ThunderTurd: Pt 4 We Have a Problem...

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10 mars 2019

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Commentaires 1 231
Daryl Moo Young
Daryl Moo Young Il y a 16 jours
Matt you should make a shirt that says 'DONT TELL MARE" and have her face on it looking like WTF!!!!!! LOL :-), great vids love it bro.
austin ling
austin ling Il y a 18 jours
love what you do
Clayton bro
Clayton bro Il y a 19 jours
In ohio 60 is top speed lol
Christian Glasenapp
Christian Glasenapp Il y a 21 jour
Sounds like you need to calibrate your WOT or wide open throtle.
deesee areh
deesee areh Il y a 24 jours
Lift kit man lmao 😂
Xaphan Vassago
Xaphan Vassago Il y a 26 jours
Fuel Spark and Timing, you are close, its Fuel Spark and Compression
Arman McCutcheon
Arman McCutcheon Il y a mois
U should put suspension on
Brock Peterson
Brock Peterson Il y a mois
Should have put a lift kit on it
Alexander B.
Alexander B. Il y a mois
"I really need a winch for my trailer" a few moments later "here's a winch i bought on amazon"
Jason Harrelson
Jason Harrelson Il y a mois
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Il y a mois
Matt cut out the "D" 🤣
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Il y a mois
Looks like you got the winch for your trailer
Doug Knowles Jr
Doug Knowles Jr Il y a mois
Fuel, Air, Spark :)
Ducktard_ree Man
Ducktard_ree Man Il y a mois
And winch on the raptor
Ducktard_ree Man
Ducktard_ree Man Il y a mois
Put train horns on humvee
Noah Lupie
Noah Lupie Il y a mois
It could be a faulty governor
dsrekjw Il y a mois
ThunderTurd? Classy.
hgfds hgfd
hgfds hgfd Il y a mois
I stopped the vid when the car wouldn't go past 3k rpms. Sounds like a dirty MAF sensor. Probably could have sprayed it with MAF sensor cleaner and it would get more rpms.
Illuminate Every thing
Fuel spark air
rick sanchez67963
rick sanchez67963 Il y a 2 mois
Surprise thats a hige thing with fords those switches get thrown very easlily
Mikey Knighty
Mikey Knighty Il y a 2 mois
looks like something strait out of earn to die
Lubo Tomas
Lubo Tomas Il y a 2 mois
Matt You have a catalytic converter plugged
W-boystv Il y a 2 mois
Its a ford duhhhhh
Dirtbikes N Blowsand
Dirtbikes N Blowsand Il y a 2 mois
Fuel spark air compression
RC-Walker Il y a 2 mois
why dont you just put spacers on the shocks and lift it that way ;) That car is so great lmao Good Job man
Azukazia Gamz
Azukazia Gamz Il y a 2 mois
Should’ve put leds on the bottom
don wright
don wright Il y a 2 mois
What ya want for the train horns? I want them.
liveunderwater Il y a 2 mois
I think those flames are a little too close to the gas can. Livin' dangerously!
Alex Vendome Gardner
Alex Vendome Gardner Il y a 2 mois
Totally should mount a machinegun to the roof of the humv
You Il y a 2 mois
What is going on with the bronco?
Farmboss Bob
Farmboss Bob Il y a 2 mois
Well guns do make music so you ain’t wrong.
buffr Il y a 2 mois
Duramax or Cummins swap the H1!!!!!!!
Mike Benoit
Mike Benoit Il y a 2 mois
Do you have a computer reader for cars
Mike Benoit
Mike Benoit Il y a 2 mois
For fenders
Mike Benoit
Mike Benoit Il y a 2 mois
Go to Home Depot get those basement window schrouds
BOOM BLAST1526 Il y a 2 mois
the trotle might be pulling to much and closin the throtle the other way
Brandon Koury
Brandon Koury Il y a 2 mois
hows filming
To be honest if I was you I pot the new tires on the humve and put the other tires on the car
logan iceman
logan iceman Il y a 2 mois
Saludos amigo me gustan mucho tus videos saludos desde México
Reed Turner
Reed Turner Il y a 2 mois
You can make a heater for the Humvee the same way older tractors do, it might do much for a while something is better than nothing
Katzazz Detailing
Katzazz Detailing Il y a 2 mois
Get plastic baby pools cut them in 1/2. Use them as fender flairs. Then you can cut a ton of body off. Plug Katzazz Detailing if you is my idea
Katzazz Detailing
Katzazz Detailing Il y a 2 mois
It’s pronounced cats ass Detailing
Chase Thompson
Chase Thompson Il y a 2 mois
You are not gonna want to have that gas tank when someone T-Bones you😂
newtekie1 Il y a 2 mois
"You don't have to have fenders in Texas." I was going to rip on that, but then I remembered that my state doesn't require your car have doors...
Trebuer22 Il y a 2 mois
Tire size?
sjb1157 Il y a 2 mois
ace brewer
ace brewer Il y a 2 mois
Can I have the wench please
TKEMZ 1002
TKEMZ 1002 Il y a 2 mois
When I heard the alarm go off I honestly thought that was my phone going off. THANKS for giving me anxiety for 2.5 seconds.
One Dad Two Kids and a Car
Next project. You can roll the fenders out with a baseball bat. Probably not enough for your project but maybe.
Kenneth Ravenscroft
Kenneth Ravenscroft Il y a 2 mois
lol fuel, spark, and timing. I guess they don't need air.
