Traveling to the Happiest Country in the World!!

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What country do you think is the happiest in the world? Well, after hearing from many traveler friends that it might be this small country... I had to go see it for myself. I am personally on a mission to understand the basic parameters of joy and happiness so going on a trip like this was a dream come true...
Where should we travel to next?
Thank you to Bhutan peaceful tours for hosting me
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1 déc. 2019




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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Il y a mois
Thanks for watching! Despite what you might see in the video, Bhutan was actually quite challenging for me to travel to. The trip was planned very last minute so I didn't have time to do much research, I was still jet-lagged from the 14-hr time difference and the elevation was having weird effects on my headspace. But I pushed through even though filming alone in these conditions makes it so much harder to bring positive energy into it. Sitting down with the ex-Prime Minister and hiking to Tiger's Nest completely changed everything in the end however. I'm on a bit of a personal journey of understanding what the fundamental parameters of joy truly are, so going on a trip like this had quite of a profound effect on me in the end. Hope you got something out of it and looking forward to capturing more of the world's beauty. - Thomas
Be Programmer
Be Programmer Il y a jour
Mount Everest is in Nepal🇳🇵
Be Programmer
Be Programmer Il y a jour
Be Programmer
Be Programmer Il y a jour
Come to Nepal🇳🇵
semi limbu
semi limbu Il y a 4 jours
Visit Nepal 🇳🇵 2020🙏🏻🧡
Alfin强 Il y a 4 heures
Wow so my mom also had that "holy" thing that shoo away curses and evil things???? I didn't know my mom was that religious :O
leilani or something like that
i love how open thomas is to new cultures and experiences
floral starlight
floral starlight Il y a 6 heures
Dang, now I want to live in Bhutan. Or at least visit it.
Leo Il y a 10 heures
I see Bhutan, i click immediately
llil. Lunna
llil. Lunna Il y a 12 heures
Aye my family are from Bhutan
J W Il y a 14 heures
The penis is evil! It spreads the seed.
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Lys Il y a 17 heures
It looks like a peaceful country... That's cool!
Team Habriel
Team Habriel Il y a 19 heures
bhutan the country with a monarchy i like that place so nice and beautiful
Ta Shi
Ta Shi Il y a 20 heures
Hello i am from Bhutan nice to meet you and I'm protected from the evil😅🤣
alok bhatt
alok bhatt Il y a 20 heures
Your video is nice, please like, view, share and subscribe my channel
GLOBAL WISPA Il y a 23 heures
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Travel Zoo Bangladesh Ltd Il y a 23 heures
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Thomas Janes
Thomas Janes Il y a jour
I feel you when you talked about losing your grandpa. I lost my grandpa last June and it crushed me. He had stage four lung cancer and it was the hardest thing I have ever undergone just to watch his health decline for nearly a year and lose a lot of his body mass. Sometimes I just think about him or get in that same situation wondering why he had to die. I sit in my room asking God why him
Hannah Il y a jour
Bhutan is like what humans would be like if we still acted like humans. I really don't know how to explain it.
NAEMA DONG G Il y a jour
Bhutan is like NEPAL ❤️🤗
Ms. Free Thinker
Ms. Free Thinker Il y a jour
I appreciate this.
sixhype Il y a jour
asian man speaking gurtigurtii is so different
Med sports
Med sports Il y a jour
Do you want to taravel to amazing country with good price ? I suggest you to travel to morocco . Know more information
Jether Ronato
Jether Ronato Il y a jour
It is 3:02 am and I can't stop watching YES THEORY VIDEOSSSS. So much positivity!
Unkle Fritz
Unkle Fritz Il y a jour
2:35 i thought the song "why cant we be friends" from war was about to play. would have been very fitting
Winston White
Winston White Il y a jour
Great interview with ex priminster he also mentioned that the country had previous enlightened leaders. I think maybe they're they're happiest because everyone is getting it on with all the penises.. its morse code for wife swap haha
Rahul K
Rahul K Il y a jour
such a beautiful country, obviously. But to have a leader like that, no biased and tainted by ideologies but beautiful philosophy of life is what every nation needs.
