We Made HUMAN SIZED Candy Buttons... How Do They Taste?

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Today we're scaling up another nostalgic candy. This time we're making giant candy buttons, also known as candy dots. How will they taste?
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Commentaires 80
MrBeckett74 Il y a 2 heures
Forget the piping lesson. I want a video on the Giant Ginger Bread houses
Justin Moody
Justin Moody Il y a 2 heures
im no pro in making royal icing but I have done it a couple times and (not that this affects the quality of the icing) I'm pretty sure that using egg whites straight from the egg is unhealthy, so I suggest using pasteurized egg whites.
Theoden092 Il y a 4 heures
make a giant cookies and cream hershey bar
frisk sans
frisk sans Il y a 5 heures
Can you guys make like alot of those giant sized candies and send them to me
Kevin Klein
Kevin Klein Il y a 6 heures
Runts would be nice to see also try it as cotton candy please.
Logan Dent
Logan Dent Il y a 6 heures
she sounds like she has corona
Heather Parr
Heather Parr Il y a 6 heures
Make a giant giant jaw breaker! Or pop rocks would be really cool too. Thank you guys for the fun videos, my son and I watch almost every night 👍🏼
Lily Henderson
Lily Henderson Il y a 6 heures
you should try to make giant cadbury eggs and giant twix.
{Abigail’s} [Life]💙💜💙
Lol I have never had those
Kazuto Kirigaya
Kazuto Kirigaya Il y a 7 heures
Jaida Smatt
Jaida Smatt Il y a 7 heures
Vanessa Berthiaume
Vanessa Berthiaume Il y a 7 heures
If you make a giant sour punch straw, I wanna be there! Lol. Also, my kiddo wants to know if you could blend Mac and cheese?? I have no idea why but that is his request.
Annie Mackey
Annie Mackey Il y a 8 heures
can you guys make a giant reese´s peanut butter cup
Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox Il y a 11 heures
Make a giant warhead, please
Macekiller 13
Macekiller 13 Il y a 12 heures
Make a giant nerds rope
Nevaeh Lee
Nevaeh Lee Il y a 12 heures
You can find them at five and below
Joselyn Wolford
Joselyn Wolford Il y a 12 heures
I had not tryed those
Name Il y a 12 heures
U guys should do caprisun!!☺☺☺☺👉👈👉👈👉👈
As It Should Be
As It Should Be Il y a 13 heures
nice experiment but be careful; dentist are closed now.. lol
shawn smoot
shawn smoot Il y a 13 heures
Reese’s peanut butter cup
Jax 0
Jax 0 Il y a 13 heures
Lovely Rose
Lovely Rose Il y a 14 heures
SGM_Skylar M
SGM_Skylar M Il y a 15 heures
Trolls gummy worms pls
Rebecca Farmer
Rebecca Farmer Il y a 15 heures
Make a whatcha-ma-callit! (Not sure how to spell it)
RanashiRose Il y a 15 heures
Fun Dip
Myles Locke
Myles Locke Il y a 16 heures
Do Swedish fish
shiny stars
shiny stars Il y a 16 heures
kit kat or resses or
izzy chan Nyan Cat
izzy chan Nyan Cat Il y a 16 heures
Giant candy sticks
summer fairy
summer fairy Il y a 16 heures
Can you try to make cookie rice balls
daviy one
daviy one Il y a 16 heures
i wish they will sell them in a store
Jaster Mareel
Jaster Mareel Il y a 17 heures
Giant Nerds!
Ryan Il y a 18 heures
I thought the thumnail was acid tabs
Jade Langley
Jade Langley Il y a 21 heure
Micotheone Il y a 22 heures
Giant gummy worm!!
EpicUndead Il y a 23 heures
Pop Rocks would be a neat one.
Maddie P
Maddie P Il y a jour
u should make a giant twix candy bar or mounds
Naomi Johnson
Naomi Johnson Il y a jour
Cali and Nate: they are really hard to find here Me: I live in Australia they are not even a thing here And also how did you find all the stuff for this with corona
woah carolyn
woah carolyn Il y a jour
Jerry Beckham
Jerry Beckham Il y a jour
can ou do baby bottles?
