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Discover in this video the Top 5 Anime to help you learn Japanese! “Bring it on, I won’t forgive you!” 🗯 Improve your Anime comprehension with this list of Top words used in Japanese Anime ↓かかってこいよ↓
In this video Risa introduces you 5 Anime series that will help you improve your Japanese! Anime and Manga are great learning tools because it’s a fun way to learn. You can boost your listening comprehension and develop your Japanese vocabulary From Death Note to One Piece, you’ll be able to find an Anime that will fit your taste.
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9 nov. 2016




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Commentaires 1 624
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Angel Gilhang
Angel Gilhang Il y a mois
mike philip
mike philip Il y a 2 mois
what about detective conan ? that is a very good anime to learn japanese and japanese culture . just skip the fillers
Manjot Kaur
Manjot Kaur Il y a 7 mois
Yes! One piece is really a good anime . I would recomend all to watch it!
wir fandi
wir fandi Il y a 7 mois
yeah anime one piece is my favorite
jenesh shrestha
jenesh shrestha Il y a an
Hi risa can we be friend in FACEBOOK 😁😉
Raju Gowda
Raju Gowda Il y a 3 jours
Sensei yukkuri anegaishimas
Travis Waters
Travis Waters Il y a 15 jours
Why do Japanese always say that Naruto is not a good Anime for learning the Japanese language?
Stefan Koprivica
Stefan Koprivica Il y a 17 jours
Okay, I found my next fav channel on FRvid, I will be spending some time here :)
1 %
1 % Il y a 19 jours
I actually have the Chi's Sweet Home books, I plan on watching the anime soon!
Edison Mecaj
Edison Mecaj Il y a 20 jours
Arigatou Gozaimasu Risa-chan, Edison desu. I'm new here and I'm currently a BIG Fan of One Piece but they don't use formal phrases so i don't think that can be a good example for someone who's trying to lean Japanese. As I've seen so far the formal interacting with people in Japan came first but the formal phrases are so long and hard to remember.
LazyDogGames Il y a 21 jour
At which point of learning should I start learn with anime?
唯遥花 Il y a 23 jours
I've seen 2 already! yay?
唯遥花 Il y a 18 jours
@Don't be normal yes indeedy
Don't be normal
Don't be normal Il y a 18 jours
Death note and one piece,right?
e ri
e ri Il y a 23 jours
I think death note is really great, I remember years ago I'd watch it without translation and still be able to understand what they're talking about even though I knew only few words in Japanese ...
Ahmet Visne
Ahmet Visne Il y a 25 jours
The real question is how a japanese doesn't watch anime. Anime is the real.reason for me to learn japanese. İ thought all the japanese people watch animes 😁
Flying Otaku
Flying Otaku Il y a 25 jours
The last 3 are definitely more complex than the first 2. Also, minus points for watching the Death Note live action movie and not the anime smh
EDGESHOT Il y a 26 jours
ONE PIECEだぜbabyyyy
Felix Isame
Felix Isame Il y a mois
Im just subscribing to hear you talking
em beta
em beta Il y a mois
Mob psycho100?
Juridico Valverde
Juridico Valverde Il y a mois
Ok voy a continuar viendo one piece.
Louisa LithWitch Du Toit
Death Note ♡
Strong Alpha Black Female Who Need No Man
What about boku no pico?
Marin Redeford Kawazaki
ありがとうございました。If one is studying japanese, one can choose any anime to watch and practice japanese. It works to me because I always watch animes and read mangas.
Pueshwe Thin
Pueshwe Thin Il y a mois
Learning Japanese sound cool
Capt Gblade
Capt Gblade Il y a mois
I knew One Piece was going to be on this list
The red Queen 68
The red Queen 68 Il y a mois
Thank you Risa ☺
epicimmortal Il y a mois
I've watched every episode of Death Note at least 3 times.
DinoCat Il y a mois
Risa you are beautiful, please like my comment!
DinoCat Il y a mois
Yay! I love you ❤️
Reality Il y a mois
yeah one piece!!!!!! arigato
martin kullberg
martin kullberg Il y a mois
This girl is cute😁 Further Maison ikoku is also fun to watch, but i dont know if its suitible for learning Japanese.
AesculapiusPiranha Il y a mois
You can learn to tell someone that you are going to take a potato chip.... AND EAT IT!
Philson Il y a mois
Agree. Death Note drama is awesome.
Hans Adriel Gabriel
Recommends One Piece... Anime fans: So immortality is a requirement to learn Japanese???
SSJ Hakai
SSJ Hakai Il y a 23 jours
@Vaibhav Sarkate I think so? Nan molla...
Vaibhav Sarkate
Vaibhav Sarkate Il y a 23 jours
Because it might not end throughout your lifetime?
