We Flew to Thailand - What it's Really Like in 2021

Sailing Nahoa
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11 janv. 2021




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Commentaires 100
DEIMOSLOL Il y a 2 jours
i thought thailand was closed??
Sarah Holt
Sarah Holt Il y a 2 jours
Just love you guys ♥️ so glad you made it!!
Stephen Carter
Stephen Carter Il y a 7 jours
The cover page for this video is like a Hollywood action poster! I want to see small helicopters hovering in the background as Willa calls out "Let's do this!"
Stephen Carter
Stephen Carter Il y a 7 jours
Wow, the difficulties in place now for travel are horrendous. I had no idea. I live in Chiang Mai, and I've been here all during the plandemic. I guess it was the right move not to leave here for a short vacation to another Asian country. Every country has a different level of restrictions so coordinating all the competing restrictions sounds nightmarish. This is my first brush with what's become the new normal. Will it roll back in 2021, I wonder. Well, Covid is long gone but authorities aren't changing the policy much. I guess they're waiting for the "new Coronavurus variants" requiring even worse restrictions. It's fascinating watching your multi-hull renovation. Sailing between countries might change if a Covid 21 is deemed to exist. Maybe in that case you sail but don't check in through border control, just stop in places off the grid, but slowly they might make travel between countries much more difficult. I hope normal life comes back so travel is possible again. I get the impression they want people in the post-Reset to stay in place, monitored & tracked. I'm looking for a 1979 - 84 Beneteau First 30 or Westerly Griffon 26 to do coastal sailing in Bay of Bengal, Andaman Sea, Gulf of Thailand, and the lower South China Sea. Trans-ocean sailing might really drop off in the coming years with new travel restrictions. Keep posting, guys, love your channel!
K T Il y a 10 jours
Love the new hair, really suits you. Wtf Canada 500$ covid travel test, ridiculous, this would be cost prohibitive for a lot of families. We pay a lot of taxes, this should be far more affordable.. 100$ or free. 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🙏🏻✌🏻 I'm Canadian from Vancouver island♥️♥️✨✨✨
curtis nettleship
curtis nettleship Il y a 14 jours
An exercise in brain washing is what that was.
Zaki Sofwan
Zaki Sofwan Il y a 14 jours
congratz on ur next chapter of sailing. i love ur show so much. one day i'll do what u do. cheers from indonesia. why dont u swing back, and we'll hang out in java. stay safe to ur lovely family.
KingCyrel TV
KingCyrel TV Il y a 17 jours
Hi always watching your video.... I'm Filipino
MG_ Fpv
MG_ Fpv Il y a 19 jours
Those are seafarers wearing hazmats i think
Mark Dullete
Mark Dullete Il y a 21 jour
Im always watching your... Travel vlog.
Mark Dullete
Mark Dullete Il y a 21 jour
Hi hello... Im from Philippines 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
Jeff Sartwell
Jeff Sartwell Il y a 23 jours
Did I hear you correctly, The cost of the Hotel was $6,500 Dollars for 15 days or was it 6,500 THB for 15 days? if dollars, That works out to be about $430 or 13,000 THB per night.... That seems quite high. I have lived in Bangkok for 7-8 years and I know that was all pre-pandemic... but... wow
Barbi Goldberg
Barbi Goldberg Il y a 23 jours
Globalists just want to isolate and control the global slaves as much as possible. Great episode.
latitude Il y a 28 jours
Willow is ready to drive away. I can’t blame her...but she is cut doing it.
latitude Il y a 28 jours
Wuhan China virus costing us lots,. China should be made to pay all our costs.
latitude Il y a 28 jours
Willow looks cool 😎 in her glasses. ❤️...just too cut.
jason felan
jason felan Il y a 28 jours
Funny masks and outfits but no 6 foot space.
Sirena Dasein
Sirena Dasein Il y a 28 jours
Guys all your videos r well made I especially love your kite boarding in Papua or anywhere u do kiting, I watch most of ur videos on a friends smart TV so I don't like or comment as I watch that's why I don't comment or thumbs up immediately OK.. All your videos r awesome.. Great work.. The longer the better xx
Kal2019 Il y a mois
You paid over $1000 for 3 covid tests??? Damn! I guess we're blessed over here in my city for having free covid tests including free vaccines..Best wishes from Dubai.
