We Built a WOODEN Drive Shaft! Will It Survive a Clutch Drop?? (VERY SKETCHY)

Cleetus McFarland
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7 nov. 2019




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Commentaires 5 913
Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland Il y a 10 jours
What should we build a drive shaft out of next? My mullet?
Squrkols Il y a 9 jours
PVC pipe, rebar and concrete
Jordan Il y a 9 jours
Should have used JB Weld for the epoxy.
Nate 2283
Nate 2283 Il y a 9 jours
Laminated wood beam
NJ in the MJ
NJ in the MJ Il y a 9 jours
David Dickerson
David Dickerson Il y a 9 jours
PVC filled with JB weld.
Cesar Mecinas
Cesar Mecinas Il y a heure
Would work if u fine a round post
Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson Il y a heure
didn't realize y'all were in clearwater. y'all are only around 5 miles away from me.
jason9022 Il y a 2 heures
Hows the mustang so rusty underneath? Looks horrible
C.A.M Cars
C.A.M Cars Il y a 4 heures
So we all just gonna Ignore how he had a fire in his front pocket when he was explaining?
TheMojo487 Il y a 4 heures
I could have done without the horrible financial advice in the beginning. You guys got lucky if you're actually telling the truth.
Rg Rg
Rg Rg Il y a 4 heures
it's gotta be round. wrapped with sheet metal. j b welded to keep together. bet that would work. for sure. rite???
tommy d u b b s
tommy d u b b s Il y a 5 heures
Ford in Ferrari v Ford be like...
DarthSmartt Il y a 5 heures
I bet it would last pretty well if it was balanced.
gamertaboo Il y a 5 heures
You need a round piece of wood! Get wood in the same diameter as the stock one. Throw a piece on a wood lathe or something.
Craig Brown
Craig Brown Il y a 5 heures
Next time use hard Maple dowel not fence post
Joe Angell
Joe Angell Il y a 8 heures
Use wood. Drill holes and fill with fiberglass resin. Then wrap entire wood length in fiberglass matting and resin.
Joshua Bryant
Joshua Bryant Il y a 10 heures
Dang good glue though. It held while the wood ripped in half
Dewayne Son
Dewayne Son Il y a 11 heures
Use hard wood not pine. And take it to a wood shop
random Il y a 13 heures
Build a driveshaft out of rubberbands...... or ropes
bansheemania Il y a 17 heures
I can Rebuild a Bike engine Blind folded ... When it Comes to Wood Work. No bueno... should've used Fence Post.. More Skookum
Pat Callahan
Pat Callahan Il y a 17 heures
Here's an idea: put the stock drive shaft back in!
kyle kast
kyle kast Il y a 18 heures
Make a hollow rebar driveshaft
Ross Cullen
Ross Cullen Il y a 18 heures
Rubber bands for a good windup. Like a manual trans brake -ish launch device. Cheaper alternative to the slipper clutch for Leroy
Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook Il y a 18 heures
Thinner piece of wood wrapped in fiberglass. Aka poor mans carbon fiber drive shaft
Ron Torromeo
Ron Torromeo Il y a 21 heure
Straight ish enough
Yujin La Salle
Yujin La Salle Il y a 23 heures
explain that fucking asterisk on the *results may vary. Don't try to fuck people over
ThatsMyPurse IdontKnowYou
ThatsMyPurse IdontKnowYou Il y a 23 heures
" im sure they can get a deal " lmfao
thor_sT Il y a jour
What about a marerial which is more tough? Bambus for example, too id maybe cut the wooden part a bit longer since its much more flexible than the metal shaft to prevent the difference between the both materials and twistabiltys? I hope that makes sense, funny idea tho. What about a giant spring as shaft? That would be interesting too
Ande Theo
Ande Theo Il y a jour
Use the same type of beam but run it through a lathe until its perfectly straight.
etm04040 Il y a jour
could soak the 4x4 in penetrating epoxy maybe
Thomas Cary
Thomas Cary Il y a jour
You could have taken a word turning tool like a bowl gouge and while it was on the rack. Turned the 4x4 down. That would have help balance it out.
