Top 10 Stephen King Novels
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Top 10 Stephen King Novels
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These are novels that all true Constant Readers should be familiar with. For this list, we’ll be looking at the best novels from the master of horror, Stephen King, from “Pet Sematary”, to “The Dead Zone”, and “The Green Mile”. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Stephen King Novels.
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10. “Pet Sematary” (1983)
9. “The Dead Zone” (1979)
8. “The Green Mile” (1996)
7. “11/22/63” (2011)
6. “Misery” (1987)
5. “‘Salem’s Lot” (1975)
4. “It” (1986)
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16 nov. 2018

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Commentaires 1 130
Kenzie K
Kenzie K Il y a 15 heures
Did anyone like the girl who loved Tom Gordon? That’s my favorite it just related to what I was going through at the time
matt leal
matt leal Il y a jour
Wait no Tommynockers,Rose red,Sleep walkers, Storm of the century,Children of the corn..... how did these books get over looked me screaming at my phone
Jane Marinelli
Jane Marinelli Il y a 2 jours
Love King💙💙💙💙💙💙😱
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Il y a 2 jours
A little biased as this was the first one I ever read from King,,, but FIRESTARTER took my imagination and made me a life long fan. It, and Cujo were the first books where MAIN sympathetic characters did NOT make it to the end. Charlies dad, and that little boy dying, made me take King very seriously with EVERYTHING he wrote afterwards
Sam Smith
Sam Smith Il y a 2 jours
To clarify , by "It" , I mean Firestarter.
Yeetle Beatle
Yeetle Beatle Il y a 3 jours
Shawshank Redemtion didn't even make the Honorable mentions. It should've been number 1.
Todd Herklotz
Todd Herklotz Il y a 2 jours
Yeetle Beatle it’s a novella
SternDesSuedens86 Il y a 4 jours
Doctor Sleep, definitely one of my favorite King books. I like it even more than Shining (even though Doctor Sleep may not be that scarry as Shining).
Alex Sosna
Alex Sosna Il y a 4 jours
I read the abridged version of the Stand. Now I'm listening to the audiobook for the long version and I gotta say you need serious patience to get through it. King has diarrhea of the mouth. He must have been the master of writing minimum word count essays when he was in school. It and Pet Sematary are amazing books. I'm going to read the Shining next.
Ginger Miller
Ginger Miller Il y a 6 jours
I once watched an interview where King admitted that Pet Cemetery scared him.
Pixel fly 2004
Pixel fly 2004 Il y a 3 jours
At least he knows he's the book master.
Victor Smith
Victor Smith Il y a 6 jours
Two recent and underrated imo, Duma Key and Dr. Sleep. Honorable mention to Mr Mercedes.
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell Il y a 6 jours
"I'm not afraid of you." "You will be." You notice people do not say vampires in movies or the word zombies? Yeah oh we have walking dead around think a lot of us should seek shelter.
kimberly cole
kimberly cole Il y a 7 jours
well mr king has written so many great ones how can you decide which are the greatest
Mindy Tromba
Mindy Tromba Il y a 10 jours
Where's Christine?
Stephanie Il y a 13 jours
Currently re reading Salems Lots. Blood chilling
Stephanie Il y a 13 jours
The Shining novel was SO MUCH BETTER fight me
Black Dragon
Black Dragon Il y a 15 jours
Nate Schumacher
Nate Schumacher Il y a 18 jours
Christine didnt even make the list!?!?!
Susan Jordan
Susan Jordan Il y a 19 jours
I've read all but one. Guess I need to get started on that one.
The Greek Pianist
The Greek Pianist Il y a 20 jours
I had the honor of meeting Stephen King back in 2014 at a lecture for his “Revival” tour. He was absolutely mesmerizing in person and had such a strong presence. He was amazing.
ThatRandomCat :3
ThatRandomCat :3 Il y a 20 jours
Cujo. Best Horror Movie Ever.
MsSAlbright Il y a 20 jours
I was happy that The Long Walk got honorable mention. Always thought it'd make a great movie.
