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Scott plays with garbage.
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9 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 4 716
Lucas Rivera
Lucas Rivera Il y a 28 minutes
I am surprised you neglected the HORI controllers, the one good 3rd party brand.
Gaming Football
Gaming Football Il y a 33 minutes
The 8bitDo looks cool.
Justin Murray
Justin Murray Il y a 3 heures
This may be an unpopular opinion but... *I LOVED MY MAD CATZ GAMECUBE CONTROLLER!* I just loved the grips and it was dark grey/ see through and i started using it as my main controller as a kid when we bought it.
Damien Knox
Damien Knox Il y a 3 heures
Madcatz sucked Got their ps2 controller Vibration somehow pressed buttons on controller Also mayflash magic ns works great for switch docked Use ps4 controllers for your switch and avoid shelling out extra for new joy cons
Farming Hub
Farming Hub Il y a 3 heures
Make a video on Nickelodeon or SpongeBob games
blu boi that loves hugs
blu boi that loves hugs Il y a 3 heures
Christ that opening joke hits H A R D
James Daniels
James Daniels Il y a 4 heures
"What if your controller breaks?" [Fruitlessly whacks a wiimote with a hammer]
Josh K-D
Josh K-D Il y a 6 heures
Mad Catz R.A.T.7 was my go to mouse when I played CS:GO. They had a built in pinky rest on it. I ran over my finger for months after I stopped using it
TopazZ Il y a 7 heures
sakura Il y a 7 heures
marshmellow d-stick just yes
sakura Il y a 7 heures
also i have a rock candy wii remote
BillGeezerIommi Il y a 8 heures
What sucks is that after the console ends they stop selling new official controllers for it
apples arenice
apples arenice Il y a 12 heures
is logitech just good at everything?
Andrew Cousins
Andrew Cousins Il y a 13 heures
The Logitech wireless controller for PS2 is a fantastic third party controller. Also the 8bitdo SF30 Pro (same as the SN30, just super famicom colored) is amazing.
Julieta Miranda Solorzano
Julieta Miranda Solorzano Il y a 13 heures
Zcurridor _q_r_td
Zcurridor _q_r_td Il y a 13 heures
i have two beboncool controllers. They do fine.
Samuel James
Samuel James Il y a 13 heures
Woah, this video is good, would be better if it was about persona, but oh well :(
Oo oO
Oo oO Il y a 13 heures
Made for aliens
Daniel K
Daniel K Il y a 14 heures
Xboxes over the years have had some fine 3rd party controllers.
Jonathan Briggs
Jonathan Briggs Il y a 16 heures
I liked the mad cats GameCube controller. It felt better in my hands especially as i got older and my hands got bigger. And I never had any issues with it. I still have it and it still works
Bardock32nd Il y a 16 heures
The PowerA PS3 controller and wireless GameCube pro controller for the switch are both pretty good especially that Gamecube one I love it
Wòofy Wòoflez
Wòofy Wòoflez Il y a 19 heures
Ps1-3 controllers were the most often bootlegged controller
Y O I N K Il y a 20 heures
8:55 Ok, but I have hyperhydrosis (means my hands sweat excessively) and holy shit this would be a godsend for my clammy hands
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith Il y a 21 heure
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith Il y a 21 heure
Side side to side
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith Il y a 21 heure
Got our pickaxe swinging from side to side
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith Il y a 21 heure
Aw man
Purple BatDragon
Purple BatDragon Il y a 22 heures
Hey, don't dis Madcats, they brought me my happiest years of gaming thanks to their tiny wireless Xbox controller. My only other option was The Duke, and a 4-year-old can't handle that. While my dad used that, I got a comfortably small size, wireless functionality, and some sweet rubber grips. It was heavenly.
PJSproductions97 Il y a 22 heures
I'll tell you what though, the rock candy usb xbox 360 controllers are very good as a pc controller for $30
Gazaro 51
Gazaro 51 Il y a 23 heures
Oh My God was what I exactly what I said when I bought pre owned PS3 and saw that controller.. lol
Batttlecoin Il y a jour
Dear lord Scott where can I buy the Boomerang 64 I literally can’t find it anywhere online like oh god oh fuck
Brandon Alvarez
Brandon Alvarez Il y a jour
Part 2???
emina15 Il y a jour
The Logitech F310 a XBOX360 controller I use for PC is really great. It's only about $20 ($30 for a wireless version) and it's analog/dpad layout is similar to the PlayStation's layout. I grew up on PlayStation and never owned a XBOX so when I first held a 360 controller it felt off to me. Thankfully the F310 is better for my needs. Plus my first one lasted 5+ years before it's LB button died on me.
