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The Try Guys have swam with sharks, survived in the wild, shocked themselves with birthing simulators, and risked their lives for their videos. In this weekly podcast they dissect their experiences as internet creators and best friends who have made a living failing upwards.
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Commentaires 80
OLIVIA Il y a 7 heures
Australians say paper scissors rock lmao
Stephanie G
Stephanie G Il y a 7 heures
Being from Chicago, I'm curious as to what "freezing" is in California
Vanessa Il y a 11 heures
43:30 It actually originated from China around 206 BC-220 AD, and it spread throughout Asia. The modern version we're playing now is actually a Japanese version of the game. It was only introduced to the US in the 20th century.
Senno Evers
Senno Evers Il y a 2 jours
Im dutch and snappen of snoepen in dutch means to have candy or in dutch have snoep. it can be used for saying your having a healthy snack but its also used to say your eating candy.
Monetxo Il y a 2 jours
My nose gets super dry too so I just put aquaphor in my nose at night
Queen B
Queen B Il y a 3 jours
This is the weirdest thing I have ever enjoyed listening to. I hate feet but for some reason its facinating
Samantha Yates
Samantha Yates Il y a 3 jours
im a dancer and my feet are so nasty thats tmi just saying
Pamni Rodz
Pamni Rodz Il y a 4 jours
in Spanish we say piedra (rock) papel ( paper) tijeras ( scissors) and you choose you never say shoot
Erica Duque
Erica Duque Il y a 4 jours
In the Philippines, we say "bato bato pick" which means "rock rock pick" and we throw it at "pick"
Jasmine Il y a 6 jours
Dried mangoes guys. Dried mangoes are the best snacks.
tleigh878787 Il y a 8 jours
We always played on scissors when I was a kid. I'll do shoot now because it seems like the shoot kids whine a lot more so I do it to save myself the trouble 😂 also you up the difficulty of the game if you go on scissors, so maybe the people who like to go on shoot need the extra time to think?
tleigh878787 Il y a 8 jours
I eat candy bars for a snack 🤷🏻‍♀️
TI Allard
TI Allard Il y a 8 jours
so uhh... 23:45 is actually something that happens in Norse myth...this Jotunness (female giant) is avenging her father's death, and the Aesir are like "hey, you can choose a husband by his feet" anyways, she's aiming for Baldr cause he's hot and whatever, but she chose Njord, god of the sea because standing in the turf smoothed out his feet a ton and made them pretty (she divorced him later)
Jessica McGuire
Jessica McGuire Il y a 10 jours
It was like that guy snuck away 3/4 of the way through the video to do drugs and then came back talking about Klondike bars. Super weird.
Blobbly Il y a 12 jours
So I live in a french speaking part of canada and for Rock Paper Scissors I know two options in french (that I know of) It’s either “Roche Papier Scissos!” Which translate to “Rock Paper Scissors” and you shoot on scissors or some people played another version which was “ Roche Papier Scissos Alumette qu’est ce que tu vas mettre!” Which translates to “Rock Paper Scissors Match, which will you pick!” And you shoot after pick. I think the match got beat by the scissors and the rock but beat the paper.
N R Il y a 12 jours
One month late, but i just wanted to say: in my country we speak spanish and we say "rock, paper or scissors" (the 'or' is optional, i think) and shoot on the 'scissors'. As far as i know, the other spanish speaking countries also use this version. I've never heard about saying "shoot", so that segment was interesting.
Sabrina Ftouhi
Sabrina Ftouhi Il y a 14 jours
Eugene honestly might have been a better Damon Salvatore than Ian Somerhalder
YsabelMusic Il y a 14 jours
I love love love appreciate Eugene. He is so sensitive and intelligent thank you!!!! thank you for being you
Maria Frölin
Maria Frölin Il y a 16 jours
sten (rock), sax (scissors), påse(paper) order in Swedish.
Elijah Wong
Elijah Wong Il y a 16 jours
are M&Ms not a snack?
Sweeperboy Il y a 16 jours
Find someone who holds you like Eugene holds Kimbop.
Mirranda Lynn
Mirranda Lynn Il y a 16 jours
David Cabogason
David Cabogason Il y a 17 jours
"How do they check by the teeth, is it like rings in a tree?" "Yes, they cut a tooth off and check the rings" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Grinning Viking
The Grinning Viking Il y a 19 jours
Zach! First off, triple antibiotic cream for cuts. Rub a little up your nose, it'll fix that and help you not injure yourself. You can also clip and file your nails so they don't have an edge. Nice for anyone who those fingers are going into too! Not to be lewd, you might need to get something out of a dog's mouth for example. Or a lady might need you to find a tiny man in a tiny boat. 🚣‍♀️
ambersquirrel25 Il y a 19 jours
Hello I am a tiny toe person
M. Czyżydło
M. Czyżydło Il y a 20 jours
Kimbap is my spirit animal.
