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On this episode of "Notes on a Scene," Venom's director Ruben Fleischer breaks down the first Venom transformation and fight scene from the movie, featuring Tom Hardy. Venom is in theaters on October 5!
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Venom's Director Breaks Down a Fight Scene | Vanity Fair




5 oct. 2018




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Commentaires 100
Eman_Dotti Il y a mois
My fave is knives out breakdown. It's behind-the-scenes informative. Not just scene commentary
Morjikarsen Il y a 3 mois
I have black goo coming out of my hands, what is happening to me? Let me go strangle this guy
Turd boy
Turd boy Il y a 4 mois
critics are like freakin lawyers they don’t have a soul
cornflake Il y a 5 mois
this should have been rated r
Rishiraj Mukherjee
Rishiraj Mukherjee Il y a 5 mois
Klink #ownit
Klink #ownit Il y a 6 mois
No afence but your movie sucks
Unded Disfunction
Unded Disfunction Il y a 7 mois
2:00 "this is the battle for control of eddie's body" _eddie's arms being thrown up and down_ the missed potential is palpable
Hot Rod Cameras
Hot Rod Cameras Il y a 11 mois
There's an excellent interview with Ruben Fleischer on The Cinematography Podcast, worth a listen!
Len Prasad
Len Prasad Il y a 11 mois
respect to him for remembering all the stunt guys...
Ieva Il y a 11 mois
it aint that deep bruh
lightning bolt
lightning bolt Il y a an
talking about the characters is not breaking down the scene
Sincerely Defiant
Really fun movie. Critics can't be pleased by anything.
Legendary Legend
"Tom Hardy is not actually possessed by an alien." Tom Hardy is definitely possessed by an alien.
MasterAkki Il y a an
You know where venom grabs the weight and (technically) kicks the weight against one of the enemies. Eddie/Hardy should have fallen down backwards because how would Eddie know that venom just grabbed the weight and was about to move his leg, so Eddie would realize he needs to be stable and move his center of gravity. So the force of the moving leg would lift up and knock Eddie backwards.
Grace Bishoff
Grace Bishoff Il y a an
11:42 “cannot afford to lose Tom Hardy.” Dude i totally agree. He made Venom even better. Without him the movie would have been awful, but he sky rockets it up to AMAZING. Good job sir
Meg Seybold
Meg Seybold Il y a an
but was the goo actually coming out of his hands?
Chên King
Chên King Il y a an
was the balls sternum face a reference to kuzco because yes please
John Patrick
John Patrick Il y a an
Ah man!!! I wish the studio would have kept the "balls, sternum, face" line 😂😂😂
petix len
petix len Il y a an
Fave movie
TakaS013 Il y a an
Why would you limit this movie of taking out Tom Hardy's favorite scenes and not rated R. You had a great thing, bit flopped terribly.
Lawd Shadow
Lawd Shadow Il y a an
Perfect directing this is literally my favorite movie of all time
jeremy roberts
jeremy roberts Il y a an
This guy was not the right choice at all to direct a venom film. Not every comic book movie needs to have comedic beats every 5 mins. Him using that Steve Martin film as inspiration for this scene just proves to me even more that he doesn’t really get what a venom film should be. It shouldve been way less comedic and much more visceral and disturbing. It really could’ve used an R rating but even with a pg 13 rating they could’ve went much darker.
Rodolfo Licks
Rodolfo Licks Il y a an
A venom movie that children can watch. How could anyone think that it would go well? The director is obviously bored out of his mind talking about it.
Dane Byrd
Dane Byrd Il y a an
What a performance by Tom Hardy
lara Il y a an
I loved this movie soo much and cannot believe it was rated so badly??!! I could listen and watch him break down the entire movie and would not get bored
rateyellow3 Il y a an
As a man who love to workout i always hated my weird pointy nipple
Abel Morgan
Abel Morgan Il y a an
I didn't need to know that Tom Hardy is strong enough to throw a man into a wall, but I am grateful I know now
Jessica Il y a an
Ludwig Goransson strikes again!
Elsa Labouret
Elsa Labouret Il y a an
This is so cool
Garrett McGinnis
This guy has the charisma of a wet sack of gravel.
alyssa alexander
“can not afford to lose Tom Hardy....” yes sir you are right
Becca Antoine
Becca Antoine Il y a an
100 more fight scene break downs please.
