We're literally trying to keep up! Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott back together..again?

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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are seen out together for Stormi’s birthday.
Back in October of 2019, the sad news broke that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were no longer together. We know they spent Christmas together as a source told E News, that they would be doing stuff together as a family to make it as wonderful as possible for Stormi. For Stormi’s birthday they made sure to keep the amusement park themed birthday parties going as they took her to the happiest place on earth, Disney World. They look happy, which of course makes us feel happy and also wonder, could they rekindle some sort of relationship? According to TMZ, not likely. They wrote, “they're no closer to getting back together or anything like that though...and it seems that's not even on the table right now."
So why haven't we seen Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes together in a while...-éo-2L-iDxxlRQ0.html
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24 janv. 2020




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Commentaires 99
Tracy Watson
Tracy Watson Il y a 25 jours
Love it
Heather Jones
Heather Jones Il y a 26 jours
Run Travis! Please don’t get back with this devil! Especially if she trying to help Rob take Dream away from her mother and brother! Run Travis run from this racist!!!
Mickey #ikky khadashian 4u
Cracker Il y a 29 jours
Her birthday party is way better than my birthday party oh wait nvm I never had a birthday party
andromeda corkas
andromeda corkas Il y a mois
You guys are so ridiculous "Kylie wouldn't take that away from him" take what? She can't keep that baby from him moron. We need adults running this channel cause you wet behind the ear imbeciles reach way to much with your stupidity.
Zora Baumann
Zora Baumann Il y a mois
No.! Please stop spoiling this little Cutie Stormy so much ! I'd find it so deaf frigntening if there would be a huge walk-through head of mine as a little kid. It also gives Stormy a false reception of herself , thinking she is the middle of the earth. Don't spoil her that much. She shouldn't become that self-centered and superficial. Teach her to be a little more humble and altruistic. Far more beautiful things are grown by that.
Roger didit
Roger didit Il y a mois
I tried to invite her over for Butterball turkey on Thanksgiving, but she said "no thanks I only like dark meat"
Grace Villegas
Grace Villegas Il y a mois
They are better as co-parents
Mari Jose Azpilicueta
You speak too quickly
Michael Dooley
Michael Dooley Il y a mois
they never broke up
Fahima Diba
Fahima Diba Il y a mois
Dakta se
Ty Johnson
Ty Johnson Il y a mois
Very Happy Stormi looks like she had fun💞✨💯 However sad 😔🤦 there might not be baby 2 😥👎hoping they put the family back together ❤️🥂 as one😇😉💪🍾
Cin Rog
Cin Rog Il y a mois
People are reaching. It was Stormi’s first time there and they both wanted to be a part of it. That is what I call great co-parenting.
Anastasia Anastasiovska
I cant with yall,they have a child together afc they are gonna spend time together and its none of ur bussiness of they are a couple or not
dani petti
dani petti Il y a mois
My god, I hope that they get back together😭😭
Rey llones
Rey llones Il y a mois
well you can't spell kylie without a "lie"
Aspect shxm
Aspect shxm Il y a mois
Guys in my option I don't think they will get back together they are there for stormi lol it won't happen anytime soon
Fly Agaric
Fly Agaric Il y a mois
RememberThe Specials song - too much, too young!!!
giorga2004 Il y a mois
Kylie starting to morph into Michael Jackson
Tiffani Linde
Tiffani Linde Il y a mois
Tara Minic
Tara Minic Il y a mois
Travis can find wayyy better girl that kylie
Marc Calizaire
Marc Calizaire Il y a mois
He was chosen.
Dutch Girl
Dutch Girl Il y a mois
Hope not
Lachinda Smith
Lachinda Smith Il y a mois
Why do u y'all always gotta add and take off ..i see 2 parents at a big theme park enjoying there kid ppl co-parent all the damn time... Just because u see 2 ppl at the same damn time doesn't mean there trying to get back together why they just can be friends and able to have this friendship she said they didn't end things bad...and news flash u are going to see them a lot a places together there stormi parents...that's what co-parent do..
Hani Khan
Hani Khan Il y a mois
Your news is so true ii stopped watching news channel i asked every one to subscribe to your channel
Mini but Strong
Mini but Strong Il y a mois
They’re tgt for the sake of Stormi lol so obv
Nelldeana Scott
Nelldeana Scott Il y a mois
I am glad they are cack together.
Marc Calizaire
Marc Calizaire Il y a mois
No thats old news. Get back together with your own men. They love u.
Alyssa Ruiz
Alyssa Ruiz Il y a mois
Me and stormi share a birthday ❤️💕
i mean he’s always going to be the father....... so its not foreign for him to be there lmfao find something else to talk about
Lachinda Smith
Lachinda Smith Il y a mois
Okay like its new they co-parenting ppl do thus shit all the time..
Ibrahim.m M-512
Ibrahim.m M-512 Il y a mois
it's very weird she been hurt and cheated and still she doesn't care !😑😵 , if I'm like K.J I will make his life a living HELL
Marnnetta Powell
Marnnetta Powell Il y a mois
They actually looks good together and Stormi she is so so adorable and she needs her mommy and daddy.☺️ .
Marc Calizaire
Marc Calizaire Il y a mois
No they do not. Love your race. That do not make u racist.
Laura Zacharias
Laura Zacharias Il y a mois
Why can’t people accept that they’re co parenting and that they have a good relationship on that level. It’s like “omg the mom and dad of Stormi seen together ?! “ yes they’re Stormi’s parents, they communicate . SHOCKER
Rumo Llc
Rumo Llc Il y a mois
Shes on to bigger better things ... shes just keeping things civil-all biz....
