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11 avril 2019

three kingdomstotal warchinaeducationhistoryedutainmenthan dynastyromance of the three kindgomschinese historyyellow turbancao caoliu beilu buits lu budong zhou




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Commentaires 27 190
Yun Zhang
Yun Zhang Il y a 54 minutes
On the wall of the bedroom: 狗 猫 (dog) (cat) WTF???
keith 24705
keith 24705 Il y a heure
U should do the 1916 rising in ireland
magnus chenel
magnus chenel Il y a 2 heures
fuckin post a video jesus christ
Shailesh Teli
Shailesh Teli Il y a 2 heures
Is there anyone else here who knows about Prison School and Gakuto?
F Gaming
F Gaming Il y a 2 heures
do chernobyl oversimplified please
Shadow Falcon
Shadow Falcon Il y a 3 heures
6:11 Hitlers dad in background
Black Eye Gamer
Black Eye Gamer Il y a 3 heures
Who saw the guy spanking the other guy on 6:15
Damian Il y a 3 heures
U should make video about the crusade!
High550 Il y a 3 heures
This one Roman once said, the opinion of 1000 people don't matter if they don't know what the hell they're taking about, minus the hell, this is basically politics today
Phoenix Morris
Phoenix Morris Il y a 3 heures
I miss the vids it's been so long
MalGusS Il y a 4 heures
3:51 Proud of my baguette country.
Chioma U.
Chioma U. Il y a 4 heures
Felt like i was watching a movie, brilliant!!!
Christos Yannios
Christos Yannios Il y a 4 heures
The most deadly thing in Chinese history: endearing the children.
Vlego Creations
Vlego Creations Il y a 5 heures
This happened because the eunuchs fathers punished them severely
A Random Person
A Random Person Il y a 6 heures
Can somebody explain to me what does Hitler's father is doing in this video???
Victoria Tabor
Victoria Tabor Il y a 4 heures
they enraged his father who punished them severely
Massi Besti
Massi Besti Il y a 7 heures
At 6:10 the uniks are being punished severely
Rooke RON
Rooke RON Il y a 8 heures
amazing video!!!!, you should start history classes!.
smellsFlSHY Il y a 8 heures
If you guys are interested in the three kingdoms, i recommend watching John Woo's 'Red Cliff'. Amazing epic, everyone shoulf see
to sonderr
to sonderr Il y a 9 heures
the inventors of robbing the cradle
swager dager69
swager dager69 Il y a 9 heures
You guys should do the Gulf War.
Khorneflakes Il y a 9 heures
the american civil war next pretty please
Ella Cardiff
Ella Cardiff Il y a 9 heures
Do oversimplified of Chernobyl
Pursuit Mane
Pursuit Mane Il y a 10 heures
Dong Zhuo Became Obese. This enraged health, who punished him severely
Pursuit Mane
Pursuit Mane Il y a 10 heures
Dong Zhuo Became Obese. This enraged health, who punished him severely
Rabeya Sultana
Rabeya Sultana Il y a 11 heures
Wait.... Hitler's dad spanked them????
Kuro yami
Kuro yami Il y a 13 heures
Probably should've mentioned zhunge liang and shima yi since they're the greatest mind strategist at the time
Cryo Swordsman
Cryo Swordsman Il y a 14 heures
Triggered Chinese be like:他大爷的! ........that's cursing in chinese🙂
Riechfrog Network
Riechfrog Network Il y a 15 heures
Do Napoleonic Wars Over Simplified
Auto Strike
Auto Strike Il y a 15 heures
Can you make a Battle of Surabaya?
Hoo Dini
Hoo Dini Il y a 16 heures
6:07 look at the stairs
Cain Stephens
Cain Stephens Il y a 16 heures
I'm not the only one who sees Hitler's dad
aj gaming
aj gaming Il y a 16 heures
american civil war next
Z06M6B613 Il y a 18 heures
I swear it's a casio beat when the guy is dying of a stroke.
swyatt77 Il y a 19 heures
6:09 did anyone see hitlers dad whooping that guys bum?
Ethan Horn
Ethan Horn Il y a 19 heures
Just noticed during the eunuch massacre there is a father punishing his dongless son quite severely. I lol'd coke out of my nose... When I was drinking sprite.
Jayson Davis
Jayson Davis Il y a 21 heure
Just beige watched all your videos and LOVE them! How about some Irish history?
aquila zyy
aquila zyy Il y a 21 heure
Sorry but I just can’t hold my laughs when you pronounce these names. Especially Lubu, which actually should write as Lübu and sound like /lju:bu:/
Boochi Man
Boochi Man Il y a 21 heure
Post every 2 months.... Dude.. uncool
realnaste Il y a 21 heure
:( I chose Kong Rong. Sad to see he didn't really play a role.
JustDaniel Il y a 21 heure
I love the reference to your first video
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards Il y a 22 heures
He should do an Elizabeth/Tudor era with the Spanish armada and the war of the roses.
OrangeSuperJ Il y a 22 heures
Could you try to do a Russian Revolution video
Brandon Roberts
Brandon Roberts Il y a 22 heures
I'm just out here tryna penetrate the southern regions.
TJ Studios
TJ Studios Il y a 22 heures
6:09 Adolf's dad gone rogue
Cheeseburger Freedom Man
Cheeseburger Freedom Man Il y a 22 heures
I sense another video coming...
rax 9000
rax 9000 Il y a 22 heures
Please do seven years' war
J H Il y a 23 heures
Honestly man, your work is amazing. Funny, educating, interesting and well produced. Quality man, pure quality.
