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Thanks to Google for sponsoring this video! The guys spend the day at Google I/O and try out mind-blowing future technologies, including playing with life size animals in augmented reality, using artificial intelligence to save the whales, and making music using fruit machine learning. #io19
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11 mai 2019




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Commentaires 4 111
TheMbmdcrew Il y a 2 jours
(Squidward voice) *F U T U R E*
Nicolaus Volentius
Nicolaus Volentius Il y a 3 jours
There are multiple species of penguins guys.... Emperor Penguins are about 4 feet tall, which is quite large.
Nevaeh Winman
Nevaeh Winman Il y a 4 jours
at 6:18 whats that horse up to bro...
Mc Doki Doki Literature Club
no one: Google Acapela Group
Riley Daugherty
Riley Daugherty Il y a 9 jours
I'm using the headphones at 7: 20 to watch this video
Feline Samurai
Feline Samurai Il y a 12 jours
Thank god, Im not alone! I always had that penguin problem too 😆
Eliot Pacella
Eliot Pacella Il y a 13 jours
So this is what people pay 3,000 in monthly rent to live in California for.
Zelayia Witty
Zelayia Witty Il y a 13 jours
We need was so good to watch
Jamie Han
Jamie Han Il y a 15 jours
is it weird that my school has a coding class where we connect wires with computers and food ( basically people and stuff) and make weird noises or music XD ( P.S its a coding thing that some people made and you can use it on your computer, if you connected to water and you stepped in it one of the controls will move! Its called makey makey)
Steven Hargis
Steven Hargis Il y a 15 jours
Their A.R. is a joke compared to Japans A.R zoos
Skipiddo Bambeeto
Skipiddo Bambeeto Il y a 18 jours
Lol It’s the watchmojo font
Anisha Nanda
Anisha Nanda Il y a 19 jours
Guess where all these things will be....... On an Android!!!!
tigerlilly606 Il y a 20 jours
Prehistoric penguins were as big as humans. Maybe Keith is just an old soul and remembers penguins for how they used to be
Quin Mont
Quin Mont Il y a 25 jours
The opera piece playing in the background in the beginning is called Die Fledermaus by Johann Straus II and I'm currently playing it with my school's orchestra and I've heard it so many times I genuinely want to rip my ears off
Sweetdnlg Il y a mois
13:00 .... Wait what?!
sushmita vemuri
sushmita vemuri Il y a mois
Oh my God Thank you so much for this video Very helpful for graphic designers and visual communicators♥️
TINY DOG Il y a mois
They should figure out how to make it in eye contacts (like movies lol)
ThePsychoDog Il y a mois
This was the most Willy Wonka-esk shit I've ever seen irl.
John cena Jr.
John cena Jr. Il y a mois
Zach didnt come back with atleast 3 computers
Ariane Patino
Ariane Patino Il y a mois
I thot emperor penguins were super big ksksksksksk
May Lin
May Lin Il y a mois
I love this episode/video! It’s not a review of tech, it’s just commoners seeing science and technology in new lights :) which doesn’t mean chasing after the next newest phone or tablet, just getting to know how technology is changing the world or helping to change the world from an ordinary and fun perspective :) thank you! And I am really happy that google had sponsored the Try Guy to let them get out there and try the technology the way I probably would have hahah
Sakura Chan
Sakura Chan Il y a mois
With the $100 with keith he would spend it on Fried chicken
JRCMRN ! Il y a mois
4:08 how about asking your fucking server you effeminate soyboys
Ivy Hnin
Ivy Hnin Il y a mois
Did Keith never watch Mr. Popper’s Penguins 😂
Deborah Jordan
Deborah Jordan Il y a mois
Eugene's hair looks soooo good!
Sabrina Aquino-Bergman
Technology is dumb.