Adam Karacay
Adam Karacay Il y a 2 mois
You forgot to mention battery
Travis Il y a 2 mois
Could be a bad throttle position sensor, bad crank position sensor or dirty MAf, though the car runs very smooth so might not be the Maf sensor.
Zachary Eller
Zachary Eller Il y a 2 mois
Fuel, spark, air
PW07drummer Il y a 2 mois
Stiffen the suspension
Dom 1
Dom 1 Il y a 2 mois
You should eat put a train horn on the humv
Chloe Hennessy
Chloe Hennessy Il y a 2 mois
Put the winch on one of your side by sides. I have 2 winches and a come along on my Polaris Ace. When I get stuck I never get stuck. If that makes sense 👍🏻😊
Lazarus Daychief
Lazarus Daychief Il y a 2 mois
Mat u mean warm
BIG bear
BIG bear Il y a 2 mois
Why does the outlines of your logo kind of look like the outlines of oatobots logo on transformers?
The Professor
The Professor Il y a 2 mois
No offense, but that truck seems like a megaturd, like....10x bigger of a turd than the truck, the truck is jackshit, except reliability, you should upgrade it, eh
Americanpatriot2 Il y a 2 mois
The three main engine keys are fuel,spark,and engine pressure
Blake Ashdown
Blake Ashdown Il y a 2 mois
I know I’m late but you should put both horns on a buggy, or the Humvee 😁 just a thought
Joshua Goins
Joshua Goins Il y a 2 mois
Too bad skiff knives don't make staples
The GodKing
The GodKing Il y a 2 mois
Had the same problem with my dirtbike and we changed the carburetor and it worked fine
Brian Reinhardt
Brian Reinhardt Il y a 2 mois
Funny how you can get those for a Thunderbird but I can’t get them for my Avalanche...
mizzike dvalle
mizzike dvalle Il y a 2 mois
Couldn't you just put bigger Springs or lifters
Sam 2027
Sam 2027 Il y a 2 mois
Put the winch for the car on your trailer
Baileyman234 Il y a 2 mois
Bronco update is needed
John Connell
John Connell Il y a 2 mois
Cats ?
DJM DMAX Il y a 2 mois
Ford has put a rev limiter on the 3.9L so that it starts cutting out at 3,000 RPM when in neutral or park
Pauline Morin
Pauline Morin Il y a 2 mois
Y'all are commenting on the car stuff... Am I the only one to notice how supercute that was when Mere fell on his arms at 15:22 ? 😍
joseph salzig
joseph salzig Il y a 2 mois
matt if you had put a tps sensor on it your throttle issue would have been fixed that's throttle position sensor
Miro Syväste
Miro Syväste Il y a 2 mois
#45 on trending!
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Lol, good luck to the Thunder Turd and in the race !
Tank Il y a 2 mois
You should have put air shocks on the car
张张晨曦 Il y a 2 mois
Questchaun Il y a 2 mois
Just my gun shapped guitar. In a gun case.
Logo Tho
Logo Tho Il y a 2 mois
15:21 That was absolutely adorable.
Xdew Gaming&More
Xdew Gaming&More Il y a 2 mois
Dat shook tho Shake it up pretty hard didn’t you...
Xdew Gaming&More
Xdew Gaming&More Il y a 2 mois
New springs!!!
Darryl Drax
Darryl Drax Il y a 2 mois
Looks good
Colton Shaw
Colton Shaw Il y a 2 mois
fuel pump
Mark Foster
Mark Foster Il y a 2 mois
I had one of those - a '95 Thunderbird, dark red with factory ground effects kit. Very nice, quick for it's time. Extremely reliable.
Colton Shaw
Colton Shaw Il y a 2 mois
i like the thunderturd
amorton94 Il y a 2 mois
Did you just assume that HEEP was a gambler car? LOL that's probably someones pride and joy
amorton94 Il y a 2 mois
I was doing better flames than that in kindergarten lol wtf come on Dave!
Anthony Benash
Anthony Benash Il y a 2 mois
Should have tried spring spacers first before mad maxing the fenders
niteprowler1 Il y a 2 mois
You thunderturd probably had a factory rev. limiter on it to keep from over revving the engine and blowing it.
ShaezyHD Il y a 2 mois
12:06 u got urself a built in 2-step🤣
teamstr259 Il y a 2 mois
Matt i can almost guarantee the 75% fuel issue is the (TPS) Throttle Position Sensor!!! I know it doesn't matter now. But i did mention it in the first ThunderTurd video...
Timmy DeMattos
Timmy DeMattos Il y a 2 mois
I’d buy those train horns!
Kevin Vawser
Kevin Vawser Il y a 2 mois
Throttle Position Sensor Broke
Og maco Sheesh
Og maco Sheesh Il y a 2 mois
She's so unhappy 24/7 wtf
Jared Bauer
Jared Bauer Il y a 2 mois
This is Matt at his best right here so funny
Josh Mullins
Josh Mullins Il y a 2 mois
If mad max was in the ghetto
ErikShestakov Il y a 2 mois
Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden Il y a 2 mois
Throttle Position Sensor
Kel DeWeese
Kel DeWeese Il y a 2 mois
Those tires are worth more than the car
patrick b
patrick b Il y a 2 mois
I bet the flames make it faster
electronicsNmore Il y a 2 mois
Incredible that you're able to find the time to be a vet with 2 big YT channels.
Brandon Vargas
Brandon Vargas Il y a 2 mois
You could have just rolled ur fenders, you didn’t have to cut it off
North Texas Turf Pros
North Texas Turf Pros Il y a 2 mois
Fuel, spark and compression. My grandpa taught me that.
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