WATCH LIVE: House passes $2 trillion coronavirus emergency relief bill

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The House passed the $2 trillion emergency spending bill to combat the economic impact of coronavirus, sending measure to President Trump for enactment. Measures in the stimulus package aim to support households and businesses facing massive losses from the prolonged shutdown of normal life.
Democrats and Republicans both backed the bill, which is designed to provide temporary relief for households and businesses reeling by the sudden economic downturn. President Trump has signaled he will sign it into law immediately. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on FRvid:
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27 mars 2020




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Commentaires 80
custom gahoole owl
custom gahoole owl Il y a 3 jours
yep still ruled by boomers
Marcelino Hervias
Marcelino Hervias Il y a 19 jours
Dem always believe that more government the better. why don`t they spend their own money?
winter ramos
winter ramos Il y a 19 jours
I'm watching it LIVE and ONLY...I repeat ONLY old white men are opposed to the Care Act...hmmmm, I wonder Why
theaubad100 Il y a mois
Those in congress look like fools in those masks as the whole world laughs at America. I think this whole scare tactics where put upon America so congress, the senate and all politicians can line there pockets with this 2 trillion dollars. Yes scare tactics. Tuberculosis kills 1.5 million every year and no one wheres a mask or closes anything. Tuberculosis is a air pathogenesis disease with no cure and a 100 percent death rate. So stop the bs. Also by printing 2 trillion dollars. Americans bank accounts savings will be fleeced as the dollar further weakens in purchase power. All so you politicians can line your pockets. Stop pretending you love us or Jesus. We dont buy it anymore. You are all thieves funding your orgies in the white house. This is my opinion. You politicians should all be ashamed to play this opera on Americans. Costing them unknown consequences. Shame you politicians wont have tho. Because you have no conscience at all. So im ashamed for you.
Roger Ehrenberg
Roger Ehrenberg Il y a mois
Lies lies lies. What's going to happen is if they are not set up for next day service. They are set up for prolonged b*******. That's all they know that's all they do. They are unprepared to deal with real real world situations. Why waste our time head restraint.
Roger Ehrenberg
Roger Ehrenberg Il y a mois
Trash trash trash
Roger Ehrenberg
Roger Ehrenberg Il y a mois
Love you little f****** piece of s*** of a few can f****** human being.
Roger Ehrenberg
Roger Ehrenberg Il y a mois
You are a miserable piece of f****** s***.
Roger Ehrenberg
Roger Ehrenberg Il y a mois
You are a worthless piece of s*** of a human being.
Sunny shah
Sunny shah Il y a mois
So, for all these years, our Politicians kept on complaining that we didn't have enough money for education, for universal healthcare, for improving the infrastructure, for our veterans, for our social security fund and pension, etc.... but, as soon as the rich cocksuckers of Wall Street start losing money, and the big billionaire corporations need a bailout, the government all of a sudden can magically come up with $2 trillion, which the taxpayers have to payback. What a great country, home of the slaves, land of the greed.
Miss Pen
Miss Pen Il y a 2 mois
The restaurants , some of them are still open . .... there doing pick up or delivery.. should listen to Trump...............why is congress bleeding the USA dry... I could be wrong . But I think not. If small business don't get money and those business are lost it'll be really bad. There tons of factory's hiring . To all those Trump and American haters, look up old interviews of Trump. Might change your mind about out our President. Did mine....
Terrel Jobe
Terrel Jobe Il y a 2 mois
Can’t they just do away with the debt to the country and start over fresh...something like a chapter 13
Cilla Il y a 2 mois
Ben Baxter
Ben Baxter Il y a 2 mois
what once was happy now is sad.
How to channel Daniel
How to channel Daniel Il y a 2 mois
There's not even half a billion people in the USA so if you approved a billion you can give every American $1milion and still have more than half a billion to give towards the virus. why the hell? he approving 6.2 trillion that's way excessive and unnecessary and it's going to hurt the Dollar. Everything is going to skyrocket after the virus is gone, every thing even your home's water supply everything.
Lisa B
Lisa B Il y a 2 mois
She acts as though this bill was her idea.
Hihifo Ha’apai
Hihifo Ha’apai Il y a 2 mois
Oh Pelosi, always taking credit that you had nothing to do with! If anything, you should take credit for all the deaths that wracked up during the time you held up the aid that was passed! Their blood should be accredited to you since living green is more important than human lives!
