We FOUND Carey Mae Parker's Car Underwater (Live Update)

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We went to Hawk Cove, Texas yesterday in search of Carey Mae Parker who has been missing for 29 years. After 5 hours on the water with sonar, we identified a car underwater.
We dove on the car, identified the car as a Blue/Gray Buick Skylark, and notified Hunt County Sheriffs Office.

The Hunt County Sheriffs Office was contacted, meeting us on the scene.
Shortly after sunset, we rigged the car in question, removing it from Lake Tawakoni.
The VIN was confirmed to be a match to Carey's car.
Finding Carey's car removes all rumors of this missing person case being foul play for all signs indicate this was purely an accident.
We cannot yet confirm that human remains have been located at the scene for a forensic dive team will be heading back into the water to recover additional evidence.
Here is the Public Press Release by the Sheriff early today.
The car was found submerged 40' off the levy (causeway, bridge) in 16-20' of water.
We will release an edited version of yesterday's events in the months to come.
Thank you to everybody for supporting our efforts. We're looking forward to 2021... ♥️🙏���
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5 févr. 2021




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Commentaires 100
Brian Shawntane
Brian Shawntane Il y a 21 jour
I will forever be grateful, thank you again!
Jennifer Whitehead
Jennifer Whitehead Il y a 7 jours
My condolences sorry for your loss. After all this time i am glad you and your family have answers. God bless you all and may His peace cover and comfort you all.🙏🙏
TheRunAndGun10 Il y a 9 jours
Onion cutting Ninja’s keep showing up while I’m reading these comments. So glad you now have closure Brian.
JOSHUA HARTIG Il y a 9 jours
Heart goes out to this family. I've been a resident of Quinlan since 85 and having closure to carries case is huge thank you for what you guys do God bless
Jenny Foster
Jenny Foster Il y a 11 jours
@Honda Civic show some respect and Brain is Carey brother and if you don’t want hear them talk turn volume off or if you mean us then don’t read
Honda Civic
Honda Civic Il y a 11 jours
Wanna watch the video. Not you guys talking.
Donna Marie
Donna Marie Il y a 5 heures
There are unfortunately dozens of stories where somebody goes missing and they are found in a body of water in their vehicle. One in particular was just up the street from where the woman lived. People driving by her immersed vehicle all those years.....she was eventually found.......😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Katie Mc Aslin
Katie Mc Aslin Il y a 11 heures
I love you guys 😊😊
Roger Westcott
Roger Westcott Il y a jour
How long have you guys been doing this
Rose Martin
Rose Martin Il y a jour
we can hear you.
S Nelson
S Nelson Il y a jour
Andrew MReed
Andrew MReed Il y a jour
Monty Butler
Monty Butler Il y a jour
Please allow other to talk. Damn!!
Debbie Wolf
Debbie Wolf Il y a 3 jours
God bless AWP such a heartbreaking video.
Lori McKay
Lori McKay Il y a 3 jours
All these vehicles in lakes and rivers, if it’s known why were they not investigated before?
Scott Legge
Scott Legge Il y a 3 jours
As you guys are talking about this sticker I can picture it in my mind I so remember them That is such a massive memory for her son
Deb Davis
Deb Davis Il y a 3 jours
Great job guys!! You all are doing such a fantastic service to us all!! Please take care of yourselves so you can help more families!! Thank you all so much!!
Deb Davis
Deb Davis Il y a 3 jours
Jackie Crawford
Jackie Crawford Il y a 4 jours
you guy,s do a great job cause u look at some that may not be able to swim and get out of the situation.
Veronica Lake
Veronica Lake Il y a 4 jours
Father God, it's Wonderful Humans Still have Loving Hearts to Help.👍🇺🇲
Janis Tilyard
Janis Tilyard Il y a 4 jours
The balloons 🎈 sign is amazing 🥲.
Sleepless In The Carolinas
Mama Style Saver
Mama Style Saver Il y a 5 jours
Found your channel last week and can’t stop watching you guys! It’s amazing you are able to bring answers & closure to so many families ❤️ Thank you for all you guys are doing!
