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Link needs to eat in order to gain hearts, but are his recipes any good? Brian David Gilbert teams up with Eater's Adam Moussa to discover which of Breath of the Wild's 78 recipes are tasty and how many hearts they should actually restore.
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10 juil. 2019




Charger le lien.....

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Commentaires 5 220
brian david gilbert
brian david gilbert Il y a 5 jours
cooking pro tip: literally just use carrots as any other vegetable it's totally fine and doesn't affect recipes at all
Toland Shattered
Toland Shattered Il y a 12 heures
In the kingdom hearts vid, Brian mumble-sings a song in the title card, what’s the song name?
JasiadHalliad Il y a 13 heures
ok but what kind of wheat did you use for the pan fried bread
Michael J
Michael J Il y a 13 heures
But... What about the unused ice cream cone?
Everett C
Everett C Il y a 17 heures
bdg, don't forget to give on your dreams of being a baker.
xKDxx Il y a 18 minutes
I absolutely love this video and mustache man's sense of humor THE MUSTACHE MAN HAS NAIL POLISH ON I DON"T THINK THIS VIDEO CAN GET ANY BETTER
Jan Witkowsky
Jan Witkowsky Il y a 44 minutes
I might do a similar challenge. Seriously, BotW really does make mushrooms look really appetizing.
ivazie Il y a 53 minutes
in conclusion: eggs are good always
B's Coins
B's Coins Il y a 59 minutes
It’s called a video game
Nick Reiger
Nick Reiger Il y a heure
That milk label looks like my local brand of milk, what is it?
AimeeWoodWorks Il y a heure
It sounds like you guys needed.... THE UNOFFICIAL LEGEND OF ZELDA COOKBOOK. 120+ recipes, with in game guides! Launching on Kickstarter in 12 hours!? lol but really, the timing on this is hysterical, I am actually launching my cookbook tomorrow, you can see the whole project here:
Christian Shen
Christian Shen Il y a heure
so, can we get the finalized list with heart ratings?
Austin Nguyen
Austin Nguyen Il y a heure
Polygon reminds me of Danny Gonzalez
Scarlett Is a goner
Scarlett Is a goner Il y a heure
The way BDG says risotto is odd, is that how all Americans say that?
skins4thewin Il y a heure
The fried bread looks exactly like the Indonesian bread we use with our families Curry recipe's, and it is DAMN good!
MimiKing Il y a heure
Watching two grown men torture themselves for half an hour.
Har- Binger
Har- Binger Il y a 2 heures
Don’t forget soup from friendly yetis!!!!
nhim con
nhim con Il y a 2 heures
correct me if im wrong but i think bdg invented the twink nerd culture
jockslap Il y a 2 heures
I appreciate the struggle but this was one long cop-out after round one.
Jesse Kovitch
Jesse Kovitch Il y a 2 heures
Hope you guys are gay cuz i ship you. if not you guys should be friends.
technicolor965 Il y a 2 heures
The guy's heavy long suffering sigh at 5:30 is so hilarious omfg
Rocio Rodriguez
Rocio Rodriguez Il y a 2 heures
your poor toilet
Vers Nugriup
Vers Nugriup Il y a 2 heures
"Oh daddy"
Almond Il y a 2 heures
It could've been worse.
Nicholas Tosoni
Nicholas Tosoni Il y a 2 heures
Can I use any of these for DINNER?
Chihaya Furu
Chihaya Furu Il y a 2 heures
But but you can add salt ... I add salt rocks to my dishes lol
Krishettey :D
Krishettey :D Il y a 2 heures
We made all Steven universe dishes next pls
Luner pup
Luner pup Il y a 2 heures
All I could think about is if I could peel off your mustache.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Il y a 3 heures
more planning could have gone into this as far as food, quality, the "any XXXXXX" reqs in the recipes... he focused too much on time than quality... he just needed better planning
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Il y a 3 heures
he's using bare minimum req's for the ingredients in the game... you can add more to the recipes as long as you don't meet reqs for a different recipe
Diamond Ax Jax
Diamond Ax Jax Il y a 3 heures
Matt Smith
Matt Smith Il y a 3 heures
they had salt in the game....
Xavier Camacho
Xavier Camacho Il y a 3 heures
I thought this was a buzzfeed videos
Pablo Gutierrez
Pablo Gutierrez Il y a 3 heures
but there is salt in botw
Caleb Forman
Caleb Forman Il y a 3 heures
Now it’s time for potions!
A Kitty cat
A Kitty cat Il y a 3 heures
Fried bread
Ellie Grace
Ellie Grace Il y a 4 heures
im sorry but pat saying 'oh daddy' to an egg was so fucking funny
Simon Douville
Simon Douville Il y a 4 heures
OMG can you be a couple?
Ace 1999
Ace 1999 Il y a 4 heures
what about rock salt
Black Iron Seamus
Black Iron Seamus Il y a 4 heures
please have my children
nexus9 Il y a 4 heures
brian should partner with binging with babish and try and make all of these recipes actually good
YuniX2 Il y a 4 heures
The video was good, but the comments have me laughing so hard I'm crying.
9 shabby
9 shabby Il y a 4 heures
This guy reminds me of Danny Gonzales
I t 's c o l d
I t 's c o l d Il y a 4 heures
This dude looks like Gus Johnson and Napoleon Dynamites brothers secret love child.
Jae Wey
Jae Wey Il y a 4 heures
Summary: two dudes discover the importance of salt
Yellow bananago
Yellow bananago Il y a 4 heures
There should have been 120 recipes
cassandra Il y a 4 heures
if I like durian what does that make me Brian? Huh?
Isaac Steele
Isaac Steele Il y a 4 heures
Rock Salt Rock Salt Rock Salt Rock Salt
aeonjoey Il y a 4 heures
Adam is my otter crush now. oh my god-a. my boyfriend will not mind, Adam, we're open, hai! EDIT: just stalked his twitter, he's gonna need a restraining order. 😍
Tito Il y a 5 heures
poor content video starring two idiots
Jimi Dunbeck
Jimi Dunbeck Il y a 5 heures
U need to do one of these for stardew valley
JakeTakesTheCakes Il y a 5 heures
New headcannon: Link just carries around a tiny salt shaker at all times.
give me attention
give me attention Il y a 5 heures
i have watched this video like 8 times, i love it
Jstar338 Il y a 5 heures
Do a video discussing which bug couples in Hollow Knight would work