These Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items Cost HOW Much??

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Nintendo Minute is never a minute! This week we’re playing a very fun game of trying to guess the prices of different items in the game. We’ve learned a few things. First, we are not good at this and second, Timmy and Tommy are business tycoon raccoons. Have you tried this? Are you a working catalog of Animal Crossing: New Horizons items? Tell us in the comments below. As always, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next week!
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31 juil. 2020




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Commentaires 100
kevin EPIC
kevin EPIC Il y a mois
*”Wait we’re both losers?!?!”*
Frankie Alvarez
Frankie Alvarez Il y a mois
I hope theyre paying the video editor enough bc they add so much to these lil videos lol
calway1000 Il y a mois
good video for once
Junites101 Il y a mois
Hey Nintendo super mario sunshine remake for the switch
Channel Il y a mois
Speaking of Animal Crossing, how about virtual console?
buntcubbles Il y a mois
But stuff you sell doesn't go for the same price you bought it for? Or does it in this AC?
R. M. MacFru
R. M. MacFru Il y a mois
Do they realize the selling price is much lower than the buying price?
Avery Carpenter
Avery Carpenter Il y a mois
is nintendo allowed to use pirates of the carribean music lol
Avery Carpenter
Avery Carpenter Il y a mois
the price is incorrect
Elm Kid
Elm Kid Il y a mois
How much does frog chair cost? Y E S.
Iris Blubby
Iris Blubby Il y a mois
This just might be the most well done episode ever!!! :D
Iris Blubby
Iris Blubby Il y a mois
This episode was amazing!! It was so funny and everything just felt right and made me real happy~ keep it up @Nintendo Minute!
ciera mock
ciera mock Il y a mois
(froggy chair) Me: how much? Them: all of it Me: wut
Tyler Pierribia
Tyler Pierribia Il y a mois
Kit and krysta: What is your Dodo Code?
Lino 2
Lino 2 Il y a mois
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Glizzy With Bev
Glizzy With Bev Il y a mois
15k isn’t a lot when a flat screen tv that originally just costed a few thousand bells in New Leaf now costs like 40k+. Like wtf are these prices
oats. Il y a mois
i love how nintendo "gets it". you just gotta understand
I liek mudkipz
I liek mudkipz Il y a mois
Nookazon sellers have to devote their whole day selling to customers. You have to leave the gates open to make sure buyers can come quickly, so that means you cant work on your island. Nookazon sellers have to devote a lot of time if they want to be good hosts so i think its justified. Edit: Plus you dont want to waste your time for $500. 10k is my selling price for most things..... 50k if im feeling greedy. And these prices are low for nookazon.
Jade Cuomo
Jade Cuomo Il y a mois
I gave my wand to Norma.
Sarah Shae
Sarah Shae Il y a mois
The not claiming Nook Miles notification on the phone gave me anxiety 😂
Luckman elm.
Luckman elm. Il y a mois
Bruh just look it up on Animal Crossing Wiki
oats. Il y a mois
Luckman elm. you...dont understand.
Luckman elm.
Luckman elm. Il y a mois
@oats. that is not how it works do you even have reddit?
oats. Il y a mois
Luckman elm. r/wooooosh
Queenofawesome25 Il y a mois
This is why I stick to Flick and CJ for bells or scuba diving lmao. I make 30k+ from scuba diving.
David Gonzalez
David Gonzalez Il y a mois
Why did Nintendo banned the hacked trees >:(
oats. Il y a mois
David Gonzalez because its hacked..?
LycanLink Il y a mois
I still cannot get over how heckin' cute Krysta's character is, and I swear to you, it is NOT because I have a crush on Krysta... I do definitely have a crush on her, but it's unrelated to how heckin' cute her avatar is.
Cristal Il y a mois
It's been forever since I've watched nintendo minute.
GB. Cardo
GB. Cardo Il y a mois
I saw a "grand piano" today selling for 280,000 bells and a server the otherday for over 100,000 bells
Neato Burrito
Neato Burrito Il y a mois
この翻訳ソフトウェアを誤って使用しています。 マニュアルを参照してください。
JuanTheDude Il y a mois
Still don’t have the game
Shrimp Bisque
Shrimp Bisque Il y a mois
This is like a really dumb version of The Price Is Right showcase.
Perna grande cowboy
Lower price on games on Brazil
Jeremy Bonner
Jeremy Bonner Il y a mois
I just started watching it and I love it! Wish I could join them!
Chris Lewerer CALCAPONE
O please come on that was easy, I was with 20% on all of them.
