Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they work

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Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they work! Haven't done any diy lifehacks in a while... Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch Dumb People Caught STEALINGéo-TGBvbTe8FMI.html Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack
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11 janv. 2020




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Kathleen Mitchell
Kathleen Mitchell Il y a jour
No one: Not a single soul: Hotel? TrIvAgO
Hoàng Trần Thụy Mỹ
I mean lumpy
Hoàng Trần Thụy Mỹ
Lia : I know we al love juicy chicken but that a little too juicy Me : not for me ( later regret ) alright you are right but it so salty Ash : like me
Alaina Burnham
Alaina Burnham Il y a jour
U are fun
Alaina Burnham
Alaina Burnham Il y a jour
I love you
Alaina Burnham
Alaina Burnham Il y a jour
Isa Howard
Isa Howard Il y a jour
You need a type of corn to make pop corn that corn won’t work 😂
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Il y a jour
sticks the bowl into pants a couple minutes later looks down to get it out gone
Olivia Lazo
Olivia Lazo Il y a jour
Me sssniper wolf what the hell
Jessica Pacheco
Jessica Pacheco Il y a jour
Girl :I'm pregnant Lia: THAT'S ilegal call the police!!!!!!
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Il y a jour
The funny thing is that I have Celiac Disease and I have those wafers in my pantry rn Lmao
Queens Random !
Queens Random ! Il y a jour
I may have mood swings and cramps, but at least I don't have a baby in my pants, thank you and goodnight 😂
Justice Thacker
Justice Thacker Il y a jour
1:47 ur freind did this hack
Τζανέλλης Γιάννης
I just saw a little Levi in your room TwT
Poiop Songs
Poiop Songs Il y a jour
I’m a fan of you😍😍😍
Paolo Fmt
Paolo Fmt Il y a jour
Mike's name is drawn by a child WHAAAAAAAT.
Briar Rose
Briar Rose Il y a jour
*guys, have you not microwaved regular corn before? It’s not the same as popcorn kernels...*
Snizel Dcunha
Snizel Dcunha Il y a jour
Shez not doing the hacks properly!!!!! It's so frustrating
Purridot Dorito
Purridot Dorito Il y a jour
In the uk, we allow snacks in the cinema. Heck, the cinemas in the uk even SELL snacks there.
Jacob Alford
Jacob Alford Il y a jour
I’m gluten free/gf to LOL
boba girl*
boba girl* Il y a jour
you need to boil the corn first😑
Shadow Nightshade
Shadow Nightshade Il y a jour
Sssniperwolf: I like my Oreos extra squishy Me: I like my Oreos extra gluten free. (I can’t have Oreos)
Emily Zhang
Emily Zhang Il y a jour
You’re supposed to wait there for a day To make it frees like a ice block
* Thepersonsaidhi *
The funny thing is that I have Celiac Disease and I have those wafers in my pantry rn Lmao
* Thepersonsaidhi *
*sticks the bowl into pants* *a couple minutes later* *looks down to get it out* *gone*
Kelly ChanYan
Kelly ChanYan Il y a jour
Mmmm, I love me some watermelon-flavored chicken.
Renea Sheldon
Renea Sheldon Il y a jour
The oreo one is like 😖😖😖
Jemma Reale
Jemma Reale Il y a jour
I am gluten free to I have what u have but don’t know how to spell it
slime 4 life
slime 4 life Il y a jour
Peri Etie
Peri Etie Il y a jour
"It looks like a marshmallow, but it tastes like an egg" Me: Welcome to 2020
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Il y a jour
hahaha i like my oreos nice and squishy
George Nickleson
George Nickleson Il y a jour
I’ve always wanted to try the pregnancy one
Cheyenne McCullough
Sniper: 10 second dips to make em soft me: what about the 50 seconds you have to wait after 10 seconds so its for sure squishy :3
Sophia Lozano
Sophia Lozano Il y a jour
Idk if anyone does this besides me but, get a grape and put it on a plate with toothpicks in them into the freezer. Wait, then eat when they are frozen. Try it
Ronnae Johnson
Ronnae Johnson Il y a jour
I just realized that it went from 4am to 1am HOW??
Alfrene Bartolome
Alfrene Bartolome Il y a jour
ales Marin
ales Marin Il y a jour
The pregnant woman has kracks the off brand of Pringles
Alexsis Dale
Alexsis Dale Il y a jour
0:23 I guess its the wrong corn😂😂😂
Juliany Pena
Juliany Pena Il y a jour
9:57 they get mcdonals salad 🥗 for lunch 🍴
amy The cookie
amy The cookie Il y a jour
3:48 I see those knock off *Kracks*
heaven is for me 104
ME:ADD!!!!! Stop im tryin to watch ingenis life hacks!!!!
Amanda Phommata
Amanda Phommata Il y a jour
Lucie Gentry
Lucie Gentry Il y a jour
The Shaking The Salad My Family Has Been Doing For Years
FNAF friend
FNAF friend Il y a jour
Sniperwolf is pregnant with snacks
The Goat
The Goat Il y a jour
hahaha i like my oreos nice and squishy
BeastlyGamer Il y a jour
5:10 jus looks like she got some big balls 😂
armriley Il y a jour
I tried the Oreo ice cream hack with pop tarts and iit worked out fine
Garnaken87 oopeer
Garnaken87 oopeer Il y a jour
Mommy’s making popcorn doesn’t matter cause you can’t have any
Rachel Ngo
Rachel Ngo Il y a jour
I tried the popcorn thing it worked. XD with a paperbag.
Elaina Alexander
Elaina Alexander Il y a jour
Sawyer’s Secrets
Sawyer’s Secrets Il y a jour
Honey where is my Chanel bag (Microwave beeps) Oh shi-BANG (Hits head on door of microwave)
Yoselyne Escoto
Yoselyne Escoto Il y a jour
Five minute hacks look delicious
Emily Hicks
Emily Hicks Il y a jour
Amagin you I want a boneless pizza then the person behind you was like hmmm I want a boneless person xD
killermonkeygurl07 Il y a jour
Juan Espinosa
Juan Espinosa Il y a jour
only OGs will get the “there is no what if, i am pregnant, *and it is jesus* “
Elite Vicky
Elite Vicky Il y a jour
3:48 “Kracks” FROM 3 WERKS AGO (13 videos ago) 💀
Allison King
Allison King Il y a jour
I love my Oreos nice and soft mean you are like
Matt Huminski
Matt Huminski Il y a jour
Me to
Felicia Chamberlain
make that's illegal merch
DeShaun Mayers
DeShaun Mayers Il y a jour
Sniperwolf:"that's how u cut things quick Me:"notices she speeds it up"
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Il y a jour
Pell that graph
ok boomer
ok boomer Il y a jour
okay FRvid, i've watched it.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Il y a jour
Kae_linn ,
Kae_linn , Il y a jour
Nobody: Movie theater:37 dollars for some nachos
Ilyana McKenny
Ilyana McKenny Il y a jour