Aditya Chebrolu
Aditya Chebrolu Il y a jour
Am from Bangalore India and I have been to Bhutan before trust me it was suck a hidden country and I was so jealous to have such nice,happy and helpful people before
Aditya Chebrolu
Aditya Chebrolu Il y a jour
Ddrewthefirst Il y a jour
That's definitely not my house I must say
deere3321 Il y a jour
I'll stay in rural Indiana where people are friendly and mind their own business.
aue sonam
aue sonam Il y a jour
Omg after watching this video of my country i had to subscribe your channel. I understand you becoming emotional I always do that when ever I visit Taktsang.
Gilbert Gutierrez
Gilbert Gutierrez Il y a jour
Visit in the Philippines
Marie Il y a 2 jours
this isnt finland
Journey Is My Life
Journey Is My Life Il y a 2 jours
Nice video 👌👌 #journeyismylife
Travel Machi
Travel Machi Il y a 2 jours
Brandon Tran
Brandon Tran Il y a 2 jours
What kind of wallet was that
Ramil Camacho
Ramil Camacho Il y a 2 jours
Go to Philippines🇵🇭.
izzyy f
izzyy f Il y a 2 jours
Am i the only person who really likes how the prime minister speaks??
Christian K
Christian K Il y a 2 jours
this guy looks like sean murray when he smiles
Amazing Gamer
Amazing Gamer Il y a 2 jours
looks like they embrace new life by doing dick carvings and graffiti
Daffodil Holler
Daffodil Holler Il y a 2 jours
He seems like such a lovely man. His joy is infectious.
Caleb Cudjoe
Caleb Cudjoe Il y a 2 jours
every leader think and talk like Bhutan's ex PM.....
happythepanda Il y a 2 jours
A country ran by people who follow real buddhism. Many buddhist country only call themselves a buddhist country by name but not act like one. No wonder its amazing. I am hindu btw.
Ingrid x
Ingrid x Il y a 2 jours
Woaaah so amazing 😍 I'm pretty sure what you felt was real! Please keep believing your grandfather will always be with you! In your heart, in your memories and I believe in a way more spiritual way too. You really honored their culture and were so respectful! This is why I love all of your videos so much! They are from pure and kind hearts 💕
BlazinBytes Il y a 2 jours
So close to Nepal but not here yet :(
Hijikata gintoki
Hijikata gintoki Il y a 2 jours
the penis protuction thu lol, they really should never know about cundoms
Raghav Hada
Raghav Hada Il y a 2 jours
Such a beautiful video..😍 I got teary eyed in the end though..😢 R.I.P. Thomas's Grandpa
Shaleendra Jayawardena
Shaleendra Jayawardena Il y a 3 jours
TRAVELINGO LIFE Il y a 3 jours
It’s a cool and funny video, I could enjoy watching it
João Pedro
João Pedro Il y a 3 jours
Finland is the most happy country in the World: Bhutan: Hold my Nirvana
Simon Bu
Simon Bu Il y a 3 jours
I would say, it really depends on what is best for you. These people found themselves happiness thru that, while others may enjoy different things.
Christopher Rod
Christopher Rod Il y a 3 jours
Matt you getting old bro. How the hell so you spend 99% of your time in Indonesia in paradise and have crows feet in your 20s?
Christopher Rod
Christopher Rod Il y a 3 jours
What makes Bhutan special? Their $250/day visa. No thanks.
Gagana Weerakkody
Gagana Weerakkody Il y a 3 jours
After movie of visit Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
Claire Dietrich
Claire Dietrich Il y a 3 jours
What a privilege to meet these individuals!
Frie Il y a 3 jours
yeah sorry to tell yea but Finland is the happiest country, officially.
a random dude
a random dude Il y a 3 jours
It's not happy when you fall off the cliff in the thumbnail.
Khalidul Haq
Khalidul Haq Il y a 3 jours
I love Bhutan! And I'm from Sri Lanka 😊
Akshatha Acharya1997
Akshatha Acharya1997 Il y a 4 jours
I heard that Bhutan is peaceful through this vedio I experienced it.....and make me feel that I should visit this country once in my life time..
Nikhil Shukla
Nikhil Shukla Il y a 4 jours Check out this Instagram handle for travel goals!😍😍
Andrew Aleshire
Andrew Aleshire Il y a 4 jours
5:11 Missed opportunity to say "Cocky enough"
AV阿鹏哥 Il y a 4 jours
Ava Elise
Ava Elise Il y a 4 jours
can you travel to the cleanest country next?