Stephen Duquette
Stephen Duquette Il y a mois
The Wynns just sailed for their first time since leaving their boat in Tonga in September 2019. I'm hoping things go good for you. I know that you must be anxious . Almost there !
jason of the disbury family
Don't live in Fear with a 99.9% survival rate, you will all be just fine.
Mr Icey Yy
Mr Icey Yy Il y a mois
I hope to see you guys soon in port takola am the little kid with the boat I made
pAbLiK PoKuZ
pAbLiK PoKuZ Il y a mois
Howard Dove
Howard Dove Il y a mois
Why was Canadian Covid test so expensive? What did it involve?
727skirk Il y a mois
Plandemic is going as planned...sad
Gayland McLean
Gayland McLean Il y a mois
So sad, difficult and expensive...pony up to help them people!
tinmanrobby Il y a mois
The nasal tests are painful and useless. Since the whole 'pandemic' thing is f*cking us population earth humans over anyways, they should have an anal test. You know?, since we're all taking it in the a$$ anyways....
Adam Work
Adam Work Il y a mois
Completing the requirements for just myself was tiring, I can only imagine a family of 3, Good job! I think I was on the same flight. That airport in Hong Kong was FREEZING!
Andy Sjostrom
Andy Sjostrom Il y a mois
No Beer in quarantine? WTH Ben that has to be driving you in to wicked withdrawals. You should contact the Canadian Embassy and complain.
suggscj Il y a mois
Did y'all have to wear your masks the whole flight?
johnnybarbar Il y a mois
Did you say $6,500 for a hotel room for 2 weeks? I hope that was Thai dollars which is about $216 US.
Jim Munro
Jim Munro Il y a mois
Better than been in USA right
antigov Il y a mois
for some reason I was unsubscribed from you guys.
Darren Munsell
Darren Munsell Il y a mois
6,500 USD - is that what you said ? That's 195,130.00 baht for 2 weeks. That's 5 years worth of work to a thai person.
Darren Munsell
Darren Munsell Il y a mois
Most Countries require the 15 day quarantine at your cost. That's the new normal
Michael Saxby
Michael Saxby Il y a mois
OMG 😳...... No baby on the floor and food..... My gawd.... Still love you guys safe travels
Jonas Breuhan
Jonas Breuhan Il y a mois
Good to see you going again!
willie camarador
willie camarador Il y a mois
I can't wait to see you guys sailing on Nahoa again! So excited.
Joe M
Joe M Il y a mois
Can't wait til you start sailing
Rasheed Masthan
Rasheed Masthan Il y a mois
Great ♥️👍
Ron Martin
Ron Martin Il y a mois
So happy for you guys!
Tony Chin
Tony Chin Il y a mois
Good luck
Joe Burns
Joe Burns Il y a mois
Are you going to put up quarantine videos more frequently than once a week?
CRISCAN 0912 Il y a mois
Stay Safe
darcygoesfast Il y a mois
Costs me nothing for a COVID test in Ontario, Canada, provided one has OHIP (provincial health care system).
Jason Lockhart
Jason Lockhart Il y a mois
Laughing my ass off HE SAID LOOK AT THE WARMTH
fadi afara
fadi afara Il y a mois
Glad to see getting closer to your boat
Seneca Pirate
Seneca Pirate Il y a mois
We love you guys.
Mauro Barquero
Mauro Barquero Il y a mois
Guys you got robbed paying 1000 dollars for PCR test here in Europe it costs 60 euros if your a local 120 if you are tourist I had done this 4 times for traveling... 1000 dollars it's a loooot did you had a special test or something?
Jhond Bee
Jhond Bee Il y a mois
Yeaaaayyy finaly youre back to nahoa.., be safe guys.. You with willa now.. 😙😙😙
Scottydubs Il y a mois
You guys are real troopers for sure. I'm out of patience with everything and I haven't even been traveling. I just miss visiting my family which is in another state.
