Tyler Herro CRAZY Full Highlights vs Atlanta Hawks (2019.10.14) - 23 Pts, 5 Threes!

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Tyler Herro 23 Points, 5 Rebounds, 2 Assists | Atlanta Hawks vs Miami Heat - Full Game Highlights | October 14, 2019 | 2019 NBA Preseason
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15 oct. 2019




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Commentaires 545
Stanky Big Toe
Stanky Big Toe Il y a 6 jours
Fresh out of high school and your whole team full of grown ass men getting hype behind you no better feeling im telling you
Aryan Il y a 18 jours
my coach says i play like tyler herro...hopping to play for queensland university in college...also an upcoming rapper
el negro
el negro Il y a 23 jours
He scored 29 vs hawks again. He hates them I guess lol
the business handler
the business handler Il y a 23 jours
He's nasty
Savage Cabbage
Savage Cabbage Il y a 25 jours
When did white people start taking over basketball?
Kim Yau Cheung
Kim Yau Cheung Il y a 25 jours
Shooting form beautiful asf
ELi C Il y a 27 jours
Dion waiter hold that L bum
Mr. Beardman
Mr. Beardman Il y a 28 jours
ROY Tyler herro
El Mamón
El Mamón Il y a 29 jours
Pretty fine shot
Sammy Spaniel
Sammy Spaniel Il y a 29 jours
The most graceful player I've ever seen.
Jessie James Ancheta
Silent killer
Daniel Dehoutman
Daniel Dehoutman Il y a mois
The next Steph Curry!!
leon scott
leon scott Il y a mois
Devon Booker in almost every way
Daniel DT Smith
Daniel DT Smith Il y a mois
He reminds me of Reggie Miller
Michael Power
Michael Power Il y a mois
His stroke is nice 👍
jdep1290 Il y a mois
Klay Thompson?
That Guy234
That Guy234 Il y a mois
He’ll be the Johnny Manziel of the NBA... Just watch
Da Vince
Da Vince Il y a mois
2k21 get me that form ok?
Penemuel Watcher
Penemuel Watcher Il y a mois
This kid's game is pure.
MrFuchew Il y a mois
Good to see a white american in the league, I feel like they are making a comeback!
jumongwu Il y a mois
Im liking this heat roster 🔥🔥🔥
Brooks Orlando
Brooks Orlando Il y a mois
I see a mix of Devin Booker and Reggie Miller. This kid is special
Tre Saves Lives
Tre Saves Lives Il y a mois
Where’d he even come from 💀
James Edwards
James Edwards Il y a mois
Yeah the hype is real 😍
Joseph Velasco
Joseph Velasco Il y a mois
I think this guy csn shoot all night and never miss.
Fly_Shooter35 Il y a mois
He kinda hoop like c.j mccllum !!
Fernanzo Jamison
Fernanzo Jamison Il y a mois
This dude can BALL 🔥
Jarvis Juice
Jarvis Juice Il y a mois
I KNEW Atlanta shoulda drafted this guy! 😩
Garp Il y a mois
Damn he's a grown man all of a sudden. I was just watching a highlight video from his senior year.
Fish Juice
Fish Juice Il y a mois
straight from wisconsin
CarCamper10694 Il y a mois
The next chandler parsons mark my words! 😂😂
I'm wrong because,
I'm wrong because, Il y a mois
CarCamper10694 that’s cold lmao
Davids Vlogs
Davids Vlogs Il y a mois
Tyler herro rookie of the year
RNICE5257 Il y a mois
Not better than Carsten Edwards but he’s cool
Quicktwosteps Il y a mois
Damn. When and where they hidden this guy? Zion and Duke crew were all the hype that I never noticed or knew this guy.
Antony_Pak Il y a mois
More like mike miller
The next jason kapono
Joshua Weldon
Joshua Weldon Il y a mois
Remember back in 2003 some people thought picking D-Wade at 5 was risky. Well look how that turned out lol. Some people thought Tyler Herro was picked to early, we are going to prove them wrong again.
Ricky Simpson
Ricky Simpson Il y a mois
This man gone be so damn nice
Marc Tremblay
Marc Tremblay Il y a mois
We all know , how the nba is trying making starss.... thi's wont be one of them
Miadous Il y a mois
One of the coolest names to hear over the loudspeaker. Good thing he can make buckets or it would go to waste lol.
Brady The German Shepherd
Roty up for grabs at this point
Michael Vu
Michael Vu Il y a mois
Built-in scoring machine, bake-in last name to go with it
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Il y a mois
Been following this dude for a while now since HS, knew I’d see him on this stage. My man is cold blooded ❄️
prettyboyswa914 Il y a mois
Imagine if suns has pick him up over cam Johnson. There both good players but damn tyler is booker 2.0
Cash and Shoes rule everything around me
That boy a lighter skin D book #📚 jr
Dylan Hagen
Dylan Hagen Il y a mois
That's one of the best looking jumpers I've ever seen
Martin Wallace
Martin Wallace Il y a mois
I honestly underestimated his game. I couldn't see it. But now!!!
frankle326 Il y a mois
Definitely one to keep an eye on.
Justin Edwards
Justin Edwards Il y a mois
Dis kid will be the reason I remain a heat fan, you can’t tell me NY ain’t tight right now, because Rj ain’t got shit on this kid
wizy Il y a mois
I like him idk about 👉🏿 but I do
Steven Lengenfelder
Be watching herro since high school, then in college doing 5v5 against youtubers and scrubs lol. He's a beast and I'm glad he's balling out.
Walter Johnson
Walter Johnson Il y a mois
White d book
PutMeInTheGame34 Il y a mois
He moves like a NBA star
Chris Jason
Chris Jason Il y a mois
Like Young Mike.Miller
Brother Vince
Brother Vince Il y a mois
Tyler the Flame shooter Hero!! I’m proud to say I’m a Heats fan for life
Brother Vince
Brother Vince Il y a mois
Tyler the Flame shooter Hero!! I’m proud to say I’m a Heats fan for life
Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang Il y a mois
The real White Mamba.
SiSo Il y a mois
Dre Chillin
Dre Chillin Il y a mois
Mike Miller
Herve Tran
Herve Tran Il y a mois
what a sniper