We gave Will Smith a Flame Thrower - The Slow Mo Guys

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Gav and new Slow Mo Guy Will run a gauntlet of destruction. Melons, mannequins and a car are about to get it.
On this channel we don't usually film an entire video in less than 40 minutes in the car park of the FRvid Space with about 50 people watching, but this one was a bit special.
Massive thanks to the LEGEND that is Will Smith for popping on Dan's labcoat and becoming a Slow Mo Guy for a day. Make sure you go and see Gemini Man!
All of this was performed under the supervision of professionals.
Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex 4K
We gave Will Smith a Flame Thrower - The Slow Mo Guys




9 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 10 775
snass the skaloten
snass the skaloten Il y a 2 heures
Aaw that's hot, that's hot
Robbaldan Tanaya
Robbaldan Tanaya Il y a 4 heures
*"ahh... that's hot!"*
TheCubicGamer Il y a 7 heures
Thats hot!!!!
Andres de la Garza
Andres de la Garza Il y a 7 heures
Will Smith “grabs flame thrower” oh that’s hot
Adityã Singh
Adityã Singh Il y a 7 heures
The Slow Mo Guys are really growing slowly!!!!!
Justin Seely
Justin Seely Il y a 8 heures
Hey Slow Mo Guys, please get footage of lizards running across water. It would be awesome to see that in Slow Mo!
Karan Singh
Karan Singh Il y a 8 heures
When i tell my father that i have gf-2:32 & than non stop slaps
FrozenFox Games6
FrozenFox Games6 Il y a 9 heures
Was kind of hoping Gav yelled out "Xray and Vav" before he drove a sledgehammer through the window.
Smiley Face Man
Smiley Face Man Il y a 9 heures
My grandpa has a giant potato launcher. It goes super far and lights the potato on fire. 🔥 😂
mojoisrare Il y a 11 heures
Wow from minecraft let’s plays to videos with will smith. Well deserved !
Jonny Easton
Jonny Easton Il y a 11 heures
Groove Federation
Groove Federation Il y a 12 heures
he could have said, 'time to smoke dis fool' one things for sure, will smith certainly doesn't write his own lines....
Os Lizward
Os Lizward Il y a 13 heures
This car who made this car..
Brandi Clark
Brandi Clark Il y a 13 heures
A girl was behind the bush
Smug Hat Kid
Smug Hat Kid Il y a 13 heures
I would like to see a crayon get thrown on the ground and shatter in slow motion
Winter Il y a 14 heures
Will Smith flambees Younger Will Smith , hmm
Jolie Dubreze
Jolie Dubreze Il y a 14 heures
Mr game and Watch
Mr game and Watch Il y a 14 heures
Ah that’s hot that’s hot
FatPhil Il y a 15 heures
I just saw a video on shaolin monks fighting with staffs, and one of the strikes looked like it would make an awesome pool/snooker break. Be cool to see it in slow mo...
Beach&BoardFan Il y a 15 heures
5:10 Will Smith playing Robert Downey Jr from tropic thunder
The Phoenix Channel
The Phoenix Channel Il y a 15 heures
I can only imagine how much time they spent fangirling over the fact that they'll get to meet Will Smith before being able to act casual around him
Scoobs McDoobs
Scoobs McDoobs Il y a 15 heures
Markass brownlee
SiPe Sayerr
SiPe Sayerr Il y a 15 heures
aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thats hot
PipeCrafter420 Il y a 16 heures
So you know how people do bar pranks and will tap the top of your beer with another bottle and your beer foams up? Id love to see you guys do that in slow motion please and thank you, i am just curious to acctually see what is happening in that timeframe to cause the beer to foam up.
TheBadassTonberry Il y a 17 heures
Will will smith will will smith?
Daury Ortiz
Daury Ortiz Il y a 19 heures
hey I hope you guys can do a slow mo video of this!!! I found it on facebook
Brian Williams
Brian Williams Il y a 20 heures
Would love to see slow mo drag car launches
atein14 Il y a 21 heure
Have you considered making a slow move of water shaking in a clear bottle? It might look sweet!
Pang Another Acc
Pang Another Acc Il y a 23 heures
Did somebody else see Will Smith cutout in the car at 6:36? That scares me
Haris Ameen
Haris Ameen Il y a 23 heures
Who wants to see the Rock next on this channel?
Julian Garza
Julian Garza Il y a jour
As soon as I saw this video i got HYPE
Rogan Josh
Rogan Josh Il y a jour
bro the person at 6.14 like leave them alone peeping tom
Turtle Tube
Turtle Tube Il y a jour
As you know... THATS HOT
You Guys should get or give a tattoo in slow motion.
a anduze
a anduze Il y a jour
With Will Smith as a guest on Slo Mo Guys, I guess you can say you've made it. :)
ForeverKnight Il y a jour
Das hawt
Sound Bomb
Sound Bomb Il y a jour
Will Smith talking about pressing the red button
iPodBros Il y a jour
ahhh thats hot... thats hot
Supreme Ak
Supreme Ak Il y a jour
Are you 420 friendly? You should take the fattest bong rip and get a close up on the bowl
M Breher
M Breher Il y a jour
I would like to see Gav take some abuse for once!!
Frost Nation
Frost Nation Il y a jour
Movie producers: Would you like to be in our new movie Ge- Will Smith: Yes Movie producers: But you don't even know what it's called yet Will Smith: Yes, because you agree and worry later
Darian KANAHELE Il y a jour
Or someone surfing
Darian KANAHELE Il y a jour
Do a slow mo on a big wave at the beach
Darian KANAHELE Il y a jour
Do a slow mo on a big wave at the beach
Darian KANAHELE Il y a jour
Do a slow mo on a big wave at the beach
Darian KANAHELE Il y a jour
Do a slow mo on a big wave at the beach
Kambio Code
Kambio Code Il y a jour
you should've made him do the (Dive In The Air) move.
Eric Bourque
Eric Bourque Il y a jour
Tempered car window glass is like a prince rupert drop: You can smash the core pretty hard and it won't break, but apply a bit of pressure to the tail, or in this case the bottom edge and it will destroy the whole piece of glass. Notice how the window only broke when it was hit at the bottom, but all the center hits did not break it; that's by design. The potato gun would probably have worked if it was aimed at the bottom edge of the window.
DTM Games
DTM Games Il y a jour
Ah,that hot!
Jason Fuller
Jason Fuller Il y a jour
Opening the window slightly will allow it to break easier.
Send Memes
Send Memes Il y a jour
I’m confused all I heard was *ah that’s hot*
Jed zab
Jed zab Il y a jour
i seriously thought he was going to say something about area 51
Alan A
Alan A Il y a jour
@6:27 is my new wallpaper lol
blacker58 Il y a jour
it's my favorite youtuber will smith
ThEkillErGeEk Ofrance
Do a video with experimentboy
Jeremy Thomas
Jeremy Thomas Il y a jour
Please film this in slow motion
Anthony Ruocco
Anthony Ruocco Il y a jour
Have yall ever done a dog catching a Frisbee?
q0_p0 Il y a jour
Literally when I saw the real Will Smith I freaked out but it turns out he was fake all alone
sumita guha
sumita guha Il y a jour
i made it much slower.0.25x in 2.50 of the video.try it.plz pause it and see
KENNETH LEE Il y a jour
Will Smith, desperately trying to remain relevant.
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