Mark Tracy
Mark Tracy Il y a 21 jour
Are u reviewing books Or movies Strike two People barely talked about IT until the movie came out
Luis Is Awesome
Luis Is Awesome Il y a 21 jour
Different Seasons is a good one to! :)
electric boogaloo
electric boogaloo Il y a 21 jour
Dark tower probably should have been a miniseries
Mr Johnny
Mr Johnny Il y a 22 jours
where is The Shawshank Redemption ????
Grumpy Sorc
Grumpy Sorc Il y a 23 jours
Good list.
Ghastly Thot
Ghastly Thot Il y a 24 jours
It, The Shining and Misery are some of my favourite books EVER
city119 Il y a 25 jours
Storm of the century?
hellobee Il y a 25 jours
I’ve seen so many of these Stephen king lists, not a single one has the long walk in it In my opinion, it’s his BEST book. It’s amazing It’s about 100 boys that have to walk across a state. Get three strikes and your shot to death. Last one standing gets whatever they want.
Etang Bose
Etang Bose Il y a 25 jours
The body is great :(
Tunafinn _
Tunafinn _ Il y a 25 jours
I honestly see the long walk as at least a top 3 pick. The way he fleshes out the characters over such a short time is insane. It’s amazing writing. It literally started the battle royals genre. It inspired battle royale, hunger games, death race, and, in effect, sadly Fortnite. Still, if it wasn’t for that book, society would literally be different. The long walk is as much a philosophical masterpiece as a thrilling piece of fiction. If you haven’t already read so.
Jackson Payne
Jackson Payne Il y a 26 jours
Under the dome should at least be a honorable mention
audie vapes
audie vapes Il y a 27 jours
I feel like they just picked his best works based on how popular the movies were.
WoL FiE Il y a 28 jours
I'm on my FIRST Stephen King book The Outsider And I'm in love with it!!!
Vishia Il y a mois
Oh geez c'mon, Christine didn't make the list????
TheDJ Johnson
TheDJ Johnson Il y a mois
I want to see The STAND be a 4 part movie. Its beautiful, enigmatic, and utterly terrifying. There are too many good components that need to be on the screen. 4 parts is doable in this day and age. And honestly I am freaking out that Firestarter is going to be a movie soon.
Cykopiate Il y a mois
Duma Key is also a great novel
Mikey Il y a 27 jours
Finally thank you!! I was looking for someone to mention Duma Key. Loved that book
ktpinnacle Il y a mois
The Stand is epic, with fantastic character development and a scope that crosses the country. I've even grown affectionate for the film version, primarily due to the wonderful actors they brought on board to film it. I still think there is another version of the Stand waiting to be made - a far more horrible one.
scavings Z
scavings Z Il y a mois
I hated the green mile. It was so sad :(
Karen Macintosh
Karen Macintosh Il y a mois
I actually like The Dead Zone. The book I mean.
Meiranie Nurtaeni
Meiranie Nurtaeni Il y a mois
CELL is my fave.
Esperanza Lastarria
What a piece of crap that Dark Tower movie was.
Foresythe Il y a mois
No Shawshank redemption??????
Mikey Il y a 27 jours
Not a novel. It was a short story
Lamar Magee
Lamar Magee Il y a mois
Dark tower is my number 1 the books not the movie thankiee sia Mordred a.hungry
Lew Archer 1949
Lew Archer 1949 Il y a mois
Blaine is a pain, and that’s the truth.
Lew Archer 1949
Lew Archer 1949 Il y a mois
Pet Sematary was the first King book I read when I was a kid.
Frank Mac Kinnon
Frank Mac Kinnon Il y a mois
When people say Stephen king I think of ; IT , the shining , pet cemetery , and Carrie
Shell Il y a mois
I truly enjoyed the books and movies for "Desperation" and "The Langoliers". Everytime one of them comes on I watch it. The book Desperation was absolutely fantastic.
Martin Eden
Martin Eden Il y a mois
Number 2 and 1 should be switched.
Izet Yusein
Izet Yusein Il y a mois
Finished It, loved it. At the half point of reading The Shining, which is fantastic and even better than It. And then I’m ready to read The Stand.
Spencer Meekins
Spencer Meekins Il y a mois
This list is missing the Bill Hodges trilogy. Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers and End of Watch.
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