GamingLegend 6260
GamingLegend 6260 Il y a jour
I actually use a third party Nintendo switch pro controller which I like and it is just the same as a regular pro controller but a little bit lighter
Ironshadow Il y a jour
I feel like the only good company that makes really good third party controllers is Hori they make great ones.
The Trashmann
The Trashmann Il y a jour
Fact: Logitech makes some of the best Gaming peripherals out there even on computers they make some of the best stuff especially with Mice
Sadie Eaton
Sadie Eaton Il y a jour
Imagine Playing Minecraft On Xbox 360 Joystick.
Luker head
Luker head Il y a jour
I actually had an After Glow. It was red instead of blue though.
the minecraft gamers
Spunjerr IIC
Spunjerr IIC Il y a jour
A what family?
Yomamalama5 Il y a jour
The gamestop branded ps3 controller is actually really good. L2 and r2 are supposed to be pressed with the middle fingers and I like it more than the first-party one.
Courtimus Prime
Courtimus Prime Il y a jour
scott please upload i gotta go to bed in 3 minutes
Tyler Bisping
Tyler Bisping Il y a jour
Life hack: if a joystick falls off stick a small marshmallow on the stick and bam.
Jeff C
Jeff C Il y a jour
i loved the Xbox Logitech EA Sports Controller for the og xbox
Sammy Sharif
Sammy Sharif Il y a jour
No video today?
Jacket T
Jacket T Il y a jour
It's 9 am you always upload at exactly 8 30 where is the new video scott
Benditø Il y a jour
Scott’s MadCatz life support ran out and can’t upload
Some Dumb Gamer
Some Dumb Gamer Il y a jour
Madcatz kidnapped Scott so he couldn’t upload this sunday Edit: lol i guess i was just too excited for the episode and jumped to conclusions
Kissasheep the Chalk
He uploaded today
Lucifronz Il y a jour
10:27 Still having to use batteries instead of a rechargeable solution makes that controller a straight no-go for me. I wasn't a fan of how the Xbox One controller did that either, but I still bought one because Nyko has a pretty decent rechargeable battery pack that's quick and effective. Also it's sleek as hell, which that controller you showed... is *not.*
GIVE US MOTHER 3 Il y a jour
This fills the old PBG, jontron, etc hole in my heart.
Smashlord 3
Smashlord 3 Il y a jour
Those 2 still make these kinda videos though
ur_favorite_ nitendo_gamer
Scott, where are you?!?!
austinrrrodrigues Il y a jour
alright fellas, did scott change his schedule? it used to be 5:00pm each sunday, but in the shovelware variety hour video, it was uploaded at exactly 6:00pm, what’s going on?
Braden_Coldwell Il y a jour
I don't think he's uploading today or something
Andrew B.
Andrew B. Il y a jour
hey scott! fan here , i'd love to see a video on Nintendo Power! or just gaming magazines in general would be pretty cool (could compare nintendo power to playstation mag maybe!) keep it up :)
- Lapiziold -
- Lapiziold - Il y a jour
A Color Blind Scott Wozniak’s Nightmare Ain’t It
Kurt Faircloth
Kurt Faircloth Il y a jour
6:09 the nickelodeon revolutions with: sponegbob squarepants CFTKK, BFBB, and Revenge Of The Flying Duchtman. fairly oddparents game, and many more titles.
Carter Chadwick
Carter Chadwick Il y a jour
Why does his videos on controllers always do so well
Hugo Hemorrhoids
Hugo Hemorrhoids Il y a jour
It's a broad subject that a lot of people can get into so more people will watch a controller video than one on the guy game
ScruffyRonin Il y a jour
I want to know what's happening on scott's wedding night that he's gunna need a 3rd party N64 controller
Up_N_Down 1
Up_N_Down 1 Il y a jour
Both of my joycons didn't last 3 months... And I don't even play in handheld that much
HoMiNGHeaD Il y a jour
I've also bought a bunch of -garbage- third party controllers, but my favourite is Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Analog 3. It has 2 additional fat inward buttons and it's really bulky so it sits really well in my hands. The 2 extra buttons were a real dealbreaker and were the only reason i ever got this thing.
TheWolver8 Il y a jour
Thisguy is really starting to hit his stride nice video mate
Slimeo / xJect
Slimeo / xJect Il y a jour
Um, what if I told you Mad Catz got rebooted again.
DaKermitFrog Il y a jour
You look and sound exactly like the guy from Sci show channel
Marowak Marowaks
Marowak Marowaks Il y a jour
"90% of the time you're asking for trouble buying these things" Is Hori the 10%?
Fanpug Il y a jour
What about the sn30 pro+?
epic games hates us..