Rebecca Hoffmann
Rebecca Hoffmann Il y a 2 mois
Nancy this is not your Govt. this is Trump White House. Fall in line. You are not even in the Senate. Glorified obstructionist
ModernRider Il y a 2 mois
$7.5 million to Smithsonian $25 million to JFK center for the Performing Arts $75 million to National Endowment for the arts grants and administration $75 million to National Endowment for the Humanities Grants and Administration $75 million to Corporation for Public Broadcasting ( includes NPR) $50 to Institute of Museum and Library Services $258 million to National Disaster Assistance $350 million to Migration and Refugee Assistance $88 million to Peace Corps $1 BILLION to Amtrak $453 million Bureau of Indian Affairs $300 million to Native American Programs $100 million to Indian Community Development Block Program $69 million Bureau of Indian Education $5 million Office of Public and Indian Housing $10 million to Office of Community Planning and Development Planning and Development $1 BILLION and 32 million to Indian Health Services $1.2 BILLION to Public and Indian Housing ($3 BILLION to Native American associations) There are only about a million native Americans living on reservations This equates to $3,000 per Native American)! Government Institutions $30.75 BILLION to Department of Education $10 BILLION to FAA $250 million to IRS (wtf?) $400 million to Election Assistance Commision Election Security Grants $200 million Federal Communications Commission $275 million Federal Building Fun $178.3 million Department of Homeland Security $100 million to TSA $345 million Department of Labor $425 million Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration $325 million to Department of State $300 million to Social Security Administration $99.5 million to Department of Energy Programs $60 million to NASA $12.5 million to Department of the Interior $1 BILLION to Defense Production Act Purchases $34 million to National Forest System $25 million for House of Representatives Salaries and Expenses ($57,000 per person) $850 million to State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance $58 BILLION to Airlines
Capt'n Ron Hayward
Capt'n Ron Hayward Il y a 2 mois
Would one of you reporters please ask POTUS why people who are a little behind on their child support payments do not get relief from this catastrophe. A woman, a friend of mine, who struggles very hard in life, is contemplating suicide because she isn't going to be able to survive without starving to death. Why does anybody have to be discriminated against in this time? Poor people, behind on their child support, are not pour out of choice. Let's not make them suffer additionally for their lack of wealth during this emergency.
J Padiyar
J Padiyar Il y a 2 mois
Trump's pen will go down in history as pen used to sign the most expensive check ever ! , but it may have been manufactured in China !
Siyi Szeto
Siyi Szeto Il y a 2 mois
Why on earth is Nancy pelosi taking credit
American Patriot!
American Patriot! Il y a 2 mois
I'm pretty sure I will never eat in a Chinese restaurant again. And I am going to be more thorough to try to not buy anything from China, which is going to be hard because we do too much trade with China we need to end this
wisc cheese
wisc cheese Il y a 2 mois
5 hours
Us Man
Us Man Il y a 2 mois
5:10 - if you ever wanted to see what devil worshipers looked like.
olrik parlez
olrik parlez Il y a 2 mois
He'll babble on about it being 'historic' no doubt and claim he was responsible, like it was another 'achievement' of his administration. Heh...well in a way he IS responsible. His slow actions and bullshit rhetoric were a large reason why we find ourselves at this point.
Us Man
Us Man Il y a 2 mois
Yea, watch America get c.ucko.ld
geezusispan Il y a 2 mois
Where are all the people crying about this socialism?? How much is one trillion dollars? One trillion seconds equals 31,700 YEARS! The corporations, who own "our" government, will make 100s of billions of dollars!
geezusispan Il y a 2 mois
Where are all the people crying about this socialism?? How much is one trillion dollars? One trillion seconds equals 31,700 YEARS! The corporations, who own "our" government, will make 100s of billions of dollars!
geezusispan Il y a 2 mois
Where are all the people crying about this socialism?? How much is one trillion dollars? One trillion seconds equals 31,700 YEARS! The corporations, who own "our" government, will make 100s of billions of dollars!