Lonnie hand
Lonnie hand Il y a 5 jours
Savuar's of closure and with out y'all and y'all's exsperince she may have ever have been found but I am a firm believer that the balloons where there to show someone I am here please take me home to my kids
Liberty Bella
Liberty Bella Il y a 5 jours
Sam’s saying ‘serving with purpose’ is a beautiful way to explain all you do. Its a wonderful slogan for you guys and everyone who helps. Many blessings. Be safe, be well
Sherry Price
Sherry Price Il y a 5 jours
God be with her! So young...💐
Sherry Price
Sherry Price Il y a 5 jours
Oh thank you God! It's not her. We were at Talladega school for the deaf & blind for long time. We are deaf. I'm sorry about her family. Detectives need to work with her families. My families are cops, then detectives.....👼
Sherry Price
Sherry Price Il y a 5 jours
Was she married & have a child or 2?
Sherry Price
Sherry Price Il y a 5 jours
Sherry Price
Sherry Price Il y a 5 jours
So true that this group are ROCK 🌴 Great Samaritans for families & friends.💪
suzanne butler
suzanne butler Il y a 6 jours
Can not find the car pull video on this one.....was it taped and uploaded?
AcMeKaNiK Il y a 6 jours
Its amazing how much effort, time and money is just wasted on meaningless garbage here on YT. If only more of that energy, time and money could be spent doing things like this, the world would be a much much better place. Kudos for you guys and the gifts you guys bring to these families. Thank you for the good you bring to this forum. There needs to be more of this positivity, especially in these turbulent times.
Marilyn Burkert
Marilyn Burkert Il y a 6 jours
Y'all are truly a blessing to all folks you've helped out you're y'all gaurdian angels I want to donate but I don't know how to do it technology lol well I'll try and get help in how to do it in here be patient 😅
Michael Bowen
Michael Bowen Il y a 6 jours
I went across that bridge and seen those balloons before I knew anything about the the recovery. I thought to myself when I saw them that was odd
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson Il y a 6 jours
Jared, you look like you could be Emilio Estevez brother. Just saying! Really appreciate all the closure you guys bring to families. Keep up the great work you all are doing!
mindy lomento
mindy lomento Il y a 7 jours
Her car was my first car the kind I bought as a kid!!! The balloons led u that's amazing true fact there is life after death!!!!
mindy lomento
mindy lomento Il y a 7 jours
Lillian Crouch
Lillian Crouch Il y a 7 jours
Has anyone searched the area for remains? She may have been thrown from the car before it went in the water
M Schmidt
M Schmidt Il y a 8 jours
Would you do a version of how to escape from a vehicle if a person is able to break windows etc to get out alive?
Linda Fellers
Linda Fellers Il y a 8 jours
love it when Sam smiles, it lights up all around him..great work as usual guys
Maxwell Smart
Maxwell Smart Il y a 8 jours
Stickers: The kind you're describing are called "puffy" stickers. I have many in the Hello Kitty style. So yes--they're still made.
Tammy Trevino
Tammy Trevino Il y a 8 jours
Awe such a sad story. Kevin is a cutie pie.
Ray Shah Gul
Ray Shah Gul Il y a 8 jours
You guys are awesome for what you do for the families who have been in agony for so many years - perhaps even decades without any closure over the fate of their loved ones. It takes a special group of individuals to go deep underwater searching for the dead. I've been watching the AWP journey and y'all have put yourselves in harms way several times along the way. A many of these folks are forever grateful for the answers that y'all were able to bring them. Think about how many would never known the fate of their loved ones had y'all not intervened? Great job guys!!! The World is in short supply of guys like yourselves.
kelly staiger
kelly staiger Il y a 9 jours
So thankful this was finally solved. When will your edited version be released ? You guys are amazing and how you bring peace to families no matter how much time has went by. Keep it up. Kelly
Theresa Pucket
Theresa Pucket Il y a 9 jours
For those that complain that Jared does all the talking I say this, God gives each of us special gifts. Jared has the gift of storytelling and is doing an amazing job. Dan is the camera, tech expert, etc. Each of these guys have their own unique gifts. I discovered this channel a few weeks ago and binge watched them late into the night. I have never gotten the feeling that any of the guys are left out of the limelight. Beside that, this isn’t about who gets the most screen time. It’s about the mission. Keep doing the awesome work you started! This is the only u-tube channel I support.