The rawring dog
The rawring dog Il y a mois
The fact the employees just straight talk while playing a game just seems so amazing
Karmic Wheel
Karmic Wheel Il y a mois
Greetings you fabulous Earthlings and Happy Monday!! 👋👽I bring ko-vid-19 free thin crust pizza to all you friendly Earthlings 🍕Don't mind me, just cruising by:::::::::::::::::🛸
zesty lemon
zesty lemon Il y a mois
shaggy games
shaggy games Il y a mois
We want legend of zelda the wind waker
Wackymac Il y a mois
I absolutely love Nintendo Minute!!! You guys are so awesome!!! I look forward to watching you every time you have a new video!!! Keep up the awesome awesome work!!!! Ps. Awesome awesome is not a typo lol hope to see you soon!! 🎼🎤 Nintendo minute is never a minute! Sit down relax because time has no limit! Kit and krysta are having so much fun! Hanging playing games till it’s time to run!!! NOW WE’RE DONE!!! 🎼🎤😁
Groove street 4-live
The nintendo consoles are my favourit consoles
Christopher Johann
Christopher Johann Il y a mois
Most of them are good but the not so good ones are the Virtual Boy and the Wii U.
accquizzer Il y a mois
Krista: "I'd be surprise if someone is a walking catalog of these prices" Me: "Oh Krista, never give the Animal Cross fanbase a challenge."
EliGames - Roblox
EliGames - Roblox Il y a mois
I wish I had a switch Me just a lil boy
The Minecraft Inky Bendy
Nintendo Minute: Is 10 minutes Me: *HE LYES*
Christopher Johann
Christopher Johann Il y a mois
Gaming Chris
Gaming Chris Il y a mois
Was that a minute Or 10 huh? Lol 😂
Christopher Johann
Christopher Johann Il y a mois
They said Nintendo Minute is never a Minute so relax cause time has no limit.
Lifa Dysi
Lifa Dysi Il y a mois
Nintendo Ten Minutes and Thirty Seconds
El CHR Il y a mois
Why there isn’t portal 1 or 2 for Nintendo :(
Christopher Johann
Christopher Johann Il y a mois
Because Valve doesn’t have a Nintendo Licensez
Jack Theflash
Jack Theflash Il y a mois
0:31 that music
El Toro Lucky : Patient Zero
I hope they get married one day!
Oreo Cookie
Oreo Cookie Il y a mois
This game totally ruined Animal Crossing, atleast it did for me. The game crapped all over everything that made AC magical and turned it into a chore. It went from being my favorite franchise to one I could care less if they ever make again.
gamer drache
gamer drache Il y a mois
Matpat hate you fore this
ElmoIzMeh Il y a mois
This always makes me happy :)
Mr unknown 526
Mr unknown 526 Il y a mois
Mario? :(
RainGuy Il y a mois
Zupot Ski
Zupot Ski Il y a mois
pls help my cousin he does not have isabelle and he didnt get a bopper :(
Victoria Hernandez
Victoria Hernandez Il y a mois
I wanted to know if they're can be an update for all of us to get more villagers instead of 10 the maximum can be 15 or 20
Colleen Marsh
Colleen Marsh Il y a mois
I love this new format. It's totally cute.
uwu babey
uwu babey Il y a mois
it’s me!
Alexander Redhorse
Alexander Redhorse Il y a mois
reporting switch users KLJ and Christian for cheating and network manipulation
AmidounPlays Il y a mois
Nintendo if you see this comment make a Kirby game with Every copy ability and friends also and then make it free for everybody :D :)
AmidounPlays Il y a mois
@Alexandrite - [Panda Production Studio] Make it 19.99 then
Alexandrite - [Panda Production Studio]
AmidounPlays Making games costs money, your asking for way too much
BeamZ Il y a mois
stop making consoles please my switch freezes almost everyday
Panzer Ghost
Panzer Ghost Il y a mois
Hi Nintendo, can we please get more Daemon X Machina? Thanks, you're the best!
Luke Drake
Luke Drake Il y a mois
Put Marina Liteyears From Mischief Makers In As The Next Fighter Pass Fighter In SSBU!
Isaac Gabriel Vargas Sandoval
Oigan nintendo, podrían para otra actualización del juego hacer que los otros jugadores de una misma consola puedan hacer tantas cosas como el vocero de la isla o "el líder" de la isla, y a su vez, no pueden cambiar un poco el modo multijugador local para que en vez de seguir a una sola persona, todos los jugadores puedan ir solos a donde quieran y hacer lo que quieran y si para lograr esto se tiene que dividir la pantalla, podrían hacerlo por favor? Las personas que juegan en mi casa ya no quieren jugar animal crossing por que tienen opciones limitadas O en vez de cambiar el modo multi jugador, quizás podrían darle la opción a cada usuario de hacer su propia isla, porque no entiendo por qué, por ejemplo, en zelda breath of the wild todos los usuarios de una misma consola pueden jugar por separado al juego en un mundo GIGANTESCO y en animal crossing que es un espacio como 10 veces más pequeño que en breath of the wild, ningún usuario de una misma consola puede vivir en su propia isla
Alecdadragon Il y a mois
This is all I can do, but can we please get nintedo to notice that we want a tomodachi life/collection 3rd game? That'd be so fun!
Captain Jack
Captain Jack Il y a mois
Oh my god, I’ve wanted that for Years. Those games were soo silly!
