What Happened To The Papa John H3 Podcast Proves YouTube Is Completely Broken

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Papa John’s Pizza founder John Schnatter was on the H3 Podcast. The Video was performing extraordinarily well until FRvid's algorithm accidentally deemed the video non-advertiser friendly because the machi9ne learning system believed Schnatter said a word he did not say. Ethan Klein expressed his disdain of FRvid's broken system on Twitter. Subscribe to ReviewTechUSA for more great content!
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Commentaires 80
ReviewTechUSA Il y a mois
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John Mcmanus
John Mcmanus Il y a mois
Wow actual new speak thanks to an algorithim.
TJ HedgeScout
TJ HedgeScout Il y a mois
Sadly i looked it up, it behaves like an SSD, limited writes and all :( I'll probably get it anyways cause you can never have enough storage for modding! XD
Xcelron Il y a mois
To me helicopters are more annoying, they're like over sized flies.
The Slightly Neutral Gentleman
David Mathews Looking at where the link leads, it says SSD. I think you’re right on this one.
BoB The Movie Guy
BoB The Movie Guy Il y a mois
To be honest your the proof that youtube is broken
Betorockmetal Il y a 5 jours
Saying "nigg@" in this world is the equivalent of saying "Voldemort" in Harry Potter. It's just so forbidden and unforgivable.
ghos7bear Il y a 5 jours
Zakkary Keith
Zakkary Keith Il y a 20 jours
Atleast say hila's name right lol the H is silent
Hotlog Il y a 24 jours
You called it a "dumb artificial intelligence" though it just developed a bias.
TheTyisAwesome Il y a mois
Wtf you can't even say "Corona Virus" without being demonized...
Eric B
Eric B Il y a mois
I bet the added his name as a red flag, because of the allegations.
Carpathian Hermit
Carpathian Hermit Il y a mois
Corporations are amassing more money and influence than countries lol
Carpathian Hermit
Carpathian Hermit Il y a mois
Ethans slowly shown his true colours lol what a goon
Darksilverjesse Il y a mois
Hey Rich, in response to your little rant at 6:46 . I retort with this. "If youtube is allowed to make money off it, then they should share the revenue with the creator. no matter the content." and to clarify, I say certain content DOES NOT go on this platform. BUT, the only time a video should be demonetized, is when it violates ToS to the point that it gets taken down. It takes FRvid a month to pay out on videos, so if a video is determined to be "take down" content, then the person doesn't get paid, the video is taken down, and the channel gets put on a watch list for more infractions that may result in the removal of the channel. it's that simple. none of this b.s. of awful content still existing just because it's not monetized anymore. Jake & Logan Paul's MASSIVE F-UP videos are still being passed around, and would be stopped if this system were in place
Red Sofa Animation
Red Sofa Animation Il y a mois
The pizza mob wants to Papa not be on top!!!
LegendaryGamer Il y a mois
Rich is getting worried he might have to get a real job.
bacd 1990
bacd 1990 Il y a mois
FRvid algorithm is promoting longer videos, but when you upload shorter video then 10 minutes it can get more then 1 thousand views.😲😵
ANIMATION GUY 112 Il y a mois
He actually said "to take care". These are sure abysmal bots!
ANIMATION GUY 112 Il y a mois
This is the 318th time I have heard of FRvid algorithm being like a broken machine.
CizreK Il y a mois
0:56 thank me later for skipping the "I'm a sell out who jeopardizes my content for money advertisements"
Generic Spoofies
Generic Spoofies Il y a mois
Papa John is not a respectable person.
scourdx Il y a mois
This is pushing toward digital Authoritarian dictatorship where you have no voice and the algorithm can silence you without your knowledge. Imagine 5G implementation and internet of everything becomes the way of life. I hope people stand up against this or else you will be silence much like Chinese digital economy.
compaq deskpro
compaq deskpro Il y a mois
A lot of FRvidrs don't put auto generated closed captions on their channel because, hearing impaired people be damned, it will always generate captions that the algorithm thinks is objectionable.
parodysam Il y a mois
I don’t even know how I’m watching this video
Norm Allyimnuts
Norm Allyimnuts Il y a mois
Looks like you need a new job, that doesn't rely on artificial intelligence.....
yungaura Il y a mois
not broken, currupt
Lastandfirstman Il y a mois
FRvid is such trash. They have channels like AIU Resurrection and others that get around the algorithm by calling non-white people "Bleeps" and other euphemisms that the algorithm doesn't pick up on and they do nothing even when it is reported to them, but one little screw up in their own programming and the hammer gets brought down H3H3? What a joke. FRvid doesn't care, will never care, and is only interested in giving off the appearance that they care because that is all corporate woke culture is only concerned about.
Andres Columbus
Andres Columbus Il y a mois
its just an excuse to steal from aka demonetize content creators
root Il y a mois
u still ain't got a mil subs hahaha
Rated Tun3chi
Rated Tun3chi Il y a mois
He thought about saying it 🤷🏾‍♂️
Ryan Poeppel
Ryan Poeppel Il y a mois
TheBlindingwhite Il y a mois
FRvid sucks because they (including Google/ALPHABET) are in bed with China. That's why the corona virus is a no no.
