Top 10 Best NBA All Star Dunk Contest Dunks - ALL TIME (1984 - 2016)

Javier Mendia
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Top 10 All Star Dunk Contest dunks All time
1. Aaron Gordon
2. Vince Carter
3. Zach LaVine
4. Vince Carter
5. Nate Robinson
6. Victor Oladipo
7. Jason Richardson
8. Zach LaVine
9. Aaron Gordon
10. Michael Jordan
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29 févr. 2016




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Commentaires 80
Mike Tsamasiros
Mike Tsamasiros Il y a 2 heures
The Vince Carter arm through the hoop dunk ain't in here? That was his best dunk from that year lmao
Cesartaker Sanchez
Cesartaker Sanchez Il y a 2 jours
What about Harold Miner & Isaiah Rider 🤔
Dragi Hristov
Dragi Hristov Il y a 3 jours
Misiing Kevin Garnett
Ellery Cardenas
Ellery Cardenas Il y a 3 jours
Aaron Gordon is the best
Neo Malapane
Neo Malapane Il y a 4 jours
ZL is my favorite both of his dunks are astronomical....
JuanGM996 Il y a 4 jours
This video was made for an Aron Gordon's fan xDD
Paul Street
Paul Street Il y a 7 jours
GREAT list and order. Well thought out and entertaining. Have to agree, mostly. Best 2 dunkers in real time games: Blake and Kemp.
Paco Olalde
Paco Olalde Il y a 7 jours
Vi todos y ninguno supera al de jordan...tan epico fue ese salto que se convirtio en el logo de air jordan...nadie lo iguala y mas xq ese salto se podria hacer en un juego real y los demas saltos son puro show.
Андрей Стоянов
Откуда музыка?
Shannen T
Shannen T Il y a 9 jours
What’s with all the hangers-on running onto the court after dunks at the start? It’s the big stage; get the fuck off if you ain’t in the show!
Rubén J
Rubén J Il y a 10 jours
#1 to my future generations on how Gordon got robbed. 🤷
Alpha Squad
Alpha Squad Il y a 10 jours
You can blame the format in which the contest is done for Aaron Gordon losing twice. Also, don’t put ‘celebrities’ as judges that’s just stupid. Should be commentators who know the game, and ex players/legends of the sport....not Black Panther
Carlos Alfredo Junior
Carlos Alfredo Junior Il y a 11 jours
Number 1 Spud Webb
fırat Il y a 11 jours
Chris Lewis
Chris Lewis Il y a 12 jours
The gordon 360 wasn't a top ten. You put the free throw line through the legs at 8. I would put it at 2 or 1. Lol put Richardson at 7 in front of lavine.
Robert Eifler
Robert Eifler Il y a 12 jours
I agree the best ever.
Yung Faness
Yung Faness Il y a 13 jours
Vince Carter Got The Longest NBA Career in NBA History ALmost Bout 23 NBA Seasons NBA BasketbaLL
Yung Faness
Yung Faness Il y a 13 jours
Zack Lavine Be iLLing it With That Behind The Back Dunk
Yung Faness
Yung Faness Il y a 13 jours
Nate Robinson Can Jump An Dunk
Paul Ob
Paul Ob Il y a 13 jours
I never really knew how athletic b ball players are.. I'm Irish so don't have much too do with that sport but holy shit there unbelievable
Fredi Műller
Fredi Műller Il y a 13 jours
Like for 2021 Contest w Aaron Gordon Zach LaVine Vince Carter
benny blanco
benny blanco Il y a 14 jours
Spud Webb should have been on the list
miralem c
miralem c Il y a 15 jours
Still waiting for someone to do the handstand dunk with their feet.
GeminiMind Il y a 16 jours
Only a idiotic millennial wouldn't have Nique nor MJ on this list. Just gimmick dungs.
Hugo Cruz
Hugo Cruz Il y a 16 jours
Name of the intro song?
Brian Foushée
Brian Foushée Il y a 16 jours
How Dwight Howard's off the back of the glass and dunk while behind the backboard or Spud Webb's finale not make this list? Kick Nate out
Travis Edwards
Travis Edwards Il y a 17 jours
Just saying Vince carter 360 windmill should of been 1
Bon Bon
Bon Bon Il y a 18 jours
No 2 gk cocok gan
Dolphinreacts Il y a 21 jour
Most iconic: Mike Most difficult: Aaron Gordon Best crowd reaction: Vince Carter
陳姜维Tony Chen
陳姜维Tony Chen Il y a 6 jours
ITI YVONE PONDS World CupZ Champion PingXiJinPing NBA .cn FUCKING YEO USELESS Tanto Java Zalora.
Adam Elkadri
Adam Elkadri Il y a 21 jour
No. 4 dunk was so trash compared to the others
MediaSock Il y a 24 jours
Vince Carter's 360 dunk was actually only a 180 dunk, watch it again closely 7:56
KH7 Il y a 24 jours
Aaron Gordon has the best dunk in dunk contest history Also Aaron Gordon: Hold my Tacko
Papy Ndour
Papy Ndour Il y a 25 jours
The sit down is the best dunk ever
Hamisi Seketo
Hamisi Seketo Il y a 26 jours
that "sit down" down should be number zero.