Mini JCW
Mini JCW Il y a 2 mois
Are some business planning to deduct relief fund $ from employee take home pay? Recent stories indicate some business are requiring employees certify the amount of $ received and will deduct this amount from their pay. So businesses may get an interest free/free loan plus the employee relief $===that seems like fraud. Just my humble opinion! Source--Fox News Article, March 28, 2020
w t
w t Il y a 2 mois
remove pelosi! she added over 1000 pgs of unrelated items to covid-19 stimulus- she is a domestic terrorist, dangerous twit, laughing for cameras after she signed this -what was meant to focus on covid-19 issues stimulus, as our 1st RESPONDERS are working tirelessly around the clock to save people's lives.
Oscar M
Oscar M Il y a 2 mois
Now he's safe
بائع العرب
بائع العرب Il y a 2 mois
To the Americans: after corona virus you have to deal with the $2 trillion virus & more, this means you are screwed
FoolishInTheEnd Il y a 2 mois
People on unemployment will be getting projected 3k to 4k a month. There are still americans still working in this pandemic making minimum wage with no additional weekly payouts. How is that fair? All employees making under a certain number should be entitled to the extra 600$ per week.
Aisha -
Aisha - Il y a 2 mois
Idk if they approved the 600. They should. Thise people should just file for UI and work
Tobra Bra
Tobra Bra Il y a 2 mois
Yeah I'm not many people know about that research place out the middle of a food chain where is that thing at Montana or someplace like that it's only about 20 years old now or better
mgb gt
mgb gt Il y a 2 mois
One of Speaker Pelosi's top lieutenants in Congress said that right now - as Americans face a pandemic - "is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision." Now we're learning more about what that "vision" includes. The George Soros-funded radical Left group Open Democracy is advocating, "The Coronavirus crisis shows it's time to abolish the family." This is evil. It's nothing less than a Marxist attack on the Church, the family, and freedom and all Americans.
mgb gt
mgb gt Il y a 2 mois
@Blaster Elforg Nancy Pelosi add 1 billion dollars for plan parenthood Abortions to the Corona virus bill she add 1billion for the Green plan that money goes to the elite at the world U.N., she add another million or so to Beauty Junk, and another billion to more junk. This people want to rule you NWO but I just dont see money for the Church. Think about what your saying, every disaster in the world who are first to help, the church. Think again every nation that has eliminated the church has become a Socialist nation, Karl Marx said it best socialism is one step to communism. Why do you think they want to destroy the church, because your constitution is based on Christian values. By destroying the church you in turn destroy your Constitution. You should take some time and travel the world and you will see that America is Blessed, and if the church is gone so is everything you call Freedoms. Every Great nation must destroy its self from within before its destroyed from without.
Blaster Elforg
Blaster Elforg Il y a 2 mois
Get rid of the church which only kisses up to all the radicals in the government to get billions of dollars of handouts, stealing from taxpayers while telling you to keep praying to your friend in the sky as a distraction. Keep the family.
Leon Low
Leon Low Il y a 2 mois
Fast money for the rich. Tyrannical government for a timid population
Margie Garcia
Margie Garcia Il y a 2 mois
Like it will help!
Josh Holden
Josh Holden Il y a 2 mois
All this for a common cold
Butch Seibeck
Butch Seibeck Il y a 2 mois
I hope these anti american politicians die and go straight to hell
Dixon Smith
Dixon Smith Il y a 2 mois
The new normal brought to you by the democraps and the republicancraps.
John Il y a 2 mois
People are dying all over the world because of Chinese biological weapon(COVID 19 VIRUS). All countries of this world should sue china and put strict financial sanctions on china. Boycott china. Boycott made in china. Chinese products could be affected by virus.
Steve George
Steve George Il y a 2 mois
Kentucky Company gets money for Sun Screen Lotion? WTF? Oh i forgot this is from WP!
Decca 303
Decca 303 Il y a 2 mois
So the Demonrats pass a bill and have to have a party, little sausages, silly hat's etc.. The greatest president ever in history passes hundreds of Bill's and crickets, the Demonrats really are stupid demonic perverts..
AhloIAmDutch Il y a 2 mois
Who the hell was that objecting?!
Glenn McGeath
Glenn McGeath Il y a 2 mois
So who was the a****** who shouted no when they took the vote?
glock161 Il y a 2 mois
Will Pooloser rip up THIS document too? Go for it, so it'll delay it, their families get more, passing out with the diseases of HER bacterial face. PELOSI-19.