MikeShotta Il y a mois
*Papa john points out racist issues and how to be better* His affiliates: Excuse me thats racist.
Mike Cuntala
Mike Cuntala Il y a mois
I’ve never seen H3 or watched pizza related videos but clips to this podcast were all over my recommendations
Indigo Rodent
Indigo Rodent Il y a mois
Nice to see someone understand what's going on with FRvid. Somehow we went from internet forums with real moderation and manageable amount of users to "social media" with millions upon millions of people on them. It was bound to become a horrible mess as soon as any trace of platform accountability is introduced. People tend to assume they have a right making living as adbaits. Well, guess what, it comes with being dependent on approval of advertisers who are picky about what is associated with their products. And with scale of FRvid, it's going to be done by fallible algorithms. If you don't have viewers who want to/can pay for your living, you're an adbait and you're completely depending on whenever advertisers want to be associated with your content or not.
MR SK1LLFUL Il y a mois
"everyone can monetize!" Here my channel is banned from monetization because of a SpongeBob Sparta remix.
Brian Hansen
Brian Hansen Il y a mois
Dont use the platform then and get a real Job since you are so frustrated
Brian Boley
Brian Boley Il y a mois
How a cough sounds like a beer you drink What in God's name is he talking about
0penthaugtz Il y a mois
Maybe creators should start suing FRvid, for the money they lose, when wrongfully de-monetized.
0penthaugtz Il y a mois
@Sharkie626 Bummer man
Sharkie626 Il y a mois
No case. They never signed any contracts with FRvid saying that they WILL be paid for anything, or that they could even make a living from it. They did that at their own risk.
DeKosta Il y a mois
The thing that goes on behind google and youtube is DISGUSTING.
Professor Chaos
Professor Chaos Il y a mois
Kayla Turner
Kayla Turner Il y a mois
The follow up Video that H3H3 made on the FRvid algorithm also had the n word slapped in the closed captions. Why do you think that is? And how likely do you think that is to happen? I have never seen that happen before o:
FattyMcButterPants Il y a mois
u revived your channel well
FlyinSløths Il y a mois
A quote shared amongst programmers comes to mind "a computer is only as smart as the person using it"
Absolute Longplay
Absolute Longplay Il y a mois
Susan Wojcicki is the reason why FRvid is cancer today.
Cryo Judgement
Cryo Judgement Il y a mois
Whole I agree with everything you said I just wanna point out the irony in your intro; "I hate this platform, so let me broadcast that message on the platform itself." Lmao
Mr. Grey
Mr. Grey Il y a mois
Papa John's without Papa John is not Papa John's, they should change the name or bring back the company's namesake.
ArchThaBoss Il y a mois
All hail our FRvid algorithm overlords
Adam Harrop
Adam Harrop Il y a mois
Bend the knee to China
Ralphie Cifaretto
Ralphie Cifaretto Il y a mois
All they have to do is have a two tier system for advertisers. PG content and R rated content. That way, advertisers no up front the kind of video they might end up on and don't punish everyone if some people don't mind being associated with edgier content. I don't understand why they don't do that already. They could treat the vast majority of videos like network tv, and anyone they wants more adult oriented content cold be treated like cable.
Mr. Grey
Mr. Grey Il y a mois
In theory I agree but Google would probably charge for access to R rated content.
Ralphie Cifaretto
Ralphie Cifaretto Il y a mois
You left out that he didn't just say the N word, he was quoting someone else saying it to make a point he never says it.
mintsiez Il y a mois
The problem is FRvid was never designed to be used as a full time job .
Sharkie626 Il y a mois
If only people listened to those who were warning about that back in 2012.
Sarah Kiara
Sarah Kiara Il y a mois
OMG hes complaining that the line went slightly less straight up for 5 minutes lmfao I guess whatever drama gets the clicks richie xD
Freddie Alejandro
Freddie Alejandro Il y a mois
FRvid needs serious competition... It's ridiculous, and btw people should take this more like a hobby and have a side job or investments or a career this platform its very unstable to take its as a job.
Sharkie626 Il y a mois
People had been warning about that for well over 8 years ago now. If only they listened.
JessicaFEREM Il y a mois
tfw a robot accuses you of saying the n word
Tyler Warren Ellis
Tyler Warren Ellis Il y a mois
Maybe Papa never said that word on the phone call after all, what if they misheard him? Maybe he just speaks in such a way that can sound like that word sometimes.
redxlillard Il y a mois
He said he did say it in the podcast but they took it out of context
Colin Nolan
Colin Nolan Il y a mois
Why do you think this is ironic? I think it could just as easily have been a way to slow the growth of another ‘problematic channel’
The Answer
The Answer Il y a mois
Idk why Mexicans and other people born in America but their great grandparents were born in Columbia get a pass to say the n word. We need to stop this. We need to stop the Mexicans and Latinos especially American born one to stop using that word. Let me be clear. ONLY BLACK PEOPLE CAN SAY IT. GET OVER IT
poopikins Il y a mois
I've been saying it, Pornhub will make a non 18+ FRvid alternative
Sharkie626 Il y a mois
"Hey everyone, check out my kid's birthday on Pornhub!" Yep, that's REALLY gonna happen.....
