may exert a minuscule amount of gravity but it isn't a self-forming spheroid mass. Its why, in a twisted perspective the earth is FLAT, as you define the surface of a globe as an infinite plane, or in mathematical terms, an N-sphere.
Led4YorHed Il y a mois
My brain hurt after watching this
Paradox -
Paradox - Il y a mois
0:13 KEKW
Benjamin Kline
Benjamin Kline Il y a mois
Ten years from now... There's no such thing as gravity, it polarized light force from the other dimensions
Center Eye
Center Eye Il y a mois
24 dimensions beloved humble thyself repent in Jesus Christ...Light amen amon shalom p.s HUGS@U
Center Eye
Center Eye Il y a mois
Ok what if this is a Trojan horse for us as we are in the days of Noah Matthew 24... its torn space and time beloved Heavens coming here forever family forgives in YWHW Elohim in Jesus Christ...Light
Donnie Brasco
Donnie Brasco Il y a mois
Key to the bottomless pit, the elites believe in a false promise and deceiving knowledge
Jochem Leeslamp
Jochem Leeslamp Il y a mois
ugh so annoying, those black holes popping up in my particle accelerator.
Charmy The Charizard
Yeah, sure.. *keep giving 2020 more ideas, thank you*
Sailor Il y a mois
I think first we have to study how to 'unmake' black holes. You know, safety first.
Vercil Juan
Vercil Juan Il y a mois
Any Steins Gate fans here??
Kok Fah Chong
Kok Fah Chong Il y a mois
The gravitational wave doesn't exist at all. Where on earth that it is sitting on the gravitational wave that is inaccessible to anyone? None. Einstein's famous equation, E=mc^2 is wrong otherwise garbage also can be used to make nuclear bombs as long as it is matter or it has mass. Energy and matter can't intechange one another according to Einstein's famous equation. One must have photons before one can emit out photons. Photons are particles and they have mass. All forms of EMWs including light and heat are dynamic photons per volume per time in different saturation. Einstein's relativity theory is also wrong because things can actually travel faster than the speed of light. Speed of light is not the limit. Really? NASA claimed that Hubble Space Telescope can see the formative state of the young universe which implies that celestial bodies were travelling much faster than the speed of light in the past but somehow they have slowed down for some time slow enough now for the light of the past to catch up with us that enable us to see the young universe. Mathematics play a limited role in scientific research, especially physics. Really? There are not many functions, except mx+c=y. Really? For instance, x^2=y is not a function. Prove it? When y's are prime numbers, x's will be irrational numbers or unsettled numbers. In other words, when y's are prime numbers, x's are unresolved which indicate that there are points of discontinuity along the curve of x^2=y. Thus, x^2=y is not a function. The same will apply to x^3=y and so forth. So, the only function left is mx+c=y. There is only three-dimensional in the universe coupled with time flow which is the narration of the dynamic of the universe. The dynamic of the universe is a cycle; Big Bang followed by expansion to its maximum size before imploding towards the center of the universe to pave way for future Big Bang. A black hole emerged when a dying massive star collapsed under its own massive weight where atoms crunched to quarks before reducing further to preons, elementary particles where negative preons surrounded by positive preons, or vice versa to form an enormous superstructure of a black hole. Colliding particles at extreme high speeds will unable to reduce them to preons. Only crunching them while they are in a lump collapsed under its own massive weights will be able to reduce the atoms to preons. A black hole will radiate out Hawking radiation whenever it is feasting on plunging celestial bodies onto it. In other words, atoms of plunging celestial bodies will be ripping apart under enormous gravitational force of the dense superstructure of a black hole before reducing them to preons where excess photons would be excreted away as Hawking radiation in parallel to the theory that one must have photons before one can emit out photons since Einstein's famous equation is wrong or not true.. All in all, LHC will fail to produce even an extremely tiny black hole during smashing of "hydrogen" atoms. If you are interested in real discoveries, I would recommend you to read my book, The Unification Theory = Volume One and you will be amazed with lots of new, interesting discoveries. In God I trust.
King Minceraft
King Minceraft Il y a mois
It does, right?
Junior Reyes
Junior Reyes Il y a mois
828 Il y a mois
Half-Life is now gonna happen in real life because of this.
WatcherMovie008 Il y a mois
Why the hell would scientist want to create a minature black hole on Earth? As if we haven't escaped many attempts of self destroying this planet during the Cold War, now we wanna see if we can control one of nature's most unstable, unbalance, and unpredictable creations?
Jimtee16 Il y a mois
Stop the nonsensense about the black holes...because i would prefer a blackhole over what they are opening and exploring you know what im talking about.they always talk about the blackhole theory because it adds satire to the situation because of the ridiculusness of here we go again with the defection.
Adam Il y a mois
Devilish since
Sean McDonald
Sean McDonald Il y a mois
Guy from 2064 here . . . .look, don't worry about the Black hole being formed: noone REALLY misses the Swiss anymore . . . . . . . Your REAL worry is the roving swarms of autonomous and sentient vehicles surrounding every city . . . . .
Dart Field
Dart Field Il y a mois
God that'd be awesome.
Salt Il y a mois
This is giving me flash vibes I swear.
filthy_weeb _
filthy_weeb _ Il y a mois
0:13 >kek
Papa J-OP
Papa J-OP Il y a mois
bro i watched this video a long time ago
henrey Il y a mois
The CERN Incident.