The Try Guys Make Waffle Cones Without A Recipe

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Who’s ready for some bonus baking? Which Try Guy’s Waffle Cone will stack up to the competition? 🧇👑
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Commentaires 60
Juan Teniente
Juan Teniente Il y a 10 heures
500k or 4 millions
Cody. Just Cody
Cody. Just Cody Il y a 22 heures
Thats at least a 500k view video! Vid currently sitting at 4.6 mil views
Eliana G
Eliana G Il y a 2 jours
20:21 Eugene is gonna throw hands with an 11 year here for it
Rochelle Dennis
Rochelle Dennis Il y a 2 jours
Ooh imagine this for lasagna?
Tell them Naegi!
Tell them Naegi! Il y a 2 jours
“You can’t take this from me tiny man” - Zach 2029
Tell them Naegi!
Tell them Naegi! Il y a 2 jours
2020* omg-
Nevermind it's just me
Nevermind it's just me Il y a 4 jours
"Hot stuff is hot" -Zackery Kornfeld
Benika Bhoola
Benika Bhoola Il y a 4 jours
Zach: its at least a 500k view video Everyone a few months later: try closer to 5m views
Molly McCalpin
Molly McCalpin Il y a 4 jours
10:37 the wiggle 😂
Ryan Dakss
Ryan Dakss Il y a 5 jours
Zach “at least a 500k (viewed) video” *5 million views
Hyacintha Riztbally Sutopo
keith counting down is me when i wait for water to boil to cook my instant ramen
Ilah Lundgren
Ilah Lundgren Il y a 5 jours
Jamie is living proof that 11 year old can be funnier than adults
Pikachu Ponce
Pikachu Ponce Il y a 6 jours
500k video?
David Polsky
David Polsky Il y a 7 jours
10:58 me too Keith 😱😱
Bugheadshake _
Bugheadshake _ Il y a 7 jours
Other guys: wait- am i doing this right? Keith: BaNaNa CoOoOoOoOnE
ribis Il y a 8 jours
in the end they pulled like 4,6 mil views
MaraMeMarie Il y a 8 jours
Am I the only one that gets soo annoyed with this kid? 🤔
More like 4.5M view video
RivusTheFerret Il y a 11 jours
"At least a 500k view episode" 4.596M later
Sara James Julien
Sara James Julien Il y a 11 jours
This is probably my favourite without a recipe episode. Making waffle cones are totally going on my pandemic to do list!!!
Marcela Reves
Marcela Reves Il y a 11 jours
Zach won and this is amazing
Tia Melancholy Jeoncockity
Zac finally won and it’s not even official lmao 😭
angela liu
angela liu Il y a 12 jours
No one: Jamie: *angrily bites rose after being told he can't eat the cone*
Alexis Kwan
Alexis Kwan Il y a 13 jours
..The kid's older than me, but I look a lot older
Ruby Alvarado
Ruby Alvarado Il y a 13 jours
Eugene sprayed Keith like he was a roach 😂
SOPHIE THE WEIRD Il y a 14 jours
professional: so you don't want to add too many eggs- The Guys: hA hA iM gOiNg To AdD iN a MiLlIoN eGgS aNd FiVe BoTtLeS oF wHiSkEy HaHaHa LoL Thats it. Thats the series.
Xhyanna Brown
Xhyanna Brown Il y a 14 jours
Zach: that's at LEAST a 500 k video (4.5 mil views) 😶
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Il y a 14 jours
21:28 that reaction, the confetti following him and just him running and then the sound its so beautiful
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Il y a 14 jours
im the kind of person who feels bad when they say something like " its not very brown" their face its just, makes my heart :( i feel bad
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Il y a 14 jours
10:36 im meltinggggg "please take my advice!!" *sprays oil* "spt" i cant dude
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Il y a 14 jours
you would think its eugene's but keith's batter is not safe to eat if i knew what was in there ill pass
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Il y a 14 jours
every 5 year old ever "i put my salt in first" the 'cool' dude that was so popular in elementry school for no reason: "i put my salt in secondddd"
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Il y a 14 jours
"brown sugar is how you make it brown......" -ned
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Il y a 14 jours
gonna admit i dont know how to make cones either should be the same batter as pancakes but i forgot that too
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Il y a 14 jours
i just watched them make ice cream i ate dinner came back and this was the first thing on my recomended *they're comming*
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts Il y a 14 jours
The banana cone song was amazing
Deniz Sabuncuoğlu
Deniz Sabuncuoğlu Il y a 14 jours
"500k video". You mean a 4 million 582 thousand 826 view video
Hypno_TDD _
Hypno_TDD _ Il y a 14 jours
There is a reason why a waffle cone is called a waffle cone, BECAUSE IT IS A WAFFLE IN A "CONE" SHAPE!
elvita a s
elvita a s Il y a 14 jours
eugene: "😂😂😂 when you finally won, it's not even official😂😂😂" poor zach :(😂
Carly Saia
Carly Saia Il y a 15 jours
its atleast a 500k video video: gets 2 mil veiws
Jonah Romig
Jonah Romig Il y a 15 jours
Zach: that is at least a 500k video Video: 4.5 million views
Jeremy Kantsiper
Jeremy Kantsiper Il y a 16 jours
I love how the rank kid ranked the roses
issy roylance
issy roylance Il y a 16 jours
Does Zach realise that egg is dairy?
coletherat Il y a 16 jours
zach: this is at least a 500k view video this video: **currently at 4.5 million views**
Milla Cabral
Milla Cabral Il y a 16 jours
CONGRATS ZACH! You go, Big Boy!
ava terosky
ava terosky Il y a 16 jours
honestly the best part is professionals saying not to do something and it cuts to the guys doing that exact thing
kanish sharma
kanish sharma Il y a 16 jours
Zach's reaction when announced the winner 😂😂😂👌🏻
Nataly Rodriguez
Nataly Rodriguez Il y a 17 jours
4.5 M view video ** 😂😂
Livi Luv
Livi Luv Il y a 17 jours
‘that’s at least a 500k video right there’ ... 4.8M later
Cup Il y a 17 jours
Zach “500k view video” he was so close (if you times it by ten)
Tina Rojo
Tina Rojo Il y a 17 jours
I hate this kid ._.
kittymarie8P Il y a 17 jours
Hans Ortego
Hans Ortego Il y a 17 jours
I love jamie's sass on eugene 😂😂😂 He can't taste anything from eugene's creation
Emma Lamont
Emma Lamont Il y a 18 jours
500k 😂 got 4.5mil 😂
Tacobell1384 Il y a 18 jours
I can't wait for Jamie to become an official try guy.
CCKey92 Il y a 19 jours
“This isn’t Rupaul’s best friend race! This is a competition!" “Rupaul has a best friend race??” “No! THAT'S THE POINT!" xDD I love my dudes
Angelina’s Toy universe
I feel like this was by far the funniest one
Cole 772
Cole 772 Il y a 19 jours
Nah 4.5 million
khaira mutalib
khaira mutalib Il y a 20 jours
I started losing it when Keith started counting, Eugene tryna concentrate when Keith is randomly counting and Ned & Zach start balling and panicking
SirMomoTheDuck Il y a 20 jours
Why is the instruction lady lowkey kinda cute
Anika Kumar
Anika Kumar Il y a 20 jours
I count too keith