[UNBOXING] BTS Official Army Bomb Ver. 3

BlueMoon V
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OMG!! Hi guys!! 😃🤗
It's finally here!! My very first ARMY BOMB!! Okay like this is beyond exciting for me! It was so pretty and of course the photocards are amazing!!! Totally worth the money even though sadly I won't be able to attend their upcoming concert! 😭 Anyway, enjoy and see you soon, muah! 😘😘😘
Bought mine from an eBay seller and here's the link:



21 août 2018




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BlueMoon V
BlueMoon V Il y a 11 mois
Get your Army Bomb here:
Meiコスプレ Il y a 3 heures
@Moka Jin-ri If you want to buy a real army bomb you can buy it on the concert or on Lianox ♡ I bought mine on the concert and my older sister on lianox .. I hope I could help you
Moka Jin-ri
Moka Jin-ri Il y a 10 heures
Do you know for sure if both links are official does anyone know if they work at the concert because I just bought a fake one and I’m trying to avoid that from happening again...
Meiコスプレ Il y a 6 jours
Did you buy it from ebay?
Belle 1001
Belle 1001 Il y a mois
does this army bomb connect to the concert venue? some army bombs only connect to self mode on the app but not on concert mode when you go to a concert, and they end up being fake
SugaAng Il y a mois
Una pregunta... En la pagina que compraste es confiable..?
isamna_ Il y a 4 heures
Is this bomb fake cause I've just watch the fake army-bomb vs real army-bomb clip,and this army-bomb's box look like the fake one. PS.I'm sorry if this army-bomb is the real official one and I'm sorry if my grammar was wrong too.TT
Madhuja Pal
Madhuja Pal Il y a 5 heures
right now i was watching it and right now i got my bts posters YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY
bellaxmoonie Il y a jour
How many versions are there?
Bad Habits
Bad Habits Il y a jour
I just got mine and it cost 70 dollars ;-;
Lisa ʕᴖᴥᴖʔ아가
Who else is here to see what there army bomb is gonna look like when it arrives?
ilyjhopeyeah Il y a jour
Emanuelly Fontes Ribeiro
where did you buy?
Lx 060
Lx 060 Il y a 3 jours
Thank you I thought that my Army bomb is broken 😭💜💜, Thanks to God that I am the one who couldn’t put the battery in 😂😂.
Coozy Shenanigans
Coozy Shenanigans Il y a 3 jours
Not to be mean, but i recently saw, a fake, and real, it says, to see if its fake it says, the bottom yours says " BTS " and the real one says "Big Hit Entertainment " i was just pointing it out, no hate. PS. I love your channel. :3
rem Il y a 4 jours
my friend just bought mine yesterday and i’m waiting for it’s arrival 😄 ahh i’m so excited!
Devzel Abundancia
Devzel Abundancia Il y a 4 jours
poor me, im really jealous right now..
kim ji-yoong 589
kim ji-yoong 589 Il y a 5 jours
I just got mine and I came here because I don't know what to do......... Oooof
Jinismylife_ btsarmy
Jinismylife_ btsarmy Il y a 5 jours
I'm sorry I want to ask a weird question.. about army bomb, can we take it on flight??
Anh Thi Huỳnh
Anh Thi Huỳnh Il y a 6 jours
Fake bomb
Meiコスプレ Il y a 6 jours
Hey, I need help please): I ordered an army bomb from Lianox 2 months ago and a month before they told me your order will come in 4-5 days it's on the way .. But U still didn't get anything so I wrote an email to them but they didn't answer.. 2 days ago they said your army bomb will take some time because it's not ready to ship .... I'm so confused and nobody talks about Lianox there is no haul nothing just jamjamj said it's a good merch shop but I'm mad about it .. It would be nice if you answer ♡
Nekoo_jooms Channel
Nekoo_jooms Channel Il y a 6 jours
Don’t the sticker in the back suppose to say bighit not BTS ???? IM STILL JELLY DOE 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Anisa anisa
Anisa anisa Il y a 7 jours
Do a real army need to have a army bomb?
Anisa anisa
Anisa anisa Il y a 6 jours
@Eric CARAMAY ohh thanks for telling me :)
Eric CARAMAY Il y a 7 jours
No. Not at all you don't need an army bomb to be part of the fandom,or merch.If you support bts with all your heart it doesn't matter if you don't have bts merch😀😊.they will be happy just seeing us supporting them💜💜💜.
TATA BTS Forever
TATA BTS Forever Il y a 7 jours
Who's jealous? 😂 😸😸😹😹😹