Makenzie Stieber
Makenzie Stieber Il y a 9 jours
I lost my best friend to a strainer (tree) up here in Oregon. Divers like you recovered her. Thank you for bringing some closure to this family after so long
Rachel Winrow Cochran
Rachel Winrow Cochran Il y a 9 jours
The amazing four I watch your videos all the time . You make me laugh and cry , I wish everyone one is like you in the world, lots of love from Rachel (uk ) Ps Kevin I’m single to 💋
Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane Il y a 9 jours
The roomy sausage multivariably separate because tip specially place a a tacit shade. wonderful, tense yacht
Jessica A.
Jessica A. Il y a 9 jours
I don't know what time of year this accident happened, but it is possible she had her windows down, the balloons flew in front of her face blocking her view or distracting her, causing the accident.
Maxwell Smart
Maxwell Smart Il y a 8 jours
You bring up a good point. I myself nearly had an accident due to balloons obstructing my ability to see & steer.
Jessica A.
Jessica A. Il y a 9 jours
So, those balloons were there for years?? It is amazing that they didn't blow away further in some heavy storm. I guess if anybody saw them, thet wouldn't think anything of it.
Amelia Toreson
Amelia Toreson Il y a 10 jours
Where is the body ?
꧁Cat G꧂
꧁Cat G꧂ Il y a 10 jours
Why is there no video of this search?
Linda Shafto
Linda Shafto Il y a 11 jours
I am still blown away how you found Tim Robbins.. and you were not looking for him .. thank you for all you do ❣️❣️❣️
Christine Mascarenas
Christine Mascarenas Il y a 11 jours
I think God giudes you guys to find these people to help tgese families
scottjet Il y a 11 jours
337 thumbs down? Pissed off cops that couldnt find her before?
Honda Civic
Honda Civic Il y a 11 jours
Wanna watch the video not you guys talking.
Mary Milligan
Mary Milligan Il y a 11 jours
Finding loved ones for these families..may take a bit.and the spirit of these people and God will help ... you may search an area seem like.... look at each other and say we just looked here why we here again but that's God and the missing family member is pulling at your heart and soul so these families can move on...
Mary Milligan
Mary Milligan Il y a 11 jours
Because you all everyone,, every team who risk health etc.... cause every one of the teams you deal on these matters have a wonderful blessed way respect for way families are going through... that sticker as well as the balloons were meant for you all.....sticker was meant for her Son..I truly believe that.....
Mary Milligan
Mary Milligan Il y a 11 jours
Thank you guys... awesome work guys.... And time try using a different floating device.. not a dry suit//slash//Xtra wet suit... you all are doing for the families appreciate risking your lives and health. Because
Kim Bissette
Kim Bissette Il y a 11 jours
Debbie Cobb
Debbie Cobb Il y a 11 jours
You are an intuitive person, all of you are! I can relate. As a nurse I developed a lot of intuitions about the care and what my patients were going through, it can almost be very scary, but follow it and keep using it. It's helping a lot of people. God Bless you all
Debbie Cobb
Debbie Cobb Il y a 11 jours
You guys are the best, God has chosen you guys for an awesome purpose! Keep going there never seems to be an absence of. Missing people where water is involved.
Margaret Howard
Margaret Howard Il y a 12 jours
I’m so proud of all of you. Dan you do a great job.
Darlene Lindstrom
Darlene Lindstrom Il y a 12 jours
You guys are all awesome ! God Bless you all and your family’s!! 🙏👍❤️🐶🐶😇😘😊👏🥰🥰
Darlene Lindstrom
Darlene Lindstrom Il y a 12 jours
Kevin got sunburned
Paradiseana Il y a 12 jours
It's ridiculously inadequate system. Of when and how you can file a missing persons report. The whole system needs to be updated to a system that really works. For the missing persons and their families. I know police stations don't want to be overloaded with cases. But the reality is that most accidents happen right away. Also, most crimes happen within 2-4 hour time frame. We also need families to have a more realiable way to know their missing person's notification is working/active. The missing person cases,/story should never be forgotten. Whatever happen they're all due justice and their life matters.
dylanw401 Il y a 12 jours
Did not realise that there were people out there like you, I have been watching your videos for a week now, so interesting, nice to see you are sponsored by a British company.