Борислав Коконов
The videos is great!Can you make for Bulgaria?
John Marston
John Marston Il y a jour
Make a civil war oversimplified
Davinator Il y a jour
Brexit Oversimplyfied
lukkiT Il y a jour
Finnish civil war plz
ACoolSephiroth RGMT
vietnam war?
Defaulty Boi
Defaulty Boi Il y a jour
a unik had killed some one this enraged his father who punished him severvly
dodo zap
dodo zap Il y a jour
Can you make the 30 year long war or something with Martin Luther
Buzinep Il y a jour
3:51 Love your french yellow jacket joke you slipped in
Buzinep Il y a jour
3:51 Love your french yellow jacket joke you slipped in
Åke Falkenström
Åke Falkenström Il y a jour
Why is hitlers dad in the video
Minh Hieu Cao
Minh Hieu Cao Il y a jour
please make Vietnam War Oversimplified
pitioti Il y a jour
3:51: Gilet Jaune Spotted XD
Cricri Chris
Cricri Chris Il y a jour
u said that there will be a new video every 2 mothos.
Lazaro Tay
Lazaro Tay Il y a jour
I feel a new video coming
Randy Lhd
Randy Lhd Il y a jour
Hahaha, funny! Ông nào dịch Việt bưa vãi :))))))))))))
Wade Walker
Wade Walker Il y a jour
Do the battle of the Alamo
Negative Ego
Negative Ego Il y a jour
That’s a nickname “Bloated Dong joe”
ikson Il y a jour
6:18 dad off Hitler spot r
Elmer Balota
Elmer Balota Il y a jour
Its more like game of thrones where in S2 Kings Landing they sent a ship filled up with wild fire and a fire arrow shot it
Zoa Cynic
Zoa Cynic Il y a jour
So this is why there are so many confusing Chinese war movies.
duonghero 2689
duonghero 2689 Il y a jour
Where is zhao yun
Eric Nick
Eric Nick Il y a jour
Please do a seven wars video
王彥龍 Il y a jour
王彥龍 Il y a jour
Edanur Sayın
Edanur Sayın Il y a jour
Make Cyprus war video please (1974)
Tessie Ma
Tessie Ma Il y a jour
I have my Chinese history exam tomorrow, I’m fucked
ItzFoxPlayz Il y a jour
Oversimplified: the more they suffer from no uploads, the more they keep waiting for more in my video Me:dude, you're really messed up. Oversimplified: My father used to punish me severely.
Toon Jacob
Toon Jacob Il y a jour
6:15 (background) Is that Hitlers father?!?!🤣🤣🤣
Victoria Tabor
Victoria Tabor Il y a 4 heures
yep they somehow enraged his father who punished them severely
isaak ring
isaak ring Il y a jour
Lu bu mvp
Electric Cat
Electric Cat Il y a jour
thanks to dynasty warriors i understand the flow of this story
Jenson Garcia
Jenson Garcia Il y a jour
Please do Vietnam War
Craig Willis
Craig Willis Il y a jour
Please do Civil war oversimplified
Tyrese Williams
Tyrese Williams Il y a jour
Oversimplified do the Zulu war
Green Man
Green Man Il y a jour
It's been 2 months man where the hell is the next video.
hugonubario Il y a jour
9:08 marshmallow time!
MayhemPlayz Il y a jour
Can you please do The French Revolution Oversimplified?
Arcni 12
Arcni 12 Il y a jour
good Idea
eduardo castro
eduardo castro Il y a jour
imma buy it boy, chill
Woo woo Tao
Woo woo Tao Il y a jour
He has more viewers than subscribers in every video........
Evan Mykola Vlogs 2.0
I could understand if the names were different
Bingo遊戲 Il y a jour
Hey, brother, that zhang jue is not this, but zhang jiao
buck 900
buck 900 Il y a jour
you should do the Mexican independence next
Autumn Shingledecker
Hi do the French revolution thanks :)
IFS95 Il y a jour
China could make some really nice historical movies!
Gachatuber Kev
Gachatuber Kev Il y a jour
I love this,it’s funny and educational
ale 608raptor
ale 608raptor Il y a jour
Do the 7 years WAR pls,
hassh bggg
hassh bggg Il y a jour
do Napoleonic wars
Jonathan Toledo
Jonathan Toledo Il y a jour
Hitler's great great great great great grandfather is spanking Hitler's great great great grandfather
ALAN YING Il y a jour
Were there 2 million men on CaoCao's side during the Battle of the Red Cliffs?
BioJack Il y a jour
Troble times in Russia. Please
Yatharth Rawat
Yatharth Rawat Il y a jour
Make a vid about India
CaptainNemo5814 Il y a 2 jours
2-3 Months between uploads, only 15 videos total... How do you have over 2 million subscribers? (I say this even though I am a subscriber)
Bartlomiej Kasprzyk
Oversimplified's videos are unique and entertaining to watch whilst being very educational. If he uploaded frequently, he would get tired and not motivated, lets not forgot how long it takes to make these videos too.
Silvio Bellino
Silvio Bellino Il y a 2 jours
Roman empire?
Brent Richardsen
Brent Richardsen Il y a 2 jours
Please do the goat war