Uehara Shoyo
Uehara Shoyo Il y a mois
A cat and a bear can speak japanese and yet here iam as human having hard time with it
Veronii Il y a mois
I've watched Persona 4 and i'm gonna watch it again
glossysunmin Il y a mois
Lmao when I saw One Piece, I know I won't even be able to finish after a few years if i started watching
i started 1st ep finish 2 months later at ep 800 but still eatching
Naara Shikamaaruu 奈良 シカマル
The One Piece manga used to be the bestselling manga.
Dororoszyk Il y a mois
With Hetalia I learned a lot of countriea With Hataraku Saibou I learned the names of cells and some internal organs With Dororo I learned the body parts
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee Il y a mois
Dororoszyk full metal alchemist about episode three I learned what sadness was
Engineer Paolo
Engineer Paolo Il y a mois
I love Clannad. And Kyoani :(
ToKini Andy
ToKini Andy Il y a mois
Saiki K is another good one. Nichijou is another. Both have lots of every day language. And they are hilarious.
WE see
WE see Il y a mois
love it i.will.sure try ありがと
Sailor Cat
Sailor Cat Il y a mois
I don't think Death Note is a good choice to start with! There is a looot of talking and the talking (and the story as a hole) is very complex! I think more simple anime with not that much talking would be better. When there is for example more physical fighting, you can get the story from the pictures and understand more easily what the people (could) say at this moment. It's harder to understand what someone is talking about if you only see them standing around and saying something.
Patrick Jackson
Patrick Jackson Il y a mois
Wow, i absolutely understood the introduction without any subs. I was like why there aren't any sub. I guess I watched too many anime already. I definitely haven't watched enough to understand fully and become fluent.
Don't be normal
Don't be normal Il y a 18 jours
Wow, I wish to be like you one day😭
JoshTheBoss Il y a mois
Why does Anime Japanese sound different to me than casually spoken Japanese? I think the words are more articulated with deeper voices (for males) in Anime. But overall it just sounds different. Why is that?
SeoSakura Chan
SeoSakura Chan Il y a mois
Because anime's Japanese is very scripted and very exaggerated. Normally u don't talk like anime characters in real life. But it also depends on what anime you watch. Some slice of life anime talk similar to how casually spoken Japanese do. But most shounen anime tend to exaggerate how they talk. You might understand when you see how voice actors act out their characters. It's really exaggerated XD. So perhaps if you want to learn Japanese from anime you should watch Japanese dramas as well.
ReiRu OP
ReiRu OP Il y a mois
You're the best
Gunika BTS'S army and blackpink blink
When you know that a cat can speak real Japanese but you cant..
Khun Aguero Agnes
Khun Aguero Agnes Il y a mois
Yurei Kami
Yurei Kami Il y a mois
The teacher is cute
Samanth Bharadwaj
Samanth Bharadwaj Il y a mois
Yeah... After 894 episodes of one piece ... Even if u are barely listening to japanese .. u will learn something 😁.. atleast this.." orae wa Monkey D. Luffy.. orae wa kaizoku-ou ni naru otoko Da"
Game Jong Un
Game Jong Un Il y a mois
Ore wa kaizoku-ou ni naru otokoda!
naruto uzumaki
naruto uzumaki Il y a mois
Orewa kaizoku Oni** naru otoko da
Lou Lamperouge
Lou Lamperouge Il y a mois
Kawaii as ever Risa sensei 😍
Boi If you Dont Shut da f up
multifree _shit
multifree _shit Il y a mois
nonono no monogatari? they completely forgot bout it tf
HakimaDuo Il y a mois
I would advise 'Fullmetal alchemist ; brotherhood" as a very enjoyable anime as well as a source of learning ^-^
Tiffty Il y a 2 mois
Maybe Monogatari series
Jovak Art
Jovak Art Il y a 2 mois
本当に日本語を学べるアニメは遊戯王しかないだ。 例えば 「オレのターン!ドロー!」 「カード一枚を伏せて、ターン終了!」 「まっていたぜっ、トラップ・カード発動!」 「無効にし、破壊する!」 「お前を倒す!」
vaibhav jain
vaibhav jain Il y a 2 mois
Thank god she didn't said ONE PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCH!!!
Slash Patron
Slash Patron Il y a 2 mois
She's adorable at the same time, and she explains very well
Exxplain IT
Exxplain IT Il y a 2 mois
where is dragon ball
Ooof same question my brother asked but ikrr
Bikram Leo
Bikram Leo Il y a 2 mois
Hai sodesu. Watashi mo to one piece kara benkyo shemashta
Ecktor Il y a 2 mois
This video seems like a very helpful anime. Subtitles in kana/romaji/english are just great. Great intertextual references (other animes). *IGN 9/10*
UchiHã SãSüKe
UchiHã SãSüKe Il y a 2 mois
What about naruto shuppiden??
vumpirekizz croix
vumpirekizz croix Il y a 2 mois
I'm still looking for persona 3 animated movie I don't know where can I find it.
witch blade
witch blade Il y a 2 mois
Risa is so damn cute, she's so lovely Thank you risa for another helpful video
Adopting A Puppy!! 🐶