Leartstudios :3
Leartstudios :3 Il y a mois
I know this isnt related but nitendo I came up with a new donkey kong game! It's called Donkey Konga! It's where diddy Kong and donkey Kong are bored so they decided to make a party! Go to random shops and buy invitations and materials etc.!Unclock new stores and places and the more places the more materials! So you set up the party stuff and you get to choose who you wanna invite to donkey kongs party! The cover is donkey Kong and all of his friends doing a dance! (Change if you want) This probably wont get accepted but I just had an idea.
Elvia Louis
Elvia Louis Il y a mois
I love the super Mario 3d word music
Elvia Louis
Elvia Louis Il y a mois
I love that music
Elvia Louis
Elvia Louis Il y a mois
She was like woah way of 26,450
Elvia Louis
Elvia Louis Il y a mois
I'm the biggest biggest biggest biggest biggest Nintendo fan boy
Elvia Louis
Elvia Louis Il y a mois
I love love love love love nintendo
Elvia Louis
Elvia Louis Il y a mois
My new life
Mrfurcorn Il y a mois
This is 10 minutes
Builder Bro
Builder Bro Il y a mois
Hi Nintendo plz plz plz get little big planet 3 or Sack boy a big adventure plz plz plz🙏
Alexandrite - [Panda Production Studio]
Builder Bro They’re Play Station only
scarleta [mangopika]
song at the end could easily be in pokemon anime lmao
Gabriel pro incrível ou noob
ok i know that Nintendo obviously will not notice me and never noticed me but there was a period that for some reason I kept commenting in several videos to bring boshi back but now I understood that nobody will listen to me and do that I really was an idiot
Bree Chestnut
Bree Chestnut Il y a mois
haha luv ur videos so much, specially how you guys tease each other hahahaha!!!
Ten Kaze
Ten Kaze Il y a mois
Nook's Cranny, that's the place were i spent all my Bell$!
Lex xxtentacion
Lex xxtentacion Il y a mois
Man i just want a botw2 update....
Jean Ribeiro
Jean Ribeiro Il y a mois
Link Il y a mois
Hyat hyet haa hyea (who is your favorite link (me) or mario
Jude's Jedi Pokemon Training Channel/cat gamer
not a nintendo super scope
Jude's Jedi Pokemon Training Channel/cat gamer
summertime fun is that both of you lost
Andrew Dennis
Andrew Dennis Il y a mois
Whet is next main line nintendo announcement
Kid's Criança's 90's
Por um híbrido dos melhores videogames! Super Nintendo, Mega Drive, Neo Geo, Playstation, Saturno, Nintendo 64!
eitan Begayev
eitan Begayev Il y a mois
why cant you bring us fall guys?
Christopher Johann
Christopher Johann Il y a mois
Because we're not in that time of month yet.
Jacky Boy
Jacky Boy Il y a mois
Will super mario oddesy 2 come out
Miguel Hans Sterchi Viñas
And why pay more for a game to play the online, you don't need more money.
Miguel Hans Sterchi Viñas
Not anime games that are trash
Miguel Hans Sterchi Viñas
Make someone good
Miguel Hans Sterchi Viñas
Your games are trash
Ice gaming Fire gaming
Thing is They had to buy Nintendo Switch Online for this if it is one of their’s island
[GG]Goomba Il y a mois
Nerf Fox, Falco, and Wolf's Lazar so they can't spam it like for example they could only shot out 3 every 6 seconds
ThatOneNooberax Il y a mois
Two words, get good. Also, just play Joker lol
Toad plays
Toad plays Il y a mois
Dear Nintendo please remove switch online it S U C K S its soo lagy in SMM2 and it's just hurts
Mikkel Thomassen
Mikkel Thomassen Il y a mois
plz freddy fazbear in smash bros mii gunner
RaZeDude Il y a mois
lol can’t believe she didn’t know a blue marlin is 8000 bells and to get a mounted one you need 3 so it would be 3 times the price being 24000 bells or some where in there, what a non top be on the Nintendo channel
Tfg_Potato Il y a mois
Nintendo thank you for saying happy birthday to me and sending me presents
Snom Blasey
Snom Blasey Il y a mois
I miss starfy so much.😢 It will always have a place in my heart...
Remix Il y a mois
nintendo please give us a game announcement I'll even take another new super mario bros at this point you dont know what you're doing to me
Ickyneko LKH
Ickyneko LKH Il y a mois
Froggy Chair = 1,400 bells
Christopher Johann
Christopher Johann Il y a mois
@ThatOneNooberax Only if it exists in New Horizons though.
ThatOneNooberax Il y a mois
Nah, froggy chair = 69,420 bells
Alexander Redhorse
Alexander Redhorse Il y a mois
reporting switch users DRS and Lalo for blatant cheating and network manipulation
JaxThe Diabetic
JaxThe Diabetic Il y a mois
I’m binging all Nintendo Minute during Quarantine!
Mr unknown 526
Mr unknown 526 Il y a mois
Mario remasters :(
Mr unknown 526
Mr unknown 526 Il y a mois
Ninjabestfortainiter Ur dad is a Luigi remaster
Ur mom is a mario remaster