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Is that a straw man argument I hear there? Choose your players!

Huge thanks to our friend, Shane Madej, for hosting our debate club! Check out Shane’s new channel with our pals, Steven Lim and Ryan Bergara over @Watcher !
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Commentaires 80
The Try Guys
The Try Guys Il y a mois
Choose your players!
Joelle Li
Joelle Li Il y a 13 heures
I’ll go with Bowie! I love Australian shepherds!!
Olivia Doss
Olivia Doss Il y a 2 jours
Eugene if he said I'm right youre wrong, shut up
Arnold Lee
Arnold Lee Il y a 3 jours
@ánh nhi Hồ lê oK bOoMeR
Cindy Felicia
Cindy Felicia Il y a 5 jours
The Try Guys team ned!!!
Iskonomista Il y a 6 jours
Ned!!! 🙌
Alaina Carroll
Alaina Carroll Il y a 11 heures
I just realized that their onesies have to do with them Keith: giraffe - he is one tall boy Ned: chicken - he has a family and chickens have big families Eugene: tiger - tigers are fabulous and so is Eugene Zach: turtle - he is for sure and introvert
Nellis Girls
Nellis Girls Il y a 15 heures
Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana are the same person.
Lily Saddington-Smith
Lily Saddington-Smith Il y a 18 heures
Eugene: New Zealand didn't exist before. Every single New Zealander out there watching this: Wait, we exist?!!
Milly Hubbard
Milly Hubbard Il y a 20 heures
7:35 - tuxedos v Billie Eilish Announcing the bravest crossover of all time. And it actually happened! Hello Bond 🎵 Fool me once, fool me twice, are you death or paradise? 🎵 It’s both so Billie and lends itself well to a tux.
Furious Fox
Furious Fox Il y a jour
Shane should be in these videos more with Ryan
Avocado Face
Avocado Face Il y a jour
This is my favorite!!!! Please make more!!!! 💕❤💕
Maya A
Maya A Il y a jour
OMG for time travel they could talked about young Leonardo Dicaprio
Ryleigh Lemsic
Ryleigh Lemsic Il y a jour
Samuel powers
Samuel powers Il y a jour
I qualified for both nationals and state in debate this year. And this hurt lol
Thunder Bird
Thunder Bird Il y a jour
More of this please!!
Emme Il y a 2 jours
Eugene: New Zealand didn’t exist before Lord of the Rings Me: *Thanks for creating me I guess*
hanascurlyhair Il y a 2 jours
ned say one more bad thing about chris evans i swear to god
KT-Kaplbf Il y a 2 jours
Maybe it's just my state but the debate club I'm in doesn't work like that.
Angela Nguyen
Angela Nguyen Il y a 2 jours
jungkook and chris hemsworth are part of the 1% of men capable of pulling off long hair
Sally-Ann Ward
Sally-Ann Ward Il y a 2 jours
My country did exist before Lord of the rings 😂😂
Olivia Doss
Olivia Doss Il y a 2 jours
What I wanted Eugene to say: im right, you're wrong, shut up
Scarlet Rose_98
Scarlet Rose_98 Il y a 3 jours
I thought I was just imagining that Shane was narrating hahah literallt Lol'd when they showed that it was really him 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daimond mf
Daimond mf Il y a 3 jours
did the try guys die is that why hes here??
Sarah H
Sarah H Il y a 4 jours
Please do this again. Y'all have me crying from all this laughing 😂😂😂
Rommy Duran
Rommy Duran Il y a 4 jours
Part 2 plzzzzzzzz
Matias Valencia
Matias Valencia Il y a 4 jours
9:35 “ you can go back in time and kill hitler” looks towards Zach. “That was for you” 🤣🤣
Alok The Best
Alok The Best Il y a 4 jours
15:07 Keith Burns Ned and Zack 🔥🔥🔥
Ayushi Bhanja
Ayushi Bhanja Il y a 4 jours
Alice Dimitropoulos
Alice Dimitropoulos Il y a 4 jours
Do more of these !! They are hilarious 😂
George Johnson
George Johnson Il y a 4 jours
Zac is the worst try guy
dge Il y a 4 jours
Yesenia Garcia
Yesenia Garcia Il y a 4 jours
The chris vs chris was intense......but ofc Evans wins, even eugene couldn't deny it
issy roylance
issy roylance Il y a 4 jours
..... ....... New Zealand did exist before. Arrogant American. Don't care if it's a joke. It's not funny.
Elly Comley
Elly Comley Il y a 4 jours
Debate Club would make such a good Watcher segment
Annie Sung
Annie Sung Il y a 4 jours
lightning scar
lightning scar Il y a 4 jours
quiet. a straw has one hole. do not question the elevated one
Sakurai Shirayuki
Sakurai Shirayuki Il y a 4 jours
Eugene: "Lord of the Rings. New Zealand didn't exist before." Me: Dies a little as a New Zealander
Maya Nelson
Maya Nelson Il y a 4 jours
I do a lot of high school debate, and it is very common in many formats to not know what your side is until right before the round, so everyone has to prepare both sides and gets a more well rounded view of the topic. Also, this is so disorganized! Most debates have very structured times.