Drum Method
Drum Method Il y a jour
Lmfao!! 🤣🤣
J S Il y a jour
balance it, wrap it with fiberglass, and you'll be good. use type 3 wood glue instead of resin though lol with denim instead of fiberglass
Dave Iauco
Dave Iauco Il y a jour
Start with a 6 x 6, turn it down on a lathe. Insert into ends and bolt/glue like you did. Coat entire shaft with jb weld & turn on lathe again. Then install & try it.
MoistSnek Il y a jour
Now test wi-fi SEMA driveshaft.
mark arnold
mark arnold Il y a jour
Grey Classic
Grey Classic Il y a jour
14:33 if you have other things to do today
Brian Baney
Brian Baney Il y a jour
Should have put a bolt threw the metal an wood
Wabefuhon Il y a jour
What if you get some plates and wrap the board with 4 or 5 plates. That might help.
theositocharmin Il y a jour
next time try whit a different tipe of wood .on jalisco mexico there is a wood the we called CUATE this wood is so hard the even a chainsaw can’t cut it
jeff curtis
jeff curtis Il y a jour
You guys need to use a different type of wood that is stronger, 4x4s are not the best for what your trying to do and have the shaft lathed so the shaft is true. Avoid drilling holes threw it it will brake the grain and cause week spots in the wood. Not sure what to recommend for would but ash might be a good start
Aaron Parker
Aaron Parker Il y a jour
>>>>> *IDEA!!*
Cancers free
Cancers free Il y a jour
Short lived but enough content lol
subyswift Il y a jour
wood drive shaft white pvc pipe arouwnd it
AJ Ca Il y a jour
Probably a few cars in Cuba running around on this. Very slowly;)
Sean Bragg
Sean Bragg Il y a jour
if it were pressure treated wood and you got it centered up better..... maybe survive a burn
Zack Schwenzer
Zack Schwenzer Il y a jour
This episode sponsored by Garage 54.
ken blank
ken blank Il y a jour
well guys you need to use a hard wood and use a torch to harden the wood dont burn the wood but close .i do same for cheap arrows green wood gets strong just saying that was a bad azz thing to watch
Emery Cottle
Emery Cottle Il y a 2 jours
That piece of wood is not pressure treated. If it were pressure treated, it would have holes in it and it would be a brown color.
Anthony French
Anthony French Il y a 2 jours
You guys are too funny
Nafryti Nosferatu
Nafryti Nosferatu Il y a 2 jours
why not glue a bunch of hardwood strips together and turn them round on a large lathe then install it.
St1ckyJesus Il y a 2 jours
I'd love to see a episode using large rocks as wheels and tires
Onenlegbill Wick
Onenlegbill Wick Il y a 2 jours
Take a piece of white oak use a 4"x4" and have it turned to the ID of your shaft ends. Try home depot they have different "Hobby Wood" I get all my wood for making different cutting Boards serving Trays wall art skateboards and more. Love the U tube and the merch. Gunna go get a couple shirts from Yall. Dot it for Dale, God bless Murica, Tell the Children cooper and james I said Howdy. Thanks Brother.
ROVER25X Il y a 2 jours
Laminated wood strips.
spenny dee
spenny dee Il y a 2 jours
You're a idiot dude!
# BallTag
# BallTag Il y a 2 jours
You people are dumb as fuck. Plus why drag this one out?
Marc Flameling
Marc Flameling Il y a 2 jours
Make one out of banboo
Andrew Siefker
Andrew Siefker Il y a 2 jours
I recommend a hardwood and shape it to the diameter of a regular driveshaft and add counter weights if needed.
401K_ScatPack Il y a 2 jours
Move to Russia where this dumb crap IS entertaining. There is a Y-Tuber that could give some ideas there doing same kind of Rocket Science.
Rasheed Bilal
Rasheed Bilal Il y a 2 jours
Make a driveshaft out of JB Weld putty.
James Spencer
James Spencer Il y a 2 jours
Plywood. Get a sheet of good plywood and cut it into strips, glue it, screw it and make a square post.
daniel roddenberry
daniel roddenberry Il y a 2 jours
make a resin drive shaft
Nick Arnold
Nick Arnold Il y a 2 jours
It would have held up WAY better if you guys just spun it on the rack and shaved it some to balance it. The Rustang Wood Lathe. Cutting the extra off the bolts so they didn't hit the exhaust and brake lines would have been a great idea as well....🤦‍♂️
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