Luke Gramith
Luke Gramith Il y a mois
If you turn on Closed Captions on the video, there was one point where it thought he said the N word. Ironic and Hilarious and Frustrating at the same time
Deku Il y a mois
Yes and yes but Ethan blew it, nothing was irrelevant everyone’s chemistry was a minute apart and questions were dumb ones that are over used in papa johns day to day life.
Erik Dvorsky
Erik Dvorsky Il y a mois
Maybe partners shouldn't be subject to the same bots that demonitize videos. One platform two systems.
dodopoopinpoop Il y a mois
FRvid's leadership is beyond dumb. They really don't understand their own platform. Instead of lifting up their amazing orginal content creators. They knee cap them and try to pretend they don't exist. Look at Netflix who just goes balls to the wall with their content and make stuff Big Mouth or South Park who still gets ads on their show. When adpocalypse hit they should have stuck to their guns and if anything put the blame on Pewdiepie who started it and not the whole platform. Another example is Facebook who takes criticism but I agree with him 100% on freedom of speech.
tomblaze2 Il y a mois
Papa Bless
Frank Sobotka
Frank Sobotka Il y a mois
Klaatu! Barada! N- N-word.... definitely an n-word...
WhiteNegative Il y a mois
Theres nothing youtube can do, the algorithm has to learn and the only way it can do that is by making mistakes, its not possible to think up every possible controversial thing and put it into the algorithm so it gets everything right.
ACEGaming Il y a mois
How long until people just stop making content? Like seriously, we can’t keep doing this.
This is KameBlast
This is KameBlast Il y a mois
Mr. Grey
Mr. Grey Il y a mois
Edgy cutting wrists gamer?
Japwin Entertainment
Why don't they create a three tiered system. Unproven content creators get the algorithm get access to argue their cases etc. Proven content creators where they've kept a relatively consistent form. This will be where the algorithm is then sent through to a human for checking and finally "advertiser friendly" Content creator. These would be paid more and given an outline on what they can't do or say. Advertisers would then be given the option to pay more to ensure their ads get played on this creators platform. Might be a bit too far but would be a lot better than now.
Sharkie626 Il y a mois
They already had a system kind of like that around 2010. It was abused miserably, and undone around some time in 2012.
Yebii Il y a mois
can we make "Papa Rich" a thing? Les gooooo :D Papa Rich pls notice me
EricSmyth14 Il y a mois
A bit of a whoosh to think it was actually the algorithm
Jay Why
Jay Why Il y a mois
Might as well have said something bad. H3 butchered that interview! Ahh, it was painful to watch! John couldn't finish a sentence, the hosts kept crossing lines and asking really stupid questions! No respect for H3
Trevor Il y a mois
There was like a CBS or CNBC news story about Pap Johns just days ago. It was doing a synopsis and getting info from people in the company and a professor, who was accusing Papa John of ego. (A thinly veiled hit piece.) It's pretty obvious what's happening, we have a corporate overlord class, and the have a symbiotic relationship with social engineers. If you look at how China, the corrupt government of China, is treated in our media, you realize that the media prefers authoritarian big business interests, especially when it comes to stock holders....Chinese stock holders. I'm not surprised, it's all about narrative, Schnatter was getting his views out, people were hearing his side and it was going to affect the status quo. I mean Papadillas?.....Really? I don't buy that this was an automated response, it was probably strategic for business interest.
Sean T
Sean T Il y a mois
The papa podcast being unmonetised is such a massive hit. This podcast has been built up to for years and the viewership is explosive for it at launch and you'll never get that explosive moment back.
Sean T
Sean T Il y a mois
FRvid flew that plane by to silence you
Liberty309 Il y a mois
Anon Bunka
Anon Bunka Il y a mois
"Voluntarily" big quotes on that. Also yea it was that "accidentally" taken out. Suuuure. Just like I keep getting recommendations and played videos from FRvid from Corporation News Networks I'M NOT SUBBED TO!!
Thomas Linnemann
Thomas Linnemann Il y a mois
Companies should have the option to say that they do not care if thier ads are showen before during or after a “controversial” video. Not all companies think that whatever comes before or after an ad is what they support politicly.....
War Butt
War Butt Il y a mois
lol disease is spreading. Oh no console delays 😂😂
Zedekai Il y a mois
Ssd not hard drive
BearsXshow Il y a mois
Even with the bell I didn't get a notification for this video.
Noneya Business
Noneya Business Il y a mois
Stupid faggo t liberals
El_Cuh Il y a mois
Of all words it couldve misunderstood, the captions mess it up with the certain word he got in trouble for seems kinda like not a mistake
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