Reflex_Clan Il y a 5 jours
These judges pissed me off so much, did they even pay attention to the debates
Edleen Andal
Edleen Andal Il y a 5 jours
Hannah Montana popularized Miley Cyrus tho HAHAHA
Honeyrio Hunia
Honeyrio Hunia Il y a 5 jours
OMG u know what new Zealand
YAP SZE EN TARA Il y a 5 jours
ned: “blondes are more to act like fake people in tv shows.” keith: “his wife is blonde.” *THE SHADE.*
Destiny Tena
Destiny Tena Il y a 5 jours
Zach reenacting Captain America lifting Mjolnir is literally me
Destiny Tena
Destiny Tena Il y a 5 jours
I’m so glad Lord of the Rings was a topic because it is the best & I just now got to the part where we lost, I REFUSE.
Jesse Schuler
Jesse Schuler Il y a 5 jours
17:52 I'm eating gushers rn too🤮
Fatima Zeshan
Fatima Zeshan Il y a 5 jours
Wait ‘till you see America’s boner 😂😂😂😂😂
lil lemonade 12
lil lemonade 12 Il y a 5 jours
Hi Shane
sleepy snakeu
sleepy snakeu Il y a 6 jours
shane looks like simon petrikov from adventure time, goodnight
Viv Rodriguez
Viv Rodriguez Il y a 6 jours
“You could kill Hitler. I...I did that for you, Zach.”
Namjin Il y a 6 jours
I'm just happy they didn't put one direction vs bts
Owen P
Owen P Il y a 6 jours
try guys try buzzfeed unsolved
LEADER HJ & RM Il y a 6 jours
Ned: "I agree with you that blondes might be better at being fake characters on a TV Show" Keith: "His wife is blonde"
Soe Ta eh
Soe Ta eh Il y a 6 jours
You know Libras we know how to debate so I wish I was apart of this😂👍🏼
clarinetist18 Il y a 6 jours
merritthon Il y a 6 jours
Unicorn Gallexy
Unicorn Gallexy Il y a 6 jours
Harley quin or joker Explain why u would choose that person
Kat The Builder
Kat The Builder Il y a 6 jours
Ned: You know Keith, I agree with you... blondes are the best... at being fake Keith: (his wife is blonde)
Kaela Osborne
Kaela Osborne Il y a 6 jours
Eugenes argument for everything... . Anal beads, sex, and more sex
Purple Bookworm
Purple Bookworm Il y a 7 jours
I'm offended that Chris Hemworth didn't win
aby li
aby li Il y a 7 jours
You know what? If you time travel and come to me without knowing that I can read minds, I can see what you've seen your whole life so you can't deceive me
Kurai Il y a 7 jours
I saw Shane and was half expecting to hear Ryan hysterically laughing at nothing in the background bc that is thier dynamic.
Tejaswini M
Tejaswini M Il y a 7 jours
"Billie Eilish can wear a tuxedo but a tuxedo can't sing ocean eyes!" -zach 💯💯💯
Whomst Il y a 7 jours
Do they realise Miley Cyrus played Hannah Montana.
Zaida Caballero
Zaida Caballero Il y a 7 jours
Omg I love so so much when Keith and Eugene are partners I love them so much,
Tom Poj
Tom Poj Il y a 7 jours
Ok this was hilarious but as a debater it made me sick. It was hard for me to enjoy this because throughout the video arguments kept popping up in my head and I kept criticizing the way they delivered their arguments. Eh. Whatever. It was still comedy gold and I still love The Try Guys.
Faith Mouse
Faith Mouse Il y a 7 jours
im mad chris evans won lol
I am Ugly
I am Ugly Il y a 7 jours
‘His wife is blonde’ is all i need in life 😂
Kayla Grace
Kayla Grace Il y a 8 jours
Warren Del Rosario
Warren Del Rosario Il y a 8 jours
Why is shane here!!!! I have watched his videos with ryan in buzzfeed i think ?(correct me if im wrong)
The Cowfish
The Cowfish Il y a 8 jours
I would be AWESOME in a debate class. Everyone, start a debate by replying to my comment
Alpha538 Il y a 8 jours
Technically Thor let Asgard get destroyed on purpose so...
parker posey
parker posey Il y a 8 jours
ned made me mad in this but only bc i love chris evens so much. LIKE OMG 😩
Briar Rose
Briar Rose Il y a 8 jours
I dislike that GoT won the debate, but I will honor the judges' decision.
Phoebe Stark
Phoebe Stark Il y a 8 jours
E M Il y a 8 jours
As a former collections representative at AT&T I'm disappointed by Keith ):
LillyandPeach Il y a 9 jours
i was named after lily from Hanna Montana
I Are Random Potato
I Are Random Potato Il y a 9 jours
The arguement with the straws made me think of vsauce's video on holes
Tyrah Pearson
Tyrah Pearson Il y a 9 jours
Did Eugene just casually roast New Zealand Also thank your for knowing the difference between New Zealand and Australia
tk 11
tk 11 Il y a 9 jours
no one : keith : *sometimes the squeeze emits the chEEse*
Sakshi singh
Sakshi singh Il y a 9 jours
Shadow Fox
Shadow Fox Il y a 9 jours
The main difference between Ned and Eugene is Ned always sound drunk and Eugene always is drunk.
TigerMinotaur80 Il y a 9 jours
Shay Gonzalez
Shay Gonzalez Il y a 10 jours
Please please please do more of these videos when you can!!! I loved it!!
Rose Il y a 10 jours
Is no one going to talk about Shane Madej being there???
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