Shirley Il y a mois
Dont hav experimental unsafe vax
Bxman53 Il y a mois
Ah travel seems so relaxing and laid back not to mention easy and affordable? With a baby to boot you guys deserve some kind of award. Preferably one that offsets the $6500 hotel stay! Not sure I'll live to ever travel again even though I really want to. Thumbs up!
Raymond Race
Raymond Race Il y a mois
I can only imagine the trepidation but joy at being back at your home! Let the preparations and work begin!!
Tax Law and You !
Tax Law and You ! Il y a mois
Great to see you arrived safely~won’t be too long now😃 Nahoa’s waiting! Oh and um...Willa definitely needs a sibling close in age and you two need her to have one. Ya know partners in crime, learning how to roll living on a Catamaran, having each other’s back as independent exploring the kid life in countries traveled, and of course, chores! Little ones keep a watchful eye on their parents nurturing mature love for each other. They will follow the leader, says Wisdom.
Kaeo Keeling
Kaeo Keeling Il y a mois
I am so happy you all are safe! Mahalo for you determination on doing what you love!
Carmen Castellano
Carmen Castellano Il y a mois
Glad to see you again. The baby is si big. G'D bless her and You. Eager to see you at sea.
Ron labs
Ron labs Il y a mois
The baby is so cute..❤️❤️❤️
Lloyd Nest
Lloyd Nest Il y a mois
Cute baby
Tripid Rider PH
Tripid Rider PH Il y a mois
Congratulations your going home to your boat! Happy for you Guys..
William Ediger
William Ediger Il y a mois
Can't wait to see how the boat is?
Political Cheddar
Political Cheddar Il y a mois
6500 for 15days of hotel sounds very over priced
C Lacroix
C Lacroix Il y a mois
Poor baby!!! Who would be happy about having that done?!!! This virus crap is ridiculous especially if you’re stupid enough to think a baby is a threat!! Hopefully this crap will end soon!!
Political Cheddar
Political Cheddar Il y a mois
I'm very excited for you'll
Paul Deatherage
Paul Deatherage Il y a mois
Love you guys! So glad you are heading home to Nahoa. Take care of yourselves!!
Jody Mooney
Jody Mooney Il y a mois
Just love you guys!
Sailing Ohana
Sailing Ohana Il y a mois
Soother...AKA “Binkie”
Evan Cooley
Evan Cooley Il y a mois
Testing is free in US. First time it’s ever been cheaper for healthcare in the us
m raider
m raider Il y a mois
Oh boy I remember that flight! Are you in the air something like 24 hrs total? How is the jet lag. So glad you made it safe. Ahhh first class nice. We flew chathay pacific in bussiness class sounds great with the beds but I found I was so cut off from my husband and child., I like the set up there you had on air canada. Hong kong airport is an experience in it self. Looks like your in Bangkok waiting it out? Cant wait to see yas on the boat again. Best of luck guys! Eat some pad thai for me😎
Bobby Johnson
Bobby Johnson Il y a mois
Hong Kong is going threw civil unrest with China. Not a great place to go now days
Cedric Parnell
Cedric Parnell Il y a mois
We are very happy for you, you finally made it! We can feel the warmth! Hope you will find SV Nahoa in good shape so the little family can start the adventure ☀️🥂🌋⛵️⛰🏝🌊🐲👨‍👩‍👧😎
Werner Leuthmetzer
Werner Leuthmetzer Il y a mois
Welcome back home to Thailand. Unfortunately I missed your arrival and stumbled just now over your video. I hope that you will not have too many problems in Phuket. I only can say that I'm immensely happy living in central Thailand, Nakhon Ratchasima with close to zero problems. More I do not want to write here. You can find me on messenger if needed.
Robert Beger
Robert Beger Il y a mois
Love you kiddos. Totally understand the tears finally getting back.
Drew Odessa
Drew Odessa Il y a mois
Covid tests were over $1000? Yikes. In Tampa FL they're free via drive up testing at Raymond James stadium. Was texted my result before I got back home. Had my first Covid vaccine shot on Tuesday. Feel great. Also free btw
peter soakel
peter soakel Il y a mois
Sars Cov2 has a kill rate of 0.05%.THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD.
peter soakel
peter soakel Il y a mois
I have travelled the whole planet an always got along with Canadians. Pete from England.
peter soakel
peter soakel Il y a mois
Decent people being fkd around just trying to live. You are leaders👍
Ben V
Ben V Il y a mois
Nice to see you guys are enjoying the sun again. Just a couple of days and you can visit the boat again. Enjoy the adventure :)
Jeremi Joslin
Jeremi Joslin Il y a mois
Did you had an issue with all your stuff at the airport with customs?