Brett Gibson
Brett Gibson Il y a mois
I love how they still want her to see her father Travis
RyzeHasNoFriends Il y a mois
Other people: awww stormi is so cute Me: *mad because I'm not stormi*
zara pancholi
zara pancholi Il y a mois
well obv there together one her birthdays it doesn’t mean there dating
heygirlhey504 Il y a 12 jours
zara pancholi Definitely not, Travis is DONE!
Mella moore
Mella moore Il y a mois
Love ya
Andrea Lisa
Andrea Lisa Il y a mois
Before 1M ☺️ Nah dont like it
they should get back together 😣
JayDrippin Il y a 26 jours
Marc Calizaire what r u talking abt...
Lissa and Me
Lissa and Me Il y a 26 jours
Marc Calizaire bro what is you talking about
Mohamed Mimouni
Mohamed Mimouni Il y a mois
@Marc Calizaire wtf are u talking about stfu
Marc Calizaire
Marc Calizaire Il y a mois
Most white men are good men. Date a good white brother kylie and the kardarshian the whitemen haters.
𝐀𝐍𝐀 🌹 Il y a mois
Diana paixao
Diana paixao Il y a mois
he is the father of your daughter. normal for kylie to have a good relationship with him and also to be close because Stormi needs a male presence
Ty Johnson
Ty Johnson Il y a mois
Really wish they would get back together ❤️😔
Ruth Nayame
Ruth Nayame Il y a mois
Cindy Ramirez
Cindy Ramirez Il y a mois
That’s one of the great things about the kardashians they put the children first! People need to take notes on that.
Sactorno Il y a 26 jours
Cindy Ramirez That’s because the children being in views and numbers/money....why do you think Kylie named her brand off Stormi? It’s not because she loves her that much, it’s because stormi is brings in the numbers, which also explains why most of the pictures with stormi on her insta get more likes than the other posts
Farts are Funny
Farts are Funny Il y a mois
Marc Calizaire wtf, bitch that has nothing to do with it. Most of the times when parents are getting divorced they constantly argue and everything but forget about the children, but the kardashians put them first that’s all she’s saying
Marc Calizaire
Marc Calizaire Il y a mois
Stop being brain wash. Love your own men. Stop destroying the brothers.
Candie Evans
Candie Evans Il y a mois
I love you Kylie I wish you the best you and Travis Kylie you are the sweetest
Adela Manzo
Adela Manzo Il y a mois
What If there just doing co- parenting for their daughter..
heygirlhey504 Il y a 12 jours
Adela Manzo That’s all it will ever be! Travis is done with that relationship, per his own family!
Anfal Alsakani
Anfal Alsakani Il y a mois
Joshua Sergeant
Joshua Sergeant Il y a mois
Before You know it. She'll be 15
Logan Woodcock
Logan Woodcock Il y a mois
Everything they get back together Kissimmee NICU couple
Maliha Zara Ahmed
Maliha Zara Ahmed Il y a mois
A_Chaos 123
A_Chaos 123 Il y a mois
I wish i had that birthday party like if you wish you had it too
Anna Halvorson
Anna Halvorson Il y a mois
love you guys!!💕💕💕
Joshua Brown
Joshua Brown Il y a mois
This is the tea ☕🤣🤣
Victory Onyegbunke
Victory Onyegbunke Il y a mois
Joshua Brown I get the sarcasm and awesomeness tv didn’t get thee sarcasm 🤣🤣🤣
MadeInDade 87
MadeInDade 87 Il y a mois
What tea??? Cuz they are co parenting??? Lol that’s not TEA
AwesomenessTV Il y a mois
and it's been SERVED
turaya ramdat
turaya ramdat Il y a mois
Kylie desreves better , ooow and we LOVEEEE kelsey giving the news like girlll you are made for that 😂😂
turaya ramdat
turaya ramdat Il y a mois
@AwesomenessTV Yassss
AwesomenessTV Il y a mois
Kelsey is a pop news QUEEN and deserves all of the praise forever and always yassssss
turaya ramdat
turaya ramdat Il y a mois
turaya ramdat
turaya ramdat Il y a mois
Dejah Cope
Dejah Cope Il y a mois
Omg they back together??? I'm freaked out when I saw the title
Side Chick
Side Chick Il y a mois
My birthdays in feb
Siamoee Shahnabi
Siamoee Shahnabi Il y a mois
First comment love you Kyle
Aniyah Mckay
Aniyah Mckay Il y a mois
Omg I freaked when I saw this also first
Ashley Salinas
Ashley Salinas Il y a mois
Travis always seemed like he didn't love her.
Christopher Manning
You people worst then the Daily report 🤣
Kingdomcome777 Il y a mois
Marc Calizaire how? She wanted to settle down and start a family with Travis.
Marc Calizaire
Marc Calizaire Il y a mois
Good obsevation ash. Kylie a ho ho ho. Nwo.
Andrea Perez
Andrea Perez Il y a mois
Frrrrrr I was like damnnnn lmao
Ashley Salinas
Ashley Salinas Il y a mois
@Nahomy Chan i agree as well. I feel like they both do not love each other
Cristian Burnett 11
30 likes, no views. Makes Sense
isabella jones
isabella jones Il y a mois
hiiiiiii im earky ccxx
Side Chick
Side Chick Il y a mois