Millie Bobby brown 2.0 UwU
wut if your allergic to eggs
E M S Cool Videos
E M S Cool Videos Il y a jour
Big foot sound that he did sounded like a duck or like a dieing duck
Colleen Buvala
Colleen Buvala Il y a jour
Make a giant ring pop!
Honey Cookies
Honey Cookies Il y a jour
i have never had candy buttons...
Caitlyn Jones
Caitlyn Jones Il y a jour
It would be really cool to see them team up with Claire from Bon Appetite
Brooklyn Smith
Brooklyn Smith Il y a jour
Colorful twizzlers
CheeseNinja Il y a jour
Please do giant jolly ranchers
Demon king
Demon king Il y a jour
Make a big samsung s20 or any phone but iphones :)
loren weisser
loren weisser Il y a jour
Make giant twizzlers!
Josiqueen Dixon
Josiqueen Dixon Il y a jour
Little door
Ryland Burnham
Ryland Burnham Il y a jour
You should freeze dry normal and the HUGE candy buttons
Karen Crutchfield
Karen Crutchfield Il y a jour
Should have used parchment paper!
Marianna Thompson
Marianna Thompson Il y a jour
First thing that comes to mind when I saw this video is : taste the rainbow
Cerberus the pup
Cerberus the pup Il y a jour
Make a giant push pop
Quintavy Il y a jour
Giant Twix
Cassidy Anthony
Cassidy Anthony Il y a jour
Giant Hershey!
Caysie Krawczyk
Caysie Krawczyk Il y a jour
You should make giant sour patch kids
Rae sandwich
Rae sandwich Il y a jour
My first and middle name is Raechel Rae
Hadley Albracht
Hadley Albracht Il y a jour
Y’all need to make a giant jolly rancher
Minnesota Pride
Minnesota Pride Il y a jour
Do m and ms I
Hayden Fox
Hayden Fox Il y a jour
You should make a huge twizler
Jacob Playz
Jacob Playz Il y a jour
giant sour patch kids would be awesome
steelers 1126
steelers 1126 Il y a jour
Make a giant potato
Jay Dye
Jay Dye Il y a jour
Make a giant twizzler
Mazilla Unicorn
Mazilla Unicorn Il y a jour
When she said to say if we wanted her to make a video about piping lessons: Me: I dont need it. I Dont Need It..! I NEEEEEEEED IT!!!!
Mazilla Unicorn
Mazilla Unicorn Il y a 15 heures
@Rebecca Farmer I hope everybody did!
Rebecca Farmer
Rebecca Farmer Il y a 15 heures
Wonder if anyone else caught the reference...😁
nreet_0 Il y a jour
Try making giant chocolate covered liquid chocolate so like a giant ball or chocolate And inside like liquid but to solid chocolate
Claire Golden
Claire Golden Il y a jour
“There’s no plastic underneath” Sure.... 😂
Delilah Huynh
Delilah Huynh Il y a jour
make a huge jelly bean
Higanbana87 Il y a jour
Either pop rocks or war heads
Christopher Junkins
The problem with the goopy ones and in general may be the type of food color you are using. Perhaps powder or gell would work better? (probably powdered, I dunno?) As I'm betting the added liquid is throwing off the proportions even at just a few drops. Not to mention the chemical makeup might be doing something? (in addition to the whipping time and proper weight measurements)
That Roblox family
That Roblox family Il y a jour
he looks like a child like i dont know what I’m doing but it’s edible and she’s like let’s do this (no offence)
Nikolai Mohammed
Nikolai Mohammed Il y a jour
Angela Lamb
Angela Lamb Il y a jour
why are they so hard to find? i find them in my local cracker Barrel all the time.
Firnas Amir
Firnas Amir Il y a jour
please make giant mike and ikes
Cameron Washington
Cameron Washington Il y a jour
Is she sick
DtheFur Il y a jour
Giant Twinkie
Gacha Izzy
Gacha Izzy Il y a jour
How about Kit Kat
Jennifer Kowalczyk
Jennifer Kowalczyk Il y a jour
do you guys have kids
Sarah Coyle
Sarah Coyle Il y a jour
I would love to watch an entire video on piping lessons.
King Stuntz
King Stuntz Il y a jour
Giant m&ms
papa Ryan
papa Ryan Il y a jour
Giant fun dip with the stick giant size also
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