Tangme afour
Tangme afour Il y a mois
I'm a thai fan . Welcome to thailand
Viktor Iakovenko
Viktor Iakovenko Il y a mois
Extremely happy for you guys! Very soon you'll be with your home and frankly, living on the boat is the best choice in current circumstances. Are you considering on taking vaccine at some point (maybe in Australia) or Europe (you're going there around Cape of Good Hope)? All the best. Enjoy Thailand!
K Il y a mois
Cant wait for the next episode!
Steven Bills
Steven Bills Il y a mois
Yayy they’re homee
Paul Vandeburgt
Paul Vandeburgt Il y a mois
What, no beer? I’m from Vancouver, I’ll be “on pay it forward”. You guys have the cutest kid ever. Cheers, glad you’re sharing your struggles.
clayton fairn
clayton fairn Il y a mois
what a ridiculous amount of unnecessary stuff to do! looking forward to seeing ya back on the water
Kit Griffin
Kit Griffin Il y a mois
Hi folks, I’m joining my boat in March. Is the test from Regent Medical acceptable for most airlines and countries? I’m thinking French Polynesia.
A Sailboat Named Roxy
Great video! What a journey to get back to Nahoa 🤦🏼‍♀️ can’t wait till you get there and continue the adventures on board!
1sheinz Il y a mois
SO Glad you made it with no problems. Yes it's too expensive to travel with a 15 day quarentine at $6500, and then your holiday gets started, only too face a 14 day quarentine when you get back home. Willa will be getting married when you think.........Where the hell did all that time go, she was born only yesterday WASN'T SHE. CHEERS AND FAIR WINDS Steve h.
Sven N.
Sven N. Il y a mois
While on the plane, open the valves of the airflow above your head. Should improve your chances of not catching Covid.
Boedi Prasetya
Boedi Prasetya Il y a mois
Ben & Ashley...please make a video while in the hotel quarantine, about eating, drinking, environmental atmosphere
PhuketBungalow Info
what a shit weather in Canada - Welcome in Thailand :) time to relax Covit is just a huge money making machine, in Thailand the tests are for free as far as i know
Shannon Raleigh
Shannon Raleigh Il y a mois
Welcome back I have missed your adventures. So glad you are on the go again. Stay safe and stay healthy.:)
Robert Wiley
Robert Wiley Il y a mois
Your willingness to twist, bend and roll over does not impress. Its frighting considering the magnitude and direction this attack on liberty is going. Money will soon decide who can travel. Today you might manage. Tomorrow likely NOT!
Darvos Thistle
Darvos Thistle Il y a mois
Willa is a monstaaaa very cute 🥰
Pete Darwin
Pete Darwin Il y a mois
Great to see you back in Thailand guys! Can’t wait till you’re all out of quarantine and back to Nahoa! Let the journey begin again! Be careful and take care! ❤️🇬🇧
Carson C
Carson C Il y a mois
I don't know about others but I would be very interested in a video on how to figure out all of these requirements. You two have a lot of valuable knowledge that could be shared.
Stephen Carter
Stephen Carter Il y a 7 jours
I follow a few other channels on crypto and travel etc. It seems the only people travelling a fair bit have small private jets. I don't think mass travel will ever fully come back, unless there's a political shift away from 'Control'.
Hazel Daly
Hazel Daly Il y a mois
I love Willa’s sunglasses! Although, she doesn’t seem to like them very much. 😎😀
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega Il y a mois
Great that you're back. I see some scrubbing in your near future 😜
Doug Garson
Doug Garson Il y a mois
Congrats on making it to Thailand, look forward to seeing the boat again. It's a small world, the Regent Medical Centre where you got your covid tests is the same building as my dentist.
Michael P.
Michael P. Il y a mois
thank u for sharing..night to u to.