The Ultimate Commentary Video (w/ Kurtis Conner and Danny Gonzalez)

Drew Gooden
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I GOT to gooby




18 sept. 2019




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Commentaires 11 076
Linden Travers
Linden Travers Il y a 4 heures
The Neil Green movie looks like he screenrecorded a trailer made in WeVideo premium so that he wouldn’t have to pay.
Stephanie Cameron
Stephanie Cameron Il y a 7 heures
Plz help us out WERE trapped
ava freeman
ava freeman Il y a 8 heures
just got an add w kurtis in it right before the video😂💀
Vale Diaz
Vale Diaz Il y a 9 heures
She’s gonna dance WITH the devil🤯🤯
Sophie Schroer
Sophie Schroer Il y a 9 heures
I wanna know exactly what and where the factory is that produced all these three guys and how they manage to make them
Adel Pierce
Adel Pierce Il y a 10 heures
I just skipped an ad with kurtis in it so I could see more kurtis but that means I'm actually seeing less kurtis
AriaThe Gamer
AriaThe Gamer Il y a 10 heures
These people kill me😂😂Danny and Drew😂Lol
Harlowe Il y a 10 heures
as a gay man i need the gay bee movie name
Amy Ihrig
Amy Ihrig Il y a 11 heures
Ngl Tall Girl was actually pretty good Better than I thought it would be anyway
chaotic energy
chaotic energy Il y a 17 heures
What was the bee films name?? I died watching that and I need to see the whole thing
spiderdude2099 Il y a 19 heures
PLEASE watch that gay bee movie. Gooby was one thing, but I NEED gay porn bee movie
PhoenixPoptart Il y a 20 heures
Skylar Pelaez
Skylar Pelaez Il y a 21 heure
Is no one going to acknowledge that in one of the trailers is Singin from Victorious and in another trailer it’s Ethan from My Babysitter’s a Vampire.
gelato Il y a 21 heure
6:32 Wasn’t that Lexi’s friend from A.n.t. Farm? 7:16 And isn’t that guy from Victorious? Damn, I forgot this movie existed.
Hailey Reich
Hailey Reich Il y a 23 heures
13:28 wait I actually remember that movie!!!!!!! Don’t judge but I actually liked it
Steam D 95
Steam D 95 Il y a jour
Short boi
Markie Ross
Markie Ross Il y a jour
This is Me
This is Me Il y a jour
0:16 whenever someone says big apple i just think of stefon lol
Grace mcneeney
Grace mcneeney Il y a jour
poor kurtis😢 He went for that embrace but fully got rejected.
Ryan Eves
Ryan Eves Il y a jour
I see your clone machine malfunctioned. The second one looks a little off.
Skyletti Il y a jour
Skyletti Il y a jour
3:38 is that tanya from little white lie omg
kn0el Il y a jour
6:02 youeverdancewiththedevilinthapalemunelight
SirLandy Il y a jour
I'm 90% sure the set in the Super Bee movie is the same exact house used in "A Talking Cat?!?", complete with the same half car-couch.
McGrady Productions
Out of the $6.5 million for making Gooby, Robbie Coltrane took home $5.5 million as the voice of Gooby.
McGrady Productions
Gotta thank Neil Breem for making a sequel to The Room.
Joao’s World
Joao’s World Il y a jour
9:08 here’s what I like to think that was he didn’t have the budget to hire an actress so he walked up to a random girl and tried to do the scene
McGrady Productions
So basically MamaBoy is a cheaply made version of Junior?
Sunflower Studios
Sunflower Studios Il y a jour
You and Danny should react to gacha life vids
H D Il y a jour
toomanyfingerguns Il y a jour
How did I get a Kurtis ad??
Madison Leonard
Madison Leonard Il y a jour
don't get me wrong I love this kind of content and I love your videos but the thing is being a tall girl is wayyy harder than being a tall boy. I would compare it to being a boy who's like 4' tall. you can't look feminine, you can't wear heals to prom if you're going with a guy who's not like 6'8" or something, and people get super intimidated by your height. also, people make fun of you like all the time. anyway that's just the tea sorry
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez Il y a jour
Did they just discuss the b r e e n i u s
manda c
manda c Il y a jour
anyone else realize that’s sean o’donnell....from 2012 tumblr in Mamaboy
cassie cuss
cassie cuss Il y a jour
i like how the kid in the gooby movie is ethan from my babysitters a vampire
Tony Mitchell
Tony Mitchell Il y a jour
Kurtis’ humour feels so different without his crazy editing and it’s so funny in a completely different way Also I wish they’d done a full video about C Me Dance that looks like a riot
shakaiyah Il y a jour
i would want to see them do a video with atozy
JakeTakesTheCakes Il y a jour
Tall Girl should've been called Short Boy because that dude looked like a foot shorter than her. A man who's 5'1" is probably going to get made fun of more than a girl who's 6'1"
AllyTime Il y a 2 jours
I’ve watched this video a million times because it’s just makes me laugh so much
Ericka Y. Edwards
Ericka Y. Edwards Il y a 2 jours
So if anyone was wondering that movie mama boy is on tubi tv for free. It's a odd movie. I'm going to see if I can track down a few others.
Nathan W
Nathan W Il y a 2 jours
12:53 wait a second I recognize that half a car chair... is this the same set as the also bad movie “A talking cat”
mechi Il y a 3 jours
I like how they act out every single thing that their saying
pandaxlaura Il y a 3 jours
*sees tall girl trailor* me: yOu tHiNk uR lIfE iS hArD?....
Tessa Divine
Tessa Divine Il y a 3 jours
“Who am I?! What am I?!?” Actually the most relatable thing I’ve heard in a while.
Tessa Divine
Tessa Divine Il y a 3 jours
Is that Gary bussey?!?!
ollie Il y a 3 jours
Candice Parris
Candice Parris Il y a 3 jours
Editor: How much special effects do you want? Neel Breen: yes
Tiana Smith
Tiana Smith Il y a 3 jours
What is danny looking at?🤣
Carlisle Ross
Carlisle Ross Il y a 3 jours
Wait......... That super bee gay porn movie is shot in the same house as A Talking Cat
I’m an idiot, but
I’m an idiot, but Il y a 3 jours
Omg Neil Breen *God
Angry deku
Angry deku Il y a 3 jours
A FRvid channel by the name of chelsie lanora uploaded this entire video In full with full disregards to copyright and its monetized, please copyright strike it
Trystan Franziskus
Trystan Franziskus Il y a 3 jours
Lmao 6 foot 1 is smaller Than most of my friends
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith Il y a 4 jours
Watch the gay bee movie
Eli Berket
Eli Berket Il y a 4 jours
9:43 Me when a spider is in my room.
Alexa Martel
Alexa Martel Il y a 5 jours
sinjin and presley .. only 2000’s / 90’s kids will remember presley
Gaming here with Ava
Gaming here with Ava Il y a 5 jours
Tall girl would have been better if it was about a chubby girl
Livy The Unicorn
Livy The Unicorn Il y a 5 jours
When this vid ended I got an ad for inkbox and kurtis was promoting it 😂
jordan is a jellybean
jordan is a jellybean Il y a 5 jours
Was the girl in the mama boy trailer from Ant farm or does she just look like Paisley? (That show was my childhood someone please tell me)
kylie sorenson
kylie sorenson Il y a 3 jours
jordan is a jellybean yes it’s the same girl
trying to get 2k subs without content
13:29 why yes i have. in the "aethstetic" tik tok vids
fingerknitter Il y a 5 jours
I’m glad all 3 of them shop for T-shirts at target lmao