Arty Muffin 10
Arty Muffin 10 Il y a 20 jours
Catareen Queen
Catareen Queen Il y a 20 jours
ok you all need to go get pedicures and actually try foot modeling
Rita Il y a 20 jours
I’m sorry to disappoint you Miles, but the pinky toes is what keeps the equilibrium and balance in our body while walking 😂
Joshua Barber
Joshua Barber Il y a 22 jours
Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction, starring Jonathan Frakes.
Taurusus Il y a 22 jours
Okay first of all, you finish on "rock" (Paper, scissors, rock!) because it's a single syllable (same in Korean, thanks Eugene!) which is more snappy, and the first two are just to synch up the timing. You throw on "Rock". Any other versions are objectively wrong. I will not be taking any questions.
Mathilda Savhammar
Mathilda Savhammar Il y a 22 jours
In Sweden we say rock, paper, scissors like sci...ssors and show on "ssors" so it's called sten, sax, påse and you say påå
RainbowManatee Il y a 22 jours
i've never been a fan of Klondike bars, couldn't really tell you what I don't like about them specifically. But, seeing all their new flavors has intrigued me greatly
Kate Soper
Kate Soper Il y a 22 jours
I'm pretty sure Miles is right about Ro-Sham-bo
Anna Haldiman
Anna Haldiman Il y a 25 jours
Plz do a field day with Rhett and Link that would be hilarious
Luisa Avalos
Luisa Avalos Il y a 26 jours
Whoa! Maggie is hispanic?
Charlotte Eden
Charlotte Eden Il y a 26 jours
your snack debate is wack. leave the sweet food (translation "lollies") to the professionals.
Lulu Honig
Lulu Honig Il y a 27 jours
Just in case anyone's interested: professionals can estimate the age of a dog or cat 1. by whether they still have their baby teeth, and 2. by the amount/build-up of tartar on the teeth!
lexpertsl Il y a 27 jours
In Latvia it's rock scissors paper 1 2 3 and you shot on the "3" and if it's a draw then you just repeat 1 2 3 and shoot on 3
Star Boy ヅ
Star Boy ヅ Il y a 27 jours
5:17 For those wondering
FaithB Il y a 28 jours
kimbop is the cutest fluffer I've ever seen
Jayda F
Jayda F Il y a 28 jours
keith: *talking about his thicc toenails* me, a small 13 year old female: omg same wtf
KATastrophic 90
KATastrophic 90 Il y a 28 jours
I listen on Spotify and came here to see who has prettier feet and the only foot I got to see was Keith's long bony foot. So guess Keith wins. Y'all should make a video where y'all actually do try foot modelling.
KJ Safale
KJ Safale Il y a 28 jours
Kimbop is BABBY
Zarter4eva Il y a 28 jours
Eugene, we played that in Round Rock ALL the time, but we just called it Wall Ball
D Truong
D Truong Il y a 29 jours
You know what’s worse than no toenails? No bones in your toes.....that’s creepy af
Jenny Gilchrist
Jenny Gilchrist Il y a mois
As someone from the UK I shoot on Scissors
Brains00007 Il y a mois
If people are attracted to masculinity, wouldn’t they prefer masculine feet if they are a foot fetishist? Also Miles could crush me with those feet, js
Raquel Pasillas
Raquel Pasillas Il y a mois
Eating food before work rn and i dont think that was the best idea....
FramesPerSecond Il y a mois
Kieth: you can find love in your family... Next video: the try guys try incest...
FramesPerSecond Il y a mois
I don’t know if it’s an Australian thing or just the town I grew up in but were did it Paper Scissors Rock and would go on the “Rock”...
Jenelle K
Jenelle K Il y a mois
Now I need trypod mom episode with all of your moms
Becchi Il y a mois
my bf does paper sideways (so like do rock then just open your hand) so thats one way that you cant "tell" they're gonna do paper. cause your hand doesnt shift. but I always argue that thats cheating cause paper is supposed to be flat not "standing"
Malcfoy Il y a mois
In Sweden, the order is rock scissors paper and scissors is still the most common one I have one many such games with that knowledge
BakoymaTravels Il y a mois
I'm from Norway. We say "rock, scissors, paper" (it works better with what the words are in Norwegian). You shoot on "Paper" (meaning we don't go "shoot" and shoot on the fouth beat).