The Stiffler Family Adventures
Check your Instagram messages
Kimberly Bralley
Kimberly Bralley Il y a 13 jours
Will you go back to the places you ruled out because of guardrails?
C J Il y a 13 jours
I think the person's angel leads people to the body. So often, somebody randomly jogs a different route, or walks their dog to a remote area. Low and behold, there's a body. I mean what are the odds? Divine Intervention is for real. ❤️
Dee Kern
Dee Kern Il y a 14 jours
Hear you
Dee Kern
Dee Kern Il y a 14 jours
s berg
s berg Il y a 14 jours
L M Il y a 14 jours
Hi! I was wondering how far from the shore the car was found?
Eric Lakota
Eric Lakota Il y a 14 jours
Wow i owned the exact same car glad i never got pulled over exact same car loved that car with a old big small hand round clock all power at the time
Ronald Archer
Ronald Archer Il y a 14 jours
🇳🇿 Well done AWP you all do a fantastic job, Sam seems your dry suit became a wet suit 😉 Still I'm sure you will remember to zip up properly next time. You guys are a great team, to quote lyrics from a old song: do what you do do well guys ; going by the comments I read you are well loved ❤ keep the movement going for as long as you can.
john o'neill
john o'neill Il y a 14 jours
god bless yall
southsidemikevlogs Il y a 15 jours
They still have never found Stacy Peterson body I wonder if her body was dumped in the Illinois river
Linda Lewis
Linda Lewis Il y a 15 jours
A bittersweet day for all. Answer's needed but not in the way that you hoped for. My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Carey. May she rest in peace. 🙏🕊️💐❤️ Thank you, again, AWP for doing what no one else was able to do by bringing Carey home to her children. God bless your souls. 🙏❤️🦸🦸🦸
Crystal Perez
Crystal Perez Il y a 15 jours
Jared talks too much Sam Dan came in they look dumb just standing there doing nothing you need to stop talking to measure it and get to the action
Crystal Perez
Crystal Perez Il y a 15 jours
They take to much
APPS Paranormal
APPS Paranormal Il y a 15 jours
From all of us at APPS Paranormal & APPS Relic Seekers, we are thankful for the work you do and are glad you were able to answer some questions and bring some closure to the family. Your team does amazing work! Keep it up!
Kathy Miller
Kathy Miller Il y a 15 jours
Dan The Man, TY for your expertise
Dawn MacWhinnie
Dawn MacWhinnie Il y a 15 jours
Thank God for Jarod, Sam and Dan. You guys bring the most important thing to these families. You bring the truth.
alta white lark
alta white lark Il y a 15 jours
Do u ever find out how they died?
C12EH Il y a 15 jours
Are we going to be able to see the randy leech video saying he was in my car. I know the members got it which I understand but it has been over 2 weeks. How much longer will it be before it is out to everyone. A lot op people tune in and hit the like button and support in that way for people that can't afford it.
Dawna Jamison
Dawna Jamison Il y a 16 jours
When is the pull out?
Lorie Matthews
Lorie Matthews Il y a 16 jours
Thank you guys so much for what you do!
Rhana Pucchi Crew
Rhana Pucchi Crew Il y a 16 jours
God bless you all for everything that you do. I love that you all are helping these families, I hope you guys are all finding ways to decompress and cope with all the tragedies. It has to take a metal toll on you guys, so please take care of yourselves as well as the families! I appreciate all that you do! Be safe!
Bad Kitty
Bad Kitty Il y a 16 jours
I have nothing but the deepest respect and the purest love for the men of AWP, for who they are, and what they do.❤❤🙏🙏😘😘
Jerry Burr
Jerry Burr Il y a 16 jours
I am from nearby Terrell, TX and I remember when Carey went missing. I have crossed that bridge numerous times over these 29 years and it gives me a sick feeling to know that she was there all the time. I actually worked as a teenager in two of the rock quarries in the area. I just have to say God bless all of you guys for what you do. The amazing thing is that I had never watched any of your videos until today. I had heard that the car had been found but had no idea it was you who had found it. It's one of those fluke things that gives such a surreal feeling when BAM, it all falls together. Again, God bless each of you and I will be donating as soon as my 68 year old brain allows me to figure out how.
