Top 10 Stephen King Novels
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Top 10 Stephen King Novels
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These are novels that all true Constant Readers should be familiar with. For this list, we’ll be looking at the best novels from the master of horror, Stephen King, from “Pet Sematary”, to “The Dead Zone”, and “The Green Mile”. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Stephen King Novels.
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10. “Pet Sematary” (1983)
9. “The Dead Zone” (1979)
8. “The Green Mile” (1996)
7. “11/22/63” (2011)
6. “Misery” (1987)
5. “‘Salem’s Lot” (1975)
4. “It” (1986)
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16 nov. 2018




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Commentaires 1 441
lilb1190 Il y a 3 heures
I wish they would just put all of the dark tower books in to a compilation. I read the Gunslinger and thought it was both interesting and confusing. He throws you right in to an alternate universe without really explaining anything about it. That gives it more of a payoff when you realize that our universe is one of them and that he might actually travel here one day. The problem is that not enough happens in the first book for me to want to spend money on the next one.
lilb1190 Il y a 3 heures
The Stand is very much like 2 books in 1, but that's what hurts it. The first half about Captain Trips is good. Its sad, interesting, and inventive. The second half about the eventual battle between good and evil is awful. Its mostly about two sides preparing for an epic battle, but the epic battle never happens. A story about two teams preparing for war kind of falls apart if there is no war.
Mandaprie Il y a 13 heures
I know my favorite won't be on the list but Rose Madder and the Talisman. Most SK fans don't care for Rose Madder, but I think it is phenomenal. Was this a list of SK best novels or best novels to movies? :/ "Go then, there are other worlds (books) than these."
spdodger Il y a 23 heures
The Tommyknockers belongs on this list.
Thomas Villavicencio
Now you got stephen king and joe hill running right after his dad
gentillydanny Il y a jour
I agree with the choices you've made. I liked "It" well enough but became fatigued by the overabundance of dialogue between the kids. I even wondered if he, (King), was being paid by the word. Beep, Beep, sometimes put me to sleep. Cut about 50 to 75 pages of repetitive dialogue and it would be a much better book.
cat park
cat park Il y a jour
When I was young I read gwendys button box and that was the first book that got me hooked on him. 4 years later 26 books down
Kimmiesmidge Il y a 2 jours
The Dead Zone is UNBELIEVABLE. Amazing, timeless, and so appropriate for today.
ORCA Il y a 4 jours
The Stand was amazing for sure, but I think my current favorite King story is The Outsider. It's still pretty new compared to most of his works, but I just think it's such a great topic for a story and the way it's written is also awesome. Also The Green Mile still makes me want to cry just thinking about it :(
example 2844
example 2844 Il y a 4 jours
6:21 correction, it's a demon not an alien
Ima Clap you
Ima Clap you Il y a 5 jours
Like if Doctor Sleep should be on the list or an honnorable mention
Bruces Banner
Bruces Banner Il y a 5 jours
should of done a top 20. 10 is not enough
copycat brain
copycat brain Il y a 6 jours
ShutUpCatProductions Il y a 8 jours
The Stand? Really?
crayons Il y a 8 jours
IT has to be one of my all time favorites. The movies were good, but nothing beats the book. It left me a bit depressed afterwards with that ending, but I still reread it.
tamish goyal
tamish goyal Il y a 8 jours
My favourite book is under the dome.... Most underrated book.
Beth Claveau
Beth Claveau Il y a 8 jours
If you're talking about King's more recent novels, The Outsider really needs to be on the list
Gori TV
Gori TV Il y a 13 jours
My list 10. Salems Lot 9. Skeleton Crew 8. Night Shift 7. Cujo 6. Misery 5. Firestarter 4. The Shining 3. It 2. The Stand 1. Pet Sematary
Joe Hill
Joe Hill Il y a 13 jours
Talisman is underrated
Timothy Morrison
Timothy Morrison Il y a 14 jours
All work and no play online is a master piece
Gabriel Dasilva Pereira
Gabriel Dasilva Pereira Il y a 14 jours
Video's Photo: The Stand Me: WHAT! A STAND!! WHERE!!??
Bryan Martinez
Bryan Martinez Il y a 14 jours
The Dark Half, Revival, Doctor Sleep, Cujo, IT, Salem's Lot, and 11/22/64. Those are my favourites!!!
JM O'Connor
JM O'Connor Il y a 14 jours
What about Desperation and Thinner and Sleepwalkers..Just as good as these.
Waste of Space
Waste of Space Il y a 16 jours
Where is Doctor Sleep????????
Max Yeargain
Max Yeargain Il y a 16 jours
My favorite was in the tall grass or the outsider
scrawny rawny
scrawny rawny Il y a 20 jours
my top 3 are 3.IT 2.The Shinning 1.Carrie
Jacoby Rassilon
Jacoby Rassilon Il y a 20 jours
Haven't watched this yet, but if "The Stand" isn't #1, then this whole thing is invalid. Edit: Ok, they got that part right, but showing the Salem's Lot remake footage instead of footage from the first mini series is just...well, wrong.