Álvaro García Pérez
Álvaro García Pérez Il y a 26 jours
Announcers: it's over it's over Zach Lavine: I'm not sure about that
Michael Azevedo
Michael Azevedo Il y a 26 jours
there is a lot of dunks between the leg the best one of them was enough there are other amazing dunks, if 10 dunkers make aproximatly the same best dunk, you will make a top 10 about those 10 same dunks ?
Michael Azevedo
Michael Azevedo Il y a 26 jours
not even one of dominique wilkin or spudd webb ? pfff
Shawn C.
Shawn C. Il y a 27 jours
1:08 that kid was just in amazement
Tekoei Il y a 28 jours
U know that the best 360 dunk is from a match
BlackKat 1
BlackKat 1 Il y a 28 jours
#1 should've been #1!!!!👏👏👏👏
Federico Riva
Federico Riva Il y a 29 jours
Where's spud.
Jacob Sherfey
Jacob Sherfey Il y a mois
LaVine between the legs free throw line should be way higher
Pancake Shawty
Pancake Shawty Il y a mois
This kinda ticks me off all over again seeing as how Aaron Gordon was robbed of his win against Lavine. Zach already won the year before, they couldve gave that win to Gordon and they know it. This was a cool compilation though💪🏽 good ol days
chang ho Harm
chang ho Harm Il y a mois
Nate robinson at 2006
Dimitris Goktsis
Dimitris Goktsis Il y a mois
Zach Lavine... something like Clark Kent!!!
Jonathan Jenson
Jonathan Jenson Il y a mois
Aaron didn't just make it, he slammed it. Slam dunk!
Stephen Egan
Stephen Egan Il y a mois
Awesome dunks but why do american commentators repeat themselves so fucking much? Hard to listen to them
井実芳仁 Il y a mois
9th dunk in the game need 10 feets Bigman
Alpha Squad
Alpha Squad Il y a mois
Has shaq bn turning up for the dunk contest since forever? 😂 he loves it. Always there for a great reaction 😮
wardog Il y a mois
I wanted to see spud webb
K B Il y a mois
Vince Carter andava 1
Marco Ilic
Marco Ilic Il y a mois
White Men Can’t Jump
Jay Il y a mois
Kinda disappointed not to see Nate jump over Howard...a lot better than him doing betweeen the legs
Ντερτιλης 21Α
Dominique vs Michael
Bachelor Ygrec
Bachelor Ygrec Il y a mois
this sport is fucking ridiculous
Augusto Rocha de Oliveira Neto Rocha
Ellery Cardenas
Ellery Cardenas Il y a mois
Aaron Gordon has the best dunk
Alpha Mnkondo
Alpha Mnkondo Il y a mois
3:36 is dat wilt chamberlain I thought he died in 1999
darnell smith
darnell smith Il y a 9 jours
It's Walt "clyde" Frazier
GeorgeFishy Il y a 15 jours
Alpha Mnkondo I think it’s julius erving
MR. FOX Il y a mois
Number 1 should of been the master of between the legs: J.R. RIDER
Ed Neverwifeer
Ed Neverwifeer Il y a mois
J rich dunk needed to be up there in that top 5 that was sick
Sung Chiu
Sung Chiu Il y a mois
Vince Carter should be in first place
Frederic Belinga
Frederic Belinga Il y a mois
Gordon for the win unbelievable dunk at the end 😍😍😍 👊🏾✨💫⭐️
Jig Solanki
Jig Solanki Il y a mois
If you can’t replicate the dunk then the degree of difficulty speaks immensely on the that has accomplished it. This being said Aaron Gordon’s will not replicated. The best dunks Gordon and Lavine
Gauudi Il y a mois
Gordon was robbed!!!
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Don’t tell me Aaron Gordan, Michael Jordan, Shaq, and Chris Paul wouldn’t be a godly judge panel.....🧐🧐
1,500 Subscribers With One Video
Shit don’t get mad at me I forgot Vince Carter
Sams javanese
Sams javanese Il y a 2 mois
VC on 360° still number one...i think
ning zhang
ning zhang Il y a 2 mois
aron and mr cater is insane
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis Il y a 2 mois
0:16 perfect dunk-flush sound
Reynaldo Rodríguez
Reynaldo Rodríguez Il y a 2 mois
Brent Barry was so perfect
haroo86 Il y a 2 mois
9.12 Buzz Light Year knows how to dunk!
Edgar Patiño
Edgar Patiño Il y a 2 mois
20 dunks better than Jordan's.
Lilwindex Il y a 2 mois
4:04 he didn’t finish his 540 all the way.
Black Cy
Black Cy Il y a 2 mois
Bonne vidéo meilleur top 10
Allen Il y a 2 mois
D.Wilkins's two hand windmill dunk better than Gordan evey dunks.
Renjie Liu
Renjie Liu Il y a 2 mois
Good job! Unbiased!
Emrah K
Emrah K Il y a 2 mois
Carter is the best dunker ever
Majors Il y a 2 mois
8:30 I wonder if Kevin Garnett still got that tape recording lmao
adalberto guillen
adalberto guillen Il y a 2 mois
The best dive is that of aron gordon jumping the pet
James Williams
James Williams Il y a 2 mois
nick p
nick p Il y a 2 mois
Nate Robinson lame between the legs over dwight howard double tap off the glass??..........WHACK
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