Emma R
Emma R Il y a an
I love this movie!!
Felicia Lewis
Felicia Lewis Il y a an
Lol @ "he really got got this guy"......he really did. Actually loved this movie.
Rudrajit Saha
Rudrajit Saha Il y a an
The last line sums it up - "Can't afford to lose Tom Hardy"
Max Nguyen
Max Nguyen Il y a an
Really glad the balls sternum face line didnt make the move. wack. I hold this movie dear to my heart
Aakaash Nair
Aakaash Nair Il y a an
This is probably the worst scene breakdown I've ever seen. This guy's narration can put a deaf guy to sleep. No wonder the film was a mess. The way he explains unimportant things and leaves out important details is proof that he's a terrible director. Tom Hardy literally shouldered the entire film. For his sake, I hope a far better director handles the next film.
Devilhimself Il y a an
Love this guy, he actually gave credit to all the stunt people
Godwin Okeke
Godwin Okeke Il y a an
i wonder how they do the scenes were venom bites off their heads?
Tron B
Tron B Il y a an
Ruben(the director who is talking here) is wearing the same glasses which Dr. Dora wore in the movie. Isn't he?
Elizabeth Hawk
Elizabeth Hawk Il y a an
"no, we will not submit we are going to throw them out of windows and put them into the ceiling" - Venom.
Elizabeth Hawk
Elizabeth Hawk Il y a an
he really got got this guy.
Zach Pagkalinawan
My favorite movie of 2018!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mailor Soon
Mailor Soon Il y a an
Even tho i know its just a movie, it's somehow making me sad that everything is fake
emelie s.
emelie s. Il y a an
they really needed to keep in “balls, sternum, face”
Jobin McGooch
Jobin McGooch Il y a an
I appreciate these breakdowns
Tom's not actually possessed by an alien Me: yeah we know that lol
Ohh I was wondering who voiced venom that's cool.
Xolani Nhlapo
Xolani Nhlapo Il y a an
Upgrade is better.
Danny Canny
Danny Canny Il y a an
Jon Lastimosa
Jon Lastimosa Il y a an
I don't care about the critics review. I enjoyed the movie.
neun Arme
neun Arme Il y a an
Thanks for mentioning the names of the stunmen.
Xander M
Xander M Il y a an
Looks like Tom Hardy making ramen noodles lol.
Madd Dr. Ew
Madd Dr. Ew Il y a an
I reflect this man's love for venom and Tom hardy. ❤️🙌🙌😂👖
Do It Wrong
Do It Wrong Il y a an
We wanted PG 18 and Carnage, not another grey villain, Avi Arad has no idea. Just let the writers and director do their job!
J. Galactus
J. Galactus Il y a an
Movie was average at best... Didn't really leave the cinema feeling fulfilled... It could have been way better but props to Tom Hardy for having a blast in this role 😋
Stilekrop Films
Stilekrop Films Il y a an
I have black goo on my hands, what is happening, *LET ME GO STRANGLE THIS GUY*
Thokkerius Il y a an
Venom was a great movie.
Enabi Seira
Enabi Seira Il y a an
I wanna know more about the stunts! They do an amazing job but get little credit.
Zlkr Samatov
Zlkr Samatov Il y a an
Wow, so cool. Feels like I've got a filmmaking lecture
Akrian Durin
Akrian Durin Il y a an
You heard it here, folks.... all klyntar are actually a spaghetti accordions.
Snarf Il y a an
There was a director?
Grace Bishoff
Grace Bishoff Il y a an
I saw Venom three times. Its was amazing. Cant wait for more. That is all.
audiovisual_ Il y a an
He says its fake so many times im starting to think he's hiding somethin..
Hamza Checouh
Hamza Checouh Il y a an
He has the best job in the world
Gaming Cinematics
this is really badly produced for an interview by vanity fair... did you guys not have someone to tell the dude, yo stop looking at your feet and at the camera bro
Grace Ann147
Grace Ann147 Il y a an
I could listen to this guy go through the whole movie
purple crocus
purple crocus Il y a an
I want Tom Hardy to throw me into a wall too
John Thriemer
John Thriemer Il y a an
so a similar role tom played was in UPGRADE, i think he was a bit better in
TFPrime217 Il y a an
I like how he doesn’t talk about the park when a tendril grabs a balcony and he swings like Spider-Man but not cause they can’t use or make any reference to him
Michael Reddy
Michael Reddy Il y a an
This guy seems like he just a nerd talking about his awesome comic book movie, love it
Narrow Il y a an
Venom movie Audience reviews = 89% Imdb = 7.1 Cinema score = B+ My review = 8/10 Top voted tags: Fun · Funny · Must Watch · Intense · Epic ·Action-Packed · Violent · Hilarious · Strong Acting · Underrated 95% like the movie on google.