Riva ocean view
Riva ocean view Il y a 16 jours
Lots of People need to think, what if was they're immediate family that was missing and how would they feel if they couldn't find them.....if they are found within a few days that's relief but if not for weeks and months and years the family carries around that uncertainty of not knowing.. so helping others to help them find a solution is a good way to say we are all in this together and we all want to give the children a better world to live in without as much fear as we have an been subjected to..
Riva ocean view
Riva ocean view Il y a 16 jours
Have you all keep up to date on your tetanus shots? For rusted or containated bacteria on metal with cuts to skin on a person..need to keep that shot up to date every 10 years they say. Lots of bacteria in the water but keeping wounds completely covered is best. They actually make a waterproof tape that a person can wrap around any bandage. Some physical therapy that has a pool or water bath therapy can give you a venders name to purchase the product. Or possibly the administration in the hospital or physicans office where you get your shots updated. You need a sponsor for that!
Riva ocean view
Riva ocean view Il y a 16 jours
Maybe summer people with time on their hands could get together over zoom to connect and create maids about missing persons that involve missing vehicles and possible different ways they could be missing bodies of water or maybe off highways accidents down step ravines or missing in large parks or foul play is suspected. Maybes create a huge pool of people that want to be involved in their areas of the country..
Riva ocean view
Riva ocean view Il y a 16 jours
The more research the families do the better your chances at finding them. Families that really want to find their lives one will go the extra to get the answers and give you information that really helps..
Riva ocean view
Riva ocean view Il y a 16 jours
Power of God.... It's the feeling of a person inside of themselves that a spirit is leading them somewhere and when they get to the right place they just feel that's where the answer is . Nobody that's ever felt that feeling can shake that feeling off. It's the same as having true knowledge of something and k knowing what the knowledge is for only this is a path everyone else takes and funds no answers and yet God allows and leads special people to find some answers and they feel the pain and relief that the family needs so much. Just saying that God needed the family to have the answers, so many people have reached out to help us give those answers through our abilities and efforts to search for the missing persons that others Didn't have the technology to find. Not everyone has God on their side to be able to go diving under water without the fear that others whom aren't saved and don't have the faith that God watches over them so they always be safe because they're showing others the power of life and death. The fact that the faithful believe in life of souls after the physical body death gives them the power to have faith that God will keep them safe.
* M
* M Il y a 17 jours
Finding the Smurf sticker was the ending of the story finally, for Brian. Highly symbolic and a piece of his mothers heart.
Georgann Conway
Georgann Conway Il y a 17 jours
Maybe she went down the river without the car. Forensics needs to check bottom of river farther on down
Kristen Jones
Kristen Jones Il y a 17 jours
You guys were mentioned on Dateline
mistyrain68ify Il y a 17 jours
If the passenger side door was open couldn't she have been thrown out of the car thru that door as the car went airborne and flipped?!
lisa frizzell
lisa frizzell Il y a 17 jours
God bless you guy's for the awesome work y'all do
william smith
william smith Il y a 17 jours
awesome job..
Jerah Zareena Rollon
Jerah Zareena Rollon Il y a 17 jours
This channel deserves 100M followers than charli😁keep going i hope this channel will get 100M subscribers u guys really deserve it
Christine Magee
Christine Magee Il y a 17 jours
You guys are truly Amazing. You are doing a great service for these families. God bless you all please stay safe out there. Sam plz double check you zipper lol 😆
piratelady Il y a 17 jours
That is so.sad that the case never got filed or even looked at ! Bless you guys
Melody Forgette
Melody Forgette Il y a 17 jours
Great job guys! Its so awesome what you do. You are all Earth angels. 😇
goth witch
goth witch Il y a 17 jours
The Smurf sticker was meant for her son to find.💙
DEEREMEYER1 Il y a 17 jours
Good job, men.
Lisa calderon
Lisa calderon Il y a 18 jours
Very beautiful that she was found sending prayers to her family
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