Julia Alice
Julia Alice Il y a mois
im from norway where we say rock, scissor and paper, but we still mostly use scissor :) also we dont say shoot
Katmuss Woodwinds
Katmuss Woodwinds Il y a mois
omg but The Mandalorian is the BEST THING OUT THERE!! Can't believe that at least Zach hasn't seen it... best soundtrack and great writing! GO SEE IT!
João Costa
João Costa Il y a mois
listening to them talk about what snack means is my personal hell
Alex Costin
Alex Costin Il y a mois
in australia we say scissors paper rock, not rock paper scissors
Phoebe Rogers
Phoebe Rogers Il y a mois
Zach, in California: It's been soooooo cold (around 50ºF) Me, in Minnesota: *struggling to breathe in 5ºF weather as I can feel all moisture in my airways slowly freezing on my 4-minute walk from my car into my college building where I then blow my nose and have FROZEN SNOT AND BOOGERS COME OUT into the tissue* ~iTs BeEN cOLd iN cALifOrNiA~
Yol Son
Yol Son Il y a mois
I agree with Zach on the topic of snacks. Snack is anything that you have between meals not necessarily because you are hungry but just because you feel like it. Sweet and savory things are all what I consider snacks. What would jelly-beans be if not a snack? It might not be healthy and you probably shouldn't have it, but it's a snack. Not a meal or dessert, it's a snack.
charlie h
charlie h Il y a mois
the sheer energy of the last minute where eugene just says things that progressively make less and less sense..... its terrifying
Absar Hassan
Absar Hassan Il y a mois
the segment were they talk about rock paper scissors reminded me of a version me and my younger brother made that was racist which was Asians beat blacks blacks beat white and white is only neutral to other whites
mark ceglio
mark ceglio Il y a mois
Miles is right rush..does mean kicking in the nuts... WATCH SOUTH PARK lol.. KEEP ROCKING GUYS.
7Nine7 Il y a mois
In german you also do scissors, rock, paper. And you show on "Paper."
TIKTOK Memes Il y a mois
80 degrees in Texas is a cool front
Delaney Gehrig Seltzer
“And when you’re in love with your siblings” “We inCEST that you do these three things” 💀💀💀 im deceased
SkidRow4Life Il y a mois
The german way being Sching, Schang, Schong or Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck resemble literally no real words xD
Zeoklis Il y a mois
shoot is stupid, in Germany and Japan you don't do it either
Charlotte Sunshine
Charlotte Sunshine Il y a mois
So Americans don't put kisses at the end of messages? or greetings cards?! Well that's sad
Bronte Evans
Bronte Evans Il y a mois
this was bad episode to decide to listen to as I ate breakfast...
RainbowRapidash Il y a mois
Matt needs to be in a try wives video, but not if it pushes him beyond his comfort level
RainbowRapidash Il y a mois
Can we just appreciate the fact that Eugene is drinking Yoohoo
Laci Il y a mois
Miles keeps these guys on point. Expect for today when he derailed during his own Miles Nation segment. it gets the best of us dude - lay off the candy.
Laci Il y a mois
12:36 it's a hammer toe. (not to be confused with hammer time) also, this pod cast makes me laugh. Women are always wondering what men talk about other than sex.
songwolf Il y a mois
as a long islander, i can confirm that we shoot on the fifth beat because we're musicians and we like having a full prep measure before we play
Fran Ziska
Fran Ziska Il y a mois
Same in Switzerland, we also shoot on the third word (in German we use a different order- scissor, rock, paper and shoot on paper)
adele bernadette
adele bernadette Il y a mois
i learned shoot on scissors as a kid, but as an adult, fully recognize that that's wrong lol
adele bernadette
adele bernadette Il y a mois
do those that think the X's are hugs that when people sign with just X's that they're signing with hugs ?? like "xx Name" ?? they're not even necessarily romantic kisses, i'm thinking like people in europe who cheek kiss to greet, it's just a casual thing like that, isn't it ?? idk man. i've never met someone who thinks the X's are hugs, y'all be wild
Mallory Howard
Mallory Howard Il y a mois
Me, a big nerdy trekkie trying to remain calm while they struggle to remember the name of Jonathan Frakes’ iconic character William Thomas Riker: “This is fine.”
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