Isaiah Abulencia
Isaiah Abulencia Il y a mois
A peinguin is big as me
Diamond_ gacha
Diamond_ gacha Il y a mois
12:15 was me when I first went ice skating 😂😂
ana livia
ana livia Il y a mois
why no one is talking abt eugene's hair in this like OMG
Manuel Molina
Manuel Molina Il y a mois
Google, a company of nerds. If they didn't have an a capella group, I would be surprised. I also expect a band too.
Shachar Har-Shuv
Shachar Har-Shuv Il y a mois
It's sad but most projects are just waste of time and money. I mean, the music visualization gives NOTHING (you can just read notes or use synthesia, it helps understanding it better), and the fruits playing... catastrophe. I could think of a much better way of using your time into products that can actually sell.
Why do the guys in the fruit one have blurry shirts?
Waffles The Woof
Waffles The Woof Il y a mois
Did anyone else hear part of the How To Train Your Dragon theme right at the beginning?
Has Jimin Got Them Jams?
*everything's 'hot' for Eugene.*
Tanishka Chauhan
Tanishka Chauhan Il y a mois
Free stuff
Tomato Juice
Tomato Juice Il y a mois
What would duck duck go react
Ameiaru Il y a mois
Can't wait for less flooding
k kurova
k kurova Il y a mois
Sorry, still don't trust google
MMmMmMMM water
MMmMmMMM water Il y a mois
Nobody has privacy not even the whales
Jam Gart
Jam Gart Il y a mois
This is what I imagine The Worlds Fair must have been like. Obviously not the technology but definitely inventions of the future type stuff ♥️
My penis is unbelievably small, but
This kinda feels like big hero 6
Joel Ozorio
Joel Ozorio Il y a mois
I used to think penguins were human size too 😐
Iris Eckelboom
Iris Eckelboom Il y a mois
As a former AI student, the definition of AI as explained here is very cringy
Tea King
Tea King Il y a 2 mois
this shows Google is 100% better than Apple and ios
Tea King
Tea King Il y a 2 mois
when you realize 80% of people working in Google are not Americans so maybe you should guys stop bragging because you aren't as smart as you think
BEASTWOLF Il y a 2 mois
Seeing this video while there is flood here in kerala
Carmela Rosace
Carmela Rosace Il y a 2 mois
My brother works at google
Omar Delawar
Omar Delawar Il y a 2 mois
Are the try guys gay?
jeffrey hu
jeffrey hu Il y a 2 mois
2:24 he getting freaky
FR TZ Il y a 2 mois
I think its very unpolite to wear sunglases while talking to a group which doesnt.
anoja31 Il y a 2 mois
Ink BlottedSoul
Ink BlottedSoul Il y a 2 mois
As a South African where penguins just chill on the beach close to my home... I can’t help but be a tad bit disappointed at Keith. 😂
amythyst stonne
amythyst stonne Il y a 2 mois
Eugene looks so good. I want his entire closet.
amythyst stonne
amythyst stonne Il y a 2 mois
Wait penguins are THAT big!!!! I thought they were only 1 foot tall!!!
Light Bear
Light Bear Il y a 2 mois
Why does ned have something he did in the past that is related to the video lol
Rory Saathoff
Rory Saathoff Il y a 2 mois
I need a Google Glass app that will make my life play through like Eternal Darkness on Gamecube.
Marco Redhouse
Marco Redhouse Il y a 2 mois
FINALLY started following you guys on ig. you guys are awesome. (mariolovesluigi)
kita Il y a 2 mois
mind blown...!
Jeannette Blanchard
Jeannette Blanchard Il y a 2 mois
We sometimes get warnings of flash flooding in Mesa, Arizona. No flooding occurs. Rain in Mesa departs for a specific park really fast after it starts, or else stops really soon after it starts. It's an insulting joke to warn us about flash flooding. There hasn't been a flood here since I was somewhere from 4, to 7. I'm turning 33.
Zakiry Il y a 2 mois
That fruit thing isn’t new