T Il y a 2 mois
Read the bill. It is depressing as hell once you see how screwed you are. $1,200 is NOTHING compared to how much they are robbing from us.
Jimnesstar Lyngdoh Nonglait
No politician can run his Political Party without a Beggar Political Policy Deal first Such as I will fight for, I will stand for, I will promise for etc....✍️✍️
Suh Steven
Suh Steven Il y a 2 mois
People do not spend money not because of they do not have money. They do not spend money because of they are scared to spend money at the stores shops malls etc. Helicopter money is not proper solution and panacea. Vaccine and medicine are the antidote to overcome this catastrophe. Because decrease in consumption and unemployment by coronavirus is the reason why global economy is under recession. This tragedy is not from financial crisis, but from natural disaster.
Amanda Whitley
Amanda Whitley Il y a 2 mois
"I want to thank the Majority leader...wait a minute, I'm the majority leader, right?" 😆❤
Scott Brady
Scott Brady Il y a 2 mois
not impressed with mirthful "commemorative pens" reference by the crusty old dingbat in blue. she does ONE positive thing for the country in three years, and she's conan o'brian all of a sudden. what a disgusting excuse for a human being. my friend brian halloran used to live a few blocks over from her estate. if i still resided in the city by the bay, i'd toss some fentanyl needles on her lawn. she does jack for san fran. everything is pork barrel cultivation of tax dollars and authentic "concern" for the little guy. ..if you believe that, i've got a bridge for sale, etc. etc.
Sean 76
Sean 76 Il y a 2 mois
Isn't Joe Biden being accused of inappropriately touching one of his aids in 1993, this is the same man that recently told a hard working american that he as a politician doesn't work for the american people!!! Why is there not more news about this
Val Mid
Val Mid Il y a 2 mois
Biden: President Trump isn’t doing enough! Democrats: blocked the Coronavirus Relief Bill AOC: We need Medicare For All! Need money for illegal immigrants! Say what now?
wanda peck
wanda peck Il y a 2 mois
What she trying to look good .poeples know what she is.a monster
Trinity Lee
Trinity Lee Il y a 2 mois
This was predicted in The Simpsons.
BB 46
BB 46 Il y a 2 mois
We are going to pay back every penny in taxes 10 fold over the next 20 years. Nothing is free you dumb dumb people.
Victor Capetillo
Victor Capetillo Il y a 2 mois
That venonous demoNcrat gave themselves a $25million raise and $350 for.refugees out of our own tax money that's taken out of paychecks. And 25million tongue Kennedy center!? Unfortunately Trump had to give in to help the American people
steven kapay
steven kapay Il y a 2 mois
trump WHY how im embarrassed for you and i dont no why i am not amerircan
Lees706 Il y a 2 mois
AOC would rather Companies get no stimulus help. The company’s that hire millions of Americans. She really needs to go back to School and study economics.
Lees706 Il y a 2 mois
There are 535 Congress men and women. Total waste! Most of them I have never heard of. What do they do except take kick backs from Corporations.
steven kapay
steven kapay Il y a 2 mois
i see they give the chosen one 60 sec to talk be fore his brain gives out
Face 16
Face 16 Il y a 2 mois
Cleaning companies need more money. I own one and right now it’s overtime everyday
You Wish
You Wish Il y a 2 mois
Ive seen a white collar worker peeing all over the bathroom on purpose.
T Il y a 2 mois
You're in luck, they are spending $25 million on cleaning supplies for one building.
Rafael Borrayo
Rafael Borrayo Il y a 2 mois
1 minute like why!???? Feels like a dumb rule
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis Il y a 2 mois
Terrible move if you really see who is getting what!
IB Captain Jack
IB Captain Jack Il y a 2 mois
Ya Nancy 75 M to National foundation of the arts she can't miss your plays people,75 M for national broadcasting,,1B for Amtrack exe... has alot to do with saving us Americans with this virus. Chuck worries about us tax payers getting to much in our checks Devil Rats Thanks for holding the relief for 5 day's. Seems when you get Threaten to lose your pay all the sudden it's a priority..
steven kapay
steven kapay Il y a 2 mois
should be neeling before lord trump the chosen one
robert lopez
robert lopez Il y a 2 mois
Cashmoney Rye
Cashmoney Rye Il y a 2 mois
4:59 :02 Cardi B : “Coronavirus” 😰
Cashmoney Rye
Cashmoney Rye Il y a 2 mois
4:31 :00 “Motion is adopted” Your welcome leave a like
Leo Il y a 2 mois
they had a deal done on Sunday then comes this 80 year old washed up corrupt alcoholic held up this aid for 5 days thats supposed to help the people who are getting sick and even dying, also money to help businesses and workers.then this piece of crap adds billions of dollars on stupid and nonessential projects while the American people need every penny to pay their bills and prevent a major recession or maybe a depression and this moron makes it political, thanks Nancy for convincing me to never vote democrat again.