Lennon Sliger
Lennon Sliger Il y a 26 jours
Dr. Sleep!
Stevie Houston
Stevie Houston Il y a 27 jours
The Stand!
Eerie Andover
Eerie Andover Il y a mois
Move over mr king here comes the FeeNix If you are a fan of reading and love Cyberpunk, horror-fantasy check out this author at
Zackary Floyd
Zackary Floyd Il y a mois
I'm happy to see the stand at the top of the list. But it would have been nice to see eyes of the dragon on this list too.
Draeko Olleres
Draeko Olleres Il y a mois
Why is the novel Christine not included not even an honorable mention
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson Il y a mois
11/22/63 in my opinion should be #1 and the Hulu adaptation did the book no justice!!
Paul and Joseph Kony's Toy Review
What about 1408
Sarah Adams
Sarah Adams Il y a mois
I like pet sematry
Vegas Andrean
Vegas Andrean Il y a mois
What about "Children of the corn?" My favorite and the first book I read from S.King a looooong time ago.
Telepathic Diancie 007
I really like Stephen King. But I have to say that I don't like Pet Sematary. There is nothing interesting in two thirds of it. And the ending is disturbing. Borderline disturbing. It is way overrated. If you're sad, this is the worst book possible to read. IT wasn't like this. IT is a masterpiece, except for a scene in the sewer. I haven't read The Stand, but I will soon.
Mighty Joe
Mighty Joe Il y a mois
I want to see the long walk put into a movie
Basswife26 Il y a mois
I know he wrote it with Peter Straub - but the Talisman is one of my all time favorite books EVER. I re-read every year, and have for the at least once a year for the past 25 years. Hits me in the feels every time. Love you Wolf.
Ninja Gator
Ninja Gator Il y a mois
No mention of Under The Dome?
Justin E Geary
Justin E Geary Il y a mois
Few of his more realistic novels are on the list. Gerald's Game, Delores Clayborne, Cujo, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and The Long Walk could actually happen. Good literature is tangible. I love Stephen King. But i don't think these are his best.
Pancake Lizard
Pancake Lizard Il y a mois
I definitely agree. The stand book is long. but extremely deep in his characters behaviours and the way they act.
Mr. Retro Gamer
Mr. Retro Gamer Il y a mois
This man makes me proud to live in Maine.
Omri Gilad
Omri Gilad Il y a mois
Carrie getting an honorable mention is blasphemy. Don’t think it’s #1 material but still deserves a spot on the list.
Why Do I Exist
Why Do I Exist Il y a mois
I have all the books And I’m reading Pet Sematary right now
Glynna Schmehl
Glynna Schmehl Il y a mois
Wiglpupi Il y a mois
I love how whenever anyone talks about the Shining the focus on the "all work and no play" scene... which isn't even in the book. If your talking about the books at least show scenes that relate to the book
Jared Quinney
Jared Quinney Il y a mois
This is really interesting
Addriane Anderson
Addriane Anderson Il y a mois
Who has read "The Institute"? 😁😁
I like children of the corn and running man and it
Stan Il y a mois
Carrie is the best novel ever
Patrick Omandac
Patrick Omandac Il y a mois
So The Shining Is the Prequel Of IT?, And The Stand Is At the IT CHAPTER 1, RIGHT? (i mean that sprayed wall at the (i can't mention who's that fat kid) after he looks down we saw pennywise was at the wheels!, so IT Is the sequel of all STEPHEN KINGS NOVELS!.)
Fantasy AJ
Fantasy AJ Il y a mois
Carrie and Cujo are my favorites.
MrsM Il y a mois
My favourite Stephen King book is ' The Long Walk'
Golden Knight6
Golden Knight6 Il y a mois
Is it me or are people complaining about that orgy scene from IT and it’s fucking annoying Yes it’s disturbing to read but if you read the book it was a solution of how to escape by losing their innocence from leaving their childhood into adulthood I will always defend Stephen king I love his books
Love the stand but I don't think any book will ever make me feel what I felt while reading IT. Such an emotional journey. ITs definitely my number one.
sweetandsavoury Il y a mois
WOW...... I can't believe that the green mile or Carrie where not in the top 10 list.........DISAPPOINTED
Rory Il y a mois
I’m sorry but whoever had The brilliant idea to put pet Sematary at number 10 deserves to be fired.
TheLizzerazu Il y a mois
There are so many books to choose from. Around 60 books or so. And there are so many great books. So many could have made the top 10. Its mostly a personal preferation. I miss Rose Madder on the list and Geralds game. Rose Madder for its realistic portrayl of a violent psycotic husband, and all the horrors that comes with it. Geralds Game, for its simple settings, and its psychological torment. But what i like most about Kings novels, is that many of them functions alone, but are somehow connected to each other. Like IT and Insomnia. You have the Crimson king as an evil behind the scenes in many stories. Speaking of that evil. Desperation is a great novel aswell.
Ashfaq Ahmed
Ashfaq Ahmed Il y a mois
M-o-o-n that spells awesome my laws it does