:0페르난다 Il y a 8 jours
Tengo una ARMY Bomb pero nunca iré a un concierto excepto que vuelvan a Chile je
Laura Nyeboe Pedersen
Laura Nyeboe Pedersen Il y a 8 jours
i ordered from this seller after seeing this video, but had such a bad experience... i cancelled the order literally 5 sec after ordering the bomb bc i didn’t see how expensive it was... and i mailed the seller but se did not want to give me my money back, at first she said that she already shipped the packaged and couldn’t return it... then after almost 2 month and still haven’t gotten my bomb i texted her again, then she said THAT SHE DIDNT SHIP THE PACKAGE. i said alright but can i get my money back? with no answer, i afterword’s texted her 5 times within 1 1/2 month, first after the 5th message i got reply and just told me to wait a little longer (to get my money).. and now after almost 4 month i got the package literally yesterday... but needed it to the London speak yourself concert at the 1st of june witch leads to that i bought one i london at the concert... and when it arrived it was in bad conditions, and i can see in your video that you got so many other things too, witch i didn’t... this has nothing to do with you at all.. i just feel so sad
tyleen paul
tyleen paul Il y a 8 jours
How much did u pay for it
Catherine Gonzalez
Catherine Gonzalez Il y a 9 jours
I want to buy my BTS arny bomb ver 3 from BTS mania but i don't know it's 85$ in total so would it be a good idea?
Nonny Nani
Nonny Nani Il y a 9 jours
I got mine in their concert
XxitzzellaxX X
XxitzzellaxX X Il y a 9 jours
Can someone tell me what should I write for ver.2 too change color at the App Store ????? Please help
김겅현 Il y a 11 jours
I' m going to poor:(
김겅현 Il y a 11 jours
I' m going to poor:(
Jungkookqio Nine
Jungkookqio Nine Il y a 11 jours
Well that’s the unofficial one cuz in the back of the box you’ll see the BTS logo golden sticker in the bottom, the official one has the big hit sticker not the BTS logo
Jungkookiesdad Il y a 11 jours
I will be able to go to a BTS concert when they come back to Chicago!! I’m so excited! I will be getting the ARMY Bomb when we hear about the dates!
bts big hit
bts big hit Il y a 11 jours
What your name Im rose
bts big hit
bts big hit Il y a 11 jours
JIN IS MY BIAS Il y a 12 jours
OMG! BlueMoon V Congratulation on 1m views when i watch this it’s only in 300k+ Views so happy for you!
BTS EDITS Il y a 12 jours
I feel a feeling that’s a fake army bomb
Beya Sami
Beya Sami Il y a 12 jours
By the way what's its price???
Beya Sami
Beya Sami Il y a 12 jours
Those who attend concert do they all have to buy it???
itsyourburntnugget Il y a 13 jours
i came here after Weverse announced the giveaway 😂
Luz Veronica Arteaga Farel
Queeeee yo soy su novia de jung hoseok 💏💑y su esposa👰💑
Meiコスプレ Il y a 14 jours
A question ... If you buy an army bomb on a concert is the battery inside there?
Valerija Smirnova
Valerija Smirnova Il y a 14 jours
okay my mum was already mad at me for buying the map of the soul album and imagine if i bought the army bomb lmao
riana's Animations
riana's Animations Il y a 15 jours
My mom just bought me one and I'm so excited
Zainal Effendi
Zainal Effendi Il y a 17 jours
Omg im sorry to say this, is it ur army bomb is fake? Coz that box different with the real one that i saw before cmiiw
xXIzzy WolfieXx
xXIzzy WolfieXx Il y a 17 jours
This is how much all her Bts stuff in all her videos is ⬇️
Fernando Gonzáles
Fernando Gonzáles Il y a 17 jours
Alv.. es solo una linternita :v
Nancy Barranco
Nancy Barranco Il y a 17 jours
Does this girl know there’s a app for it?!??? 😓😱🤣
Roselyn Pamonag
Roselyn Pamonag Il y a 18 jours
Is this bluetooth
jUnG sHoOk
jUnG sHoOk Il y a 18 jours
Am i the only one bothered that they put Yoongi before Seokjin ?
miracle halili
miracle halili Il y a 18 jours
shooky is the one you must said first, then second was cookie 🤷🏼‍♀️
Lalit Kumar
Lalit Kumar Il y a 18 jours
I m poor 😭😭😭😭 When i will become rich this might become poor And in the end oh its just poor me 😭😒
FEB MEISHA Il y a 19 jours
Boooooo! Your voice is not loud!
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith Il y a 20 jours
I keep buying army bomb almost six times cuz i keep breaking it