Christians Army
Christians Army Il y a 2 mois
Teach the Truth about the lymphatic system and none of this happens.
igor chak
igor chak Il y a 2 mois
Give Nurses, doctors and everyone that is forced to be out bonus money for their hard work not bailing out corporations that have $$$ billions but they rather give money to the corporations so the CEO's can get their bonuses....
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin Il y a 2 mois
No they would rather give a part time dope smoking pizza delivery driver 600 a week plus his unemployment meanwhile I still have to go to work for 350 bucks a week adios trump not only did you lose my vote but I'm voting whoever's running against you i mean wouldn't it have been easier to give everyone an axtra 300 a week
You Wish
You Wish Il y a 2 mois
They say its for taxpayers only...
You Wish
You Wish Il y a 2 mois
Are homeless people excluded from the bill?
【 MICAH 】 Il y a 2 mois
@igor chak I also want to say, that most people only begin to care out of two reasons, empathy or going through a financial crisis. But empathy wont only save a person financially but save a person spiritually and mentally.
【 MICAH 】 Il y a 2 mois
@igor chak In a world by what's right, yes. Yet you also have to consider, the basketball players are only rich because of the people, and so the same as any other rich man. Yet you should consider why is the world setup this way if the majority wants what is right to happen. In my honest opinion we are slaves to the system, because we are to afraid to lose our flesh for our children. Are we really living a 120 year life, for ourselves, when if we don't do anything about it now, we just leave our children to be slaves to the system. We can not live a selfish life for life is a gift that no man can give nor take. We do it for each other, be blessed my friend The Lord Jesus loves you very much, and his father as well, and may the spirit of the lord be with you!
John Sparks
John Sparks Il y a 2 mois
History will show that Donald Trump sold us out. One million reservistes this is just a test it's only a test☠👎
igor chak
igor chak Il y a 2 mois
so...a bill to help the rich get richer and poor get poorer....So the checks are based on our 2018-2019 taxes before millions lost their jobs and now we have people that made over 75k last year and got laid off this year and now making $0 and they do not qualify for any money..when it's really smart....we have morons running this country
j h
j h Il y a 2 mois
was nancy p drunk or just under pressure for her Trump Derangement Syndrome? either way, she should seek professional mental help
MoonDog Pope
MoonDog Pope Il y a 2 mois
They want praised for giving back money they steal from us everyday? GTFOH
You Wish
You Wish Il y a 2 mois
@T you domt know what your point is. Okay....then stfu youre muted.
T Il y a 2 mois
@You Wish I don't know, the Patriot act is another good example.
You Wish
You Wish Il y a 2 mois
@T i dunno much about colorado. But the point remains. They cant handle it if they keep it illegal theyll get overrun.
T Il y a 2 mois
@You Wish You mean the same federal government that came and arrested local people in Colorado and sold their product back to them after Colorado declared it was legal?
You Wish
You Wish Il y a 2 mois
@T im not a slave no one tells me what to do. In fact people have way more power. Look at how we legalized marijuana. You just do what you do the government cant fight you forever they cave in.
Settling Isnt Anoption
This is a bunch of crap. You mean to tell me it takes a virus for the government to provide for the Entire country financially. What about all the other years when families have struggled take care of their households? This is a bunch of's amazing how all this help comes during election time...And what is $1,200 going to do for a family? However they provide more for guns and ammunition when they could pay everybody's mortgage at least for 2-3 months for the money they spend on Wars. I've been paying taxes from my check since I was old enough to get a job.
andy fox
andy fox Il y a 2 mois
Do they get pens?
Quick D: UFO on the Moon
The Worst Typo I Ever Made
Disney Channel Musicals
Rest in Peace.
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