Ubisoft at E3 2019 in 14 Minutes

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All the biggest announcements from this year's press conference.
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10 juin 2019




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Commentaires 1 010
SoLucky Il y a 14 jours
Ubisoft: "You can recruit anyone. And I mean.. ANYONE." *proceeds to show only black characters
POP46 Il y a mois
we demand prince of persia
Hein Jordaan
Hein Jordaan Il y a mois
Just give me splinter cell, please
joker3053 Il y a 2 mois
only prince of persia can save UBI Soft
Prahalad Kangeyan
Prahalad Kangeyan Il y a 2 mois
So no splinter cell wtf ubi noone gives a shit about ghost recon anymore
booker dewitt
booker dewitt Il y a 2 mois
Govi K
Govi K Il y a 2 mois
Bring back POP pleasee😤😫
Ethan Crowley
Ethan Crowley Il y a 2 mois
Where is the new Splinter Cell? Please, make another Splinter Cell as good as Chaos Theory and Double Agent (First XBOX).
Decal03 Il y a 2 mois
Jon Bernthal is dope!😎💪 but Splinter Cell is your best offering so where is it🤔??
johan van sas
johan van sas Il y a 2 mois
oh gawd run its grim the new Shaun Murray XDDDD
Doodlescnof Il y a 3 mois
Watchdogs 3?
Glen Waldrop
Glen Waldrop Il y a 3 mois
Came here hoping for a Punisher game... lol
YOU tv
YOU tv Il y a 3 mois
where is prince of Persia?
FlyingPhilUK Il y a 3 mois
Encouraging violence on the Streets of London - thanks, that's all we need!
Rohan Andrew
Rohan Andrew Il y a 3 mois
Me hears the Terminator soundtrack Me: Wooooooh
Mh A
Mh A Il y a 3 mois
Same old boring games.
Levani Koshadze
Levani Koshadze Il y a 3 mois
r6 community : can we have the outbreak event back for some time Ubisoft : what's that? you want a whole new game you have to pay the full price for? r6 community : no we just want the event ba- Ubisoft : *proceeds to make another rainbow six game presumably based on the outbreak event*
Nomar 99
Nomar 99 Il y a 3 mois
Terminator will be in the Ghost Recon ⚡️
Camui Hideaki
Camui Hideaki Il y a 3 mois
What a shitshow...
Cassie Il y a 3 mois
She's such a Megan
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado Il y a 3 mois
less kiss
less kiss Il y a 3 mois
"GHOSTS NEVER DIE" Thats because they're FuCKinG DEAD
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Il y a 3 mois
Vishant Lohar
Vishant Lohar Il y a 3 mois
Aww man no assassin's creed
Budsy Venom
Budsy Venom Il y a 3 mois
I was hoping for another south park game😢
Charming nowhere to hide
6:38 cringe
richard hockey
richard hockey Il y a 3 mois
My name is legion, for we are many
richard hockey
richard hockey Il y a 3 mois
When's Watchdogs Legion set, next thursday? 'is becoming a surveillance state'? no, it's already here
Adam Lowe
Adam Lowe Il y a 3 mois
anyone else cry when the terminator came on?
Aaron Kelly
Aaron Kelly Il y a 3 mois
The division=shoot an npc, and another one.....and another.......😐
ThiefKingofLegend Il y a 3 mois
That guy from the walking dead is still after me!
magiccoupons Il y a 3 mois
"The UK has become a surveillance state" >has... Lmfao
Zed Il y a 3 mois
no new ac and splinter cell ...
ssjadam Il y a 3 mois
Thanks for all the garbage you’re about to give us. None of which seemed any good. More reskins of old crap
risbo qrac
risbo qrac Il y a 3 mois
no new prince of persia or splinter cell instead they keep shoving watch dogs down peoples throats
Revas Elvhen
Revas Elvhen Il y a 3 mois
i personally am very disappointed in Bethesda w/all the online only crap ~ especially in the case of the Elder Scrolls ~ & have not bought or wasted my time & $$ nor been interested in/with anything they have done since Fallout 4!!!! i am not sure @ this point that they can ever start 2 redeem themselves 2 me.... Bethesda still big time ehh & such a major disappointment! But Square Enix is GR8 & doing wonderful & so awesome & they're keepn my faith & trust!!! i still also really like Ubisoft & they're still doing a fairly & pretty good job!! Final Fantasy VII remake ~ WOOHOO YEA BABY!!! i really hope they will do VIII next now & then XIII.... i am def interested in Outriders & like what i c!! Will keep an eye on that game IV sure!! i am also still hyped & excited IV Skull & Bones, Cyberpunk 2077, TLOU pt2 & Ghost of Tsushima!!!!
Elon Musk
Elon Musk Il y a 3 mois
dannooooooo Il y a 3 mois
*me* : Dont blink you might miss it *ubisoft dev* : *blinks*
Santiago Balestrini Robinson
She's such a Megan
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez Il y a 3 mois
Silver Paladin
Silver Paladin Il y a 3 mois
"GHOSTS NEVER DIE" Thats because they're FuCKinG DEAD
nunyobiznez Il y a 3 mois
$14.99 a month for Uplay+ is too expensive. Origin Access is only $4.99 a month, and they have more games available. Not to mention that personally, I already have most of the Ubisoft games that I would have any interest in and there's nothing announced at E3 here, to look forward to either. I'd still get the service though, if the price were a bit more reasonable.
gene472 Il y a 3 mois
We need splinter cell
Bradley Hutchings
Bradley Hutchings Il y a 3 mois
I appreciate these uploads man, sums it all up thanks!
Persianchannel1 Il y a 3 mois
prince of persia with castles and ray tracing will be amazing
Alan Bosco
Alan Bosco Il y a 3 mois
6:38 cringe
James bond
James bond Il y a 3 mois
Boo 🌈 gix(gay/six)
James bond
James bond Il y a 3 mois
This rainbow 6 thing sucks
Eddy Mulder
Eddy Mulder Il y a 3 mois
Is roller champions going to have LL cool j in it?
Khalil Ramadan
Khalil Ramadan Il y a 3 mois
Joe Il y a 3 mois
So London from the new Watch Dogs is basically... London?
Voidash Il y a 3 mois
Is watchdogs based on real life?
Sam Hoyek
Sam Hoyek Il y a 3 mois
I still don't understand how Tom Clancy is in any way related to these games, how can it be "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint" if tom passed away years ago and hasn't written anything titled breakpoint?
AgroSouz Il y a 3 mois
Ubisoft !
RazeRuth Il y a 3 mois
*Like* if you need *ubisoft* to make a *new* *prince of Persia* games
Bunty Girdhar
Bunty Girdhar Il y a 3 mois
no new Assassin's Creed..! Good means they aren't rushing it
J A Il y a 3 mois
Edward Macedo
Edward Macedo Il y a 3 mois
Give us a new splinter cell. I don't get it. Clearly the reception to these franchises is lukewarm at best. People are tired of them. You guys keep pumping out the same games. Why? Ubisoft's 'sales analysts' probably think "stealth? That's too restrictive. We need games with cars, guns, open worlds, create your-own-character" bullcrap. 10:35 A division movie in collaboration with netflix? WHO CARES?! Uplay+ Subscription service? WHO ASKED FOR THIS? Have faith in your intellectual properties, Ubisoft. Gamers will buy a new splinter cell. I promise you.
danekarl Il y a 3 mois
needed more Bam Bam close ups.