Matthew Strycharz
I have a question Eddie Brock was first introduced with Peter Parker his rival why isn't Peter Parker a.k.a spiderman in this one
Matthew Strycharz
I guess that’s good I can’t believe they put riot in this movie
Creeper Gang
Creeper Gang Il y a an
Because Disney and sony marvel owns all the hero's but u gotta remember sony did the spider man movies first but Disney bought marvel its this whole complicated thing but long story short they can't use spider man cause of Disney/marvel but they can still use venom
Tamika Il y a an
I love Marvel but Venom just seemed boring to me
Unspoken Demise
Unspoken Demise Il y a an
MCU sheep spotted lol
Original Username
They should have made this more 18+ because having venom in a movie should be more violent and gory
BossCrazyRoss Il y a an
Idk why people hated this movie so much. I thought it was great
Wise Words From Captain America
Tbh this would’ve been the perfect Venom movie if it had better writers. The director obviously knew what he was doing with the special effects and just the way Venom really is. Tom Hardy was amazing and it was so great except it was rushed and the story was so bland and bad. I have faith in Venom 2 that they learn their mistakes.
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly Il y a an
Great movie
Stark Tech Youtuber
(Rubin flieshcher) You idiot Fool are u stupid or dumb person u have destroyed the the whole movie u deleted the 40 minute scene i was so excited for this movie and u spoiled my excitement
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson Il y a an
The problem was that this movie was too much All of Me and not enough Venom. It plays like a tired 80s comedy
Ocean Rider
Ocean Rider Il y a an
Even if the movie wad not perfect i still loved it and all the effort that was put into it. There was clearly so much time and effort put into every bit of this film and i would be devistated to never see a sequel.
საბა Il y a an
lee chase
lee chase Il y a an
"We cannot afford to lose Tom Hardy" u right
tonystarkscrocs Il y a an
I understand why critics were not fans of this movie, but this type of movie really isn’t for them. I loved it and I thought it was hilarious and definitely go see it again because it was just a good time. I also think that the acting was really good, and I think that the characters were so interesting
Kate B
Kate B Il y a an
Kudos for saying alpha and not top when speaking about Venom... good dodge but we all know the truth
Jae KIDd N his 508 Cents
Why does he keep calling the Merc like if he's Delta force or something lol 🤔🤐🎬😂
Clary Fray
Clary Fray Il y a an
Liked the movie but the setting barely looked like sf, save the touristy stuff like the transatlantic building and bridge
obiwancc Il y a an
I saw the movie last week, it was awesom in my opinion. My favorite scene is when Venom made Eddie eat the live lobsters
Naman Subedi
Naman Subedi Il y a an
Release tge x rated version
Ekkk Il y a an
Really cool how it's a mix of practical and cgi effects.
Ayla Thompson
Ayla Thompson Il y a an
8:25 The "balls, sternum, face" thing should of made it that would of been hilarious
Ernie Vc
Ernie Vc Il y a an
What a great dark comedy! I hope to see more Tom Hardy as Venom!
The Mango
The Mango Il y a an
Lmaoo this director is funny af. Hes like that guy really got got. Like lmmaoo dude
The Mango
The Mango Il y a an
Ugh i need to see this movie!
Tom Hardy's acting in this is pretty killer, didn't realize he did venom's voice too. I love that the director name checks all the stunt doubles
Nora Il y a an
actually the movie was great!
Mocha Kitty
Mocha Kitty Il y a an
"that guy really got got" he sure did.
Natalie Red
Natalie Red Il y a an
he directed a masterpiece
lotta Il y a an
this guy don't smile a whole lot lol
Michael Karayan
Michael Karayan Il y a an
That was amazing. 9 out of 10 up until he referred to a dumbbell as a barbell. I’m sitting next to tom hardy watching this and he’s slightly irked.
JamesC Il y a an
What?! Where
Nobody Important
is it just me or does he sound vaguely regretful when he says "Tom Hardy's not actually possessed by an alien?" 😅😂